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Several heated debates after Pope Francis approved a change that was made in the Christian’s prayer also known as our Lord’s Prayer. So Why exactly did the Pope change The Lords Prayer?

Mathew 6:13 where the prayer says “LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION” has been reviewed and changed into “DO NOT LET US FALL INTO TEMPTATION” – The Pope approved this change stating that in his opinion, the original phrase means that God may sometimes lead people into temptations.

He argued that if God is good, then how can He lead people into temptation? He believes that there must have been an error during the translation and it does not portray God in a good way.


Reports indicate that there has been ongoing research on this issue for 16 years and the final change was done on May 2019. The conclusion came from a deep analysis that the original phrase must have been a wrong view from theology and translators’ analysis.

The phrase that is in question here comes from Latin that was originally acquired from Greek. The bottom line here is that translators from Greek to Latin then to English and other languages must have translated this in a wrong way.

The Pope also indicated that several translations that were done to other languages apart from English have also been subjected to editing.

A good example that the Pope gave was the French version that translated to “DO NOT LET ME FALL INTO TEMPTATION”. He argued that it is us the humans that fall into temptation due to the desires of our heart.

The idea here is that God does not lead us into temptation in any way. We can only Pray that God may help us keep from temptation but we should not think that He leads us into temptation if we do not pray as the original version would imply.

We all know the Pope was directly involved in this change of our Lord’s prayers since he had mentioned it back in 2017. He has always stated and made it clear that He doesn’t like this part of the Lords Prayer since it portrays God in a bad view if well analyzed.

The Pope says that God is the Father. Therefore, how can a father let his child go into temptation just because the son did not pray? He says that a good father will help his children and keep them away from temptation.

This also means that those who refuse to obey God made their choice therefore when they head into temptation, it is because they have refused to accept God into their lives.

The Pope stated that the earlier version implicates God directly to be the one that leads some into temptations and spares some. He said that it’s Satan’s role to lead people into temptation and not God.

Did Anyone Challenge the Change in Our Lords Prayer?

As usual, nothing like this can lack critics since we live in a free world right? There are some traditionalists from the church that have come out to strongly challenge and oppose this change.

The chairman of the New Testament Department has also argued that a sense of permissiveness may have been put across in the temptation challenge that involves the original composition.

He then stated that he believes this new change does not directly reflect the original version. If this continues, then there may be several changes in the bible in the future.

It is a fact that if we all try to change the Bible to fit our understanding, then the bible will evolve again and the original statements may be lost along the way.

Albert Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary stated that he was very shocked since he believes that this is The Lord’s Prayer and has never in any way been looked at as the Pope’s Prayer.

He verified that the new testaments have the words of Jesus Christ and it is a problematic and a serious issue when the Pope changes this.

Our Lord’s prayer is a very Honored Prayer among Christians. It is One prayer from the bible that even the Muslims don’t have an issue with. It is a respected prayer and one of the prayers that all Christians are taught to say from childhood. Changing this prayer should never be a simple matter.

Critics have also had it that if the Pope can change the bible, then what really is the Bible based on? If we say this is the word of God then how can someone approve of the change? – Please leave your comments and thoughts on this issue below.


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Our Lords Prayer Change by Pope
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