Muslim Prayer Mat or Rug Facts & Value

Muslim prayer mats are carpets upon which Muslims conduct their daily prayers. They vary in size, color, and thickness. Mats used to perform prayers domestically are designed for one person. Most prayer mats for Muslims are small, rectangular in shape and a Muslim should know what mat is okay to use. The ones used in […]

Miracles of Islam: Do Muslims Believe in Miracles?

Yes, Muslims believe in miracles and that is one of the great measures of Allah’s love to man. Allah is most merciful and precious with abundant love in Islam. He can perform miracles when He wishes to as a sign of care for Muslims. A miracle is an event or occurrence that is way beyond […]

Is Music Haram in Islam? [Muslims & Music]

Listening to music in Islam is a wide topic that is never settled among the youths today. This article will look at both reasons as to why some Muslims listen to music while others think it is haram. Prophet Mohamed said that a Muslim that listens to music will be humiliated in public by Allah. […]

Islamic View on Condoms, is it Allowed?

The use of condoms in Islam or any other contraception is only allowed in marriage and there has to be a very good reason for it. However, It is haram to use condoms as a Muslim if you are just having fun outside marriage. The use of condoms as a contraceptive measure in Islam is […]

Do Muslims Believe in Jesus Christ?

What do Muslims think about Jesus? Do they also take it that Jesus is the son of God like the Christians do? Well, this article is going to shed light on what Muslims think about Jesus and how they look at Jesus as compared to Christians.  There are several areas where Islam differs from Christianity […]

Do Muslims Drink Coffee? Is it Haram or Halal?

Some Muslims think coffee is haram because it has the ability to make you proactive just like any other drug. This is what brings up the question of coffee being haram or halal in Islam. Coffee is not haram in Islam and history has it that the first person to discover coffee was a Muslim. […]

Can Muslims Keep Dogs? Is Keeping A Dog Halal or Haram?

While some Muslims believe that dogs are haram, some keep them for security reasons in the modern society. However, Muslims can keep dogs as long as they play an important role in their lives. Muslims are allowed to keep dogs only for farming, hunting, and guiding but not as pets. Dogs inside the house are […]

Can Muslims Get Tattoos? [Tattoos in Islam]

The question of tattoos being haram or halal for young Muslims is never answered in a clear way. Tattoos are becoming a trend, especially in western countries. The young Muslims who live there sometimes get confused. Muslims can get temporary tattoos like those that Muslim women have on their hands or legs. Temporary tattoos are […]

Muslims Converting to Christianity

Why are there young Muslims converting to Christianity in modern society? – well, everyday people make different choices with the purpose of having a better life here on earth and in the life after. When someone chooses to leave Islam and convert to Christianity, he/she must be ready to deal with the obvious critics from […]

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