Can I Pray for My Pet?

Can I Pray for My Pet?

Can I pray for my pet? Yes, you can pray for your pet. Dogs, cats or pets, are all created by the same God who created you. A prayer for pets is okay and this article will give details about this issue.

I have to admit that after uttering a prayer for my dog “Mickey”, a number of petitions began to cross my mind. “Shouldn’t I be praying for my family or my sick friend instead?” “Is God’s grace big enough to cover me and this little paw am holding in my hands?”

It’s not wrong to say a prayer for pets and it comes to my concern that prayers are not only meant for human beings, but also for all living creatures as they have a huge role they play. Trust me you, without these little beings roaming around us, we’ll definitely have something missing!

Would it seem right if God exercised his authority on animals selfishly as if we did not exist? There’s no debate that human beings will feel belittled and of course more questions would be raised to God.

Prayer for A Dead Pet

The loss of a pet comes with intense sadness, so whether verbally or by gesticulation, one has to express his/her agony. Here is a short prayer you can say for your pet:

“Our Father in heaven, You are the giver of life and the one who takes it. You created everything in heaven and on earth including my pet. I thank you for giving me this pet and now that it has departed from this earth, please make my pet’s soul comfortable in the afterlife, Amen”

Prayer for pets by

Specifically, children from ages 2 to 5 need extra support when facing such predicaments. At this age, children aren’t mature enough to understand what death really means. Funny enough they have this magical way of thinking that death is reversible and transient.

It’s with no doubt that if you are a parent you have a lot of tasks throughout this course. However, you are advised to be honest and encourage your tot to share their thoughts and feelings freely with you.

Euphemisms such as “went away” or “put to sleep” are highly discouraged as they can scare or confuse your little one.

As a pet owner, keeping yourself busy for the sake of keeping busy doesn’t emit the grief and if you don’t deal with it at that particular time, it simply awaits you. As hard as it is facing what has to be faced and move forward!

In the atmosphere of a demised pet, you may find yourself a little bit sentimental and explain that: “The veterinarians have done everything they could, but…” or “It’s now better in that the pet won’t experience the pain anymore.”

Can I Pray for My Dead Dog?

Yes, it is fine to pray fray your dead dog. It’s very kind and thoughtful of a person to pray for his/her dead dog. It signifies care and affection. Prayer is usually rendered for things and people who are crucial to us.

Dogs are one kind of animal that has sparkling hearts. These are faithful beings with adorable traits that converged naturally in them.

Just as a child is trained to have certain morals and act in a certain manner, dogs are no different. They have a ‘systematic intuition’ and tenacity, making them adhere to instructions and imitate some actions that we do in their sight.

According to the scriptures, God commanded Noah to take a pair of each type of animal into the built ark so as to keep them safe and sound from the floods that were about to destroy the earth.

Are you still wondering whether to pray for your deceased dog? Continue reading bellow why prayer for pets is okay and why you should keep doing it every other day if you love your pets.

What the Bible says about God’s care for animals

What Does the Bible Say About Prayer for Pets?

Yes, the bible talks about caring for any animal and that includes your pets. Never be cruel to them since a true believer should know that the same God who created you is the same that created any living creature around you.

“The righteous care for the needs of their animals but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”

Proverbs 12:10

This bible scripture gives us a crystal clear picture of how important animals including pets are to us and God. If not, could God provide nourishment for something that’s not beneficial and immensely useless to him?

“Look at the birds in the air. They don’t plant or gather crops. They don’t put away crops in storerooms yet your father who is in heaven feeds them. Aren’t you worth much more than they are?”

(Matthew 6:26)

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I often come across people who seriously believe that God is a big, magnificent God and He can handle taking care of all his creatures.

It’s of no use to erase such thoughts because that’s the absolute truth. But it could be better viewing God’s power in the right perspective.

If by any chance, a friend asks you to pray for their sick pet, most probably you will take it by surprise but at the end adhere to the request.

Here’s a little prayer for healing your sick pet;

“Lord I thank you for your awesomeness and for providing every need for my pet and I. So I come asking for healing for my sick pet. May your perfection be fully filled in my pet’s life. Amen”

Why We Should Always Pray for Pets

When our first family dog succumbed to a mysterious disease, my father suffered terribly.

He usually was a cheerful being but abruptly he changed. He would sometimes come from work and just sit alone under the shade of a guava tree and gaze into the empty skies.

Believe it or not he sometimes woke up crying in the night. But why did it have to affect him to such an extend?

The main reason why prayer for pets is important is that even when they fall sick or die, we know how to commit them to prayers and have hope that they are fine with their creator. When you don’t pray for your pet, you will never know how to start when you lose them.

A Prayer for pets will also help you overcome the pain of losing them or even give you comfort that they will be fine when they fall sick.  This helps emotionally and physiologically since you will always know that all is well after prayers.

For many people, the death of a pet is comparable to losing a beloved such as a relative.

When a human dies, eulogies, obituaries come in hand to act as a consolation. Oh! How I would love it when my employer decides to offer me a bereavement pay for the loss of my pet!

These beings portray entertainers and offer perfect companionship. Keeping in mind that dogs have about 10 vocals whereas cats have over one hundred. What makes you think you could surpass them in a music competition?

Can I Train My Dog How to Pray?

Have you ever watched your dog sleeping then suddenly waking up as if his/her prayers have been answered? As much as I pray for my dog, I would expect it to do the same. But how?

That’s where the controversy comes in. It’s with no doubt that some may clash about this, but dogs can be trained to pray and it is important to do so since they have feelings and they will also connect and feel God’s presence just like you do.

This is how to teach your dog how to pray;

  1. Locate a spot. It should be comfortable for him/her to lay without discomfort. A couch would be perfect.
  2. Lure your dog to the couch (or bed), let him face it but right up close against it.
  3. Move his paws up. He might feel awkward sitting in that spot so it might take a few tries for him to adjust.
  4. Make him place his chin down. Slowly and gently move him/her back until the chin rests on the couch. In most cases, you’ll have to lure it with a treat in hand. Definitely that’s cute as you just want to make your dog comfortable.
  5. You may now do the same and begin a prayer. Make the prayer quite short especially during the first trials. This trick is no joke as it can take you about 10-15 minutes but it’s worth it.

How Do You Honor a Deceased Pet?

The demise of a pet means a loss of a source of unconditional love, a comforter, a devoted companion. Life can also suddenly change the meaning, no more daily strolls, or warm greetings after a long day at the office.

Here are 5 Ways to pay tribute to your deceased pet:

  • Holding a Pet Farewell Ritual

Service may be held for a dog or cat that has passed on, in memory of the positive impacts they have brought in your life.

  • A memorial stone

Stone can honor your pet’s memory and offer a constant reminder of them to you by crafting their name on it.

  • Photo Album

It is a very good idea to take pictures with your pet when still alive for reference in memory of the pet.

  • Planting a tree

Growing a tree can be one of the best ideas in memory of your pet. As you took care of your pet you may do the same to the tree.

  • A Portrait

Looking for an artist to paint a special portrait of your pet to display at your home can act as a reminder of their life.

Prayer for Euthanized Pet

At times, due to an ailment, a pet may undergo so much pain forcing the owner to get it assassinated to shrink its suffering. This process doesn’t have to cause pain to the animal. There can be a peaceful procedure with little distress as possible, making it gently slip away.

But how do you know it’s time to put your pet down? Might you take away its life too soon and miss valuable moments? These are some questions to ponder on before making that permanent decision:

  • What is the behavior of my pet? Are they at least eating, drinking and excreting? Are they enjoying being around me anymore?
  • Is there a chance for it to recover after treatment? Can I access the treatment as soon as possible?
  • If by any chance my pet recovers, will it resume the normal lifestyle as before?

If your answer is no to more than one of these questions, its time to proceed with euthanasia with the help of a veterinarian.

A word of prayer for your pet in such a case can do you well. It executes your pure feelings for the animal and gives so much relief to your conscience. This may entail handing over your responsibility to the creator of your pet.

 In most cases, prayer is often made before getting rid of it. In an instance of losing a cat, you may say;

“Dear Lord it hurts me more to see my cat “Java” going through this trauma as I can do nothing. Please keep it safe in paradise. Amen”

Will I See Pets in Heaven?

There’s no compromise that animals will be in heaven. Animals are very beautiful in a unique way.

Since paradise is said to be in heaven and possesses all the adorable things that we have ever imagined, how could pets miss out on this list? That could be way out of order!

Muslim prayer for pets should be based on the fact that the Holy Quran does not deal with the question of animal’s places in heaven.

According to verse no 5 in Surat Al-Takwir in Quran chapter 81, animals are questioned at the Day of Judgment but there’s no evidence that they will enter heaven.

Christians, on the other hand, have it that the Holy Bible to be precise, the book of Revelation, provides a particular stirring image of the Lord coming back riding on a horse. This means that you will also see your pets in heaven or the afterlife.

This is significant and pulls us into believing that pets are in heaven and in case we make it; we are likely to see them.

Loss of Pet Sympathy

Offering condolences for your pet can be extended in a sympathy card. You can choose to write messages that will bring you comfort.

In most cases, sympathy cards are written by friends to comfort another friend for the loss of a pet, as this may help ease the pain.

A sympathy card may also entail poems, messages that bring consolation and ease during such hard times.

Here is an example of a poem sympathy for deceased pet:

                Crossing Paws

When golden eyes no longer glow,

No soft padded paws to run,

No voice far greater than mine,

And we both know it’s time to go.

Although my eyes are filled with tears,

I didn’t want to go first,

I fought with all my strength,

But something seems to draw me now.

So hold me now just one more time,

For I must go some other round,

As you’ll feel my presence in summer,

And when you miss me, ill be there!

Buddhists Prayer for Dead Pets

In Buddhism, especially the Tibetan, it is important to “get over yourself” and focus on the well being of the dead pet and give it as much comfort as possible. Wailing is highly discouraged to avoid upsetting the pet.

“Mantras”, which are sacred statements that are considered to possess mystical or spiritual effects are murmured in the ears of a demised pet. One may say, “OM MANI PEME HUNG” or even better, “OM AMI DEWA HRI”.

Thus the syllables mean that through the practice of a path, that is a union of love and compassion, you can transform your impure body and mind into a pure exalted body. The merits of reciting this have no limits and cannot even be described by the Buddha.

Catholics Prayer for Deceased Pets

St Francis, the patron saint of animals is credited to have an attachment to animals and allegedly preached to the birds.

Therefore, a prayer is said to ask for courage and strength to help him/her cope with the loss of a pet. In a moment of distress in memory of a pet, Catholics find a calm environment and say this prayer;

“Gentle St. Francis I bring you thanks for (name of pet) who lived among us and gave us freely of his/her love. Please watch over my pet and keep him/her safe. Amen”

Wiccan Prayer for a Passing Pet

This faith is associated with paganism. It is believed that the forces of nature help Wiccans overcome the painful death of a beloved pet believing that they will be guided after the death of their pet.

There are also magical tools that can be used including salt, a pink candle, water, incense such as mint, two stones to represent your pet and yourself, 4 matching crystals and a small tray, plate or dish.

The pieces are arranged, a moment is taken to meditate quietly as they focus on the two stones touching each other. The pet owner takes both stones and holds them tightly as he/she recalls the memories that were made by the pet.

After the rituals, the mourners leave to move on with their lives putting their whole trust in spiritual forces of nature.

How Do I Burry A Dead Pet Religiously?

Considering your denomination, you may find a suitable way to burry your dead pet. In some instances, cremation is preferred to burying. Despite that, many pet lovers opt to bury their pets in the backyard, to keep their remaining around them.

You can bury your dog religiously by following those steps:

  1. The first step is preparing the cremation or burial area
  2. Have all those who were leaving with the pet near the cremation or burial area
  3. Say a prayer like this one; “And if I go while you are still here, know that I still live, vibrating in another cloud behind a thick veil you cannot see through. You will never see me again but when you need me, whisper my name and ill shine in your heart and bring you comfort”
  4. Proceed to cremate the body or bury it
  5. Thank God for its life and wish the pet a happy afterlife

Though at times, burying is discouraged when a pet dies because of a contagious disease, the reason being sooner than later another pet might dig up, eat the carcasses making the situation reoccurring.

So it’s prudent to cremate any deceased animal since it is a safe manner that will not affect you or another pet negatively henceforth. This will always favor the act of cremation.

After a loss, life tends to move on though not in the same manner. Your grief comes in waves but clear with time.

Face the grief, cry, scream, but it is equally important to understand that there was no more you could have done to keep them alive.

You are not being disloyal to your pet by forgetting about it, but eventually, you’ll have to adjust to life without your companion. Get a new pet and it’s your choice to name it after your dead pet.

As much as you need prayer, your pet needs it more. Life is a journey, not a destination and it must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.

Prayer for pets is a good sign of love for your pet. You should care for your pet as if it meant nothing less but the whole world to you.

Treat pets just like you would treat your fellow humans since it also has life from the same God as you. So what if it were human and grant you similar conduct. Would you like it? Food for thought!

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Can I Pray for My Pet?
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