How to Stop Feeling Worthless, Useless & Alone


Let us look at some steps that can help you stop feeling useless, and alone. If you feel that you are worthless, there is definitely a reason or situation behind this.

Comparing yourself to a better friend or other people that look better than you will always make you feel worthless and useless. This will make you feel like a low life. What I’m trying to say here is that there is a driving force that is making you feel useless. Find that reason and discard it.


Before I explain a lot, always understand that as long as you wake up every day, God has a purpose for you to be here in the universe. “Mother Nature” somehow knows how to eliminate those she no longer need around.

How to Stop Feeling Worthless, Useless, Rejected, and Alone

Understand that you are unique and just like the rest, you also have a reason to be alive. Find that reason. Don’t die while you are still alive. Some people are like zombies, they just walk the world and have never sat down even for a minute to think about what they really want in life.

Feeling worthless, useless and lone is also caused by the fact that you have never sat before a mirror, see the positive side of life and the blessing that you have around you.

Learn to be grateful for being alive and healthy. Learn to appreciate your family, friends and those that are always there for you. Those little things that you ignore are your good luck charm.

If you feel nobody cares about you at the moment, give it time. There is always that one person or more that will always come your way. Nature has a way of waiting for the perfect time.

Don’t go searching for these people. They will just always find a way in your life. You need to understand how nature works in its natural selection.

If you try forcing people that you feel are good in your life, they may reject you and you will be inviting emotional challenges in your life. Learn to sit back and breathe.

Learn how to purify and cleanse negative energies from your life. You may search this on how to cleanse your energies.

When you are pure, you will attract pure people. What I’m trying to say here is work on your attitude and actions first. Don’t blame people for everything in your life.

Understand that not everyone in life is supposed to like you. Even yourself, there are people you don’t like for your own personal reasons.

Learn to create time to speak and talk to your self before a mirror. Ask yourself what you want in life. Then work towards your goals despite of what others think about you. Learn to stay positive and get it in your mind that not everyone is supposed to like you.

Have a personality. There is always that person out there that will match your personality. Build your space and focus on what you want.

That way you will naturally attract the right people in your life. They will just come. Never force someone to like you or never force a friendship. Be easy about it.

Find The Reason Why You are Feeling Worthless

This is the very first step that will help you overcome that state. You see, you can never solve an issue before finding the problem or the root cause. Try and narrow down who or what is making you feel this way.

You really have to try and identify this. You may take some time and list those things that make you feel rejected. This will help you solve them and before you know it, you will have trashed them.

Deal with the root cause of this negative feeling

Once you find the reason that is making you feel worthless and useless, start dealing with it. Pin it down and don’t let it overcome you.

If it is a person that is always looking down on you, find ways of dealing with this person. You are not going to suffer for the rest of your life because of someone else who is probably enjoying their life.

Some people are like predators. They feed on others low self-esteem.  Naturally, they are bullies and you need to identify them. Try and avoid such people and spend very less time around them.

If you cannot avoid them, learn the art of ignoring them. Yes, it is possible to ignore someone’s negative vibes with the following steps.

  1. Don’t let these negative peoples’ words get into your guts
  2. Make yourself understand that they are the problem and not you
  3. When they are talking, simply learn the art of breathing in and out and blocking those negative words and actions from your spirit
  4. It may take time but you will have to begin with baby steps

Understand that naturally, people who usually feel useless are extremely good people who have a human and kind hearts and that is why they feel bad when others look down upon them.

An evil person will never care about others. They are mean and they are okay. They will never give a single second to think about how others feel.

Constant Rejection Can Make You Feel Worthless & Alone

If you have negative people around you, they can always make you feel useless. Again I will repeat, simply learn to work on your attitude towards them.

Be positive and learn to shake off their negativity towards you. Do this by not letting those critics define you. Avoid those negative people as much as you can.

Toxic Relationships Can Make u fell Rejected & Depressed

Don’t be someone slave when you are still alive. Don’t let someone kill your happiness and make you dead while you are breathing. Don’t be a walking zombie because of fear to leave or reject negative people in your life.

There are people who will hold on to abusive relationships even when it’s killing them. This is because of fear and lack of having a purpose in life. You feel that your purpose in life is to serve that partner that is oppressing you and you can leave or break that relationship because of fear tomorrow.

Learn to be confident, find your meaning and trues self and above all, put your trust in God and you will be fine. Do not be scare about tomorrow. 

Pray About It

Define yourself and understand your purpose in life. No matter what religion you are in, learn to pray. There is power in prayer. Seek Gods intervention in this issue. Pray and believe that your prayer will be answer. Don’t doubt your faith in what you believe in. 

Prayers will help you feel positive due to the fact that you will have a positive vibe and something to hold on to. Something to give you hope that tomorrow will always be better than today.

Something to keep you going. As a human being, we all need hope. Hope that we are fine and special regardless of what others think about us.

“Join prayer groups and find people that think like you. Learn to share and talk to people about your frustrations. The more you do this, the more they will help you overcome. You will be amazed at positive people around you can change your life. You can never feel worthless, rejected and alone when you try this.”

Find a Hobby

 Sounds simple but it works the magic and is one of the best remedies that will help you stop feeling worthless. If you find that activity that you like, you will practice it and before you know it, you are an expert at it. People will come for advice and you will definitely find some worth in it.

Stop being alone and look for something to do. Don’t just sit in a corner and feel rejected. If you are a teenage, find something to do at home. Help your mum housekeeper to cook. Do some cleaning. Don’t lock yourself in the room and stay depressed.

Go and water the garden. Wash your pet or just do some decoration around the house. Find something that you like doing and don’t do it for others to appreciate.

Just do what you feel you like doing as long as it is positive. The right people will appreciate it. The wrong people will always criticize and never feel bad about it. Feel sorry for them since they are the ones with an issue.

Poor background

Never for a second compare yourself with people who are doing better in life. Don’t think that those celebrities you see around are happy and worthy. Don’t think that the rich kid in school or that millionaire down the street is more worthy and happy than you.

Shock on you. May be they spend sleepless nights because of issues that money cannot solve. Remember, money can never get you true loyal genuine friends like the ones who love you yet you are not rich.

Money cannot buy you natural sleep that you enjoy a such that even the alarm cannot wake you up. Money cannot buy you, true love. Happiness and self-worth come from inside.

Work on your attitude and when it is positive, you will attract the best things in your life. Don’t feel down and rejected then you sit in a corner crying the whole day.

How Is that going to change your situation? if anything, it will make it worse. Your negative energy will only attract negative and bad things in your life. You will wonder why people get lucky when you are just around. Be positive and elevate yourself.

Cry Off Your Frustrations and Relieve Yourself

Sometimes crying is not a weakness especially when you understand that it’s okay to do so to release yourself of bad emotions. If someone hurts you in a way that you cannot easily shake off and you feel like crying, don’t do so before them.

Lock yourself up and let it off your chest. You may also visit a close friend and talk it out with them. This will let you have the issue off your chest and you will be free. Just don’t overdo it while locked up. Remember, you are not as weak as you think you are but you are human.

You cannot cry the whole day and think that will solve the issue. Just do so for 15-30 minutes, then shake it off. Get up and be the warrior. Are you going to sit and cry the whole day to sort out your issue? NO. Fight for your happiness till you win the battle.

Remember, everyone is born necked with nothing. We all work towards what we want in life. Be positive and remain positive in life. Every good thing will come if you learn to be positive and keep away bad energy from your aura.  

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How to Stop Feeling Worthless, Useless & Alone
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