How to Recognize a Bad Pastor? Signs you need to know

How to Recognize a Bad Pastor? Signs you need to know

The Holy Spirit will always help you in learning how to recognize a bad pastor. As a Christian, you have to know the signs of a bad pastor before you make conclusions.

When Jesus was departing from earth to be with our Father in heaven, He promised to leave among us the Holy Spirit for guidance.

The Holy Spirit gives us the power to discern and recognize evil and good in the spiritual world. A true Christian is guided by the Holy Spirit.

We should learn to listen and work with the Holy Spirit if we want to easily identify the signs of bad pastors and teachers in the church today.

Signs of A Bad Pastor

Let us look at some signs that may show your pastor is really the problem. When talking about the problem, it is not important to narrow it down to one specific thing having it in mind that churches have issues that are very unfortunate.

Maybe it’s a lack of growth, internal conflict, or maybe financial issues among other general issues. Some issues may be petty while others are heavy. As a Christian, you should give any teacher or pastor a benefit of the doubt.

This will always help you to recognize a bad pastor when you see any sign of manipulation right from the beginning.

As the author of this article, I don’t know much about your pastor or your pastor’s heart but below is what I do know for a fact.

If somebody went to seminary or dedicated their life to being a pastor, Chances are that they started that journey with good intentions.

So maybe even if they’re misguided right now, it’s safe to assume that they want to do good when they started.

However, it’s also safe for you to give them the benefit of the doubt. Personally, I don’t know too many pastors but there are good ones and bad pastors as well out there.

Most pastors are generally good people and you should give them the benefit of the doubt on the positive side.

It is not wrong to keep a check on your pastor and a bad pastor will always have a problem when you do that.

It is okay to check them because Jesus himself said that we need to be alert of false prophets for example in Matthew 7 which states that:

“watch out for false prophets, they come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly they are ferocious wolves, by their fruit, you will recognize them”

Matthew 7

This is what the bible teaches us about bad pastors because Jesus told us to be alert and on guard, since there really are bad pastors and leaders out there.

1. A Bad Pastor Thinks & Teaches That He is perfect

The first sign that you may be dealing with a dysfunctional leader in your church is if he trains the people to assume that he could never be the problem.  

you see a good pastor will actually build into his congregation and teach them how to rightly judge between good and bad.

He will also teach them how to keep him accountable and that’s what a humble leader does.

A prideful and arrogant leader who isn’t a good pastor will teach his people that he could never be the problem.

He subtly does these mind-numbing sermons that will brainwash you religiously such that you can no longer judge, reason, or question his deeds.

He ends up looking like a small perfect god and somehow at the end of it, he’s the hero of the story.

Even though he doesn’t come out and say it in simple terms, he will always be the hero at the end of every story.

You are supposed to recognize a bad and corrupt pastor this way because he wants to make you believe that questioning his doctrines is wrong.  

As a Christian, you’ll want to be careful of those guys who can never be the problem and they train the people that they really aren’t the issue.

2. A Bad Pastor Always Plays the Victim

Another sign of a bad pastor is that he always points the finger at other people and never take the blame in any situation.

He plays the victim card all the time and never takes responsibility for his own issues or actions.

He’s is always blaming other people and he wants to look like he is the victim. He wants you to pity him all the time such that when he requests for anything, it will always work to his advantage.

Sometimes it’s right and okay for a pastor to be defensive especially if you’re coming at the guy and you really don’t have any evidence for the claims you’re making.

This does not mean that he plays the card on every issue if you get the word manipulation right. A bad pastor will manipulate you.

If you go about the biblical process of confronting a church leader who has a problem within the church, a good pastor should listen.

A corrupt pastor defends himself instantly and points a finger at others while playing the victim card, this is a huge red flag of a bad pastor.

We all know that any sane man should listen to any problem pinned to him and first begin by analyzing the root cause of the issue.

A good pastor accounts for his actions and if they are wrong, it’s okay for a leader to apologize but not to be defensive even if it is clear he is wrong.

3. Bad Pastors Are Against Having a Group of Church Elders

Another simple way on how to recognize a bad pastor is that they want to run the church alone and are against having a diverse board of elders who manage the church affair.

They always want their best friends, relatives, or family members on the church board.

Majority of biblical church model in the New Testament have it that there is not to be one person in charge of the church.

There is supposed to be a group of elders leading the church and making important decisions.

A bad pastor will do a couple different things, he’ll either have a fake elder board who just does whatever he wants and aren’t actually listening to him.

Even when they disagree, he’ll run them out of town and just take over the church.

Maybe he starts a new elder board with people that do listen to him or starts running the church on his own.

The big picture is that you’ll want to be careful of somebody who doesn’t fall under the submission of a plurality of elders.

When looking at the signs of a bad pastor in a church, you should never just assume your pastor is the problem.

However, take a look at the Bible and see if he is violating any of the clear commands in Scripture that are supposed to govern the way he leads the church.

4. A Bad Pastor Will Only Teach What You Want to Hear

Our generation has been corrupted by peer pressure and is easily swayed from the right teachings thus giving the bad pastors an easy time to manipulate and use them to their advantage.  

Bible says that; “God is seeking them that shall worship Him in spirit and in truth”

There are many people submitted to bad pastors and you don’t even know it. Materialistic pastors give you what you want to hear.

The Bible says we’re living at a time where people have itching ears thus they cannot endure through sound doctrine.

They have a low tolerance for the gospel of repentance and the gospel that preaches against sin, immorality, and perversion.

The modern generation does not want to listen to the true gospel and they are scare to listen to what will cause your soul to go into hell.

They have a low tolerance that they would rather gather around wolves that will tell them sweet words of how God is going to bless them with a new home or a new car.

Our generation flop around lies and deception from bad pastors that carry a form of good news that rely on false imaginations and visions.

This is because they no longer have a capacity to receive the true message and teaching from God.

5. A Bad Pastor Knows What to Say and When to Say It

How to recognize a bad pastor is also easy f you know that those pastors know what to say and exactly when to say it.

They have a way of getting emotions all stirred up hallelujah my God but he is in sync with the voice of the serpent.

The Bible records to us that the serpent spoke in the Garden of Eden.

In this generation, the serpent still has a voice through the bad pastors. In their churches, you will see people go into the church and leave the church to smoke in the parking lot.

This is a good example of a church that people will always attend but they never accept Jesus as their personal Christ and savior.

There is too much bad and there is no room for the move of God in their lives.

We need to wake up because your pastor could be a bad pastor you don’t even know it.

Jesus said, “lest a man is born of the water and the spirit they cannot enter into the kingdom of God”

Nothing that he spoke had any relationship to anything natural. Every time He opened His mouth, He declared eternity.

Jesus spoke eternal things and a lot of people that were in the flesh could not understand this language that Jesus was speaking.

Others marveled at what Jesus spoke because no one spoke with such authority as Jesus did because Jesus was speaking in the Spirit and bad pastors are never synchronized with the spirit.

Many people are submitted to these bad pastors that are entangled with all kinds of web perversions in their lives. They listen to pastors that do not operate in the glory and cannot even pray for a headache

Christians are hopping around looking for prophecy in their lives but nobody wants to go into the Word of God to the word truth that is guided by the Spirit that is released upon them.

A lot of people have prophecies hanging over them with no manifestations because they don’t even know how to recognize bad pastors who have no idea on how manifestation works.

What The Bible Says About Correcting Bad Pastors

Many Christians turn to Matthew 18 to think about when to correct someone who’s in the wrong. However, that passage is actually for individual Christians who have an issue with one another.

There’s a different passage of Scripture that is more relevant when there’s a corporate sin or when there’s a pastoral issue.

That’s really not alike a sin against you directly, but you have a problem with something the pastor is doing. That bible verse is in 1st Timothy 5 verses 19 through 20;

“do not entertain an accusation against an elder, unless it is brought by two or three witnesses, those who sin are to be reviewed publicly so that the others may take warning”

1 Timothy 19:20

The elder is referring to a pastor in this passage and here is how to break it down.

It means that in a situation where many are claiming that a pastor has done something wrong, then definitely they have all noted some corrupt deeds.

That verse is the biblical process of how to correct wrong or bad pastors.

If that bad pastor starts pointing fingers and blaming those people while casting stones at them, then ironically he’s the one violating this passage.

If the elder team in a church or other pastor also sees a problem with this head pastor and then that pastor should explain his actions.

If he goes on the offense and just starts attacking those people without actually answering the questions, then thats it.

This is a sure way of how to recognize a bad pastor since he’s also violating the actual scripture that was used against him.

How to Recognize a Bad, Lazy and Arrogant Pastor

There are many people in our generation that are submitted to bad pastors. What does the word bad pastors mean?

There is a fine distinction between spiritual pastors and bad, weak and lazy pastors.

When you look at the Word of God pertaining to the sons of Aaron Nadab and Abihu, these were bad pastors.

The Bible says they offered up an authorized fire unto the Lord and in that same hour, they were destroyed because they were operating within the premises of the flesh which is carnality.

They had not died to self but they were picking up the cross with the residue of their carnality, wickedness and carnal nature, so they were destroyed ultimately without retaining an absolutely no legacy.

This is because they perceived the things of God as a form of entertainment.

They thought that if the priests had done this, then I can surely do it without being authorized to proceed. So they treated the things of God with content.

We look at also the sons of Eli, Hophni, and Phinehas. Two sons were having sex with the women that served at the entrance to the tent of meeting.

That reminds us of a lot of pastors in this generation that are having sexual relations with women in their church.

Bad pastors that have sexual relations with Usher’s in the church or with praise and worship leaders in the church.

There is an inclination proclivity of sexual immorality in the house of God and that is because we have accommodated bad pastors in the church.

A major sign of lazy, arrogant, and weak pastors is that they are never in tune with what God is saying, they always recycle the same messages.

They preach messages that they already preached the previous week because they cannot hear God for themselves.

Lazy and weak pastors are the kind of pastors that listen to other pastors and take those same messages and then preach them on Sunday.

You need to learn how to recognize a bad pastor If you are reading this and you are submitted to arrogant pastors that operate in the flesh.

Those wicked arrogant pastors have been disconnected because they carry a salt spirit. They carry a salt spirit which is indicative of rebellion because they’re arrogant and full of pride.

Why God Rebukes Bad Pastors & Teachers

The Bible says that Saul was rejected by God. God rebuked his prophet because it is in the nature of a prophet to weep over nations and souls.

The prophet was weeping for the wrong person. God says to Samuel; “how long will you mourn after soul seeing that I have rejected him as king over Israel.

I have already rejected him and so whatever it is you’re doing now is in vain. Pick up your staff and go to your place of assignment which going to be in Jesse’s house. Go and anoint the one that I will show you.”

God separates the flesh from the spiritual and there should be a boundary between a bad pastor and a good one guided by the Holly Spirit.

God said to Nicodemus; “the words I speak to you are spirit and life. I’m NOT speaking to your earthly things and I am NOT speaking to your carnal things”

How the Holy Spirit Can Guide You from Bad, Lazy and Arrogant Pastors

Remember when the disciples were interacting with Jesus and He inquired of what men say about Him, the had different answers.

The Bible says that they proceeded to give Him answers which were in accordance with people’s perception, observation, and conclusions.

Then the revelation fell upon Peter and Jesus turned to him and asked him, but who do you say that I am? The Bible tells us that Peter answered that; “you are the son of God you are the Messiah”

Jesus then said to him that flesh and blood did not reveal this to him but His Father who is in heaven gave the revelation.

This is why Christians should always ask the Holy Spirit to help them in how to recognize a bad pastor.

There is absolutely no way Peter would have access to this revelation without being connected to the God who was the only source of that information at that particular time in the Bible.

The Agenda of a Bad Pastor

There are too many bad, lazy, and arrogant pastors around us who can be very toxic to our children, parents, and community in general.

They are false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing who disguise their motives and their agenda is to promote themselves.

They’re not in the business of promoting God or giving God the glory but they’re in the business of promoting themselves, getting rich off of the flock, and abusing people at the first chance that they get.

They’re not operating in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ because they don’t want to preach the true gospel.

Instead, they’re preaching motivation that drives the flock to fulfill their own desires on earth.

We are seeing the motivational speakers behind the pulpit preaching before the masses in the church today.

We have a generation of young people that have been confused with material things and have swayed against God’s word.

They promote homosexuality and perversion because our generation has forgotten the real respect that should be accorded to the word of God.

We have an audience that has made the church turn into a form of entertainment.

The lazy church memebers carry a form of godliness but lack the power of the Holy Spirit which can help them know the difference between good and bad.

Abusive Pastors in The Church

We’re living at a time where people are lost and will no longer read their Bible but rather listen to the abusive pastors and fake prophets.

When those deceiving prophets tell them to eat grass, they will eat grass, When the false prophets tell them to undress, they will do it.

They do it because they do not know God and have forgotten how to pray in truth and in spirit as instructed by Jesus Christ.

They choose to listen to lazy and arrogant pastors that don’t have time to read the bible and preach the truth.

In our modern society, no one is seeking to find a relationship with Yahweh but everyone is seeking God out of religion.

This is because they have become accustomed to it to a practice that they engage in every Sunday of the week.

Our modern-day Christians are not seeking God because they desire to know Him.

They’re seeking God because it is popular to do so. They’re seeking Him because they only want the blessing of God.

They don’t want the righteousness of God neither do they want to know who God is.

All they care about is if God can give them a car, a house, money then they will serve Him in the flesh but not in the spirit.

The devil is a liar and no one can control God or manipulate Him in their own way.

God’s time is always the best and no one can put God in a box. We should submit to his power and his authority and whatever God says we do.

We are not in command but God is in command and we are the ones that are to submit to God.

It is not the other way around. We are not going to put a deadline on when God is to move in our lives of God decides to move at whatever time he is going to move.

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How to Recognize a Bad Pastor? Signs you need to know
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