How to Shave Your Butt Hair at Home

Learning how to shave your butt hair safely without having itchy buttocks after shaving is very important for anyone with a hairy body.

Apart from simple bum waxing which is not popular, there are other options of shaving hair between the buttocks and getting rid of butt hair as listed below.

Fashion in the modern world is now favoring tight jeans. This is common among both young trendy men and women.

Walking around in tight jeans while having a bushy butt can be really uncomfortable due to the friction involved. The friction involved causes sweating which then stains your undergarments.

Sometimes, you might leave an embarrassing watery stain on that white leather seat while chatting with friends.

How to Shave Your Butt Hair at Home
How to Shave Your Butt Hair at Home Using a Razor

It is very important to learn how to shave your butt hair at home. This helps in keeping you clean.

Preparations before shaving your butt at home

Before shaving, it is important to take a hot bath. This helps you to get rid of any bacteria or fungi that may infect the pores left open on the skin while shaving.

However the Hot shower mainly aims at softening the hair and opening up the hair pores to avoid development of ingrown hair after shaving.

This also helps in easy shaving and identifying the direction of hair growth. Knowing the direction of hair growth is important while shaving as discussed below.

You might need the following tools for the task ahead;

  • Shaving Blade
  • A mirror
  • Clean bright towel ( white preferably )
  • Rubbing alcohol to sterilize the new blade or razor
  • Shaving gel or cream
  • Antiseptic
  • After shave cream or gel
  • A styptic pen to stop any bleeding in case you accidentally nick you butt skin

How to shave your butt hair using a razor

Before we begging on the steps, let’s hope that you have already taken a hot shower at this point.

If not, try sitting on a warm bath to soak your butt to allow hair pores on the butt skin to open up.

If you are using a razor, make sure it is sharp and well sterilized to avoid any infections. Using a blunt blade can lead to razor bumps and serious rushes.

  • You will need a shaving cream in case you are manually using a blade.
  • If you are using an electric razor then just pat dry the water after washing and start shaving
  • NOTE: People with sensitive skin that are prone to irritation are always advised to shave along the grain compared to people with less sensitive skin.

Individuals with less sensitive skin can have a close shave against the grains without risking any skin irritation after shaving.

You may classify your skin sensitivity based on past experiences that you always get after shaving.

Once all the above is done, you are now ready to shave with the following simple steps and learn how to shave your butt and butt

1. Leather up the butt hair

Make sure the skin is tout and leather up your butts using a nice gel or shaving cream. This creates a good environment for shaving and avoids any difficulties and frictions for a better and safe aftershave smooth look.

2. Start shaving the butt hair

  1. You may stand before a mirror with you but facing it to avoid straining your neck and back while trying to see you buttocks
  2. Also, consider positioning a small hand mirror at an angle that will make your butt crack is visible since you don’t want to miss on anything.

Put the hand mirror facing up on the floor then squat above the mirror to enhance the view of your butt.

This will help you to avoid cutting your skin and also give a good result after shaving

  1. Gently grab and hold the butt cheek to easily gain access and reach the butt and to avoid folded skin. This will minimize any cutting risks may occur
  2. In case your butt is too hairy, consider trimming the overgrown hair to a low level near the skin before starting to clear off everything
  3. Gently and lightly press the sterilized clean and sharp razor against the skin making sure that u shave in the direction that the hair is growing
  4. At this point, try and concentrate on the gentleness of the hair and ensure you rinse the razor blade with cold water after every few shaving strokes.

This helps in removing and dislodging any stuck hairs on the blade that may end up blocking the open pores on the skin surface.  

  1. If you notice the but hair too soft, u may go ahead and clear everything at a go with every gentle stroke
  2. If the hair is still tough, you may do the first stroke as near the skin as possible and repeat another stroke towards the opposite direction to clear the remaining hair
  3. Rinse off the shaved area with cold water and pat dry with a clean bright towel (use a white towel if possible). Avoid rubbing the towel on the newly shaved delicate butt surface
  4. Make sure you check the towel for any bloodstains. This is an easy way to know if you may have cut your butt skin and treat it as a slight cut. You may use a styptic pen to stop the bleeding.
  5. If all is well and you are not treating any slight cuts, apply an aftershave cream or body powder to close up the pores and to keep away itching and rushes.

Other methods of removing hair from the butt, bum crack

Thanks to the modern day techniques, there are other ways of eliminating or removing butt hair apart from manually shaving using a razor.

Waxing, laser hair removal and electrolysis are some of the modern techniques commonly used.

These are some of the advanced methods of completely removing hair and are used in targeting long term measures.

1. Waxing as a way of shaving you bum or Butt

Waxing especially on the bum or buttocks and butt s are good because the hair is removed from the roots and takes time to grow back.

You may buy a waxing kit and use at home but it is important to get assistance from a professional aesthetician who has done waxing over the years and has good experience and expertise at it.

The following simple steps are used by the experts in removing butt hair.

  1. Take a hot shower and completely dry the body with a clean towel
  2. Check the direction the hair is growing towards before applying the wax
  3. Apply the wax on the butt skin and place clean piece of cloth on it
  4. Gently press the cloth a few times on the butt skin for the wax to bond with the skin
  5. Quickly and very steadily remove the wax strip in the opposite direction of the growing hair (against the grains)
  6. Gently apply an after shave to close up the pores. This is important because it prevents rushes and any bacterial infections on the open pores.

2. Laser hair removal

According to, laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair using an intense beam of light.

The laser penetrates the skin and completely eliminates the hair follicle thus preventing any future hair growth.

This process is involving and is expensive due to the fact that several aftercare treatments may be involved.

Most people don’t want to spend so much time on this unless they have very important reasons.    

3. Electrolysis can also be used to eliminate hair from the skin

Electrolysis involves the use of electric currents to burn skin hair right at their roots with the aid of a needle that is inserted in the hair follicle.

What makes the whole procedure involving is the fact that each hair follicle is burned individually.

As much as electrolysis provides a more permanent result compared to shaving and waxing, it is very expensive, involving, and very tiresome. It is also highly advisable to seek advanced medical experts to perform this procedure.

How to care for shaved butt

Naturally, every hair on the body has its unique and adaptive function. They do not just grow for no reason. When you have hairy buttocks, the skin on the butt is used to being protected by this hair.

It is important to note that shaving this hair might make the skin react either negatively or positively.  

Taking good care of the butt after shaving can help in avoiding any negative reactions like dry skin on the butt, after razor bumps or rushes.

1. Use of antiseptics

It is important to make use of antiseptics to close up the open pores and to get rid of any bacteria that might affect them. Antiseptics also help in reducing the chances of skin irritation.

2. Use of Body powder

Naturally, the skin is used to the hair on it and the pores are left open after shaving.

The body power can play a great role in ventilating the open pores and keep the skin smooth, relatively dry and fresh.

This in turn helps in avoiding any infections on the open pores or any rushes. Try and use the body powder frequently for improved comfort on your buttocks after shaving.

3. Exfoliation

This is the process of removing any dead skin cells that lay on the skin. A few weeks after shaving your buttocks, the hair may start to grow. Exfoliation will help in avoiding any ingrown hair on the butt skin.

Exfoliation helps a lot during hair growth by lifting any hidden hair under the dead skin cells making them easier to remove and allowing easy growth for the new hair that is growing on the butt.

Exfoliation after every few days especially when the hair has started growing will give better results.

4. Hydrate the butt skin

This helps in keeping the sensitive skin from being dry. The butt skin is not normally exposed so you may want to keep it fairly moist.

You may use babbly oil after baths or any recommended moisturizing gels or creams provided your skin does not react to them.

5. Wear loose clothing

Immediately after shaving the butt, it is important to use loose clothing. This allows good natural air circulation on the shaved pores and helps in keeping them fairly dry and from sweating.

Sweat can seriously irritate the fresh pores and we can all bet that we do not want to scratch our buts every time in public.

Importance of keeping a shaved bum or butt

Keeping a shaved but has many advantages to it compared to un-shaved but. Muslims are also advised to do this because they cannot pray with any traces of human waste on your body in Islam.

Having a hairy but can easily trap your stools and they will remain there. Any form of stool is considered to be unclean in Islam and your prayers may not be valid if you have human waste on you.

Christians also believe that physical cleanliness makes you closer to God. This is why the church and places of worship should always be clean.

This is why almost all religions will always ensure that the place of worship including your body is clean and free from any stool or dirt.

Ranging from hygiene to fashion, people keep shaved bums and butts for different purposes.

Maintains clean stainless and dry undergarments. Stuffy and sweaty undergarments can be a serious turn off to sexual partners.

  1. Helps in avoiding any suitable moist environment for bacterial or fungal infections on the butt, bum, and groin area.
  2. Enhances sensitivity on the touch during sex. For partners who indulge in anal sex and homosexuals, shaved but boosts their stimulations and improves their hygiene and sexual health.
  3. During sports or while working on heavy physical duties, unshaved but can be a public embarrassment. The friction between the hair and the buttocks will produce excessive sweat that wets the pants.

This can be extreme in some cases to a point of being visible on the outside pants on the butt area. The salty sweat can also soak on the skin and can result in sores on the butt.

The hair on the butt crack traps solid waste living one with a very disturbing and a bad smell even after using a toilet paper. Shaving a bushy and hairy bum crack helps in avoiding such situations.

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