Farts That Brakes Wudu [Gas Problem & Wudu]

A Muslim should also not touch the Quran after passing wind gas even if you were in the process of reading it. Purity and physical cleanliness are very important in Islam. You should never have any foul smell during prayers. A fart that breaks wudu in Islam is any gas that comes out of your […]

How to Become a Muslim: Converting to Islam

Converting to Islam is as simple as believing that Islam is the one and true religion. Then you have to do the following so that you become a Muslim; Recite the Shahada which is the first and important pillar of Islam Learn more about the five pillars of Islam You will then study how to […]

Can You Take Medication While Fasting?

In Islam, there are cases where medication can break your fast or not. If the medication can be taken without food, then you can take it with a very small amount of water and continue fasting. You need to consult because your safety is Important. It is okay to take medication while fasting. However, you […]

Is Red Bull Halal or Haram in Islam?

Can Muslims drink red bull? Yes, Red Bull is halal and Muslims can drink it because it does not contain any alcohol. Islam is against alcoholic drinks and you should always check the contents of any energy drink before you take it. Some people think that Islam is just against things for no reason. There […]

Doing and Plucking Eyebrows in Islam, Is It Haram?

Doing your eyebrows in Islam by plucking or cutting them completely is haram. However, there are situations where Muslims are allowed to trim the eyebrows as explained below. In Islam, it is haram to pluck or cut your eyebrows because the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that anyone who does that is cursed. However, it is […]

Is Hand Practice Haram in Islam?

Yes, hand practice is haram in Islam because Muslims are commanded to protect their private parts from everything except their wives. You are not married to your hands in order for them to satisfy you and this alone makes self-pleasure a sin in Islam. We also know that Allah (SWT) commands us as Muslims not […]

Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

Muslims should not celebrate birthdays because they are not based on Islamic teachings and the Quran. Birthdays are haram in Islam because they glorify the pagan way of life. There is nothing like a birthday celebration in Islam and this is a non-Islamic tradition. Even if it has become so widespread, there is no Hadith […]

Does Vomiting Break Your Fast in Islam?

Vomiting does not break your fast unless it is intentional. If the vomit is not intentional then you can continue with the fast in Islam. If you throw up intentionally, then the vomit shall have broken your fast. To determine if vomiting will break your fast in Islam, you have to know that vomit is […]

Beard in Islam Trimming, Benefits & Maintenance

Growing beards in Islam is important because the Prophet Muhammad commanded Muslims to keep beards and not to pluck them off. In more than ten hadiths, the Sahaba kept their beards at the length of one fist or more as they pleased. Based on this, we can clearly say that it is okay for Muslims […]

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