Why We Raise Hands in Worship and Prayers?

Why We Raise Hands in Worship and Prayers?

Raising hands in worship and prayers is important because it shows that you have fully surrendered before God in total submission.

You see, gestures are important everywhere even when it comes to the spiritual world.

When a policeman is arresting you, they will always tell you to raise your hands and put them where they can see them. This is to imply that you have totally surrendered.

When you are in a competition and you want to give up, raising your hand is the universal sign that shows you have given up everything.

“It is important to raise your hands in worship because it is also an inward gesture of humility, loyalty, and total submission to God

Lifting your hands during prayers will connect you to God in a special way that words cannot explain.

Raising Hands in Worship Scripture

It is also important to lift your hands in worship because the bible tells us to do so in the book of psalms chapter sixty-three verse four.

It is also important to lift your hands in worship because the bible tells us to do so in the book of psalms chapter sixty-three verse four.

When you are in praying and worshiping, just try lifting up your hands higher and see what the Lord will do in your life.

It is clear that this scripture about raising your hands in worship declares that this should be part and parcel of our prayers.

I always don’t understand why many Christians find it difficult to lift up their hands during praise and worship but what I do know is that the devil holds them back.

The devil knows that if you lift up your hands and submit to God fully, your doors to a happy life will be opened and you will live a happy life.

This is why he makes it difficult for you to do this simple gesture. He knows how to make you feel awkward when you want to do it.

As a Christian, be strong in your faith and hold on to God since the bible also say that we should praise Him with everything that we have.

When we go before God, let us learn to be humble and submissive both physically and mentally.

Why We Lift Our Hands in Worship and Prayers

Christians should remember that God created us in his own image and we should always know that he also appreciates good gestures and this is why we lift our hands when we worship or pray.

You cannot just make some funny symbols using your hands or do whatever you want before God.

The main reason why we lift our hands in worship is to show humility and loyalty before God to means that He is great above everything in life.

Each and every one has their own way of worship but we need to know that there are some guidelines that is expected of us when we are worshiping.  

When you have your own freedom of worship, everyone will not be in order and we will have new rules every day.

There has to be an order and a reason as to why we do things for us to remain in the right channel.

Lifting up your hands up during prayer and worship whether you are at home or in the church shows that you adore God and you surrender to his will. It’s also a way of expressing total submission.

The meaning of lifting hands is that it is a physical way of praising God and it shows that you are a submissive servant.

Raising hands in prayers shows that you accept that we cannot manage without His help and that of the Holy Spirit that comes from above.

When God created us, each and every part of our bodies was assigned to perform different purposes.

The way we pose while worshiping shows a lot about what is in our hearts during prayer.

By lifting up your hands in worship, it means you have admitted that you are weak and the only strength that is of greater support is from our Father in heaven who is the creator of heaven and earth.

For instance, when you are gloomy and you want to pray, the affection that will be shown will be different.

This is why it is important to give praise and sing before prayers so that our moods are stabilized.

We should praise God with all the positive gestures and lifting up our hands during prayers involves our bodies too to show that we have submitted.

Why It is Important to Lift Up Hands in Prayers & Worship

For example, when a someone is drowning in a pool of water, the first gesture is to lift up his or her hands as high as possible why calling out for help.

This tells us that when you lift your hands in prayers, it is also a form of supplication.

When you pray and lift your hands, it shows a lot in that your prayers will be answered since you are giving God the authority and power He deserves.

Even if your prayer is not answered right away as you expected, always trust in Him.

He knows what is in your soul and your prayers will be answered at the best time beyond your understanding.

The hands are very important parts of the body and they help us a lot in our daily routine.

When we flashback during old times, Jesus was said to lay his hands on those that were sick and they got healed.

This alone shows us the power that has been placed in our hands. When enemies reconcile and make peace, the shake hands to show that they are now friends.

All this translates to the importance of raising our hands in worship and prayers. Where we place our hand matters a lot since it will show obedience or arrogance.

A good example is that you cannot put your hands in your pockets when praying to God.

This alone shows that there is always a strong feeling of submission when we lift our hands to praise our Father in Heaven.

Never for a second be ashamed to raise your hands during worship just because of what your neighbor will think of you.

Yes, it’s better to stand all alone since you are doing what is right knowing that you are not going against the commandments that are in the bible.

Lack of submission can cost you a lot since you always have to learn how to pray.

As a Christian, do not take certain things lightly and we should know that being humble pays a lot both before God and man.

For this reason, we should also learn the importance of submission to our parents.  

You should know that the power of raising hands up during worship and prayer is so mighty to an extend of making your prayers more likely to be heard because of your humility before God.

Learn to surrender before God and you will never be disappointed since Christians are always told to surrender their burden to God.

To surrender means to raise up your hands in total submission when it comes to faith and religion. Let’s prays him with joy by clapping and raising our hands to him.

Never feel restricted when it comes to raising hands in worship and prayers and you should do it as if it was your last day on earth.

Showing Loyalty by Raising Hands in Worship

Be loyal when your pastor says that you should raise your hands when its worship time.

Always cast our burden to God for he is our Lord and nothing is impossible before His presence.

You see the moment you want to lift up your hands and there is that difficult thought holding you back from doing so, just know that you are on your way to failure.

Do not take your bride and your position at work or in society to church. When you go before God, raising up your hands will show that you are loyal and submissive.

Always try and step out of your comfort zone while praying. Raise up your hands to allow the holy spirit to take control of your body’s spirit and mind in a natural way.

Most people that are brought up in Christian families do not lift up their hands during prayers because they do not know the importance of doing so.

Do not look at what your neighbor is saying but instead, focus on what is right as long as it pleases your creator.

When it comes to worship, you should not be scared of any man apart from the Lord Your God.

Others will just lift their hands in worship because others are doing so without knowing why it is important.

Others will also ignore it because they are around those who do not know the importance of doing so.

Looking back at the old testament hands were raised to symbolize a lot of things like repenting from sins and humility.

People were always seen thanking God in submission and loyalty by lifting their hands to their creator.

Think of your relationship with God how can you make it stronger and intact.

Christians should always know how to behave and the importance of raising or holding hands in prayers.

You don’t want to talk about raising hands in worship yet it is one of the fundamentals of our worship when we come into the presence of the Lord.

Lifting hands in prayers is something that I think makes a big difference whether you’re in church or at home in your own prayer time.

There’s something really powerful that happens when we raise our hands in worship and prayers.

This is because it is not a personal choice but rather it takes a dedicated Christian to understand the scriptures.

You see people lifting their hands in prayers and you do not understand that this is not a personal preference.

This is rather a powerful principle spiritually that can revolutionize your life as a Christian.

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Why We Raise Hands in Worship and Prayers?
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