Can a Christian Fast During Menstruation?

Can a Christian Fast During Menstruation?

Menstruation in the Bible in regards to spirituality is termed to be unclean. The Bible in Leviticus chapter 15 talks about unclean bodily discharge. One of the things this chapter talks about is menstrual blood in women among Christians.

Some Christians argue that God looks at your soul and thus it is okay to go to church or pray during menstruation. They say that Jesus delivered us from the strict rules of the old testament and a woman is free to pray during her monthly periods.

Modern Christianity and Menstruation

There has always been an argument between physical cleanliness and spiritual cleanliness. Christians who base their belief on being spiritually clean will always argue that it is okay for a woman to pray, read the bible or go to church during menstruation.

A Christian woman once challenged that if menstruation in the bible is still considered to be unclean even after the coming of Jesus Christ, then why is it that some of the old Christian ways life sacrificing lambs are not practiced?

It will only be fair if we ban everything and start a new chapter in Christ. Remember, Christians and Muslims only differ because of the new testament. It is okay for Menstruation to be unclean in Islam because they practice a religion based on the old testament.

Christians should not judge any woman to be unclean because she is on her periods because Jesus took away all our unclean nature and made us righteous before God. All we need to do is to repent and all our sins are forgiven.

This is why the modern Christian woman will pray, read the bible, and go to church during her menstruation. She is not considered unclean during her periods because she has been set clean by the blood of Jesus and she is set free from any spiritual chains.

However, having sex during menstruation is not really something that most women will agree with both in the old times and now.

The sight of blood is not really pleasant and there are high chances of getting sexually transmitted diseases (STD) if you have intercourse during your periods. Both of you will be putting your loves in danger thus it is not really advisable for any woman to sleep with a man during her periods.

They say that God looks at the soul and not your physical being and that your prayers can be answered as long as you pray with a pure heart and believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God that cleansed your sins.

The bible is the book of Leviticus 15:21 talks about spiritual life when menstruating. According to this chapter, any woman in her monthly periods is termed to be unclean.

On the same note, what the Bible says about menstruation is that if you touch a woman on her menses or anything she sits on, you also become unclean.  

Can Women Pray During Menstruation?

For this reason, it would be ill-advised for her to attend a church service as she will make everyone unclean. The Lord in Leviticus 15 told Moses to warn the Israelites against defiling His presence with their uncleanliness as it would lead to death.

A woman in her menses is therefore not permitted to go anywhere near the presence of God due to her uncleanliness. It is good for her to stay at home until she is done with her periods, then she can go before the presence of the Lord.

She is however allowed to go before the Lord’s presence after 7 days that means on day eight after her period has stopped.

At the entrance of any Holy place, she should also present a pair of doves or pigeons and hand them to any priest that is heading that place. The priest will then purify her using the dove she presented as part of restoring her purity before God.

What Does The Bible Say About Menstruation?

The Bible in general considers a woman unclean during menstruation and there are things that a woman should not do during her periods including intercourse with a man. The Bible in Leviticus chapter 15 says the following about menstruation:

  1. Any woman receiving her menstrual flow is considered unclean for seven days
  2. If you touch a woman during her menstruation, you are considered to be unclean in the evening
  3. Anything that a woman on her periods lie or sit on becomes unclean
  4. You must wash your clothes and clean your body with soap and water before praying if you touch a woman on her period according to the bible
  5. If a man has sex with a woman on her period, he remains unclean for seven days because he is considered to be affected by her uncleanliness
  6. A woman is not allowed to pray during her periods until she is done with them and presents a pair of doves to the priest

For those reason, a woman cannot also not go to church to pray or fast during her periods until she has finished them and purifies herself. She is also not permitted to sleep with her husband during menstruation in the bible.

The Bible in Genesis chapter 3 talks about the punishment that was pronounced on Adam and Eve after their disobedience. Verse 16 talks about the woman’s punishment.

She was punished by an increase of trouble in pregnancy and pain in giving birth. This punishment covers the whole child bearing process including menstruation.

Menstruation is termed to be unclean according to the Bible and that is why the Israelites were given so many rules which involve them staying away from a woman during her monthly periods.

The woman was also commanded to keep staying away from the Lords presence due to her uncleanliness. Any woman receiving her menstrual flow is therefore not allowed to pray or mingle with others who are going to pray.

Can I Read The Bible or Go to Church During My Periods?

The Bible specifically does not say anything about reading the scriptures while menstruating thus it should be okay for a woman to read the scriptures and pray as long as she doesn’t go before the Lord’s presence in a church or a place of worship.

The new testament was a game changer among Christians in that, some women read the bible and go to church claiming that Jesus died on the cross to wash all our uncleanliness.

While this remains a subject of discussion among Christians, Muslims totally do not accept any woman to go to a place of worship as she is considered unclean during her periods before God.

You may be wondering if God listens to your prayers during your monthly periods but it is important to know that God is the one who will judge the living and the dead not humans.

Bible verse on Menstruation:

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Can a Christian Fast During Menstruation?
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