When Was Jesus Christ Actually Born?

When Was Jesus Christ Actually Born?

Was Jesus born on December 25th? No, Jesus was not born on that day. This article will help you understand when Jesus Christ was really born. Christmas date is only to acknowledge the birth of Jesus but it does not mean that He was born in December.

So when trying to find out exactly when Jesus was born, we need to start by looking at the characteristics that surround His birth according to the bible.

We need to look at the story of the shepherds that we are told were out in the fields during the birth of Jesus and why they were out at night.

In the Talmud, Rabbi’s say that shepherds would only be out in the fields around March until the next rainy season. Some argue that the winter there is not the same here in America.

The winter still gets cold in Bethlehem too and anyone who has been to Israel during the winter knows that. The question is, They’re out in the fields and at night which is very strange. Why would they be out in the fields at night?

Well, you know some people have argued that this is another fact that Jesus was born in the autumn.

They claim Jesus was born during the Feast of Tabernacles. We understand them but the problem is that during tabernacles, the males had to all be in Jerusalem so definitely Joseph was not out there.

The birth of Jesus would not cause Joseph to break the law by being outside of Jerusalem since the birth of the Messiah is going to fulfill everything. So we rule out the possibility that Jesus was born in autumn.

There is one time of the year that Shepherds would be out with their flocks at night. Note that it is only one and that is in the spring. The shepherds could only stay out during this time because the sheep were giving birth to lambs.

This was the lambing season and they would stay out to take care of the little lambs. Lambs are not like people. They’re only born at one time and so this will help us trace when exactly Jesus was born.

Lambs are only delivered at a certain time and season of the year, unlike the humans who can be delivered at any time.

Lambs are born in the springtime and they could start as early as February. However, it really would go up to March or April.

This is why some people always ask if Jesus was born in April because the analysis above points to April as the best month to place the birth of Jesus Christ. Well, let us continue digesting the facts bellow.  

The spring which is between February to April is the center of the Hebrew month of Nissan. During that month, the shepherds stayed out watching.

This all fits together because the shepherds’ job is to watch and make sure that the young lamb is ok at birth during the night.

That there is a perfect thing, to begin with when looking for the month in which Jesus was really born. This is because Jesus is the Lamb of God and the shepherds are the ones who would greet His Lamb which is Jesus Christ in this case.

Jesus is born in Bethlehem and another thing that Christians don’t know is that Bethlehem according to the writings of the Rabbis was actually a place where sacrificial Lambs were kept. 

The lambs they had were actually the Lambs for the temple sacrifice. We all know that Jesus was sacrificed and crucified on the cross to wash away our sins.

Bethlehem was especially used to keep lambs that were for the temple sacrifice. This was a perfect place and the timing was right for Messiah to be born and kept at a place where the sacrificial lambs are kept.

Now here is another clue that will help us know when was Jesus really born. When we look at Exodus 12, it says like this; “take a lamb, a male 1-year-old, it’s the Passover lamb”

You can read that and miss something and here it is. Jesus was the lamb of God and He was a year old at the time of Passover. You also note that he was born at the time of Passover which is the Nisan or Spring.

Here, Messiah is the Passover lamb, He dies on Passover. However, the Lamb is also born at the time of Passover which is the Nisan spring. Messiah is born at the same time when He dies.

The next clue that will help us know when Jesus was really born are the holy days of Israel.

The central events of the Messiah’s life and his time on earth all take place on Hebrew holy days. Christians don’t realize the first Hebrew holiday ever given to Israel was Palm Sunday.

In exodus 12, the bible says “take a lamb on the tenth day of the month” This means that you will take the lamb, keep it for four days in your house. That’s called the tenth of Nisan.

The first command ever given to the Israelis is to continually keep the tenth of Nisan which is the day of the lamb. The day that they take the lamb to their house and keep it there until the time of the sacrifice.

Palm Sunday is the 10th of Nisan and it’s the day that they are actually there when he’s coming to Jerusalem. They’re all taking the lambs to their houses and God is also taking His Lamb His to his house on that day.

It is it’s all there and God is so perfect because when does Jesus die? He dies on the other Hebrew holy day which is Passover and rises on the other Hebrew holy day.

The next great event of the church is the Pentecost which is a Jewish holiday. We realize that that Pentecost is “Shavu’ot” in Hebrew. The word Pentecost is a Jewish word which is a Jewish holiday.

Everything in Jesus life happens on a Hebrew holiday. His birth, death and resurrection are also in the same days.

So when Jesus was really born prophetically is not falling in the autumn and even His second coming will also be in the spring. It all points back to the spring and this month called Nissan, which means the beginning.

That’s where it all begins and everything Jesus does in order on Sundays is according to those days. If you count back, you got;

  1. Resurrection in the 6th of the Nissan
  2. Passover and 15th of Nisan
  3. Palm Sunday 10th of Nisan

Now we see that when Jesus was really born is being narrowed down to the very first days of Nisan.

The next clue of that will help us get the exact month that Jesus was born in is that every day and every time God fulfills a holy day, He doesn’t just fulfill it without a them. The theme of that day he fulfills is very significant. Here are examples;

  • In the Passover, He dies as the Passover lamb
  • First fruits, He rises        

For us to find when Jesus was really born, we have to find the days that match with the new begging in Hebrew. Is there any day on the Hebrew calendar that would match up with birth as a new beginning of everything?

The one day is ‘Nissan One’ which is the very beginning of the Hebrew year. This is the very day that begins everything and so and this is the day of the real new year.

The thing about this is the day it’s the day that begins the calendar and changes the count that the old calendar is gone.

The new calendar begins and that is what the birth of Jesus does to Christians. The birth of Jesus changes everything and it was a new beginning for all Christians.

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Based on all the points above, Jesus was born on the Nissan One and not in December. That is when Jesus was really born.

What is Messiah’s birth do when he comes to this world? He changes the calendar and we all know that the journey of a Christians’ life starts afresh when he accepts Christ.

Everything is refreshed and you begging a new life as Christian. At this point, anything that you ask from our father in heaven during prayers is answered because you are considered to be pure and righteous before God.

The Hebrew calendar is based on the moon and that’s where we get the word month. Jesus died when there was a full moon. And that is why the fool mon is always considered the height of evil things and evil works in the dark world.

Every Hebrew month begins with a new moon and reaches its peak at the full moon.

That’s why they say a month is in its fullness at mid-month when there is a full moon. We are told that Jesus died when the moth was at its fullness and that points to Nisan 14 or 15 which is the middle.

Another clue that will tell us when was Jesus really born in the stars. We went to the moon, now let’s go to the Stars. To digest the stars, we have to go to the people who were priests but not Jewish priests of the religion called Zoroastrianism.

The book of Matthew says; “Jesus was born in Bethlehem and Magi from the east came to Jerusalem saying, Where is He who was born King of the Jews? We saw his star in the east and we came to worship Him”.

They were priests and they were also astrologers. Back then astrology and astronomy were basically the same.

The problem is that no natural star is able to move across and guide you to a place and this was supernatural based on the guidance they got.

We know Herod died 4 BC so right away, this tells us that Jesus was born BC and wasn’t born on the zero.

The mystery behind the star story is that how could they just see a star and know that a king of the Jews has been born?

This is because all the stars converged in one place and they were able to link the shining star to Judea.

This was not a usual sign they would see on every other occasion. They knew this was special and a king that was soo powerful had been born.

Modern astronomers have identified that such conjunction happens only once every six thousand years. We also note that all this happened in 6BC in the springtime again.

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When Was Jesus Christ Actually Born?
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