Do Muslims Eat Pork?

Do Muslims Eat Pork?

Muslims can eat pork in situations that are considered to be beyond human control ror example if there is hunger with nothing left to eat, will you not eat pork if that is the only source of food that you can find? Yes, you will eat, and in Islam, that is not considered to be “haram” meaning forbidden.

Some argue that pork was not preferred in Islam because Muslims originated in parts of the world where there was less water and pigs naturally take a lot of water to survive.

They add that Islam has been centered in certain areas for a long time and their culture should not influence what others may choose to eat.

Some Muslims add that Allah (SWT) has not declared it is illegal to eat pork and in fact, there is nowhere in the Quran that says pork is unhealthy. Before you go eating pork, there are several biological reasons why many people don’t like pork.

Whoever said Muslim should not eat pork before even those biological studies came into existence was and must have been a very wise person.

Biologically, eating pork especially if not cooked properly will expose you to more risk than good. Talk of pinworms, roundworms, tapeworms and even the taenia solium which can be very deadly.

Yes, pigs can expose you to Taenia solium eggs that have the ability to penetrate into your bloodstream. This can even get to the brain, liver or the heart and leave you with worse infections.

The secret is in cooking. Those worms in most cases don’t die and can survive hot temperatures. Additionally, pork contains lots of fat that is definitely not good for fat or old people.

When those fats form layers in your vessels, you may suffer cardiovascular disorders and even risk heart sudden failure.

Now, all that debate aside and let us quote the Quran: “He has forbidden you only dead animals, and blood, and the swine, and that which is slaughtered as a sacrifice for other than God.” (Quran 2:173)

Now the argument is, when you eat pork in extreme conditions, Allah knows your heart and understands that it was not your intention to eat pork but you had no choice. Remember, Islam is will and submission to Allah (SWT) and your will should be aligned to His will.

According to the Surah above, Muslims should not eat pork unless there is no food left in the world and you have no option. Again such a situation is rare because Allah (SWT) is merciful and great that He* will not allow you to suffer if you submit to his will.

Why Muslims should keep away from pork meat

Now, on the other hand, the five pillars of Islam does not dictate what you eat so eating pork does not define you as a Muslim provided you understand your religion well.

Judaism also does not recommend pork yet most of them do eat it and that’s the difference. Muslims should never ignore Allah (SWT) words and that which the prophet Mohamad (PBUH) was sent to deliver.

Did Arab Muslims Eat Pork before Islam Religion?

This is another very interesting questions that I found a very interesting answer during my research. Before Islam, Judaism was present and that also ruled that pork was not okay for human consumption.

Even the Bible states clearly that swine is not good and Christians should keep away from it. Here is what the Holy Bible says about Eating Pork.


A Muslim should be submissive to Allah (SWT) will and should never divert from that. Islam is structured in a way that you should submit to the teachings as directed without questions.

One of those is that you shall not take pork as a Muslim unless you are in a desperate situation and it’s the only food. So that is the only time when Muslims can eat pork.

What happens when a Muslim Consumes pork unknowingly?

Muslim believers should again understand that if they consume pork unknowingly, there is no sin in that and they should never worry about that. Islam is based on your will and the good will to serve Allah as instructed.

So when a Muslim eats pork without his/her knowledge or is forced to eat, it will not be his/her will to do so Allah (SWT) is most merciful and most gracious enough to forgive. This is why some manufactures declare the contents of their products.

This helps people who have allergy issues or religious reasons to abstain from certain products. A good Muslim will inspect for pork ingredients in case they are not sure or even make the necessary inquiries.

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Do Muslims Eat Pork?
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