Silent prayer – is it biblical?

Silent prayer - is it biblical?

Does God listen to silent prayers? Yes, silent prayers are biblical and God listens to them just like He does to loud prayers. Praying in silence is equally effective because God is omnipresent and he knows the desires of your heart.

If you like praying silently, then go ahead because it’s okay. This article will help in clarifying the misconception and miss information that some false teachers peddle claiming that God only listens to loud prayers.

Those false preachers compare loud prayers with silent ones and give false reasons that God only listens to you when you are vocal.

If God doesn’t listen to silent prayers like they falsely claim, do they want to tell us that those who have lost their voices because of diseases or people who can’t speak naturally should not pray?

Does it also mean that when you have any flu that is affecting your voice then your prayers cannot be heard? The answer is definitely a big no. God looks at your pure intentions and you should never be worried about silent or loud prayers.

Silent Prayers in Christianity

It is totally okay to pray in your head and talk to God in your mind as long as you feel it is the best way to pray at that moment. God does not have rules on weather our prayers should be vocal or silent at a constant level.

Silent prayers from your heart is something that every Christian should learn about and know the power of mastering them. They are very powerful because they tend to come from deep within you without the interference of anybody listening to them around you.

Both religions and philosophers talk about silent prayer from the heart and this basically means that you are praying from your heart. When you set your prayer intention:

  1. It has to be sincere
  2. It has to be heartfelt
  3. It has to be a pure desire

When you combine those three together, your soul’s power will create change and push for your prayer and transformation through desire. This kind of prayer is so strong and that’s actually all you need for your prayers to be answered.

The advantage of silent prayer is that it is also very much linked to your will, wish and just by praying silently, you can set about a change or healing that you are Shure of from the Lord.

It is like getting instant answers and creating transformation just by setting these pure sincere desires from your heart. I see a lot of people praying from the wound itself or praying from a wounded ego while in desperation.

Praying when you are bitter without being calm will only tap into the negative energy world and your prayers may end up not being pure. That is why silent prayers are very important because it is not easy to tap negative energy into those payers.

I’m sharing this from my experience that what often happens is that you don’t want to deal with the consequences of inviting unwanted energies in your prayers. Your prayers should be pure with faith and trust in God.

You really don’t want to be responsible or accountable for your choices for where you are now and a lot of the times you don’t want to do the work that it takes to get to where you need to be or want to be or whatever it is that you want to create in your life.

That’s why these wounded egos based prayers don’t work and what you’re doing actually is you are reinforcing the pattern by crying from this wounded place or setting these desires from this wound itself.

Importance of Silence in Prayer

The importance of audible silence in prayers is that you make very strong and honest prayers to God without the fear that someone is going to listen to you. This is okay because you become open and confess to God what you really want.

I hope that the explanation above makes sense if not, you can ask your questions below and I’ll try to answer them in detail as possible. This is something that I sort of discovered sometime back when I was at one of my lowest points in life.

I was struggling to process a deep wound of betrayal and carrying this for quite a long time in several months and I got to a point where it was consuming me. It was eating into my thoughts.

It was consuming my whole being and I was not able to process this the whole breakdown. Forgiving became a problem due to being bitter in life and got to a point where I just sat down at my altar.

I called in my guardian angels and God then connected to my heart to my soul. I prayed and I really meant it. I promised to do whatever it takes to get the bitterness out of me because it was pulling me down terribly.

I said a sincere silent prayer from deep down within my heart, it was honest and pure such that I felt the presence of God listening to me. Believe it or not, one week did not even pass and my prayers were answered.

For quite some time, I wondered why my prayers were answered very fast for the first time and I got a revelation. It was so clear that I was to blame for the long-suffering because all I used to do was lament and pray without focus.

I used to pray out loud while deep in my heart I’m complaining and whining about the same problems that are making me bitter. That means my prayers were not pure and there was no connection of my heat to my physical being.

How to Pray Silently from The Heart

This is when I realized that silent prayers are very important because they help you focus without distraction. Here are some steps on how to say silent prayers as a Christian:

  1. Find a quiet place or lock yourself up in a room
  2. The best time to always do this is to wake up very early in the morning, that is between 3.30 am – 5 am in the morning
  3. Take time to relax and focus at your place of prayer
  4. Sit for about 3-5 minutes and try just to breathe without thinking about anything
  5. You may also read a bible verse that is encouraging and focus on that alone
  6. Then kneel down and start your prayers without making noise of interfering with others
  7. Silence help in keeping the energies around you pure because if you make noise, you wake up others and they will be cursing you. This is enough to block your prayers
  8. Say your sincere prayers from your heart
  9. Feel free to whisper your prayers but disturb others after learning how to pray correctly

That those steps on how to say silent prayers are the best one on one sessions you can ever create with God. When you have a pressing problem that you are really bothered about and is pulling you down negatively in life, praying from your heart is the solution.

I have been practicing those steps and this is like a muscle that you can start to build in order to strengthen the power of your silent prayers.

A lot of people lack this secret thus they end up in a desperate place where they’re wounded while praying the wrong way.

They are looking for a breakthrough yet they are praying with bitterness that distracts your prayers with a lot of negative energies. Try the silent prayer steps above for seven days and see how your situation will change before you know it.

What Does the Bible Say About Praying in Silence?

Is silent prayer Biblical? Yes, praying silently is approved in the bible, and here is the answer in detail. When Jesus was teaching us about the Lord’s prayer, He talked of going into a room and kneeling before God in private.

He then recited the Lord’s prayer but did not say anywhere that we should shout or make noise while praying.

In fact, Jesus said that when hypocrites are praying, they stand in synagogues and in the corners of the streets so that everyone will see them.

He urged everyone not to pray like the hypocrites because they have their reward here on earth by displaying their prayers.

Jesus said that praying in secret and locking yourself up in a room where you are only connecting to our father in heaven, your prayers are much appreciated and welcomed since you have consulted God without distractions.

Jesus also encouraged Christians that during their prayer in silence, they should never be like the pagans who use so many words.

They make it look like God is not listening to them. Instead, He gave the Lord’s Prayer for Christians to Use as an example if you read the book of Mathew chapter six.

However, this does not also mean that you should never pray out loud. It simply translates to the fact that it’s much better when your prayers are focused with fewer distractions.

If you are okay praying silently, do it, if you like it loud then you are also free to do that. While praying out loud, just ensure that your prayer is not a problem to others so that you don’t have a lot of people projection negativity at you.

Our Lord’s Prayer in the Bible:

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Silent prayer – is it biblical?
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