Understanding Punishment From God

Understanding Punishment From God

You should note that God does not punish his believers and everything that happens to you is for a reason. You just need to pray and let God show you the reason as to why you are suffering.

The difference between God’s discipline and punishment is this; God disciplines his believers while he punishes the sinners. Believers are those who trust in God and choose to go astray. Sinners are those who do not recognize God at all in their lives.

When a believer is suffering, this does not mean you are being punished unless you have seriously Gone against God’s rule and commit blasphemous acts knowingly.

As long as you are in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ and you follow God’s word as a Christian, you should never even for a second think that God is punishing you. Sometimes God works in a way that we cannot understand.

All you need to do is believe and trust in the Lord as you also try to make your life better. God loves those who make positive steps while holding on to their faith at the same time.

Do not sit and cry yourself out in a corner while hoping for something to change your situation. You have to go out and do your part so that God will meet you at your point of need.

Know that God will only punish those that do not believe in Him because and in most cases, God is so kind that still, He will always have mercy even on the sinners because if He clears them all, who will then live to testify how the Lord changed his or her life?

When we are facing difficult times in our lives, we will find ourselves blaming God about what is happening to us. At this point, if your faith is weak, it becomes so hard to for you to cope with all that is going around you.

What Does God Say About Discipline?

God disciplines us in different ways because we are all made uniquely. How I get corrected for my mistakes is not the same way you will be corrected for yours because we all perceive things diversely at personal levels.

When A Believer is Suffering, this does not mean that God is punishing you but instead He is disciplining you. Ask yourself how you can learn for whatever situation that you are going through because if you do not do that, you will continue suffering.

You need to pray and seek the guidance from the Holly Spirit so that you may get the revelation of what exactly is happening in your life. Do not be negative and think of punishment but rather be positive and find out why God allows somethings to happen in your life.

The bible verse about God’s punishment and discipline is in the book of Hebrews chapter twelve, from verse five to eleven.

Understand that your Father in heaven also loves you and therefore seek His guidance to help you learn from the hard times that you are going through.

Do not be hard on yourself and just think that God is punishing you for nothing. Do not confuse punishment and discipline because God wants His children to live and serve as a good, humble and role models to sinners.

Remember, an iron is subjected to heat in order for it to be shaped into anything beautiful that is of use. You are the iron and God is just trying to mold you into something more beautiful that you will never regret.

Whenever you think God is punishing you, just kneel down and ask Him how you are supposed to learn. Let His Spirit guide you through hard times and you will realize that it was God’s way of disciplining you but not punishment.

How Does God Discipline Us When We Sin?

God disciplines us by taking us through situations that we may not like but only Him can understand. He disciplines us by making us humble and sometimes this is done by taking away what makes us proud to an extend that we feel so mighty.

Here are some ways in which what we think is God’s punishments brings discipline in our lives. God punishes and disciplines us by;

  1. Taking away what makes us too proud such that we forget about Him
  2. By making us servants of other people that are successful so that we become humble
  3. By making us lack so that when we find, we also help others
  4. By using us as examples for other Christians just like He used Job in the Bible
  5. By letting us live through hard times so that we can live to tell others about His Glory

We are God’s children and He has a right to discipline us when we are not on the right track. in fact, being disciplined does not mean that He hates as but it’s just a way of showing how He loves us.

At times, our lives become difficult and therefore most of us will start to doubt if God really loved us. All those hard times that look like God’s punishment always have a purpose in your life and keep in mind that your heavenly Father has an eternal life for you.

Some of the tragedies that we experience can be as a results of the sins that we had committed. If you are keen, it’s always for our own good because we have to be disciplined when we go wrong.

Some call it karma while others call it but luck. All those don’t matter because God has a way of punishing both the believers and non-believers.

When you look at the book of Hebrews tells us that what you see as God’s punishment may be a way to show that He loves you because God disciplines only those that He love.

Remember while Jesus was teaching his disciples, He told them that there will be a lot of trials and sorrows in the world. Christians should know that not everything will always be smooth because trials have to come.

If you are parents and blessed with children, all you always pray for is for them to have the best in life. This is accompanied by unconditional love because only obedient children will get the benefits of loyalty from their parents and God.

This is the same way God loves us and what we thing is punishment is a way of shaping and molding us into better Christians so that we may shine in this world as desired.

Can God Punish You for Past Mistakes?

God will not punish you for your past mistakes as long as you have repented. When you accept Jesus Christ, all your sins are forgiven and you start a new life. This makes them lament thus they end up jumping into conclusion that they are being punished by God for what they did.

However, God can discipline Christians because no human being is perfect. We have also learnt that it is never God’s punishment but a way of discipline as long as you believe in Him.

A saved person is a human being and he or she is capable of making mistakes in is life. We all know that our God is merciful and does not allow a person who is saved to commit sin.

Just because you are saved or born again does not mean that you will just sin intentionally because you will be forgiven. Sometimes you may be blessed to an extent that you forget and start forgetting about God.

It is at this point that God comes in to punish you so that you may be disciplined. God can punish you by taking away all that makes you too proud and arrogant in a way that you even start abusing other people around you.

God has a way of humbling and disciplining everyone and therefore we should always learn to support the less fortunate around us. Everyone is going through different times and we should never think that we are more blessed than others because we are special. 

As human beings, we are not that perfect like our savior Jesus Christ therefore we Sin be it in a big or small way. Sometimes we even sin when we don’t know and gods always expects us to turn onto him for forgiveness.

Do you remember David in the bible, he was a man who was termed to be after God’s own heart but he sinned by committing adultery? Well this was not the end of him, he released what he had done and humbled himself to be pardoned again.

What Happens When God Is Mad at You?

When God is mad at you, things may start Going the opposite direction as expected. At times when we do things that are ungodly, God gets mad at us.

However, that anger does not imply that He has to punish us harshly. God has a way of correcting us so that we get back on the right track.

Remember when Cain killed his brother Abel, God did not speak to him in a harsh manner. Instead, God showed him the mistake that he had made in his life.

In this case, he understands perfectly well that god tries to keep in control of what Cain had done but in a humble way. The same happened in the garden of Eden.

Things started going south for Adam because God was mad at him. God punished Adam but in a disciplinary way and that is why He did not take away Adam’s life.

Satan will always try and destroy the good relationship you have with your God. Meaning that when you have done soothing wrong, he will always remind you of the wrong so that you hide from God.

Do not forget that when Satan instills fear in you so that you will not be able to approach God because you are scared that He is mad at you. He keeps reminding you of your sin and how God is going to punish you.

As a believer let’s not fall into satanic tricks that keeps us away from God. We should try to get closer to God and to understand His ways so that we Get to have a personal relationship with God.

We should not be kept in bondage thinking that God is mad at us and there is nothing we can do about it. Keep in mind that these is just some of the tricks that Satan uses to drive us away from God. Dear Christians, let the Holy Spirit guide us and keep us away from falling into temptations. Never stress yourself by trying to figure out if God is mad at you but rather seek forgiveness and trust in Him.

Bible Verse About God's Punishment and Discipline
Bible Verse About God’s Punishment and Discipline

God is not Punishing You, He is Preparing You

Many people fear going through difficult situations and trouble in their life. We all want the best moments including me. Like it or not, trouble will keep knocking on your door one after the other.

Some Christians with weak faith even loose it completely and start yelling to God while asking why He is punishing them.

when you look at your bible, you will find different kinds of verses explaining to you how truly God loves us no matter what we are going through. Let it not become a puzzle that is hard to solve but rather just pray.

You can be stressed at times until you ask why God has refused to forgive your sins. This is normal but you should know that holding on when you are about to give up is the secret for the night becomes dark just before the sun rise again.

There is always hope in Jesus Christ and the sun will always shine in your life. Our God is a redeemer and will give you several chances in life as long as you pray and hold on to Him.

Keep in mind that God is not punishing you but rather preparing you for even more and abundant blessings as long as you are alive. There is a reason why you are still alive because he can also choose to take your life if he wants to.

During this time, the only important thing to do is remaining focused in prayers and calling onto his name for there is nothing that can defeat Him.

Praise him with all your energy because as long as there is God, you will always overcome that which will happen at any time.

Signs that God is Punishing You

God can punish you in many ways especially if you become arrogant and forget that He is the Lord your God. He can take away your finances and make you humble so that you become disciplined before he restores you.

If you have never been rich or financially stable, God is not punishing you in this case but rather, he knows the right time that you will get what you need.

Sometimes blessing that come when you are not ready may end up messing your life. God is the one that gives us all we have including life and so he can take it all at any time.

You should always remain in prayers as a Christian because if you are not a believer, Satan may be the one holding your blessing and keeping your prosperity away.

Be careful not to confuse issues in your life and this is why you should always ask for God’s guidance in all that you do. He has His own way of preparing us for the best yet we may think that God is punishing us.

Clearly when you are facing such problems, always know that you are not the only one and God punishes and disciplines people differently.

All these worldly things are given to us by God and therefore, while you are in this world, do not love it too much more than the one that gave it to you.

Loving the worldly materials is really bad before God especially if you value them more than you value God in your life. This makes god to feel like you are only using him as a second option which is not a good idea.

All these worldly things are temporary and there is a time all of those things that we have will varnish but the word of God will never get lost. It will live and be shared by generation after generation.

As Christians, we should always look at the positive side of each and every situation. God is the only hope and the only way to our problems.

When you are out there working, do it while knowing that God is your ultimate boss. Do not worship your finance and never even glorify anyone above God.

When you succeed in this life, do not forget the one that gave it to you. Stay humble and be patient before God and never think that God can punish you in a wrong way. God will only try to discipline you and this may be look like punishment before man.

Does God Punish You After You Repent?

No, God will not punish you if you honestly repent because is merciful, loving and forgiving. Some Christians will end up putting all the blames their shoulders since they might have done something wrong in the past.

Here are a few steps you can follow to know if God is punishing or disciplining you for the things that you have done against His will;

  1. Kneel down and pray
  2. Allow the Holly Spirit to take control
  3. Keep an open mind to dreams or people around you that God may use to answer you

If you can’t control yourself by committing to prayers, your soul gets filled with hanger that keeps on burning. This is one way the devil can easily make you to fall into temptation that may seem like a quick solution for your problems.

Being faced by tragedy does not mean that God is punishing you. Christians who have faith in god should know that God is like a loving parent and He wants the best for us. Note that even your parent has to punish you if they really want the best for you.

Look at Job in the bible, he was blessed and had all that he needed but we see that he suffered a lot because of the boils that were covering all his body.

It even got worse because those that were too close to him wanted him to deny God and his faith. His faith was strong. He stood still through the lowest time and never showed God his back.

Eventually, god gave him back his possession and even doubled everything that he owned. This means that God loves us even during difficult times.

Through this story, we remain strong Christian and we can see that God had a better reason for his suffering. His generation and Christians to date can still have hope through this and you can see that god was not punishing Job but rather, he used him to bless us.

Jesus told us that we should let His will be done on earth just like it also prevails in heaven. This was during the Lord’s prayer and Christians should always know that God’s will can also come in hard times. We should therefore never Give up.

Understand that it is never Gog’s punishment but rather His discipline and will what controls and moves every situation as long as you trust in have faith. He will never let you down because God’s faithfulness has never disappointed anyone.

By putting all our trust in God, each and everything will always fall into place. Jesus himself suffered a lot but he was absolutely innocent. We then see that everything that happened in the cross was not in vain.

Some of the tragedies might be very difficult to handle, but some of them are a sign of blessing upon us. In a case were by you still don’t know why something that looks bad is happening in your life, just be patient and commit it to God in prayers.

Why Won’t God help Me?

God won’t help you because you do not want to fully commit to Him and let his will prevail in your life. You need to learn to pray in the right way so that God can listen and answer your prayers.

Sometimes, God also won’t help you because your intentions are bad and will harm other people who are also His children. You need to have pure thoughts that are free from hurting other people both physically and emotionally.

In some cases, it is not really that God does not want to help you but rather what you are going through is for a purpose. You need to trust in God and believe that he will take you out of your bad situation at the right time.

There are certain times in our lives that we feel as if God has abandoned us. Things keeps on getting tough each and every day without showing any sign of improving or progress.

Some of this things do not just happen for no reason and we need to know that everything happens for a purpose. The problems might be within us and therefore consult yourself and find out if you are really on the right track.

Our faith and how we persevere as Christians in God matters a lot. God loves those who trust in him and he will never forsake His people.

A true Christian should never think that God won’t help him or her because if indeed one has faith, then he or she should know that God will come at the right time.

You should not just look at the side of being out of trouble but instead, be patient and find out what is best for your situation. It is good to always learn something fresh from your own situation or even develop a good attitude on how to approach problems.

Never lose hope or ask why God won’t help you but rather keep praying for God is full of surprises and he could be preparing something that is bigger than you can ever imagine.

It could take time for you to see it but my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, what He has in store for you will never be taken away by any means.


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Understanding Punishment From God
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