Medication in Islam When Fasting, Is Gelatin Halal?

Medication in Muslim religion is allowed as long as it is good for your health and not used in a wrong way. However, it is haram to take medications that contain pork or that is made from haram like too much alcohol.

When you are a Muslim it is always important to be aware of the things that are haram or halal.

This should be based on following the guidance from the Quran or through the teachings of prophet Mohamad may peace be upon him.

As a Muslim, if you are about to take medications that you doubt in terms of being halal, always seek help from religious leaders for guidance.

This is to say that when you are taking medications, you should be keen of the products that are used in its making so as not to break the laws.

Well, the product is also supposed to be clean and pure and the producers that are used during its processing are standard.

Tayyid is the name given to a product that has been processed in the right way and that can be taken by a Muslim.

When offering treatment to a Muslim, it is always important to consult the patient to get their views on his or her beliefs before you start your treatment procedure.

This is to say that some of the medicine might contain those things that are not allowed to be consumed in the Islamic religion.

If you are a prescriber who is treating a Muslim patient, it is always important to give them on what is right and according to their law.

Medication in Islam When Fasting, Is Gelatin Halal
Medication in Islam When Fasting, Is Gelatin Halal

Can You Take Medication While Fasting in Islam?

No, Muslims are not allowed to take medicine when fasting by swallowing through the mouth using water.

After closing the fast, it is then okay to take medicine in Islam and that is halal.

This is because Muslims are not allowed to take anything during the fast u till in the evening when they are supposed to break their fast.

You can ask your doctor to change your dose to two times a day do that you can have it in the morning and in the evening if possible.

That means that during fasting, it is okay to take medication that is prescribed to be used two times in a day.

This is because you can easily space this and take your medicine in the morning and in the evening after the fast in Islam.

However, when you are taking medication that cannot be decided and has to be there times in a day during fasting, then it is recommended that you stop the fast.

You should finish your medication and then you can continue with the fast after you are done with the medication.

Islam is flexible and you should not punish yourself because of what good will you be if you are sick?

If you doctor tells you that you have to take your medication three time in a day during fasting in Islam, then you simply need to follow those instructions.

Stop the fast, finish medication then compensate for the days lost at a later date.

The same applies if you have medication that you are only taking once a day.

You may consider taking them at night or early in the morning so that during the day, you don’t break your fast while taking medication in Islam.

Can Muslims Be Injected While Fasting?

However, it is halal to take medication through injection when fasting in Islam.

This is because injection does not go to your stomach directly the way food or drinks do through the mouth.

So when you are taking prescriptions during the Ramadan or your fasting period, you may request your doctor to give you injections if possible.

In a case where injections will not be available and you have to use tablets, then you have to stop your fasting and get well fast.

After that, you will find time to compensate for those days that you lost while under medication as a Muslim.

Eye, ear and nose drops should also be taken after the fast if possible in Islam. If the doctor insists that you cannot miss your dose, then you should have them.

Can you Use Inhalers During Fasting?

Yes, you can use Inhalers during fasting and that is not haram in any way. This is because inhalers are not like liquids or solids that will end up in your stomach thus invalidating your fast.

Inhalers do not break your fast and they are not haram during your fast in Islam. Feel free to use them anytime that you need them or as instructed by your doctor.

Taking anything in liquid form is the problem and that is why even swimming while fasting is haram because you end up taking water through your mouth, ears and nose.

So if you are asthmatic or you need to use any sort of inhaler that has been prescribed by a doctor while fasting, that is okay.

Islam cares about your safety and you should never argue with your doctor especially when they tell you cannot change your medication.

Does Taking Medication Interfere with Allah’s Plan

Taking medication in Islam does not interfere with Allah’s plan because it is Him who created everything on earth plus the medicinal plants.

Each and every one will have his or her own point of view in defense to this. However, in a case where you put all your trust in medication most definitely Allah won’t be pleased.

It is Allah who provides the wisdom for doctors and they use natural plants to make medication that are then used to save lives.

This is why you can never say it is haram for Muslims to take medication because even the internet you use today while reading this information is man-made.

When you are using the internet to do the right thing, then it is okay and safe. When you are using it for the wrong things that can harm others, then you are doing the wrong thing.

Should Muslims Take Sleeping Pills?

Yes, it is okay for Muslims to use sleeping pills especially when they have been prescribed.

This does not mean that you have a weak faith because we are all humans and sometimes we need physical help.

Most of the sleeping pills are sedatives and when they are used for a longer period of time they might cause a lot of trouble to our own health.

In Islam, drugs that might cause harm to our bodies either in a physical or mental way are not allowed and this only happens if you take them without a professional’s advice.

When you are facing any kind of problem, the best way to deal with it is by asking protection from Allah but that does not mean it is haram to take medication.

What I mean here is that you should put you trust in Allah (SWT) because through him, everything will work out fine for you including the medication.

How Should a Muslim Deal with Sleeping Problems?

When you are not feeling well, this is the time you need to be patient because trials come in different ways. Allah might be testing your patient for your reward after the hard time.

A true Muslim should always try and place your mind at peace try and occupy his or her mind with the love of Allah even when under medication.

You should never let the worldly things take over your belief Allah such that you even lack sleep.

Read and understand the Quran so that you may have the peace that comes with the Islamic religion.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, let us not get lost in the valley of darkness when trying to find our own peace of mind by using things like alcohol.

Let us not do things that does not please Allah but rather let us find the best advice for the Quran and our religious leaders.

It’s always best if you read the holy book of the Quran as much as possible for you to get attached to it.

However, there are certain cases where a person needs to see a doctor for guidance. this can be as a result of physical or behavioral changes or very stressful situations.

Understand that a doctor is a vessel being used by Allah to deliver good health to you.

Do not look at a doctor like he is some sort of a witch. They are not your enemies but rather your caregivers.

Allah is our only refuge and to him nothing is impossible and through him, we have the doctors.

Therefore, it is not haram to go to the hospital and get medication and anyone who says otherwise is wrong about that.

Knowing Allah and following the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) is one of the best ways that you can find your peace of mind and sleep well at night knowing that Allah is in control.

If its urgent that a person has to take sleeping pills well then you should not just do it on your own instead talk to a Muslim doctor for guidance throughout the process.

Should Muslims Take Antidepressants?

Yes, it is okay for Muslims to use when they have been prescribed by a doctor. Again, taking any form of medication in Islam does not mean that you are not a strong believer in Islam.

Perhaps the drugs that are given when you are stressed or having a rough time will only help to make you calm after which you can ray to Allah and let Him guide you through your situation.

As a Muslim, you should also deal with depression by finding out the cause then seeking help from religious elders.

You have to understand that you are only human and depression comes as a result of being overwhelmed by things that are no longer under your control.

 Seek consultation from Allah the almighty for maybe the root course of your depression can be a spiritual one.

When your spiritual being is strongly attached to Allah, you won’t be attacked with depression.

Be your brother’s keeper in a way that you check on each other more often to see what is happening on their side.

This is heartwarming and it helps us a lot to overcome depression naturally. A Muslim should be a brother’s keeper and helping others has a good reward from Allah.

We live in a word where each and every one only cares for himself. To add on that, most of the time we do things without asking for Allah’s help.

In this case let’s not just find the easy way of carrying out different situations instead, try and seek help from Allah.

We should not use the lazy way of solving situations since it will become tough and tougher each and every day. Always know that Without Allah’s help, even the medications will not work.

Therefore, seek help and comfort from Allah for He is the only long lasting solution to our own situation.

When He brings trouble onto you, well know that it’s through Him that you will be able to survive.

Solve your problems permanently by putting your trust in Allah such that even if you take the antidepressant as a Muslim, you know your hope is in Him.

Does Allah Heal Through Medication in Islam?

Yes, Allah heals through medication because he is the one who created it even before the scientist came into existence.

We had traditional doctors in Islam that treated our grandfathers and that is why we are all here today.

Never be deceived that taking medication is haram especially if you are following all the guidance as taught in Islam by keeping away from haram things like pork.

“In Islam, medication that contain pork or alcohol in large amounts are haram except when it is a matter of life and death and they are the only ones that can help your situation at that moment”

While prophet Mohammed did his teaching in different cities, there is a time he said that people should use medicine for God does not send an illness without its cure.

I know very well that most Muslims extremists do not like the act of following medical procedures for treatment.

However, it’s always a good motive to do something practical as you ask for Allah for assistance.

We are all just but human beings and this is to say that we have two sides of our body. The one that is spiritual and the material physical side of it.

When you become sick, the material side is treated using medicine while on the other hand, your spiritual health can also be weak and this is where Allah comes in.

Allah created you and once your trust is in Him, even your physical body will be fine because you take medication while knowing that Allah is the one who will make you well.

Let’s not be too hard on ourselves as Muslims. Use the medicines that you have been given but also consider reading the Quran and praying for those who are sick for quick recovery.

On the contrary, it’s said that the prophet himself practice ruqya because it is said that it had an important role to play for treatment process.

When you had emotional stress, ruqya was considered to be the best. However, when you are using that as a way of treatment in Islam, you should not neglect the use of medicine.

When you sick as a Muslim, it’s important to go and seek help from the doctor while you also seek Allah help in your situation.

We can seek the healing power from the holy book of Quran. This entails reading it and seek help from Allah.

He knows best and will guide you on the right path if you trust in Him.

Is Gelatin Halal in Medicines?

Yes, gelatin is only halal when it is made from animals that are not considered to be haram in Islam.

It is only halal also when those animals were slaughtered in an Islamic way that is not harsh to those animals.

Gelatin is haram if it is made from pork or animals that are slaughtered in a bad way.

We all know that it is haram to electrocute animals or suffocate them because if you do so, that is considered dead meat which is haram in Islam.

Some Muslims however argue that since the pork is no longer the same, and has been chemically changed, then gelatin in medicine may be halal even if it is made from pork.

However, other Muslims still maintain that since the original product is pork, then Muslims should avoid them because the original product was from the pig meat which is haram to eat in Islam.

Gelatin is always found in multivitamin medications and it is made from either one animal or sometimes a mixture of different animals after slaughtering them.

Is Gelatin Haram or Halal in Islam?

Gelatin may be halal or haram in Islam because it all depends on how it has been manufactured. Many Muslims are always confused if gelatin in medicinal tablets is permissible in Islam.

Firstly, what is gelatin? gelatin is a type of protein derived from animal tissue.

It is a form of collagen and it has properties that make it useful for various foods and medicines. It can be very easily made to become relatively tasteless and odorless.

It has a protective layer, so it can be made to basically put medicine inside and you have the gelatin capsule outside of it.

It helps in preserving the stuff inside of it or you can add sweet and make the gelatin itself into a sweet and this is why some Muslims ask if gelatin in sweets is halal.

Gelatin in sweets is not haram as long as it is free form pork or the production process is halal and does not go against anything that is prohibited in Islam.

Gelatin can be very useful in many different types of food and medicine. That is why we find it in so many different food products.

Where does gelatin come from?

There are four primary sources of gelatin and that include;

  1. Animals
  2. Fish
  3. Plants
  4. Synthetically produced gelatin

If gelatin comes from fish, plants or halal animals then it is alright for Muslims to take it in medicine or any food. Synthetically produced gelatin is also okay as long as it does not contain anything that is haram in Islam. 

Is beef gelatin halal? Yes, beef gelatin is halal because beef is not haram in Islam as long as the bow is slaughtered in a decent way that does not go against the rules of Islam.

However, it has been observed that almost eighty-seven percent of gelatin comes from the first category which is animals. You do not find gelatin from plants except with very great difficulty.

Strict vegans do not take gelatin from animals just like Muslims also don’t take gelatin from pork because vegans do not eat meat at all.

They then seek gelatin that has been made from plants only and this is always expensive because it takes a lot of time, research and energy to extract and make gelatin from plants.

Gelatin made from plants is halal in Islam and some Muslims prefer those. 

Gelatin extracted from fish is also halal in Islam but they are very expensive because the process of getting it from fish involves more time and concentration. The same applies to synthetically made gelatin.

This explains why the gelatin that many Muslims can afford is from animals because making it from animals is easy since we slaughter animals every other day.

Gelatin made from animals is derived typically from the meat, joints and sometimes even the animal skin.

Why Do Most Muslims Ask If Gelatin in Medicine Is Halal or Haram?

The majority of Muslims ask if gelatin in medicine is halal or haram because in most cases, gelatin is made from the pig. This is because pigs are readily available and they are cheap.

Pigs are haram in Islam and therefore this is why many people think that all the gelatin comes from the swine’s.

In fact, some Muslims prefer to ignore any products with gelatin because they are not sure of the original materials used in making them.

Pigs also contain lots of gelatin and that is why most famers produce them so that they can use them in the mass production of gelatin.

The amount of gelatin they extract pigs is more than that from other animals.

So in most cases, the default animal that comes in mind when many people see gelatin products is the pig and that is why many Muslims are always asking if gelatin in medicine is haram or halal.

However, gelatin from Islamic country in most cases is always halal because they avoid using pig products in any way whatsoever because they do not want to go against the Islamic teachings about pigs.

Conclusion is that the Muslims should only use gelatin if it is extracted from halal sources that are slaughtered according to the teachings of Islam.

It not okay for Muslims to use gelatin that comes from haram sources like pig and the bones and the skin of pigs.

One simple way of how to know if gelatin is halal or haram in Islam is to always read the ingredients on the label and if you are not sure, consult on how a product is made before taking them.

Can Muslims Use Medicine Made from Weed or Marijuana?

Smoking marijuana is haram in Islam because this is intoxication and it is not pure and good for your health.

However, it is okay for Muslims to use medication that is made from marijuana as long as they are lawfully permitted and they are required to make you well.

What we need to know is that while there are medicinal properties that have been confirmed within the extract of the cannabis plant or leaf known as CBD or THC for medicinal purposes, you should never abuse or miss use them.

The body is yours to look after and it belongs to Allah ultimately and we shouldn’t be doing anything that would cause damage to it knowingly.

This is why smoking weed is haram in Islam because it does more damage than good.

Does Allah Use Doctors to Heal Muslims?

Yes, Allah (SWT) gives the doctors the ability to treat you and thus He uses them to heal you as a Muslim. Never be against them or look at them as if they use other powers that is not form Allah.

As a Muslim, when you are sick and you want to go and seek help from the doctor, you should know that they also pray and they only use the knowledge by the grace of Allah and that is why they are a blessing in our lives.

We are all Allah’s creation and the only person who can put us on different kinds of trials and still put us out from them is the one who created us.

For example, all kinds of diseases are in his own hands and do not forget that he has all the kinds of remedies to heal them when he deems it fit. Therefore, we should not panic for everything is under his command.

According to the Quran surah Al-Anam 6:7, Allah is capable of anything.

He can heal or take away anyone He feels like taking. His will rules over the earth and Muslims should always be humble before Allah the almighty.

According to the hadith, while the Prophet (PBUH) was doing his teaching, He told them that they should use medicine and not to be scared but it because they will only be cured by the help of Allah.

Fellow Muslims, when you are seeking help from your doctor, keep in mind that that illness recovers when Allah wills.

In Islam, bare in your thoughts that all the kinds of diseases that people are suffering from have cure for He cannot send any form of diseases to his own creation without any form of help.

It is okay to seek help from your doctor but rely on Allah and trust in Him because even if the doctors don’t have a cure, then there must be a reason for Allah to have sent that sickness on you.

We should not give up when seeking help for any kind or form of diseases for the cure is always there and Allah knows what we go through weather we trust in Him or not.

Some of the cure might be hidden but Allah (SWT) will always help us find a solution.

The Prophet Mohmand (PBUH) encouraged us not to lose trust in Allah for He knows what is best for each and every one of us.

If its Allah’s will for you to heal, definitely it will happen. let’s not complicate our own lives by overdosing ourselves in the name of an instant healing process.

Allah is our healer He is capable of doing anything in our lives. He gave us life and he can take it anytime that He wills no matter how hard we try to keep it.

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