How To Repent In 5 Steps?

How To Repent In 5 Steps?

According to The Bible, a sinner’s prayer is useless because God does not like wickedness. Successful prayer in Christianity is based on true repentance.

How to repent and ask God for forgiveness depends on how honest combined with your actions after repentance. There is no way you are going to repent now and start doing the same mistake tomorrow.

How to Repent in Prayers (5 Steps)

Repentance dictates that you become honestly sorry and you ask God to forgive you for your sins. The bible says that we are all sinners and this makes all of us unworthy before God unless we ask for forgiveness. Here are 5

  1. Start by praising God
  2. Thank God for being kind to you
  3. Be sorry about the wrongs you have done both knowingly and unknowingly.
  4. Ask for forgiveness honestly from your heart
  5. Then proceed to pray for anything and ask God to intervene in anything that is bothering your

Note that the fourth step is very important in the prayers. It is what purifies us and makes us holy before God.

Repentance is important in prayers because God only considers those who are holy and pure in their hearts to be close to him. Repentance is what can take you close to God as a Christian.

Simple Repentance Prayer

Here is a simple repentance prayer:

“Father in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, I’m sorry for the sins that I have done willingly and unwillingly. Please forgive me and accept my repentance because I have fallen short of your Glory. Wash and clean my physical body, soul, and spirit by the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, Amen”

Those are some of the most beautiful words a Christian can use when repenting in prayers. God is not selfish and as long as your words are genuinely pure form your heart, He will accept your repentance and forgive your sins.

You can use the above short prayers to repent daily in your prayers because this is very important. The easiest way to repent daily is to say our Lord’s Prayers because there is a line on repentance in it.

It is also okay to repent in your morning, afternoon and evening prayers. In fact, repentance should always be part of your daily prayers.

The Power of Repentance in Prayers

When Jesus was teaching His disciples how to pray in his last days on earth, we see that he included repentance in His prayers. Our Lord’s Prayer is one of the best examples ways that Jesus showed us how to God before the Lord.

There is the repentance line that teaches us to ask God for forgiveness just like we should also be forgiving those who wrong us.

This line goes like, “forgive us our sins just like we forgive those who sin against us”.

We clearly note that this statement comes before we ask God to protect us from our enemies in the prayers. This means that we cannot ask God for more favors before we seek his forgiveness and repent of our sins.

God is Loving and caring and does not force us to repent. However, He let’s us repent willingly such that it is honest and pure. You see, the word sorry must always be pure and from the heart. How you say you are sorry maters a lot than just the word.

The power of repentance in prayers means that your prayers depends on it. Your prayers will never be successful if you do not repent. Repentance is powerful because it purifies you and makes you righteous before God.

This then will make you worthy before God and His blessing will be released on you as a Christian.

Repentance in The Bible

A lot of people get repentance mixed up with other things and so it is important that we know what to do.

We need to understand what repentance is according to the bible so that we can make sure we are repenting the very first time the gospel is preached.

In book of Acts chapter two, the people that heard the gospel and they felt the impact in their hearts. They were convicted and so they asked peter how they could respond and become part of the gospel.

The very first thing Peter told them to do is to repent. Then they asked him how they could repent and what it meant to do so.

The word ‘repent’ in a military term in English. When people are marching in one direction and the commander tells them to repent, they are expected to make a one hundred and eight degrees turn.

They go the opposite direction and in essence, that is what it means to repent. Christians are expected to turn away from their old past and way of life and begin a new one after repentance in prayers.  

This is why the Bible translators to English used the word repent so that the true meaning of repentance would be easily digested based on the example given above.

What Peter was actually saying in the Bible is that the very first thing you need to do after you hear the gospel and you want to respond to it is to repent and turn away from your old way of life.

In second chronicles 7 and 14, the Bible says that ,

“if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will heal their land”

2 Chronicles 7:14

In other words, you are expected by God to remain pure after getting forgiveness and also to turn away from a life of sin that you used to live before.

That is why Paul also says in the Bible when you look at the book of Romans chapter six that the person whom we used to be before repentance is killed after repentance.

What the Bible means is that, true repentance kills your past spiritually and you become a new person after your since have been washed away if you believe.

What the Bible says about repentance in the book of first John chapter one is that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us.

If we say we have no sin and no need for forgiveness, then we are lying to ourselves.

True repentance means to literally to change your mind and ask god to forgive us our sins with an aim of keeping His word in our hearts and staying righteous as Christians.

The Importance of Repentance

I want to share with you what I believe is a life-changing word about why we as believers need to repent from our sins.

The Bible says that he who covers his sins will not prosper but he who confesses and forsakes them, will have mercy. My fear today is that many of us have got the confession part down.

We feel bad about our sin but we go back and do it again after which we confess.

Then the guilt is there for a little while but after the guilt wears off, we go back and do the sin over and over again followed by confessions. Before we know it, we get caught up in the same sin cycle.

The Bible says if we truly want to experience the mercy and the favor of God, we don’t only just need to confess our sins, but we also need to forsake them as well.

If we go back to the book of Joel which is found in the Old Testament, we will be able to share the three benefits that I believe God has in store for those who truly repent from their sins.

I want to give you just a little bit of a background to the book of Joel. Basically, what was happening at this time is that God’s chosen people were caught up in sin.

This included adultery, murder, sacrificing their children in the fire, oppressing the poor, and all sorts of other sins.

God had been trying to get their attention gently and patiently by trying to warn them that if they don’t repent from their sins, there is going to be greater judgment.

This was to come with greater discipline from God that will be brought down upon them.

Before this book was written, God had allowed some locusts to come in and actually wipe their land out completely by destroying their food and their economy.

God is basically saying in this book that if you don’t repent from your sins, I have got even worse destruction coming your way.

Is It Too Late to Repent?

No, it is never too late to repent as long as you are alive and breathing. It does not matter how old you are or how many sins you have done because if you truly repent, God will burry your past spiritually.

Do not worry about your past because that is what it means to truly repent your sins because if you honestly ask for forgiveness, God will have mercy on your soul.

Basically what God was saying in the book of Joel is that He was ready to forgive their sins if they could turn away from their wicked ways and repent before it was too late.

The point here is that, if you have heard the Lords word and you feel like repenting, just do it because tomorrow may be too late. There is always a reason why you have heard the Lord’s calling and you should always respond by repenting as Peter says in the Bible.

You will become a new person because that is why Jesus died for our sins. You probably feel like it doesn’t matter if you repent now because you have done so many wrong things over the years.

Don’t ask how could God possibly have mercy on you right now after all the things that you have done.

During these days, if you wanted to really show people that you were truly repentant of your sins, then you would tear your garments.

That way everybody would see an outward symbol that you were repenting of your sins. That is why the coming of Jesus Christ changed all that. God is not interested in seeing some sort of outward expression of your repentance.

What matters is your inner will to change and let go of your past life. God is saying that He has got so many good things He wants to do for you spiritually and physically while you still live here on earth.

Learn to combine your prayers with perseverance and hope in God after true repentance. All you need to do is to truly seek forgiveness so that the gates of blessings are opened in your life.

What Does It Mean to Repent in Christianity?

Repentance in Christianity means that you are totally willing to turn away from your sins after asking for forgiveness. To repent biblically means that you are ready to turn away your old actions that were not in line with God’s word.

When Jesus told us to repent, He meant that we leave our wicked ways so that we can serve God in truth and in spirit. Repentance from the heart means that your heart is ready for purification by the blood of Jesus Christ.

It is also important to be aware of the false pastors who do not want to teach you the true meaning of repentances and forgiveness. This is because they do not want to loose their generous givers,

This is important because repentance is what makes you pure and righteous before God. This also means that your prayers will be answered. When you ask God for anything and believe in his power after repentance, you will receive it.


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How To Repent In 5 Steps?
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