Muslims Converting to Christianity

Muslims Converting to Christianity

Why are there young Muslims converting to Christianity in modern society? – well, everyday people make different choices with the purpose of having a better life here on earth and in the life after.

When someone chooses to leave Islam and convert to Christianity, he/she must be ready to deal with the obvious critics from her former believers.

I have witnessed situations where Muslims have been treated as outcasts for converting to Christianity. They become depressed or confused.

Without a firm reason for converting, they will end up going back to their former religion just because they cannot take the critics anymore.

Before converting from Islam to Christianity, try and have your facts right. Sit and search within your soul and don’t let anybody force you to change your religion.

This should be a decision that comes from deep within you without any pressure. Some people convert because of marriage and this becomes tricky when they separate.

Why are Modern Muslims Attracted to Christianity?

There are several factors that make young Muslims want to join Christianity. Fashion, free lifestyle, Eating behaviors, marriage, Islamophobia among others. Let’s look at the facts. Let’s look at some of the causes and what can make a Muslim turn to Christianity.


This is a problem that Islam youth especially young ladies that live, work and school with Christians will always face. Muslims especially the ladies have to put on the hijabs. This is a sign of respect to the Islam ways of life and a woman is considered sacred in Islam which is a beautiful thing.

However, as a young lady is schooling with Christians, she will at some point want to show of her hair due to peer pressure. Her Christian friends will have the free will to make different fancy hair styles while she will feel that she is being restricted by her religion to show off her hair.

Some of her classmates may scorn, lough or even make jokes about her hijab. With time, the young lady will start looking for how can a Muslim convert to Christianity so that she can match up to the friend’s standards. This is a major challenge to Muslims living in Christian populated areas.

My opinion as the author is that turning away from your religion just because of such reasons is not really wise. That means you do not understand the meaning and importance of the hijab in Islam.

The Hijab in Islam is beautifully described and you should not really leave Islam and join Christianity because you don’t want to have that.

What I’m trying to explain here is that you should get a proper reason to convert but not such like a reason or peer pressure from friends. Understand that Islam has strong roots and the hijab will only do a lady better than harm. It is a beautiful thing and you may want keep it.

Eating habits

Islam dictates a certain way of eating. There is food considered to be halal and haram. The Holy Quran describes that which should be eaten and that which should not be consumed.

You may find a Muslim from a strict Islamic country traveling for the first time to Christian nations and all over sudden, they will even start asking questions like when can a Muslim eat pork?

This is because where he or she comes from, they have grown up knowing that one should not have eaten pork and other food that is considered haram in Islam. They travel and find people enjoying the meal and due to the pressure they start questioning why their religion is right about that.  

Again, moving away from your religion just because you want to leave like other people is not really right. If so, you should learn to enjoy your background and appreciate the values and cultures. Try and find out why those meals are really forbidden.

Free lifestyle and dating

We all know that a Muslim has some laws that are strict and should never be ignored. Above all, it is seriously forbidden for a Muslim to date a non-Muslim. This binds Muslims from mingling freely with other people. However, I find the reasons okay since the main aim is to keep and uphold the Muslim faith.

In fact, even other religions would prefer any youth to date within their religion so that the faith is upheld. However, I have seen situations were Christians are not really that strict about that as compared to the Muslims.

In fact, I have a personal friend who is a Cristian and is married to a Muslim lady. Muslims will never allow such to happen while Christians may be reluctant about it.

In most cases, one of the lovers in a relationship has to convert to Islam so that they can proceed with the marriage. Some young youths in Islam that are not firm in the religion may wat to convert to Christianity since they are not strict and may be reasonable about this. But I still believe a true Muslim will never be moved by such and should have better focus.


Islamophobia is a term used to describe people who are against Islam just because they fear that religion. In most cases, such people who don’t know more about the beautiful religion of Islam will associate it with terrorism.

This is so wrong because Islam is actually a very peaceful religion. Try and get facts right about true Islam or any other religion before you judge it in any way whatsoever.

Islamophobia is worse in European countries. Muslims will always have a hard time when they go to remote areas in Europe. Research indicates that during attacks by terrorist groups around Europe, the hate of Islam always goes up.

They are profiled in a negative way. Countries like France, the United Kingdom, and Germany are among the leading when it comes to the hate of Muslims according to Wikipedia.

Having said that, imagine you are a young Muslim and you have to study in these countries, peer pressure may make you want to convert from Islam to Christianity. In fact, most people in those places will sometimes keep their faith intact just to avoid discrimination.

Interestingly, did you know that Islam is the fastest growing religion with several Christians converting to Islam? It has been projected that soon there will be more Muslims than Christians.

At the same time, Muslims are also converting to Christianity in large numbers. The modern world has created a good environment for religious tolerance. The bottom line is, don’t hate any religion without any good reason.

Try so much to understand, love and accept people for who and what they are. God would not want you to kill a fellow human being just because of any religion.

Any religion that supports the killing of the innocent is no longer a religion but a criminal organization. So if you are a true Muslim or Christian, embrace peace love and Unity.

Below is a video of a young man who had his reasons and explains why he had good reasons to convert from Islam to Christianity.


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Muslims Converting to Christianity
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