Can Muslims Keep Cats? Is Keeping A Cat Halal or Haram?

Can Muslims Keep Cats? Is Keeping A Cat Halal or Haram?

Is it haram to have a cat? No, having a cat in Islam is not haram, and Muslims can keep cats if they want to. In fact, when Prophet Muhammad was seated during sermons, His cat Muezza could rest on His thigh.

Cats in Islam are also considered to be clean animals that cannot break your wudu and that is why cats are allowed in the mosques.

Cats can also sleep on prayer mats at home. They also keep us safe from crawling animals, insects, and rodents at home.

Did Prophet Muhammad Have a Cat?

Muslims can keep cats because even prophet Muhamad (PBUH) had a cat called Muezza that He liked a lot.

Yes, the prophet actually had a cat that was very much well respected and He took very good care of it.

Mohammed awoke one day to the sounds of “adhan” which is a call on the Muslim to pray in the morning. While He was preparing to attend the prayers, he began to dress.

When the Prophet saw that the cat had fallen asleep on His prayer robe’s sleeve, he did not chase it away.

Instead of waking it up, Mohammad decided to take a pair of scissors and use it to cut the sleeve of his rob so that the cat would not be disturbed.

We are also told that Mohamed used to stoke the cat anytime he wanted to and it really liked being around Him from the narrations.

On another occasion when He returned from the mosque, Mohammed received a bow from OSA in gratitude.

He then stroked his beloved cat three times. This shows us that Muslims can keep cats and treat them with love and care.

History of Cats in Islam

Cats in Islam, the Sunnah and the blessings will amaze you when you look for the reasons why many Muslims like keeping Cats.  

They look at cats as domestic pets that they keep at home for companionship and gentleness since they are adorable characters.

Did you know that Islam is also keen on hoe cats are treated? Islam teaches us to love all living things humans and animals alike.

However, cats, especially in Islamic history, have always been cherished and that is why cats are so common amongst Muslims even in the masjid.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him taught Muslims to have mercy on all of Allah’s creations.

He not only preached this but modeled the way and was observed to be always kind towards cats. This was a major cause of many Muslims during his time to embrace and accept these animals into their homes.

Like many of us, the Prophet had a favorite feline and there’s one well-known story of both of them as explained above where he even cut a part of his clothing so as not to wake his sleeping cat.

Can Cats Break Your Wudu?

Can Cats Break Your Wudu?

When a cat leaks you, it cannot break your wudu in Islam. Throughout his life, the Prophet was seen to always practice immense care for His Cat and He said that cats and kittens are clean.

A cat in Islam is such a clean and pure that they are one of those that go around amongst us even during Salah.

If you look at authentic Islamic narrations, it is said that when a cat has drunk water, Muslims are allowed to use the same water to make absolutions when they want to pray because cats are considered to be a clean animal in Islam that cannot break wudu.

However, it is important to be observant of any unclean particles or any visible things on the cat’s mouth that it may have eaten so as the water is not considered unclean.

Cats should also be allowed to have their free time to enjoy their natural instincts. It is advisable to feed the cat well, give it drinking water, and ensure that it is well-groomed.

They should be let out to roam freely as wish since looking them up in a room is considered as mistreating them.

We all know that not treating an animal well generally in Islam is not permissible. ‘Al-Bukhari’ once narrated a woman who decided to restrict the movement of her cat.

She even refused to feed it and the prophet said that she will be punished by torture and hell on the judgment day. Verily there is a heavenly reward for every act of kindness done to a living animal.

Many modern Muslims recognize this and take cues from the Prophet. However, it’s no secret that mistreatment of pets is common nowadays and so let’s all remember the actions of the Prophet and emulate them in our relationships with cats in Islam.

Cat food in Islam

Some Muslims always as if it is to buy cats food from the market. The answer is that, if the food itself is halal, then it is okay. I know you are wondering if Muslims should even check if their cat’s food is halal.

If you’re buying cat’s food from the market, it is a fact that so some companies make cat food from pork and it is obvious that it is not permissible for you to buy such Haram food. Before you jump into conclusions, you may give it a thought.

If the food itself is halal, then it’s permissible for you to buy that food for your cat. What about if it’s not slaughtered? Well, if it is not slaughtered and you know that it is dead meat, this is an issue of dispute.

Feeding your cat can be done in any way and sometimes it is okay and advisable to let the cat man up a little bit.

Let it chase and eat some mice and roaches as this also helps to clean the house rather than buy expensive food for that cat while there are Muslims worldwide who sleep hungry.

There are poor Muslims who need every penny that you may be taking for granted.

Look at the Muslims in Syria and those who are now in the refugee camps in Turkey and Jordan. The weather is freezing and they don’t even have blankets.

Before you always think of overspending on cat’s food and not letting the cat sometimes survive naturally just because you taking care of that big cat, just know that you need to be realistic.

Can Muslims Buy and Sell Cats?

Some Muslims are even spending a lot of money on buying cats yet buying cats and dogs is prohibited. Selling dogs and cats is also prohibited in Islam. This also depends on your intention because Islam is based on the will of the heart.

Some Muslims Buy dogs that are trained specifically for guarding and for security purposed. This is okay because you are not buying it just to keep it for fun. We know there are dogs kept for fun like the small cute white ones.

Some Muslims also ask it is permissible to open a pet shop and sell cats and other animals.

This question also asks if Muslims can keep exotic and wild animals as pets. Well, it is not permissible to buy or sell dogs cats and things that have no benefit such as snakes or monkeys.

Still, if you want to keep exotic animals such as parrots, fish, or something that is beautiful to own and to possess, it is not allowed for Muslims to do such things.

Someone comes and says I’d like to keep an anaconda or a black widow spider, this is totally prohibited because it is haram to buy pets in Islam.

Will My Cat be in Jannah or Heaven?

Yes, your cat will be in Jannah because Islam teaches us that in Jannah, you will have whatever you wish.

If you wish to have your cat in Jannah, yes you will have it. The Quran also tells us to care for animals and never to harm them.

Prophet Muhamad shoed us a good example by keeping His cat in good shape and taking good care of it. However, as Muslims, we are told to focus on our faith and never to worry about what will be in Jannah.

If you want to see your cat in heaven as a Muslim, just concentrate on being loyal to the footsteps of the Prophet and follow what the Quran tells you to do in Islam. Then when you are granted Jannah, you will be able to make any wish that you want.  

Islamic Meaning of Cat Attack in Dream

When you are sleeping and in your dreams, you see cats that are cute. Then suddenly, those cats decide to attack you, they chase you and scratch you terribly in your dream.

The Islamic meaning of cats attacking you in a dream is that you will have a terrible disease in the future. It means that you are about to have a disease that will make you really sick and in bed.

Cat taking a Muslim in a dream is always a warning that you should take care of and watch out so that you can prevent or avoid the terrible sickness that is coming in your life.

Cats in dreams are interesting because some people see them as bad luck while others see them as good luck. All this will depend on what your feeling towards cats. Cats in dreams tend to sort of representing female friends around us.

They also are believed to represent particularly close relatives or close friends. The color of cats in dreams also mater a lot and Muslims always fear black cats because traditionally, a black cat in your dream was a sign of bad luck.

 So you may want to check on the color of the cats in your dream, if it’s a black cat, then it’s considered to be unlucky depending on your attitude towards them.

If it’s a sort of ginger or goldish cat in your dream, then that it actually represents and means that someone is about to help you out.

This may be financially or push you to new highs that you have always wanted to reach in your life.

A black and white cat means that some friend is in a situation where you need to give out a helping hand. Cats were very important messengers in the old days and some people still consider them to be of great meaning in our dreams to date.

Cats in dreams can also act as a little bit of a warning particularly if you have a close friend that is about to harm you. If a beautiful cat that you love attacks you in your dream, then it’s a warning that a close friend or relative is about to harm you.

Dreaming of playing with kittens though on the other side is very good news and a sign of good things to come in your life.

The key to understanding cats in dreams is to look at friend’s clothes rings around you because probably they are the cats in your dream.

Black Cats in Islam

There are Muslims that claim that Black cats are evil and should never be kept by Muslims.

According to Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem, who is one of the best Islamic teachers and may Allah protect him, there is a lady that said whenever she sees a black cat her heart starts beating rapidly.

She was taught that a black cat should not be in the house of a Muslim family when she was growing up. Muslims should know that such teachings are baseless.

Basically, a feeling that a black cat is jinxed or it is possessed by jinn are all lies because cats are simply cats whether they’re black, colored, or white. Some scholars have been reported to say that the black of a cat is the most devilish of all.

This is real sense is not really mean that all black cats are evil in Islam. There is also nowhere in the Quran that teaches Muslims to keep away from black cats. Any black cat is not necessarily to be a devil by itself or possessed by jinn.

A true Muslim believer should work on his or her relationship with Allah and not base their fear on God’s creatures.

You have to work on your crust and dependence on Allah because we have a saying in Arabic that goes like this, whoever fears a gene, then it would come up and pop up out for him.

You should not fear jinn because the jinn as described in ‘Surat al jinn’ in the Quran is that they are intimidated by the humans and they fear us.

However, once they see the tables are turned and the humans fear them, they start to intimidate them.

Muslims should not fear black cats because of jinn and evil. With the blessings and protection of Allah (SWTL) among us, how then can a true Muslim fear black cats claiming that they are evil? in fact, if you like a black cat as a Muslim, you are free to keep it.

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Can Muslims Keep Cats? Is Keeping A Cat Halal or Haram?
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