Does Vomiting Break Your Fast in Islam?

Does Vomiting Break Your Fast in Islam?

Vomiting does not break your fast unless it is intentional. If the vomit is not intentional then you can continue with the fast in Islam. If you throw up intentionally, then the vomit shall have broken your fast.

To determine if vomiting will break your fast in Islam, you have to know that vomit is classified into two categories among Muslims.

There is intentional vomit and unintentional vomit and this is what will determine if your fast has been broken or not in Islam. There are vomits that can be done purposely. For example;

  1. If you insert your fingers in the mouth to induce vomit
  2. Pressing your tummy to induce vomiting
  3. Drinking something that will make you vomit knowingly

This is intentional and in this case, the vomit shall have broken your fast in Islam and therefore you need to make arrangements to compensate for that day.  

On the other hand, there are vomits that are not intentional and are out of your contril.

For example, you happen to see something nasty that makes you throw up, or maybe you are sick and suddenly you find yourself vomiting. When you vomit accidentally, that does not break your fast.

Hadith about vomiting and fasting in Islam

There is one Hadith that will help you know if vomiting can break your fast. This is where the Prophet PBUH said in the book of fasting Hadith number seven hundred and twenty (Sunan Al Tirmidhi, Hadith 720).

The prophet said that anyone who vomits unintentionally or accidentally should continue with their fasting.

And those that vomit intentionally have broken they are fast and should make up for the loss. So as Muslims, we should always know that our intention defines our faith a lot.

Never do something that you know is wrong intentionally then you expect all to be well.

You should also know that when you vomit, you should never swallow anything that remains in the mouth. If you do so yet you know it is wrong, then you shall have broken your fast in Islam.

We thank Allah that He is always merciful and always understands that we are always humans and sometimes we can throw up without us wanting to do so.

Is vomiting unclean in Islam

Yes, vomit is unclean in Islam and if you vomit of swallow anything that you have thrown up, your fasting will not be valid especially if you do it intentionally.

If you Swallow the vomit, does it break your fast in Islam? Yes, it will break your fast. Always understand that even if the vomit was not intentional but you swallow it intentionally, then you shall have broken your fast as a Muslim.

When you throw up during fasting and you swallow the vomit, it will definitely cancel your fast and you have to see how you will compensate for the time.

Vomit in Islam is something that the body has rejected so it is considered unclean. Ingesting anything unclean is definitely not wanted when you are making your fast as a Muslim.

Does Spitting or Coughing up Mucus Break Fast in Islam?

No, coughing up mucus and spitting it through the mouth is not classified under fasting and does not break your fast as a Muslim.

This is the same case with saliva. Spitting saliva does not break your fast and you should never be afraid to do so when you are fasting.   

The same will also apply when you clear your throat and spit it out. This will not have considered behaving broken your fast because this is only a natural state that happens every other time.

Is it normal to vomit during fasting in Islam?

Yes, it is normal to vomit during fasting especially if you are not eating properly after the fast.

You have to understand that there are many detox symptoms that come along with throwing up during fasting.

When fasting and you have Gut bacterial imbalance, this could be the reasons as to why you may be throwing up when fasting.

When there is a gut bacteria imbalance in your system and you have high or low levels of bacteria that are not balanced, you could possibly experience the vomiting on your fast.

This is because when you start fasting, all the body is doing is that it is moving towards that state of homeostasis. This is a harmony and a hibernation state since it is now using your body reserves to survive.

So if you have a whole bunch of extra bacteria in there that normally survive on the food you eat daily, they will start dying off and releasing different gases and different things in your body.

This is why some Muslims also claim that they fart a lot or pass out gasses during fasting and this keeps on breaking their wudu.

Those dying bacteria can actually upset your stomach and cause you to have a violent reaction and obviously you’re expelling all of that excess waste and toxicity.

This is also why some Muslims vomit a lot and feel nauseated during the fasting and the month of Ramadan.

Nausea during fasting

If a Muslim is overwhelmed by nausea and they vomit during their fast, does vomiting break the fast in this case? No, it does not break it.

As a Muslim, keep in mind that vomiting is not a bad thing all. Throwing up is your body’s violent reaction to expelling something from your system.

Whatever is in your system needs to get out very quickly and so the body just like up but getting it out.

That is why you almost instantly feel better because your body is expelling something that shouldn’t have been in there.

This is why they say that fasting is also good for you as a Muslim since your body gets rid of a lot of waste.

Always remember that if you continue vomiting when fasting in Islam, you may need to seek professional checkup. Remember you are losing a lot of fluid and when you throw up continuously you should not be silent about it.

As discussed above, just don’t throw up intentionally and think it is okay to do so during fasting. You have to look for other days and do the fast.

So Throwing up and swallowing the vomit knowingly will also break your fast and we all know that Vomiting on your prayer mat or in the masjid is definitely not good.

Here is what you can do when you feel nauseated and you want to throw up all the time when fasting in Islam.

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Does Vomiting Break Your Fast in Islam?
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