8 Signs Of Negative Energy In You & Around You

8 Signs Of Negative Energy In You & Around You

It is very important to learn how to identify signs that show you are surrounded by negative energies in your life. Negative energy could be anywhere and in any form.

We will eventually face it whether we notice it or not. One certain thing though, if it is too much it could be wreaking havoc in your life.

Negative energy is so dangerous and can cause a lot of damage to us. If you can’t handle it properly, it will eat away your positivity and might even leave you feeling desperate and broken even before you know it.

In this article, we are going to share with you some signs indicating that you are surrounded by negative energies.

Signs of Negative Energy in You or Around You

The point is that if you are able to notice the early warning signs, you could find some ways to chase that negative energy away.

After the signs, I will show you how to get rid of those negative energies fast so that you can feel good. Here are the signs you are surrounded by negative energies in your life.

1. Feeling tired and exhausted all the time

You easily get exhausted yet you have done no job. the first sign you could notice when you’re surrounded by negative energy is when you easily get exhausted all the time.

You constantly feel tired and it seems that you can’t get enough sleep even when you already slept for more than eight hours.

If you feel yourself like this, maybe there’s certain thing that you need to identify and get it done in order to solve the problem. This feeling will make you not do anything tangible in your life.

Personally when I feel like this, I always have my favorite whiskey and may be listen to some music as I clean the house. It cheers me up.

I’m not telling you to have alcohol but try and find something that you enjoy doing so that you lift your mood. Don’t stay indoors when you are feeling like this.

2. You are easily irritated

When you notice You are constantly and easily irritated by petty things around you that you can ignore, just know that all is not well with your aura. You keep fighting with your husband, wife or children over nothing. This is definitely a negative spirit in you.

You are overly stressed all the time like I said before. Negativity can stress you out. It is as if everything is bothering you and therefore you become more and more stressed.

You feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. This is definitely a major sign of negative energy in you and around your home.

3. Loosing self-touch

Negativity also comes from within yourself. For instance, when you don’t bother to do the small things you used to do or even forget to eat. Sometimes it means there’s something wrong with you and you should check it to yourself to solve the problem.

You will notice you even loose the touch of looking good or grooming yourself as you always do. Solving this situation is as simple as staying with positive people and good friends that you know really like it when you are happy. 

You easily get emotional and lose control over yourself and it seems the harder you try to make sense of it all the further you end up digging. You can’t find peace and calmness within yourself. You should know that this is something that cannot be resolved until the negative energies are cleared.

4. Useless and living in the past

There are situations were by you will always feel rejected, alone and useless. This always happen especially when one loses a job, a lover or you miss a good opportunity in life. It’s okay to cry and feel sorry about your situation but just don’t live in your past.

Living in your past failures will only keep a huge negative energy around you. It will bring you down in everything you want to do. You will not think straight in many opportunities that are offered to you yet you deserve a second chance.

You always deserve another chance. You have to pull yourself up from the past and don’t dwell in your failure. This is one area that a lot of people go down.

Ask around, every happy person has gone through worse scenarios and that is what makes them better and happy. Learn to wake up and move on.

Laying down and crying for the rest of your life will not rewind time and take you back even if you fill a bucket with your tears. Remember every second you spend in regrets is wasted but every minute that you spend on moving on is not wasted.

You are blaming others more than usual. When you feel that everything is never your fault and you jump right into blaming someone else instead means there’s something that changed within you.

This one is a very bad sign and you have to get it done no matter what because it can ruin your entire life with time.

5. Sleepless nights

You can’t sleep for no reason with a feeling of being upset over nothing. This is a very clear sign or negative energy around you, your house or the people around you. You can’t get enough sleep but you can’t get to sleep at the same time because of stress.

What’s more annoying is that the harder you try to sleep, it seems the worse things get out of control and you keep getting irritated at the same time.

In some cases, it is not because of any reason that you can remember. Those are the cases were you need to take a spiritual birth and get rid of those negative energies in your life.

6. Easily loss of control over yourself

You feel so useless even when you have no reason to. In contrary with blaming others, deep down in your heart you often feel down in the dumps. This happens even when everything is okay and you have no reason to feel like that.

You feel so useless and everything about you is wrong. You are upset as if all the world is against you and therefore you start blaming them for your self-defense.

I’m going to say it again though, no matter how you try to make things right, you are not going to do much since you have no clue where to actually begin. That’s why it is important to identify signs of negative energy in you or around you so that you may know how to get rid of it.

You can’t relax no matter what you do, it seems that you cannot chill out. Relaxing is not something you remember how to do and it’s really frustrating.

7. Proper Communication

You find that you can’t communicate properly. There are a lot of misunderstandings in every conversation because your mind is not in the right place.

What makes it worse is that you always refuse to explain yourself. This is a bad thing because when your communication with everyone easily escalate, then you need to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

8. Negative Change in Character

Another sign of negative energy in you is when are not acting like yourself. The people around you notice that you have been saying and doing things you would normally not do. You have to learn to control yourself more and identify the negative energy within.

Your mind is full of negativity. When negativity has infiltrated your life, your mind will not let you to rest.  Bad thoughts, anxiety, loneliness, those are just the symptoms and signs that you’re surrounded by negativity.

You cannot continue to live like this because if you do, it will eventually eat you until there’s nothing left inside you.

The point is if you don’t deal with it, you will end up finding no value even in te things around you. You will not even have the urge to works towards a better life because you have given up and you are full of hate and negativity.

How To Deal With Negative Energy In You or Around You

Those are the eight signs you are surrounded by negative energies in your life or in your life. By knowing all of those warning signs, we should also realize that it will also give you a feeling of not having the strength to do something to change it.

This is very dangerous and it can even take away your inner being and let you just walking like a zombie. Dead on the inside but alive on the outside.

I have seen several people that are already dead on the inside because of negative energy. They are lie the living dead. Nothing moves them. They have given up because of the negative energy in their live that has stolen the life in them.

This negative energy is worse than cancer because it will eat you and everything around you. Before you know it you will be selling everything at a throw away price because you no longer have value for anything.

You will no longer even find the greatness in looking good. Even taking a birth and grooming will be a problem.

Before you know it, friends, family and even pets around you will be running away from you because negative energy repels with positive energy in any living beings.

That is why evil and good can never mix. Evil will only mix with evil and good will only mingle with good. That’s why they say birds of the same feathers flock together.

It is never too late to try and start redeeming yourself and the earlier you accept that it is you that is the problem the better. Be part of the solution by trying to change and chase those negative thoughts away from you as fast as you can.

Make notes if possible, talk to someone about your feelings. If you can’t a ford a professional, just look for a friend that you can talk to. There is always someone out there that will listen to you. Just make the effort to identify someone you can talk to.

Understand that over drinking and abusing drugs that will make you sleep is not the solution. That will only be part of the problem since you will still wake up to the same problem.

Then you will use them again and again so that before you know it, you have damaged yourself beyond repair. Life has no spare parts like a machine so you need to take care of it.

Try and sit with positive people around you. Go to church, or mosque or the temple I mean wherever you will find positive people.

You can learn the art of meditation from the adepts since it is one of the best way to find and search your soul. Above all you have to understand that change will begin with you.

Find time and search deep within your soul. Reflect on what you want and what you used to like. Look for memories of your past good life and what you really enjoy.

Then Attract those to your life. Even if you lost your great job, you need to start from anywhere gain because sleeping and crying will not make things any biter.

Even if you are in pain because of a relationship that you lost in the recent past. If it is the one giving you negative energy, you need to heal and move on. Understand that the other person is moving on and you are not going to be ruined because of them.

Time is also the best healer so relax and find your hobby. Before you know it, you shall have moved on. Staying positive is the key and the main focus here.

Negative energy is not going to leave if we don’t put a fight and it is not that simple or easy to clear it all out. You need to identify the source of negative energy first.

It could be from the toxic people around you or it could be within yourself. One thing for certain is negative energy is not going to be in control when you finally realize it is there.

Feel free to leave a comment about what you feel about this topic and share with us any personal experience about the kind of feeling you have.

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8 Signs Of Negative Energy In You & Around You
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