How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home?

How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home?

Negative energy at home can be characterized by overreacting to petty mistakes and fighting over small things around the house. There is no desire to stay in the house with a feel of negative relationships among everyone in your house.

Without cleansing and removal, negative energy can invade your home or those around you. The best step in cleansing is by first paying attention to the small details in your home.  

For instance, you can see the dust on the surfaces unless you touch them, or feel fresh air unless you draw your windows and doors open.

Signs of negative energy in the house

Here are some signs of negative energy in your house that you need to look at. It is good to train you’re in observing those since negative energies can pull your family apart. You will always be fighting and quarreling with no peace at home.

1. Clutter & Confusion

Full spaces or disorderly rooms indicate negative energies. It is hard to focus on anything while in such an environment.

For instance, you would wake up early to leave for work and take hours to get clothes to wear or wake up to a misplaced shoelace, which is a sign of negative energy.

It’s like you are confused over nothing. Before you know it you are irritated and leave the house looking for trouble with everyone.

2. Broken objects

Clumsiness in the house is an indicator of negative energy in your house. If you are constantly dropping or breaking things in your house is a sigh of negative energy.

This is because it weighs down your auras which causes things to scatter in some way.

3. Lost items

Constantly losing your items like keys, jewelry money is also a sign of negative energy in the house. It’s normal to lose things from time to but if it happens repetitively that is negative energy.

It simply translates to the fact that there is no peace in the house. A lot is going on such that you cannot even focus on where and when you placed something at a spot. Negative energies make you disorganized.

4. Arguments & Fights

Arguments are a sign of negative energy, if you are constantly arguing even for the pettiest reasons that can be solved. Everyone seemed to be in a fighting mood in the house.

It can get to a point where a family cannot even do simple things like watching the television together or just playing and having fun with pets or something like that in the house. Negative energies at home will make the house dull and gloomy with everyone locked up in their rooms.  

5. Nightmares

Sometimes night mares are naturally occurring for example if you had a nasty encounter during the day, while resting, you can experience nightmares due to the trauma. But when they become the order of your nights then that is a clear sign of negative energy.

Cleansing & Removal of Negative Energies at Home

Below are some very important and useful tips of removing negative energies at home and having your peace in it. Cleansing your home will invite good luck and prosperity in everything that you do since everyone will be at peace both physically, mentally and spiritually.

1. How to cleanse your house with salt

Salt can be a good source to absorb negative energy in house. Sea salt has more absorption powers which makes it suitable to cleanse the house off bad energy.

Steps to cleanse with salt

  1. Smear salt with your fingertips around the 4 corners of every room
  2. Put some salt in a spritz bottle, add water and spray it around the rest of the places in the house, seats, walls, carpets and more.
  3. Let it stay for 48 hours then vacuum or sweep it away
  4. Sprinkle the rest of the salt with

2. How to cleanse your house with sage

Herbs are an effective way to cleanse your house off negative energy. Cleansing with sage originated in ancient America where shamans burned dried sage to cleanse of negative energy.

Place dry sage in a metal or fire safe container light it and let it burn for a while. Once the sage buns, the smoke embers will spread through the rooms to remove negative energy.

3. How to cleanse your house with vinegar

The acidity in the vinegar makes it a good cleanser.  To cleanse your house with vinegar, fill a glass with white vinegar or Apple cider vinegar and put it any of the rooms. Leave it for 24 hours and if it maintains a clear look then the room is cleansed.

4. How to cleanse your house of spirits

There are various ways to cleanse your house of spirits including religious objects to chase away the spirits. Spiritual cleansing of negative energies can be complicated and you need to understand it in detail.

Beyond the religious objects, spirits can be smudged by burning smudging sticks which release smoke that chases a way negative energy.

Alternatively, buy white candles for each room. white is significant because it represents light or the divine. Walk around in the room with the candle and chase the spirits away. This should be done while chanting your prayers of positivity.

5. How to detect negative energy with a glass of water

Fill a glass with water then put it in the room preferably in a hidden spot you believe has the negative energy for a full day. Examine the glass, if there are no notable changes in the glass then the room is free of the spirits.

6. How to Detect Negative Energy in a Room with A Lemon

Lemons are natural yet very powerful and important fruits both health wise and spiritually. Fresh lemons in your room will definitely pick up negativity if you are keen.

They will start turning from their original color very fast into brown or dark colors.

Many people will always use them to detect negativity in a room and when they stay fresh, it means you are fine. When they turn very fast, it means you need to cleanse.

Signs of negative energy in house in Hindi

Signs of negative energy in a house in Hindi include:

  1. Feeling Restless or unhappy immediately you enter the house
  2. A disorderly house
  3. A strong emotion of negativity towards your housemates
  4. Constant arguments
  5. A feeling of insecurity

Feeling negative energy of spirits

How do you feel negative energy of spirits? Like any other feeling, negative spirits create a blockage that is easily detected.

  1. You constantly feel surrounded by thick air.
  2. You feel more weight around your shoulders or head.
  3. A constant feeling of anxiety or stress.
  4. Crowded places give you a temperamental feeling.

Once you have detected those signs of negativity, try to cleanse them so that they do not interfere with any good luck that will come your way.

Signs that you have negative energy attached to you

Signs of attached negative energy include:

  1. Feeling chronically tired and depleted of energy even when you are yet to carry out a task.
  2. Suffering chronic anger bursts and mood swings
  3. Memory loss, confusion or just the inability to focus on anything.
  4. Physical problem with no apparent cause, for instance body pains sharp feeling of pain and more.

It is important to learn to stay positive and focus on the blessing that you have at home. Whenever you feel sad at home or you don’t want to go home, think of that person in the streets who are just wishing the had one.

Think of someone who just lost their family may be in an accident. Be Positive and learn to appreciate the little things around you.

However, sometimes it’s not easy to detect when bad energy takes over your home. Only those who are keen emotionally can always detect it.

Drugs and abuse of other substances can also block your pure sense of feeling and reacting to the environment around you. It is good to take time and learn how to identify negative energies in detail.


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How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home?
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