Is Hand Practice Haram in Islam?

Is Masturbation Haram in Islam?

Yes, hand practice is haram in Islam because Muslims are commanded to protect their private parts from everything except their wives.

You are not married to your hands in order for them to satisfy you and this alone makes self-pleasure a sin in Islam.

We also know that Allah (SWT) commands us as Muslims not to seek anything else like self-gratification and to protect our body from any harm.

Hand practice in Islam
Hand practice in Islam

Why is Hand Practice Haram in Islam?

It is haram to masturbate in Islam because it damages your body in many ways.

It brings you more harm than good and It is clear what is expected of us as Muslims. Some people always ask the following question;

a). Dose hand practice break wudu and fast in Islam?

Well, here are the detailed answers to the questions above.

Yes, hand practice breaks your wudu and fast because you shall have had lust and produced seeds that are only meant for reproduction in marriage.

Self-gratification is haram in Islam because it will also break your fast.

Remember, anything that breaks wudu or fasts is impure before Allah (SWT) and Muslims should avoid them at all costs.  

b). Can you do hand practice in Islam when your wife is away?

Your intentions when doing hand practice in Islam is also not in line with the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH).

You will be lusting and looking at pictures or videos that make you excited sexually thus making you sin as a Muslim.

You are commanded only to be attracted and have those acts with your wife in marriage alone.

Anything else that is done outside the marriage is haram and you will be punished for that.

There is no place that that hand practice is allowed as an alternative in marriage and Muslims should not use their hands to satisfy themselves because their wives are away.

This is wrong because this can also reduce the bond between you and your partner.

Hand Practice in Islam

Allah (SWT) tells Muslims not to even go near fornication or adultery which is referred to as ‘Zina’. There is the act itself and then there is a series of smaller acts that lead to it.

Zina or fornication in Islam has a perimeter around it and you can’t even go close to it.

A Muslim has to understand the language of the Quran and the sensitivity in which deals with the subject to appreciate the wisdom of Allah (SWT).

Allah is telling us that there are certain things that when you get involved in, you will be sucked into a gravitational field and get pulled in sin.

Slowly and surely little by little they will get you and destroy you before you know it.

Masturbation is not permissible in Islam because once you start it, it will lead you into lust, and a negative way of looking at women around you.

We know that we live in a society were non-Muslims dress as they wish. You will start looking at them on the streets and have those imaginations that you always do when you are alone in the hose.

This will keep your thoughts impure as a Muslim and eventually you will produce the seeds that will make you unclean for prayers during the day until you find a place to wash your whole body.

Satan is extremely patient and he will not get you at once. Satan will use masturbation to get you into constant lust of women bit by bit such that before you know it, you will be in a mess.

Hand practice is haram in Islam because it makes you against the teachings of His Prophet.

Muslims should remember that anything which destroys their connection to Allah is haram and they should avoid it at all costs.

Why Muslims Should Not Masturbate

Dangers of masturbation in Islam for both men and women is always looked at when self-pleasure becomes an addictive problem and negative effects on one’s health are being developed.

When one is starting to indulge, he or she only looks at the benefits and pleasures of only.

However, many people tend to ignore the dangers due to the pleasure and self-satisfaction that comes with it.

Here we will look at dangers and negative side effects of how hand practice can affect you as a Muslim.

Self-gratification is a private activity that most active adults and teenager engage in without thinking through the negative effects.

Research shows that there are several cases of self-pleasure in many Islamic nations.

Masturbation is haram in Islam because it will cause serious damage to the body both physically, mentally, and socially.

Here are some effects of self gratification in your life as a Muslim;

1. Masturbation cannot replace your spouse in Islam

It does not relieve you from pain, heart diseases, blood pressure issues, and any other benefit that having intercourse with your halal partner frees you from.

The body responds differently to sex as compared to hand practice and Muslims should there for now what is right or wrong.

Allah knows what is best and that is why He never said that Muslims can Masturbate when their wives are away.

2. Masturbation is not safe in Islam

When you become addicted to self-gratification you can irritate your skin. You can also fracture your manhood when you forcefully bend it and rapture the blood vessels.

Touching yourself in Islam is considered to be harmful because when you get used to seeing those pictures and using them to satisfy yourself, your marriage will be broken.

This is going against the teachings of Islam where one should respect and sustain his wife in all aspects as a Muslim.

3. Self-Pleasure in Islam can affect your social life

There are social dangers of masturbation that can affect how you relate to other Muslims around you.

You may end up giving up sex with your partner or becoming anti-social because you are always seeking ways to find privacy and masturbate.

You may even find yourself skipping work or school just to find privacy.

Is Masturbation Haram in Islam?
Is Masturbation Haram in Islam?

Why Muslim Men Should Not Masturbate

Do not let your fun turn into a funeral yet we all want Allah to grant us Jannah in Islam.

If you are addicted to hand practice as a Muslim, the following dangers that come with it can be your motivation to stop it.

1. Change of Body Chemistry

Excessive masturbation can over stimulate nervous functions which in return will stimulate over production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin.

This can affect you as a young Muslim who should get married in a way that Allah tells us to do. Until then, Muslims should avoid any thing that causes them to sin.

2. Can self-pleasure affect your appearance?  

A frequent hand practice habit can irritate your skin and have a negative effect on your appearance before and after marriage in Islam.

Your body juices contain high levels of glucose, so if you do not maintain good hygiene you may subject yourself to fungal infection.

Chemicals found in lubricants or soap that you use may also cause rashes on your genitals.

If you do not wash your hands properly before masturbating, you may introduce harmful bacteria to your pubic region and contract an infection.

Prevention is better than cure, so you better clean up really well or better yet just stop exposing yourself to such dangers of masturbation by quitting.

3. Reduced Sperm count

Ejaculating often is capable of reducing your sperm count and this will destroy the will of Allah that needs you to be a parent.

If you are seeking to be a father, you may not be able to sire a baby if you are addicted to touching yourself. This will be something that you will be blamed for before Allah.

Young Muslims need to avoid releasing seeds more often so that they can fulfill the will of Allah on earth.  

These dangers of self-gratification in Islam may deny you the joy of being a father in the future.

You should, therefore, look at how to increase your sperm count so that you don’t have any issue after learning how to stop hand practice in Islam.

4. Fracture on your man hood  

The man hood is not made of bones but flesh, tissues and blood. During masturbation men tend to bend their penis without being careful about the amount of pressure they are exerting on it.

The fracture occurs when you bend and erect man hood and the inner part known as corpus cavernosum snaps and ruptures.

People who have been unfortunate enough to experience it claim that it is the most painful feeling you can ever go through as a man.

Penile fracture is treated via surgery conducted by a professional doctor.

5. Bleeding Urethral Meatus

Some men have a weird fetish that contributes to the dangers of hand practice. They find pleasure in inserting objects up their urethra.

If you have a habit of inserting objects up your urethra you are at risk of rupturing your tissues and bleed.

You will not be able to urinate in peace. The pain is unbearable. You may need to seek medical surgery.

6. Premature Ejaculation

Men who masturbate often are at risk of having premature ejaculations every time they try to have sex with their partners.

They are used to jerking off after a short period of stimulation so they are not able to maintain their erection for a long time.

Nobody wants to put up with that. Such unfortunate occurrences may compel your partner to cheat on you by seeking sexual pleasure outside the relationship.

You may even end up losing your woman to another man and this is the last thing you want as a Muslim man in marriage.

7. Weight loss

Semen contains proteins that are essential for metabolic activities in your body as well as the formation of new cells. Proteins are bodybuilding blocks.

If you keep losing most of them via ejaculation of your semen you will interfere with the metabolism of muscle building. As a result of this, you will lose weight and become lean.

Allah created us as he deemed perfect and you should not do anything that will destroy His creation. Masturbation is haram because it destroys the intention of Allah’s creation.

8. Sperm leakage

Chronic masturbation can result in sperm leakage. This happens when the parasympathetic nerve that is responsible for shutting the ejaculation valve and holding erection is weakened.

Your semen may flow out even when you are not engaging in any sexual activity.

This can be very embarrassing especially when you wet your pants in a public place. It can ruin your self-esteem when with your peers.

9. Erectile Dysfunction

Hand practice addicts often develop soft and weak erections with time and are not able to satisfy their partners.

The muscles and nerves in the pelvic region and sex organs grow weaker by the day and are unable to last through a sexual intercourse.

They get tired quickly and this will make you lose the fruits of your married in Islam as desired by Allah who created you.

10. Gangrene

Gangrene is a condition where by body tissues die due to lack of blood flow through them or a bacterial infection.

Unhygienic behaviors may introduce this kind of bacteria to your penis during masturbation or blood may stop flowing to your penis.

Fournier’s gangrene involves the genital organs. Men are more often affected, but women can develop this type of gangrene as well.

Fournier’s gangrene usually arises due to an infection in the genital area or urinary tract and causes genital pain, tenderness, redness and swelling.”

Why Muslim Women Should Not Masturbate

Many people in the society think only men masturbate yet women do rottenly just like men.

Just like men, women are also subjected to several dangers of masturbation. The following are some examples;

1. Internal Bleeding

Dangers of self-pleasure in Islam among women can be linked to the use of blunt objects like cylindrical wood, carrots, or cucumbers that can damage your birth system as created by Allah.

Some women have very sharp nails that are long yet they still use their fingers to masturbate.

Blunt objects used by some women during hand practice can rapture their iliac arteries.

This is found in the deep lower side of the abdomen. When raptured, this can cause serious internal bleeding.

This is a very dangerous effect of masturbation in women that can even lead to loss of life due to the internal loss of blood that may clot on vital organs.

2. Destruction of the body

Another danger of masturbation in women is that they risk the loss of internal vaginal fluids that are responsible for keeping the vagina moisturized with a balanced PH.

Over masturbation effects in women can lead to the minimal or zero production of those crucial vaginal fluids.

The use of different unclean objects can also cause serious fungal and bacterial infections.

3. Altering your woman hood

Another dangerous effect of hand practice in women is that the clitoris may become numb and less sensitive due to constant rubbing.

They are not able to feel anything whenever their partner tries stimulating them and this can make your husband to doubt you in marriage as a Muslim.

This is why Masturbation is haram in Islam because you shall have destroyed your marriage life just because you did something’s that are not taught to you as a Muslim.

The clitoris gets used to super high stimulation that can only be achieved by their vibrators. The clitoris is too sensitive so it does not need a lot of pressure and it can easily get sore if over touched.

Why Should Muslims Avoid Hand Practice?

Muslims should avoid self gratification because anything that makes you sin is categorized under things that are not halal.

Masturbation is haram in Islam because it destroys your body and makes you sin when you lust at women and men whom you are not married to.

1. Loss of bladder control

People who are addicted to hand practice tend to lose their breaks. They are not able to control their urine or hold it until they get to the loo.

2. Sex Life

People who are addicted to self pleasure depend on it for orgasm even during sexual intercourse with their partners.

They can never be satisfied without masturbation. This affects their sex life and relationship in general. It makes their partners feel inferior since they are not able to satisfy them sexually.

Most people have confessed that they prefer masturbating than engaging in sexual intercourse with their partners.

3. Psychological health

Too much of anything is dangerous. Addiction to self satisfaction makes one withdrawn from the world around them and this affects their self-esteem.

One may even lose interest in their day life routines because all they want to do is be alone and masturbate.

Other psychological dangers of masturbation are high expectations and unrealistic ideas about sexual partners or sex in general.

4. Physical health

People who are addicted to hand practice are subjected to;

  1. Fatigue
  2. Thinning hair or hair loss
  3.  Blurred vision
  4. Depression
  5. Drowsiness
  6. Lower back pain
  7. Pain in the pelvic bones
  8. Cramps in the groin area
  9. Pain in the tail bone region.
  10. Sore arms

5. Guilt

If you are accustomed to religions that consider masturbation a sin, you may end up feeling guilty that you are a sinner and hate yourself.

It can also be embarrassing if someone who is not your partner bumps into you while masturbating.

6. Interest in homosexuality

Hand practice is able to arouse interest in homosexuality which is also haram in Islam.

Someone may want to experiment with what they do to themselves on a member of the same sex just to see if they can pleasure them equally.

This may lead to a change in sexuality. You should know that anything that makes you sin is haram and that is why masturbation is haram in Islam.

7. Addiction to Pornography

Some people cannot masturbate without watching pornography. The more you do it the more addicted you become to pornography.

This affects your mind and makes you fantasize about sex even when you are in an environment where you need to focus like in class or at the office.

It can lower your general performance and will always make you want to look at other people’s wives yet this is haram in Islam.

8. Pervasion

Addiction to masturbation can turn you into a pervert and make you have a noxious problem.

You will not be able to interact with any member of the opposite sex without thinking about having sex with them.

All those are the reasons why masturbation in Islam is haram since they will not do any good to your mind, body and soul as a pure Muslim.

How To Stop Hand Practice in Islam

Here are some tips on how you can stop self-pleasure and the dangers that come with it.

Dangers of masturbation in your life as a Muslim can be permanent and lead you astray if you don’t stop the habit as soon as you can.

1. Positive attitude

Have a positive attitude towards your desire to stop masturbating. Believe that you can do it and avoid it gradually till you stop without feeling guilty.

2. Avoid temptation

Avoid temptation by getting rid of any sex toy you own. Put firewalls on pornographic websites and destroy any pornographic movies or magazines that you own.

Avoid watching romantic movies while you are alone. Do not take long in the shower or loo especially when the shower is hot.

Ask a close friend to walk with you through this journey and always remind you to stop when you backslide.

3. Socialize

Go out more and meet new people so that you are no bored and lonely. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Join social media sites and chat with people.

You can always go to the Masjid and teach the young Muslims about Islam since they definitely need the guidance of older Muslims.

4. Keep Busy

 Watch documentaries or non-romantic movies in order to keep your mind busy. Join a club or volunteer for community service.

Engage in your hobby or find a new one. Get involved in skill acquiring activities that fully occupy your mind and energy like;

  1. Cooking
  2. Carpentry
  3. Archery
  4. Baking
  5. public speaking
  6.  Gardening
  7. Learning a foreign language
  8. Painting
  9. Drawing
  10. Playing a musical instrument

5. Adjust Your Diet

Include carbohydrates (which are energy giving foods and provide sugar in your body).

Add fruits and fresh vegetables in your diet with any other foods that boost your brainpower which provides the energy you need to resist the urge to masturbate as a Muslim.

Bananas, rice, beans, cabbages, carrots, kales, potatoes and corns are what you need in your system.

They are able to make you active throughout the day. Avoid eating the following foods that act as aphrodisiac foods

  1. Oysters
  2. Salmon
  3. Chili peppers
  4. Coffee
  5. Avocados 
  6. Banana
  7. Dark chocolate

6. Exercise

Exercises occupy your time and make you a happier person. Engage yourself in sporting activities, yoga or simple exercises like the following;

  1. Take walks or jog around your neighborhood every evening or morning.
  2. Avoid idling or staying at one point without doing something to distract you
  3. If you are the office, get off your desk and walk around the room a bit
  4. Invest in a skipping rope and do 300 skips a day for at least 5 times a week.
  5. Go swimming or ride a bike for a few miles.
  6. Download simple body and muscle fitness exercises from YouTube and do the routine exercises at least 3 days a week at intervals.
  7. Keeping doing this simple exercise and with the time you will be able to handle more rigorous exercises.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Try and get the required eight-hour sleep that is always recommended.

A well-rested body is more energetic. The energy you save is important in helping you fight the addictions that will keep you of the dangers of hand practice.

8. Pray about it

Dedicate and surrender this problem to Allah and before you know it, the Lord will see yours through it.

All things work together for good to those that trust in Allah (SWT). You will be surprised at what the power of Salah and believing in your prayer can do.

9. Hydration

Do not wait until you feel thirsty in order to drink water. Hydrate your body frequently by drinking enough water.

You will know you are having enough water when your urine is clear. This will improve your blood circulation and keep you energized.

10. Patience

Just like any other form of addiction, you cannot stop masturbating overnight. Be patient with yourself, practice to withdraw from it one day at a time till you make it. Fake it till you make it.

Those are the best ways to stop self-gratification as a Muslim and to focus on what you are taught to be here before the afterlife.

Just like vomiting accidentally or touching unclean things breaks your Wudu, anything that makes you unclean is haram in Islam.

Masturbation in Islam is haram and you should keep away from it so that your faith remains pure.

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Is Hand Practice Haram in Islam?
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