Signs of Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control

How to Reverse Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control

Brainwash is the act of making someone believe in some practices that are not sane or humane and preventing them from finding the true history about those beliefs. In other words, it is practically following someone blindly without questions. 

Religious brainwash is making someone believe in certain practices from their religion by often reducing their ability to think critically and independently and making them believe in the strange doctrines.

Be very careful with some of these modern false pastors or the churches since they can just be using you for your money in the name of God.

How to Reverse Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control
How to Reverse Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control

How to Identify Religious Brainwashing

There are a lot of signs of brainwash and most of them are very obvious to any sober person. Before they win you, they will take the following steps;

1. Religious brainwashers will out you in isolation

This person will always make sure you are not around your loved ones. They will constantly check on you and who you are with.

They do not like someone with different opinions to come close to their targets because they believe their belief will be questioned.

It is not a physical isolation but rather mental isolation. They know how to play this game and they are good at it. They will even make you not rust your partner in marriage. They make you feel everyone is wrong and it is only them that is right.

2. They will attack your yourself-esteem

After religious brainwashers have known a lot of details about their target, they major on the target’s self-esteem. They have an upper hand on someone who has low self-confidence and a vulnerable state person.

A brainwasher will control everything about the victim’s life from food to everything. You became their prey when you are always feeling useless rejected and alone with a desperate urge to find someone to lean on.

3. Religious brainwasher will start comparing ‘Us vs. Them’

The brainwasher will bring down the victim and will shape on his or her way the by making the victim mingle with the brainwashed people. They will encourage you only to flock with their members and that others are sinners.

This is a way of blind folding you. Remember, Jesus used to go and look for sinners talk to them and make them turn to God. Prophet Mohamad, may peace be upon him encouraged Muslims to look for those who are lost and show them the right way.

 If you don’t mingle with sinners and make them turn to God, how then is your religion a true one? You have to be free and liberal. Religion should teach you perseverance with faith and hope in God.

Any religion that locks you up to only sit with your kind is a false religion and you are being religiously brainwashed in a way that you cannot see the world in an independent way. Remember, some people may not be in your religion but they are the best people out there.  

4. Blind obedience

Brainwasher will always want to make the targeted to follow his commands without questioning and will reward the victim when they do what pleases. They will punish the victim when they do not do what pleases them.

They will make you feel like God does not answer your prayers unless you go through them.

They make you feel inferior and that you don’t know anything about God. This is just a weapon for them to brainwash you and keep you locked on their chains.

5. Constant Follow-up

Brainwashers will continually want to see what impact they have made on the victim. They will also want to see how they can manage the victim by controlling. This brainwashing is real and it is within the society in many forms.

Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control
Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control

How to Reverse Religious Brainwashing & Trauma

Religious trauma is a syndrome of withdrawal from certain religious beliefs that is basic and humane in nature.

One tends to now follow new doctrines that are strange and weird in nature. Withdrawal and isolation with aggression are major symptoms of religious trauma.

You can reverse religious brainwash by making the victim know that he or she is being misled by brainwashing.

  1. You can also relieve someone from religious brainwash and trauma by exposing the victim’s knowledge that is different from their brainwashing.
  2. You have to leave the victim to make his or her decision depending on the knowledge you gave him. Let them practice the benefits of being independent and free like a bird that is not caged.
  3. You know you are in a cult and not a church when the practices you are doing affect your ability to think critically in making decisions. One cannot think of what he or she is doing if it is good or bad. Set the victim free by clarifying this to them.
  4. Religious cults make victims stay away from any other people apart from its members. When they stay with outsiders who are not members of their cult, they are punished. Make the victim more comfortable when you are with them so that they see the difference.
  5. You can help reverse this kind of religious brainwash by first keeping the victim away from the cult and talking to them in the best way they can understand.
  6. Religious cults emphasize other evil things that are not in scriptures. They create their ways of doing things to help then in brainwashing their followers. The best way to reverse and stop this religious brainwash is to read the Bible, Quran or Follow the True teachings of your religion that are not new to the world.
  7. Brainwashers also seek members of their church to become more loyal to their leaders. The best and easy way to control and reverse this is by breaking the loyalty bond.

Some religions that brainwash people can make you turn against your family members and real friends who care about you just because they are not in that religion.  

This can be broken and stopped by trying to fill in the gap that the religion is trying to use in one’s life thus making them vulnerable.

Sit the victim down and try to understand what they are looking for in that cult so that you can reverse their religious brainwash from the points they give you.

Religion Free From Brainwashing

Several religions go by what their books are saying and you will have to identify that certain religion is good based on the fact that they let you continue with your daily life as long as you remember the Lord your God.

True religion will never bind you in a way that you cannot even interact with others. They will let you explore your life as you wish as long as you are putting God first in everything you do.

A true religion that is free from brainwashing will help you in keeping an open mind. You will be let free to carry on with your daily life, job and life without judgment or discrimination because no man is perfect before God.

True religion will make you see a difference in your life both physically, mentally and psychologically. It will give you peace and you will also learn to appreciate others that are around you even if they are not from your religion.

Why Some Religions Brainwash Their Followers

Brainwashing was first used by Edward Hunter in the year 1950. He used this term to describe how the Chinese government made its people to work with them.

The person who is trying to brainwash you will want to know every detail about you so that they use it as a weapon to manipulate your beliefs.

The aim of religious brainwash is to make you committed to that religion without any questions so that they use you as they wish.

Some people believe that all religion is brainwashing while others think otherwise.

In my opinion, true religion will help make you a better person and you will see improvements in your life birth physically and spiritually. Any religion that makes anyone behave like a robot is brainwashing them.

There are a lot of religions and human beings fall under different religions. Faithful from these religions have accepted their culture without questioning.

Every faithful believer believes that his or her religion is correct and powerful because of what was created in their minds.

Avoiding Religion Brainwash

Soul-searching yourself why you want to follow a religion and why you want to follow a religion is very important. Try to discover their doctrines and look at the pros and cons from all angles before you join any religion.

This will help you in keeping away from religious cults especially those false prophets and pastors in the church today that are only after making money. They are not interested in your life or wellbeing but rather they pretend to care.

You should never make a quick decision with no life experience. It needs critical thinking to make a lifetime decision on which religion to go.

Take your time and make an independent but the right decision after asking questions and getting proper answers.

You have to stop thinking that which religion is better than the other religion. Just do your research on all of them and find the right one only after wide consultation. If you are smart, you will find the truth with God’s guidance.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of people who believe to be of certain religions and you have to decide for yourself which religion to go to. Think about what you want and your course in life. Don’t just let anyone manipulate you.

Remember, even those religious leaders are not perfect before God. Man is to error and we all have sinned before God.

So, as much as you are seeking guidance, open your mind and listen deeply with God’s guidance so that you can detect those religious brainwashers out there.

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Signs of Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control
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