5 Tips How To Stay Calm & Focused Under Pressure

5 Tips How To Stay Calm & Focused Under Pressure

The first tip on how to stay calm under pressure and stress is to control negative thoughts. Replace them with positive ones and remain in charge of how you think. Never let your thoughts rule if you really want to stay calm in any stressful situation.

You need to tame that inner voice to achieve mental stability and peace. Mind control is a basic skill that you should learn if you really want to survive in these hard times.

You have to be in control of how you think and what you are thinking about. You need to filter those little random inner voice that will always throw you off balance.

5 Steps on How to Stay Calm & Positive Under Pressure

The ability to remain calm under pressure is a massive indicator of success. If right now you are having tons of chaos in your life as well as uncertainty, it is important that you learn how to stay calm under pressure and stress.

This is because if you can remain calm and still take action to guess what, you’re going to have a one fulfilling life. Every journey of a high achiever and high performer is full of uncertainties and chaos.

1. Having a Positive Mindset To Stay Calm Under Pressure

Successful people stay calm in that they presuppose they’re positive. This means that our unconscious mind is often asking questions that are negatively oriented. This are questions such as;

  1. Why can’t I do this
  2. Why am I so stressed?
  3. Why do I feel so terrible right now?
  4. Why am I procrastinating
  5. Why did I fail among other negative questions?

When you’re asking these questions, your subconscious will find a way of answering them. It will go overboard in pulling negative answers that will make you go on a worry rampage.

It’s important that you prepare and learn to counter these negative questions that you ask in your subconscious mind. You’ve got to be asking yourself positively oriented questions such as;

  1. How can I most easily get this done?
  2. How can I get over this?
  3. Who can help me solve this situation
  4. I’m going to succeed in solving this

You will now see how your subconscious begins to answer this question and thus you have to become a master of these negative questions in your subconscious mind.

2. Power of Breathing to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Focusing on breathing as a means of meditation can help you stay calm under stressful situations both physically and psychologically.  When we’re walking down the road or doing anything, we are never conscious of how we breathe.

When we are stressed in most cases, we never focus and realize that we are breathing too fast.

This is because the heart is also pumping fast. This is to supply more energy around the body and the brain. This helps to produce enough energy for the stress and pressure we have been subjected to.

When breathing, just try to take a deep breath in right and out. This will help you just relax and focus on your breathing alone.

Just breathe like you normally do but let that be all you are thinking about. This will really help you stay calm under pressure.  

Deep breaths are important because research has proven that shallow breathing alone just makes you feel more overwhelmed and more stressed. This is why shallow breathing will not be serving the relief you need at any level.

Whenever you feel stressed and under pressure, just try to take a deep breath in and out at intervals that you are comfortable with until you calm down.

Meditate on your normal breath also if need be. Just do something that allows you to focus on breathing.

3. Get Enough Sleep When You Are Under Pressure

Extra resting and even if possible, consider having some sleep during the day just to relax. It’s a common saying that somebody who’s successful doesn’t sleep.

However, if you take for example the vast majority of successful people, you’ve realized they know how to rejuvenate very well.

Just like how a racing car needs that pit stop before it goes back out on the racing track and gives it’s all, successful people realize they too need their restful sleep. This will help when they are back on the field and hustling hard.

It’s all about getting the restful sleep because your body needs fresh energy to solve any stressful pressure that you are having.

You need at least a minimum of seven hours a day especially when you are pressured. Just get the sleep that you need for better results.

4. Limit Caffeine Intake

Successful people will always limit caffeine because if you’re somebody who’s normally stressed with high anxiety, coffee will do you more harm than good.

The last thing you need is caffeine in your system because any substance that basically activates the fight-or-flight response will defiantly flare up your worrying ability.

You need to be calm in this case and coffee will not make you calm. This means that it naturally makes you more stressed because you will be active and even dwelling more on your problem.

That’s the last thing you need and this is why calm people limit the amount of caffeine intake, green tea and any other drinks that you know contain caffeine.

Limit it because it doesn’t help you especially if you are somebody who is naturally prone to high-stress levels. You know different people react in different ways when subjected to stress and what works for me may not work for you.

So you have to know what is best for you and as long as it will make you calm and not harm you in any way, go for it.

5. Be Grateful

How to stay calm will also be achieved if you are grateful and appreciate what you have around you. Don’t let one situation make you forget every good thing that you have in life.

Sometimes when our life is hectic and there’s chaos around us, we don’t take enough time to stop and reflect in regards to what we’re really grateful for.

If you can’t think of anything right now be grateful for, the fact that you’re even here reading this is enough proof that you want to stay alive.

There are people who have been in your situation but they never pulled through because they did not have the strength like you to fight and look for solutions like you are doing now.

I remain positive that after you are done reading this, there will be a positive impact in your life.

There is a great saying that goes like this, “the strongest trees don’t grow in the best soil but they grow in the strongest winds.”

Whenever the winds of life come with pressure and stress in life, you need to know that staying positive and strong is the difference between you and the dead.

Troubles are there to make you stronger, take your challenge, think positively, and always know that everyone will always have a challenge that they can overcome.

It is what it is when it comes to this and somehow always have it in your mind that you can overcome any challenge you are facing in life. Plant your flag pole into the ground and really know what you stand for.

Be grateful for the fact that you’re even living in this day and age and smile even in the midst of your difficult moments. Positive energy will attract positive thinks and good luck in your life.

Why Is It Important to Stay Calm Under Pressure?

It is important to stay calm under stress and pressure because being worried simply means that your mind is not settled.

This directly translates to a disaster in everything that you do in that state. You will make the wrong decision and even make the situation worse and complicated.

The importance of being calm is tied to making the situation that is stressing you with pressure go away. When you are calm, you will think straight. Anybody that is not calm can never think straight and will even be in more trouble.

When traditional hunters and gatherers used to look for wild animals in the past for food, they involved the scare tactic to get hold of those animals in many cases. When any animal panics, it runs without any calculated move and that’s their major sickness.

Being stressed and solving any issue under pressure will only make you run like a wild animal without calculated steps.

You end up messing up even more and hurting other people around you. Learn to calm down and if you are poor at it, just find time to train yourself with the tips given in this article.

Staying calm under pressure will give you peace and help you solve any terrible situation in a proper effective way without hurting anyone or causing more trouble to yourself.

If you are married, learning how to stay calm under pressure is important because it will help a lot in seeing your marriage last.

It will help you maintain a good relationship with your partner and creating a better understanding when there is a problem.

It is important to learn how to stay calm under pressure because life will never be smooth unless you are dead.

As long as you are alive, you have to deal with challenges in day to day life. Learn to know that tough times will always vanish just like they came but a strong calm individual will sail through.

Staying Calm Under Pressure in Religion

Learn how to use whatever religion you are in to stay calm under pressure to your advantage.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or any other religion. All religions have a form of giving someone hope in their hard times.

Having studied across different religious platforms, I can say that every religion has a form of meditational and mind control form that is supposed to see you through any hard time in your life.

Here are some tips that can help in keeping you calm when you are stressed and under pressure;

  1. Go to the Church, Mosque, Temple or sacred place of worship
  2. Read through the word of God and focus
  3. Get encouraging verses and quotes from your religious books
  4. If possible, find a friend and go pray together and find Hope in God

1. Tips for Staying Calm Under pressure and stress in Christianity

Staying calm under pressure should be very simple to learn and practice if you are a Christian that follows the word of God. Christianity teaches that those who do not hold on to the Lord in times of trouble will always be shaken like a leaf.

The Lord or God has given us the power, love, and sound mind. according to the Bible, God has not given us the spirit of fear.

If you put your trust in the Lord, you will always mount up like an eagle and fly up above any situation that is giving you pressure in life.

The Bible also says that those who learn to wait for God’s time just like an eagle waits to attack its pray will never be troubled.

They that learn to stay calm under pressure and stress while putting their trust in God shall walk but never fail, Hallelujah.

If you are a Christian and you are troubled, think about Moses in the bible, he was under pressure from the Egyptians who wanted to finish His people. They had nothing and their only hope was in God in heaven.

Moses called for the Lord’s help at the last minute when everything was collapsing. He had faith and any Christian should always have that faith because faith will help you stay calm under pressure because you know God is in control.

The fact that God came through for mosses is enough proof that God will come through in your situation because we also serve the God of Moses. Just learn how to pray the right way and never be troubled in any situation that you face in life.

Learn to stay calm in the Lord and have faith that God’s time is the best. You may not like the situation that you are facing but just know that God has a reason for everything and He works in different ways. He’s our Father in heaven and he will come through at the right time.  

Prayers can change your situation and all you need to do is to believe in God and hold on.

The Lord is like a strong tower that all the righteous run to and they are saved. Just run to God in prays, stay calm and you will be saved from your stress and pressure.

While at it, also remember that God tells us that faith without action is as good as dead.

You cannot Lock yourself up in a room with your little children and pray while there is a fire in the same room. You have to take action and move them to safety.

Thank God that you have the strength to move them to safety. In any situation, learning how to stay calm while trusting in God will always help you think straight and solve the issue in a proper way. You have to act while calm in the Lord and you will be fine.

2. Tips for Staying Calm Under pressure and stress in Islam

Any true Muslim believer should know that Allah comes first in anything that they do.

A Muslim is taught to put prayers ahead in everything and he or she is required to pray five times a day. This alone should make a Muslim calm under pressure and any stressful situation.

There is a small expression from the Quran that is an insight into depression and sadness. A Muslim should never feel weak or be weakened and if that happens, just know that your faith in Islam is also weak.

When you are in a situation whereby no matter what you do, things aren’t changing or getting better and your best attempts have failed. It is kay that you will definitely feel incapable of succeeding.

However, when a Muslim starts settling in like oh my efforts have failed or I have not been able to accomplish this or that, then the next phase will be definitely followed by failure.

Allah (SWTL) is a constant and you should know that you never lost Allah, the one treasure that you will always have holding your hand through any trouble as a Muslim.

3. Tips for Staying Calm Under pressure and stress in Hinduism

Hindus always teach about learning to concentrate on mantras and cultivating an attitude to stay in the present.

If a Hindu learns the secret behind concentration during chakra healing and building with the use of mantra concentration, then he or she can always stay calm under pressure or stress.

One of the major techniques in Hindu healing is the ability to control your mind. Staying calm is also directly related to mind control and focus.

Therefore, those that can meditate and even build their chakras in Hinduism can definitely stay calm under any stressful pressure of life.

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5 Tips How To Stay Calm & Focused Under Pressure
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