Do Witches Fly On Broomsticks? Wiccan Flying Ointment

Wicca, Flying Witches on broom sticks Meaning

How do witches fly? Well, that question is probably why you are reading this article. You have probably seen images of witches flying on broomsticks and wonder why that is the popular way they are portrayed.

There is also the aspect of the flying ointment which is used by the witches to help them in those activities.

This article looks to shade more light about this because it’s going to be all about the witch’s broom, the history of it, how it came to be and what part it plays in modern-day witchcraft. Just read to the end to fully digest the explanation for there will never be any better than this.  

 Now, of all the tools that come to mind when you think of witchcraft, there are a few that really stand out. The pointed hats, the cloak, the chalice, the cauldron, the wand and also the broomstick.

Wicca, Flying Witches on broom sticks Meaning

Witches Broomstick Symbolism, Wicca

Broomsticks have made their way into history whether that be from mythology, actual history, TV shows movies or most recently in the Harry Potter franchise.

This question of witches and broomsticks is always asked so decided that the Halloween season was the perfect time to talk about broomsticks and whether witches actually use them in the modern-day.

What actually is a broomstick? now I know that there are lots of stories and lots of images online of witches riding a broomstick across the sky. Actually that’s not what broomsticks are used for and that’s never been what broomsticks are used for.

This is actually a giant misunderstanding that we will go into a little bit more in-depth later on in this article.

In modern-day practices, a broomstick is actually more commonly referred to as a besom. If so, then what is a broomstick? well I have a couple of versions to show you but this image is much okay.

A broomstick is actually a really simple concept as shown in the image. It is a bundle of twigs that are bound to a long stave of wood as you can see. The type of wood that has been used in broomsticks and besoms really does vary over the centuries.

They were originally called broomsticks because the woody fibrous plant that was used for the twigs was actually called broom.

Broom is a Woody fibrous plan that still grows today and it’s no longer frequently used to make besoms but that’s what broomsticks were originally made of.

They were a bundle of broom twigs, attached to a stick. A broomstick is kind of nice, actually isn’t it? Nowadays we call them besoms. Besoms can be found in lots and lots of different types of woods and also lots of different kinds of material.

Quite frequently now, you find ash birch and Willow broomsticks or besoms to be really popular.

However, you can also find mini broomsticks and besoms like this that are made of sage. They are made with lavender and sage bundles. We also find them in things like corn or grass depending on where you live.

Bosoms now are very versatile and they can be as plain and boring or as detailed and ornate as you like.

Dozens can really be as plain and boring or as beautiful and detailed as you really like. There was really no restriction on what the look of your broomstick has to be.

Why Were Broomsticks Used by Witches to Fly? True or False

 So, why were broomsticks or besoms considered to be the objects that witches flew across the sky with? Now, this one is a little difficult to answer but I will do my best.

It’s because the history of the besom or the broomstick is rooted in a lot of folklore and a lot of mythology without proper reasons.

It’s because the history of the besom or the broomstick is rooted in a lot of folklore and a lot of mythology without proper reasons.

It was common in medieval times for broomsticks to be found in homes and that’s because that’s all they had to sweep the floors.

They used this in their day-to-day lives and they would frequently be used solely by women. It is believed that they would see witches flying overhead and rose on broomsticks.

Witches themselves actually gave accounts of themselves flying on broomsticks. The main question here is; why did people believe that witches flew on broomsticks considering that people can’t fly on broomsticks?

We all know that levitation and flight simply aren’t possible with or without magic. So why did people believe that you could fly on a simple broomstick? The answer to this is the use of a lot of psychedelic drugs.

You may laugh at this but honestly, this is what the main root of all of these mythologies surrounding the flying of broomsticks by witches. Continue reading below to understand this.

Flying Ointments & Flying Broomsticks

Actually, it all comes down to the fact that there are items in witchcraft and many religious ceremonies known as flying ointments. Flying ointments have actually been used for hundreds of years. They contain a concoction of items that can help you with trance, work, and astral projection.

This website and any of its authors wouldn’t suggest anyone go out and try flying ointment because they can be very dangerous.

Even modern ones can be very difficult to work with. We wouldn’t recommend anyone to use them themselves. Instead, try astral projection and trance work the traditional way.

People did once upon a time very frequently use flying ointment. Flying ointment back in the day contained a lot of very toxic ingredients including deadly nightshade and other members of these families of plants.

They were used to create a psychedelic trip that would force you into astral projection. It is believed that these flying ointments were actually applied to the body with the broomsticks itself so that it immediately ties the broomsticks into these flying trips. This is basically why it is believed witches use broomsticks to fly.

The flying ointment was traditionally used for those projections and alongside this, there are many accounts of both witnesses and practitioners of witchcraft saying that they were flying overhead through the fields on broomsticks.

Practical or physical lying isn’t exactly what I would call it. I would call it leaping like a crazy in your own world just like someone who has smocked heavy weed from Colombia for the first time in their life. People’s definition of flying certainly changes over the years.

Instead what would happen is that in order to project or leave the physical body with astral projection by using the flying ointment, witches would typically jump around with a broomstick. The jumping was done physically, leaving the floor in an attempt to allow their spiritual being to leave their body.

They would also do this infertility and harvest rituals. Almost physically teaching or training the crops how to grow upwards by showing themselves jumping on bristles high into the air. Don’t ask me why but that is what they used to do in those days.

Witches Broomstick Mythology Explained

There’s a lot of different versions of how broomsticks ended up part of this flying mythology but those are just a few and the few main ones that I wanted to touch on. That being said, I could have further disclosed the fact that a broomstick cannot let you fly.

We do get a lot of people asking those questions on our website section that writes these issues. Those are often beginners exploring witchcraft and very young beginners wanting to know whether they can actually fly like Harry Potter.

 broomsticks are not designed to help you fly. That is not what they are used for. Instead, they have lots of very useful purposes that I’m going to touch on.

Broomsticks and their connection to flight and flying witches is mainly some hedge jumping and hedge work which is astral projection and that’s mainly what they’re connected to.

It’s the flight of the Spirit out of the body using the besom or broomstick as a means of giving flight to the physical form through jumping, leaping and other flying ointment additions.

Uses of Broomsticks in Wiccan & Modern Witchcraft

Most people in the modern and urban areas have a vacuum cleaner thus we don’t need to sweep the floors physically with a broomstick. Besoms and broomsticks don’t have a regular place in our homes like in the past.

You often don’t find a normal person with a broomstick in their house. The best you can find is a besom but a modern one without the stick unless you go to very remote areas of the world. You only find Wiccans and practitioners of witchcraft with them. What are they actually used for?

The broomsticks are used for a huge range of different things. Everything from protection to spirit work, working with doorways and opening into the spirit world. Modern witches also use broomsticks for sweeping out negativity. That is the main use of broomsticks in modern witchcraft.

it is this sweeping of negativity out of the house that makes a broomstick to be considered as a physical cleanser. It physically sweeps the energy out of a space where a sage, a smoke cleanser, incense, water sprinkled around doesn’t physically remove it.

Those others are designed to spiritually remove any negativity out of the space whereas a besom or broomstick is designed to physically sweep negative energy and excess energy out of the space by Wiccans.

That being said, a traditional broomstick in the sense of a religious tool is not actually meant to physically sweep across the floor.

Instead, you would sweep about an inch or two inches off the surface that you’re trying to cleanse or out of the area you’re trying to cleanse and you would sweep away that negative energy. That is a very traditional way of doing this and that is you start top to bottom, back to front.

This allows you to sweep that energy through the entire house and out. Generally during festivals and seasons like the invoke, “the spring clean” is often done and traditionally within witchcraft, this is the time when you would actually spiritually clean the home with a broomstick.

You would sweep from the back, upstairs of a property, downstairs, and then from the back of the property, out towards the front, and this is the physical cleansing of the space. Don’t worry if you don’t have a humungous witches’ broomstick.

You can also do this on an altar. Use a small hand besom like a small version of the big one if you get what I’m trying to say. you can sweep the negativity off an altar. Do this from left to right. I’ve also seen people do it from the back of the altar to the front of the altar.

Depending on which way around you are doing them, you’re actually sweeping out of the altar of your sacred space from the left of your altar to the right of your altar, from back to front. You actually sweep away and that’s a really great way of using a tiny broomstick.

How Often Do Wiccans Cleanse Physically With a Broomstick?

I know many people cleanse with sage or with incense every couple of weeks or even do cleansing floor washes. Not many people physically use a besom.

Where else would you use them? Well, typically in sacred circles or when you are doing circle casting, you actually sweep the proximity of your circle with the besom before you cast the circle.

You want to remove the negative energy before you put up the spiritual circle so that your sacred space is pre cleansed of unwanted energy.

So there’s nothing interfering with your working. That’s another way you can use a witches’ broomstick. I how you now get answers to how witches use broomsticks.

Wiccan Broomsticks Used for Protection

A witch’s’ broomstick is also an item of protection. Traditionally, if you place the broomstick this way up against a door, or near a door, they act as protection for the home and help in stopping negative spirits and entities from passing through.

This makes them a wonderful tool to use during Sawa and Beltane when the veil between our world the spirit world of the Fae is very thin.

They’re really great for the protection of a home. You can also lay them flat underneath a bed and they act as protection for the sleeper or sleepers within that space. That’s another great use for them.

Within wicker, they have a few more correspondences that can be very interesting. They are one of the few tools within Wicca and witchcraft.

There are both masculine and feminine and that is because of the phallic handle and the broom base. They are both masculine and feminine, they represent the duality of the religion of Wicca in the traditional practice of it.

I know that more recently, there are new versions of wicker that celebrate masculine or feminine and not necessarily the duality of them. However, when I’m referring to work it in this way, I mean like a traditional British Wicca which is a dualist religion.

So because they represent both masculine and feminine in this combined way, they’re often used in celebrations of this union and that is where hans come in.

Han fasting are weakened and pagan celebrations primarily Wickham. They are the binding of two individuals together in harmony and in a marriage.

Wiccan Broomsticks for Marriage Union

In England, Wiccan and fasting are an actually illegal form of marriage but I know that in other countries they aren’t yet. That’s why I use quotation marks.

They actually used joint and fasting ceremonies traditionally at the end of the ceremony where the couple actually jumped the broom.

It is the jumping of the broom that represents the passage from single life into married life and it’s also a celebration of fertility. It’s often a fertility ritual to jump over the broom because it represents the union of both male and female.

That’s how broomsticks used traditionally in Wicca. Alongside all of this, is their association with doorways. They are very connected with fey and woodland fey energy because of the use of the wood in their making. Still, they are also representations of doorways.

In Wicca, Jumping the Broom during marriage ceremony is jumping over that pathway to jumping the door from single life into married couple life. They are also used in circles as actual doorways in the circle that you can pass through without breaking the circle.

They can also be used to house spirits temporarily to be moved on into the other plane and they can be used to assist spirits and traveling from best planer to the next.

All of these connections to doorways are really important because they are often hung over doorways as protection or placed upside down by doorways to act as additional protection.

If you don’t have space for a big broomstick or Besom, you don’t necessarily want to have a giant broomstick by your front door. If you have an altar space and you want to offer it a little bit of protection. Use or place a Wiccan broomstick. It can even be a small size placed upside down in one corner.

Whichever corner you like of an altar; you can act to protect that sacred space so that’s a really good way of using them as well. This are some of the ways Wiccans can use broomsticks on alters at home.

This Halloween when you see loads of people walking around the besoms and broomsticks pretending they can fly, think back to the use of broomsticks originally and why people thought that they could fly with a broomstick.

What is explained above is the Wiccan magical use you can find for them and I’m sure that even the really cheap broomsticks you can find in-home bargains or the local store can actually come in really useful for your magical practice.

Basically that is the use of and don’t ever wonder and ask why do witches fly on broomsticks again. Explained above is the use of broomsticks in Wiccan society and I hope you really get the point why many people never get it right.

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Do Witches Fly On Broomsticks? Wiccan Flying Ointment
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