Islamic Toilet Rules and Istinja Guide

How to Clean Yourself After Toilet in Islam, Islamic Toilet Rules, Istinja Guide

Muslims are required to use running water when cleaning their soiled private parts after visiting the toilet. In cases where there is no water, Muslims are then allowed to use toilet papers.

This cleansing or washing after using the toilet in Islam is known as Istinja.

It is important to learn how to do this process so that you become pure and free from physical impurities.

In Islam, there is a code of conduct and a set of rules that should be followed after using the toilet.

This is important because being free from human waste is one of the rules a Muslim should observe before prayers or touching the Quran.

Some of the Islamic toilet rules that Muslims should observe while using the bathroom include:

  1. Ensure your left foot is the first to step in the toilet when you enter
  2. A Muslim should remember to face away from the Qibla when using the toilet
  3. Do not talk while using the toilet
  4. Do not and never eat while in the toilet
  5. Never recite or read the Quran in the toilet whatsoever
  6. Never Take the Quran to the toilet or even near it
  7. Do not drink anything in the toilet
  8. Never use your right hand to wash your private parts after using the toilet in Islam
  9. Use running water
  10. Ensure you use your left hand to rub the soiled area clean
  11. Do not make your positive plans in the toilet
  12. Use a minimum of three wipes or if you have to do more, ensure the wipes are in od numbers
  13. Never let your kids play or enter in the toilet when they still don’t know the rules
  14. Ensure your right foot is the one that steps outside as you leave the toilet
How to Clean Yourself After Toilet in Islam, Islamic Toilet Rules, Istinja Guide
How to Clean Yourself After Toilet in Islam, Islamic Toilet Rules, Istinja Guide

When we look at those rules, we see that most of them are for our own good in Islam.

They will protect us from bacterial infections and the evil that dominates the toilets in general.

Can Muslims use toilet paper?

Yes, Muslims can use toilet papers when they are in areas where there is no water to wash themselves.

In this case, you may use a toilet paper in Islam after urination or bowel movement because it is not your fault that there is no water.

However, note that this should only happen when there is no access to water at all and therefore you have no option.

This is because water is the most recommended and the best way to clean yourself.

This is why there are Islamic toilet etiquettes that are set in place to ensure that Muslims remain clean and pure after using the toilet.

You should note that it is haram for a Muslim to use toilet papers when there is clean water to do istinja.

This is because there is no reason why you should use a toilet paper when there is clean water.

Using clean running water is what is expected of you as a Muslim. It is there for haram for you to go against the Islamic teachings when you have no reasons or excuses.

Physical cleanliness is also very important in Islam and this should never be ignored.

How to Clean Yourself After Toilet in Islam

When you have already used the toilet and you want to clean yourself in Islam the halal way, here is what to do. This is always easy especially if there is a bidet in the toilet.

A bidet is the water sprayer that always found the toilet that helps you to easily wash your private parts after urination or passing out stools in Islam.

This is very common and is always automatically installed in almost all the toilets located in Arabic countries.

They are also common in areas where the majority of the population are Muslims.

  1. Hold the hand shower or a bidet with your right hand
  2. Spray lots of water on the soiled area while rubbing it clean with your hand
  3. Ensure do this until you are sure it is clean
  4. You may then take some toilet paper and use it to dry yourself
  5. Flush the toilet again and then finish up by cleaning your hands using soap and water

There is also another option that you may use in case there is no hand showers in the toilet. This is as simple as using a bottle or a disposable container.

This process is very important to learn especially if you live in non-Islamic regions were they do not provide the bidets or hand showers in the toilet.

Here is how to clean yourself in Islamic way after using the toilet in western countries;

  1. Get a clean bottle or a small container that you can hold with your hand easily
  2. Fill the container or the bottle with water then carry it with you to the toilet
  3. After you are done using the toilet
  4. Hold the bottle or the containers with your right hand and pour the water on the soiled area
  5. Use your left hand to rub or wash the soiled area clean
  6. You may then use a toilet paper if available to tap yourself dry
  7. Proceed to the sink and wash your hands with soap and water

How to Use Western Toilet in Islamic Way

Muslims in western countries always ask how they can istinja to clean themselves after using the restroom because in most cases, there is no bidet showers as compared to the toilets in the Islamic countries.

So in western countries, this is not common because they use toilet papers to wipe after using the toilet yet a Muslim would need a hand held bidet to clean his or her self.

Here are some few steps on how to do istinja in western toilets;

  1. After passing out stools
  2. Take some toilet paper and roll it on your hand like 3 or 4 times
  3. Use your left hand to hold it
  4. Add some clean water to it from the sink
  5. Just ensure it is soaked just a little bit because too much water will over soak it
  6. Use this to wipe your self while folding and turning it to use the clean sides
  7. Repeat until when you wipe, you can no longer see any stains on it
  8. Flush the toilet then proceed to wash your hands with soap and water
  9. It is also important to note that when using toilet papers that are of low quality, just try to sprinkle very little water so that they do not stick on you.

Those are the simple steps on how to use the western toilets in Islamic way in cases where there are no bidet showers.

This will leave you clean just like it is required in Islam and you should be fine.

The aim of using clean running water is to leave you spotlessly clean just like this will also help you.

For those who are naturally hairy, it is also important to learn how to shave your butt hair so that you will always have no problems while using this method to do istinja in western toilets.

How to Clean Yourself After Urination in Islam

After urination, Muslims may clean wash themselves easily using a bidet hand held shower. This is just as simple as following those simple steps:

  1. Hold the bidet hand shower with your right hand
  2. Spray or sprinkle the water on your private parts as you wash using your left hand
  3. You may use a toilet paper to tap yourself so that you dry any water droplets
  4. Proceed to the sink and wash your hands with lots of water and soap

In case there is no hand held shower like a bidet in the toilet, then you may use the following steps;

  1. Take an a little or just enough toilet paper
  2. Sprinkle very little water on it and wipe yourself with it
  3. When using poor quality toilet paper, do not use water because it may stick on you even if you sprinkle very little water
  4. This can be a challenge especially to women
  5. It is then advisable to just wipe using the toilet paper and letter wash at your own convenience
  6. Finalize this process by washing your hands using clean water and soap

Dua or Prayer for Going into The Toilet in Islam

Islamic toilet rules also dictate that there are certain prayers that you should say before entering the toilet and after using the toilet while you leave.

After entering the toilet while ensuring that your left foot is the one that steps into the toilet, you should then say a dua that will protect you from any evil associated with the toilet in Islam.

Here is the dua or prayer that you should say when entering the toilet;

“Bismillah, Allaahumma innee a’uthu bika minal-khubuthi wal khabaa’ith”;

this means that you are simply seeking protection from Allah (SWT) so that He may keep you from any male or female devil and all the evil that is always associated with the toilet.

While leaving the toilet, a Muslim should also ensure that the right foot is the first to step outside because the right foot symbolizes positivity in general.

While leaving the toilet, a Muslim should say “ghufraanaka”, this is to mean that Allah’s forgiveness is being sought for any evil done or involved in knowingly or unknowingly.

General Islamic Toilet Rules and Istinja Guide

Muslims will always have a challenge when there is no water for cleaning after using the toilet.

That is why it is important to know what is haram or halal when it comes to using the toilet in Islam.

We all know that when people answer the call of nature, is it is always a long call or a short nature call.

We may sometimes we may refer to urinating as number one and Moving bowels as number two.

So you always either urinate or you defecate and the means of purity in Islam by cleansing your body after using the toilet is essential and part of our Islamic religion.

Islamic history has it that the Jews went to Salman (may peace be upon him) and started mocking and judging him that their Prophet had taught them everything even how to use the toilet.

We are told that Salman was not angered by this but rather he saw it as a medal of honor and respect that they were putting on him.

He proudly said yes and told them that the Prophet Muhamad (PBUH) ordered the Muslims not to face or give their backs to the Qibla when in the process of answering the call of nature.

He also added that Muslims are told not to hold their private parts or to wipe clean with their right hands. Muslims are also commanded not to use less than three stones.

By this, the scholars say that Salman was referring to dry wiping because when you defecate or urinate, you have two means of purifying yourself and this is a must in Islam.

Muslims have to do this and it is not something you do only when you feel like because this is a command and the Islamic way of life that is expected of you to follow.

Every single time a Muslim goes to the toilet, they have to purify themselves with one of the two ways.

The first one which is the most preferred to wash with clean water and the other one is to wipe using a toilet paper or something like that because in the past, they used stones.

Istinja is the most recommended way of purifying yourself after using the toilet and this is the finest and the best.

That is to wash your private parts using clean running water from this impurity until it is clean.

The second one is called istijmar, and this is using dry substances such as stones or toilet papers in the modern world.

It is okay for Muslims to use toilet papers if there is no water and this is totally legit.

This means that if a Muslim is in an area where there is no access to water or even if you have access to water but you cannot use it, it is okay to use the toilet papers.

This is totally legit but it has to be a minimum of three wipes and the more you do it past the three wipes, you have to ensure that it has to be in odd numbers.

This means that it is either three, five, or seven times in that order of even numbers.

You will have to count as you repeat the wiping process until you are satisfied that you are clean and that there is nothing out coming anymore.

Islam is a very beautiful religion and the rules that are set are always for our own good.

Those who ignore them will always find themselves in trouble in one way or the other.

May Allah (SWT) protect you and your family so that you are guided to the right path and remain loyal to his will and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed(PBUH)

How to clean after toilet in Islam, Istinja Video

Stopping Farts That Break Wudu in Islam

Stopping Farts That Break Wudu in Islam

Farting before or during Salah is haram in Islam because this will break your purity that you get after performing wudu.

Even if you pass out gas accidentally, you should still stop your prayers and cleanse yourself again in Islam.

Farting breaks your wudu in Islam and out should also not touch the Quran when you have passed out gas even if you were in the process of reading it.

Purity and physical cleanliness is very important in Islam and one should never have any foul smell during prayers.

It does not matter if your fart is smelly or not, you still need to perform ablution before you pray or read the Quran.

Muslims should learn how to stop and control their farts because it is very important in validity of their prayers.

Stopping Farts That Break Wudu in Islam
Stopping Farts That Break Wudu in Islam

Allah will not accept your prayers before you cleanse yourself as a Muslim and farting is listed as one of the things that break wudu.

Does Inside Farts Break Wudu?

No, inside farts mean that you have held the fart from coming out therefore it is still within your body.

Inside farts will not break your wudu in any way because it is not physical.

Always remember that passing out gas through the anus is what breaks your wudu because you are now considered to be unclean.

What is considered to be a fart in Islam is the fact that you have passed out gas from your inside to the outside through the anus. This is what is considered to be a fart in Islam and you should never touch the Quran or pray after farting in Islam.

The kind of farts that will break wudu are the ones that come out of your body in form of gas weather it is smelly or not.

The gas that passes from your body through the anus is the kind of fart that breaks wudu in Islam.

Farting or gassing is part and parcel of our daily lives. An average person farts over 10 times a day.

They are gases produced by the digestive system during digestion. Healthy farts do not smell. They just come out as gas.

Smelly farts that irritate the nose and would make your company want to leave the room are not healthy.

In most cases they are an indication of an underlying health issue. The clinical term for fart is flatulence.

Does holding farts break wudu? No, holding in wind or farts does not break wudu in any way because you have not physically released the gas. It is only the release of the gas physically that breaks your wudu.

What happens if you fart during Salah?

Passing wind during Salah is haram and you need to stop your Salah immediately even if you accidentally fart during Salah.

You should then perform your wudu again for you to become clean so that you can continue with the prayers.

However, it is also important to give yourself time before you perform the wudu because you may have not finished the process of passing wing completely.

If possible, you should also go out and let some fresh air flow through your clothes so that you are free from any smell that may distract your prayers.

If possible, you should consider changing your clothes so that you remain fresh and free from the smelly gas especially if you are praying with other people.

It is not okay to smell badly among others because you will be distracting them.

However, there are people that may be having underlying conditions and they keep on passing out gas all the time. In this case, some Muslims always say that you may just perform your wudu and pray as usual.

But if the gas is smelly, you cannot pray with other people because you will be destructing their prayers.

It is only Allah(SWT) who will judge you in this case because you have no control over what is happening to you.

Perfuming wudu after sleeping is also important because while you are sleeping, chances are high that your body is relaxed and you may pass out gas unknowingly.

It is therefore always advised that you perform your ablution after sleep so that you can pray or touch the Quran.

This is because we do not know what has made us unclean while we were sleeping.

How to Control or Stop Smelly Farts That Break Wudu in Islam

Here is how to get rid of smelly farts that smell like sewage or rotten eggs.

Passing out bad smelly gas after wudu or during salah in some cases may depend on what we eat.

A tumor or growth in your digestion system may also cause you to pass out smelly gas with bloating.

Smelly flatulence is unavoidable especially when you eat food that makes you gassed up.

The only way to avoid smelly fart is to not eat these types of food. But you cannot most of this food because of their nutrition benf3eits to the body.

There are other causes of bad smelly fart that can be prevented. Drinking a lot of water will save you from constipation.

However, there are some simple steps to use at home that can help get rid of the bloating and the foul smell of the flatulence.

1. Ginger

Ginger is easily available in the market. It prevents the buildup of gas in the stomach.

You can eat gassy food and take ginger soon after you finish eating.

Ginger helps in digestion of food hence there will be no room for fermentation and gas formation.

This will really help you in getting rid of farts after performing wudu;

What you need

  1. Ginger
  2. Grater
  3. Sieve

What to do

  1. Wash a few stems of ginger using clean water
  2. Boil a glass of water
  3. Grate ginger and add to the hot boiled water and cover
  4. Let the ginger steep for 20 minutes
  5. Sieve off the ginger and drink the juice
  6. You can as well the chew raw ginger and suck on the soup
  7. Eat ginger at least twice a day.

2. Apple cider Vinegar

Apple cider helps in digestion. Indigestion is the major cause of gas build-up. It gives instant relief of a bloated stomach and smelly gas.


  1. Apple cider vinegar
  2. Distilled water

What to do

  1. Warm a glass of distilled water
  2. Add a tablespoon full of apple cider vinegar
  3. Stir to mix
  4. Drink this water on an empty stomach before you eat
  5. Repeat this 3 times a day


Peppermint has a fresh smell. It will ease digestion and get rid of the smelly fart.

What you need

  1. Peppermint leaves
  2. Clean water
  3. Sieve  

How to use it to get rid of smelly gas

  1. Boil peppermint leaves in two glasses of clean water for about 10 minutes.
  2. Cover the juice and let it cool
  3. Sieve off the peppermint leaves
  4. Drink the juice on an empty stomach
  5. Repeat this 3 times a day

3. Other ways of stopping smelly farts after wudu

Apart from the smelly gas solutions discussed above, there are other healthy practices that you can adhere to avoid frequent occurrence of smelly flatulence. The following are a few insights;

  1. Do not eat a lot of food at ago. Spread out your meals. Eat in small portion but often.
  2. When eating or drinking ensures that you chew your food properly then swallow it slowly and gently.
  3. Drink plenty of water.
  4. Practise yoga exercises that help you release gas easily from your system. You can get these exercises from YouTube videos.
  5. Avoid eating food that is not easily digested. People with food intolerance should not take any food that contains what you are intolerant to e.g. lactose, gluten, fructose or sucrose.

Smelly gas can make you dread having company because they come like an unstoppable thief.

It is a reflex action. Whether you are alone or with the company, it is good to train yourself to hold onto your fart and go release it in the restroom.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. If you master the art of releasing them away from the audience, you will save yourself embarrassments.

Continue reading for an in-depth understanding of smelly farts and how you can be able to control or get rid of them

When to see a doctor

A smelly fart that occur once in a while is no cause for alarm, especially when you have eaten food rich in sulfur like beans and certain vegetables.

However, if your smelly fart is persistent and gets worse by the day then you need to seek professional advice.

You may be having an underlying health Issue as fatal as colon cancer.

Other symptoms apart from smelly fart that should compel you to get checked by a doctor include; nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, fatigue, fever, pain in lower abdomen, and muscles.

Causes of smelly farts all the time after wudu

Why am I having bad foul smelly gas all the time? As stated earlier, bad smelly fart is caused by a variety of factors that influence the production of smelly gas in the digestive system during digestion.

For you to learn how to get of smelly farts, we believe you have to know the causes and reasons as to why you keep passing out smelly gas.

This will help you a lot in dealing will the situation because if you deal with the cause, you will definitely stop passing out smelly farts.

Here are some detailed causes of smelly farts all the time during Salah or after taking wudu;

1. Bacteria

A certain type bacterium that produce sulfur compounds lives in the colon.

As food is digested these bacteria will produce compounds like hydrogen sulphide.

Increases in the number of these bacteria results into more production of sulfur compound gas produced.

Certain food types influence the multiplication of these bacteria hence smellier fart.

These bacteria cause infection in the large intestines. This is why you have bad smelly gas all the time.

2. Diet

What you eat influences the production and smell of your flatulence.

Proteins and vegetables that are rich in fiber are responsible for smelly fart.

They contain sulfur that turns into hydrogen sulphide gas during digestion.

The digestive system doesn’t have enzymes that can break down the sugar in these types of food.

They then ferment in the colon with the help of bacteria. This is why you produce gas that smells like rotten eggs. In chemistry labs, hydrogen sulphide is identified by a gas that smells like rotten eggs.

Including these foods in your diet will guarantee you smelly flatulence.

They are healthy foods and important for a balance diet so you have no option but to put up with the smell. Fiber also helps in preventing constipation.

Beans is the most notorious cause of smelly flatulence since it contains a family of natural sugar called raffinose that when not broken down will produce the bad smelly fart.

The good news is that you can reduce the amount of raffinose in beans by soaking them in water.

Other examples of foods that cause smelly flatulence include;

  1. Broccoli
  2. Cabbage
  3. Garlic / Onions
  4. Meat
  5. Fish
  6. Eggs
  7. Beer/Wine
  8. Dried fruits

3. Medicine

Antibiotic medicine works by killing bacteria that is causing an infection.

Once the bacteria are dead your body heals. Unfortunately, some antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria but clear the good bacteria too.

Good bacteria usually keep bad bacteria in check. When these antibiotics kill the good bacteria in the stomach then it leaves you vulnerable to the production of bad smelling gas in the near future.

Always ask about the type of antibiotics you want to use. A professional will know the best antibiotic to prescribe for you after checking your medical history.

Avoid taking antibiotics over the counter without consulting. Just because it worked for someone else doesn’t mean it is will be effective for you as well.

People who take supplements and diabetic drugs are also subjected to getting smelly flatulence. Ibuprofen, laxatives and antifungal medication will also make you get gassed up.

4. Constipation

When you are constipated then it means that you haven’t pooped for a while.

An average healthy human poops at least once a day. The accumulation of digestive waste and bacteria in the large intestines causes build-up of bad odor.

You pass this bad gas out of your system inform of smelly fart. Drinking 2 liters if water a day prevents constipation.

food rich in fiber also helps with constipation.

5. Intolerance to certain foods

Intolerance to food means that these types of food cannot be digested in your stomach.

They move as they are to your large intestines where they get fermented by the bacteria in the colon.

This results in production of bad smelling gas from your system.

People can be intolerant to lactose (dairy products), gluten, fructose (fresh fruits) and sucrose (processed sugar).

Eating food that contain any of these causes swelling of the large intestine and prevent their absorption into the blood stream.

They then ferment and smell bad. Related symptoms of food intolerance are as follows;

  1. Bloating
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Visible mucus in your poop
  4. Lethargy
  5. Loss of weigh

6. Colon Diseases

Certain diseases in the colon such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, colon cancer and ulcerative colitis cause inflammation of the colon.

These swelling cause malabsorption of digested food into the blood stream.

The unabsorbed products of digestion ferment and produce a bad smell that comes out as smelly fart.

You should get checked when you still have smelly fart even after elimination of the other causes.

Smelly farts during early pregnancy

Pregnancy can also be the cause of farting all the time after wudu or during Salah.

Some women may experience a sudden increase of passing out gas when pregnant.

As soon as you get pregnant your body undergoes changes including hormonal imbalance.

The level of a hormone called progesterone increases. High levels of progesterone will relax your body muscles, including the muscles in your gut (digestive tract).

The rate of digestion is slowed down when the muscles of the intestines relax. The food mixes with bacteria and ferments to produce smelly gas.

It is more difficult to control the passing of gas while pregnant due to the relaxed muscles.

Your growing uterus will also keep exacting pressure on your abdominal cavity and end up slowing digestion.

You cannot afford to boycott food that causes build-up of gas while you are pregnant because these foods are healthy for the baby and for you too.

The best you can do is spread out your meals by eating in small portions frequently. Exercising and avoiding carbonated drinks will be of great help.

Causes of smelly farts before period

It is not abnormal to have smelly farts before period. Your period is a result of a disappointed uterus that has to shade its thick bloody lining.

Before your period begins, your body has been literally preparing for pregnancy.

The amount of hormone progesterone increases so that in case you get pregnant the body is not caught off guard.

Excess progesterone relaxes the body muscles hence slows down digestion.

Food overstays in the intestines and ferments after mingling with bacteria. This results into build-up of smelly gas.

After shedding off the uterine lining inform of period, the body accepts that there is no chance of a pregnancy.

Levels of progesterone will fall back to normal. Digestion process will go back to the normal rate and your farts will become less smelly.

You just have to learn to put up with the smell for a short period of time.

If you have a perfect menstrual cycle then you can be able to control the smelly farts.

All you have to do is watch out for the date of your next period and avoid taking food that will gas you up as that date approaches. This way you will hardly get blotted.

Are smelly farts with missed period a pregnancy sign?

Yes! Smelly farts with missed period can be a sign of pregnancy because high levels of progesterone are associated with smelly flatulence.

Progesterone softens muscles and slow down digestion. This makes food to ferment in the intestines and produce bad smelly gas.

Missed period shows you are definitely pregnant and the levels of progesterone aren’t backing down any time soon.

You should take a pregnancy test just to make sure that you are pregnant.

There are other symptoms of pregnancy like nausea, vomiting and fever that will confirm your doubts.

Why some do farts burn and smell bad?

Farts smell bad when they are made up of sulfur compounds like hydrogen sulfide.

There are certain types of food like beans that contain sulfur. You eat them and boom! Sewage smells emanating from your rear.

A slow digestion process also results into bad smelling fart. Food stays too long in the large intestine and ferments to [produce smelly gas that comes out of the anus as bad odour.

There are bacteria in the large intestines that aid in the production of this bad smelling gas.

Foul Smelly gas and bloating

Bloating refers to the selling of the stomach due to gas. Swallowing excess gas while Eating or drinking will make you feel blotted.

This gas will be released by farting or belching. Eating food that is rich in sulfur or natural sugars will cause foul smelly gas and bloating.

These types of food are not digested in the stomach and cannot be absorbed from the large intestine.

They end up fermenting and produce a bad smell. Bloating causes a lot of pain since the gas stretches the stomach.

Antacids like actal or eno help in expelling the gas out of your system. Taking activated charcoal will reduce the smell of your gas.

Foul smelling gas constipation

When you are constipated you tend to pass bad smelly fart instead of poop.

Constipation makes your bowel waste to stay for too long in the rectum and large intestines before coming out since it is too compact.

The digestive will begin to stink and produce bad smell. The bacteria in the colon make the smell even worse.

You need to drink plenty of water and eat food rich in fiber in order to combat constipation. Once you get rid of constipation your fart will go back to normal.

Smelly flatulence with stomach pain

Smelly flatulence with stomach pain is mostly caused by bloating after eating food that contains sulfur or are indigestible.

Ensure you seek help if the stomach pain is persistent yet you are not bloated.

There are several health conditions and diseases s of the digestive tract that cause discomfort in the stomach.

They include; Irritable bowel syndrome, Lactose intolerance, constipation, celiac disease, crown’s diseases and ulcerative colitis.

Passing excessive smelly gas like sewage, rotten eggs

Gas that smells like rotten eggs or sewage is sulfur compound gas like hydrogen sulphide.

There are bacteria in the stomach that produce these smelly gases. The more the population of bacteria in the stomach the more you will experience bad smelling gas.

Taking food that you are intolerant to will also trigger the production of these bad smelly farts.

Smelly farts cancer

Cancer of the colon causes inflammation in the colon hence interferes with absorption of food into the blood stream.

The food stays in the large intestine for long and ferments. These results into bad smelly farts.

The cause of colon cancer is not known but professionals suspect that a drastic change in diet can cause colon cancer.

The symptoms of colon cancer include;

  1. Feeling full even if you haven’t eaten
  2. Significant weight loss
  3. Inconsistent bowel habits
  4. Bloody discharge in your poop
  5. Abdominal cramps
  6. Bloating

Consult whenever you observe the above symptoms, especially if they are persistent.

A process called colonoscopy is used to diagnose the large intestines.

Can gluten cause smelly farts?

Yes, gluten causes smelly flatulence in people who Are gluten intolerant.

The gluten does not get digested in the stomach and moves to the large intestines undigested.

This makes it difficult for the gluten to be absorbed out of the colon into the blood stream.

It stays in the large intestines and gets fermented by bacteria. The result is smelly gas that comes out of the anus as smelly flatulence.

What causes smelly farts in babies?

Smelly farts in babies are entirely a mother’s fault. Babies feed on breast milk.

When a breast feeding mother eats food that are rich in sulfur then the babies will get it from the breast milk.

Eating beans, high fiber vegetables, and red meat will make both the mother and the baby have smelly flatulence.

Smelly flatulence may also be a sign of an infection in the stomach of the baby.

Take the baby to a pediatrician in case you observe other symptoms such as vomiting, fever, crying all the time and poor feeding.

Other Solutions of smelly flatulence

Smelly farts are a by-product of what you eat or a disease. So treating the underlying health condition is the only way to get rid of smelly flatulence.

Unfortunately, some of the foods that because smelly flatulence contains essential nutrients and fibers so you can’t get rid of them entirely.

There are ways of controlling these side effects. Bloating is solved by antacids.

Activated charcoal will counter the bad smell of the farts. Both can be obtained over the counter from a chemist.

Do you have to wash yourself after passing wind in Islam?

No, Muslims are not commanded to wash their butts after farting but rather, they should only perform the wudu. After passing out gas, you should take your wudu, and that is enough. There is nowhere that you are told to wash your private parts after farting in Islam.

Farts smell bad because of reactions in the digestive system that result in bad smelling gas such as sulfur.

There are certain food types that contain sulfur. Eating such types of food makes you pass foul-smelling gas. Some medications especially antibiotics also cause bad smelly farts.

You should not take smelly fart for granted because in some cases they may be a symptom of a serious underlying health issue in the digestive system.

Passing out excessive foul stinky gas flatulence while having stomach upsets after wudu is definitely a symptom that you ate something that is not really good for your stomach.

You should therefore try and watch what you eat because farting all the time may keep nullifying your wudu and this can also really distract you during Salah.

You should only wash your private parts in Islam after urinating or passing out of human waste.

This is also one of the reasons why it is important to learn how to shave your butt area so that stools do not remain on you even after washing.  

How to Become a Muslim: Converting to Islam

How to Become a Muslim, Converting to Islam

Converting to Islam is as simple as believing that Islam is the one and true religion. Then you have to do the following so that you become a Muslim;

  1. Recite the Shahada which is the first and important pillar of Islam
  2. Learn more about the five pillars of Islam
  3. You will then study how to pray and what to say when praying five times a day.
  4. You will also need to learn how to perform the Wudu which is a physical way of purifying your body before any prayers or reading the Quran
  5. You will then be taught how to read and study the Quran as you continue growing in your new faith by knowing what is haram or halal
  6. If possible, it is important to go to a mosque or find a Muslim to guide you through these steps so that you get them right.
How to Become a Muslim, Converting to Islam
How to Become a Muslim, Converting to Islam

Note that converting to Islam is as simple as that. Islam is a beautiful religion and those who do not know much about it are the ones who will think it is complicated.

It keeps you on the right path and shapes you morally. Those who do evil things that involve hating Christians or hurting people from other religions are not true Muslims.

This is because Islam is Peace and true Muslims live in peace and harmony.

What to Say When Someone Converts to Islam

The first thing you will say when converting to Islam is the shahada. This means that you will acknowledge that there is no other god except Allah (SWT) and Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) is His last messenger on earth.

The converting act might look and seem very simple and easy but keep in mind that the real meaning behind those words should be very deep and should not just be used when you are not that ready.

To convert to Islam, this is the sentence that one is supposed to say it goes like this;

“La Ilaha Illa Allah, Mohammad Rasool Allah,” this is a testimony of faith which is known as the shahada which is the first pillar of Islam.

Allah is the only god that you as a Muslim should believe in and despite having different kinds of messengers the final one on earth was Prophet Mohammad(PBUH).

Being a Muslim is that easy and as a new member, you are taken into a new world whereby, you become closer to Allah (SWT).

This helps to strengthen your relationship with Him. In fact, this helps you a lot because you end up living a better life that has been approved to be halal.

When you want to say your shahada, you can also decide on where you want to say it or the person who you want to help you in the process.

Let the person conducting it to be aware of what you prefer during the process so that they guide you through what is right and wrong.

What Happens After Converting to Islam?

Let us have it in mind that when you are a new Muslim convert, this comes with new responsibilities.

Meaning that you have to be cautious about what you do since you are supposed to live according to Allah’s will as taught through the Prophet (PBUH).

In addition to that, when you are making decisions, make sure that they please Allah because there is a way of doing things in Islam and you can always ask to be assisted by any Muslim around you.

So after accepting that you only believe in Allah and follow in His teachings as guided by His Prophet, here is what you need to do.

It is your own duty to ensure that your relationship with him is build up on a daily basis by reading the Quran and praying daily.

We all know that Muslims have different five prayers in a day and if possible, its always good to perform all of them.  

You can pray anywhere using a Muslim prayer mat as long as you are facing mecca which is the most important thing.

Below are some of the things you should know when you become a Muslim;

  1. You should believe that the Holy Quran is the exact word by God that was said by him
  2. All the other prophets including Jesus are equal and Mohamad is the last Prophet sent by Allah
  3. You should also believe that the day of judgment is real and shall come to pass as promised in the Holy Quran
  4. As an individual, you should also accept Islam as your religion
  5. You should not worship any other God apart from Allah (SWT)
  6. Try and dress like a Muslim and find more about the Islamic way of life

What Is It Called When You Convert to Islam?

Converting to Islam is called reverting to Islam. When one decides to convert to and become a Muslim, we say that he or she has riveted to Islam since Muslims believe that Islam is the only one true religion.

So the word reverting is used because it is believed that you have just found the original path and the right path that you are supposed to stay and focus on.

It means that he or she has decided on taking a new identity religion wise.

Therefore, as an individual, you have to learn gradually to learn the Islamic way of life and practices so as to avoid going against the law.

How do Muslims Practice Their Religion?

Muslims practice their religion by holding firm onto the five pillars of Islam. Just like other religions have rules that guide them, Islam also has the five important pillars that you need to learn more about after becoming a Muslim.

Muslims worldwide are known to practice the five pillars in their daily lives.

They do fulfill the life that was lived by the Prophet (PBUH) while He was still alive.

The kind of life that the prophet lived was a sensible life and one wise as well.

This is based on the fact that He was sent by Allah to Guide us just like the other prophets were also sent.

The Life of Prophet Muhamad(PBUH) serves as an example to Muslims on how they should practice their religion because we are encouraged to live like Him.

5 Pillars of Islam

Those pillars are presented in the Holy book of Quran as assign of faith and commitment to Islamic religion.

Below are different are the five different types of pillar in Islam;

1. Shahada

Shahada this is the declaration of one’s faith. This means that that as a Muslim, you only believe in one God that is Allah and that the Prophet Muhamad is His last messenger.

in most cases, this phrase is always said in Arabic like this, “la ilha illah illahu muhammadun rasulu ilha” In this declaration, there are two parts.

The first one being that there is no other god but Allah, and on the second phrase shows that Mohammed is the last true messenger of God sent to us so that we may know what God expects of us.

The first section of the shahad is also used in the Tawhid prayer which is a major component of the Islamic faith.

Well, Mohammad (PBUH) is known as the last prophet in Islam and most of the Muslims tend to follow His guidance so as to live a righteous life.

Most of those who convert into Islamic religion recites this verse as a way of joining the Islamic religion community which is the known as the ‘Ummah’.

The shahada is very important and we realize that it is mentioned in almost All the prayers in Islam. This is because it keeps cementing and sealing your faith in God.

Do not forget that when a new born is born and brought to this world, those words are always used on his/her first day on earth.

The same is told to a person that is dead and on his/her last day on the earth.

This shows that this pillar is a very important one in the Islamic community since it is part of a Muslim’s daily to day life. 

2. Prayers or Salat

Daily prayer or the salat is the second pillar of the Islamic religion. The prayers are supposed to be carried out five times within a day in the Arabic language.

However, when you are a new Muslim, you will be taught what to say until you have mastered the prayers and how to perform them.

This is why it is important to become a Muslim under the guidance of someone who is already practicing it.

Put in mind that all those prayers have a strict time that they are supposed to be carried out and all Muslims are supposed to pray while facing the holy city of Mecca.

During this time of prayers, Muslims tend to focus on God who is referred to as Allah in this case whereby, they strengthen their relationship by communicating to Him.

Looking at the five prayers names, most of them are named in accordance to the prayer time for example;

  1. Fajir is performed before sunrise
  2. Dhuhur in the midday after which the sun has passed its highest point
  3. Asr is the afternoon prayer
  4. Maghrib is the evening prayer
  5. Last but not the list is the Asr which is done at the night

You should also note that this prayer is not just carried out before cleansing yourself.

A Muslim has to be physically clean and pure and this is done by the act of washing which is also known as taking the Wudu.

Prayers are supposed to be compulsory but may be subjected to situations.

There are certain circumstances that may force you to skip your prayers. Islam is understanding and you are never punished for that.

Most of the prayers are carried out in the Arabic language since the verses that are used come from the Holy Quran.

This is why before you learn this, you will be taught what to say and you should never worry about it.

Muslims are allowed to perform there Salah or Prayers anywhere as long as the ground is clean.

However, it is always a good thing to use your prayer mats or go to the nearest mosque.

It is also good for Muslims to fellowship together because the unity pleases Allah Most.

For those who are unable to reach the mosque, you are allowed to perform the prayer in your house.

In most cases, Friday is the day that most Muslims come together as a congregation just like the Christians gather on Saturdays or Sundays.

3. Zakat or Alms

This is also referred to as the thanksgiving. This is fulfilled by giving part of your income to Allah so that it is used in His work.

The work includes building the mosques, helping the poor, and needy people in the society among other issues that glorify Allah.

You can do this annually or every Friday and during the fasting, you will also be guided on how you can give food to the poor so that Allah may also multiply your blessings.

When you are giving out as a Muslim, it does not mean that you are doing it by force but it is as a way of giving out what Allah has offered unto you so that others can also benefit in the society.

The offerings are helpful to the Islamic community at large this practice is not mentioned in the Quran but rather in the hadiths.

When you want to offer your zakat, you are supposed to declare your intentions of giving it.

Keep in mind that the day on which you had promised to offer it, is the exact day you should try and deliver it.

It is okay to Just give what you had planned for and you should never stress yourself when you do not have it because Allah is very kind for He knows your pure intentions. 

Not everyone is capable of giving zakat and nobody will ever judge you for that in Islam.

For those who are capable, it is important to give for Allah is the one that gives and takes away too.

It is also important to note that zakat is always distributed within the community that contributed it because that is the way it’s supposed to be carried out.

The tax that is collected is mostly used to maintain the holy places. It is also given to those families that cannot feed themselves.

When you give your zakat as a Muslim, it shows a sign of growth. This is to say that one is cable of doubling whatever he or she had to something that is way bigger because of the blessings that come with it.

4. Fasting or Sawm

This is where all Muslims are to restrain from any form of drink or food for a month.

It is also known as the holy month of Ramadan and this fasting is done once in each and every year.

When Muslims all over the world fast, it means that they are sympathizing with those who are in power and cannot afford their daily meals.

This is the fourth pillar in Islamic religion which helps each and every individual to have a deep worship with God.

It also helps you in seeking and make your ways pure so that you can be accepted in Jannah after your life on earth.

During the fasting period in Islam, there are certain things that all Muslims are to restrain from during the day or fasting hours until the fast is closed in the evening. This include;

  1. Eating
  2. Drinking
  3. Intercourse
  4. Women who have their periods cannot fast until they are done
  5. Keep away from all haram things like music among others

Ramadan month is a month filled with joy in the sense that most families meet together to share their special meal during the sunset after the day’s fast. In addition to this, they perform prayers joint prayers.

The month of Ramadan is spiritual and holy thus it is always important to avoid impure thoughts.

During this month, Muslims are reminded to avoid things like being rude to one another or even lying.

After Ramadan Muslims celebrate ‘Eid Al-fitr in a feast that is carried out as a way of breaking the fast.

At this time, people receive gifts from friends and neighbors as a way of celebrating together.

5. Hajj or Pilgrimage

This is the fifth pillar which is a religious obligation for those who are financially stable and physically fit health-wise.

It is a significant way that shows how Muslims around the world have faith and unite with each other for worship.

The hajj takes place annually and as a Muslim, it’s important to make it to the religious city of Mecca for a spiritual gathering.

This is always attended by millions of people all over the world to be exact.

While you are there, you are referred to as a pilgrim. Therefore, during this period, you should avoid things that can destroy your sacredness i.e. fighting, killing of plants or animals and even arguing.

When you are in mecca, all your flashy lifestyle is not supposed to be shown. Instead, put on garments that are simple to avoid show offs.

During this period, we are all equal in the sight of our creator who is Allah who is the most merciful and precious.

At this point as a pilgrim, it is important to reflect on your life and ask for forgiveness if you had done something that is not right in the eyes of Allah.

While in hajj, you are filled spiritually and this can be helpful for you when you have left the place.

When you are in hajj, there are things that have to be carried out in guidance with the Islamic history and code of conduct.

As a pilgrim, attending the hajj shows that you are following the order of ritual that was carried out by prophet Mohammed during his last visit to Mecca.

Learning Benefits of Islam for New Converts

Worldwide, Islam religion is always known to be peaceful. In fact, when you become a Muslim it means that you become at peace.

What you did before or what revolves around you no nolnger matters. Here are some benefits of converting to Islam;

  • The great benefit of converting to Islam is that you are now on the right path and all your past are forgiven.
  • It does not matter whatever you did in the past as long as you are honestly committed to your new faith.
  • Islam enables you to form a personal relationship with Allah who is your creator.
  • In addition to this, you are capable of telling Him all that troubles you whenever you need to do so.
  • Interestingly when you are a Muslim you do not have to pass your message to Allah through mediators but, it is a one on one relationship between you and God.
  • You become close to God and this is good because whatever you ask for is always granted.
  • When you are converted, you are capable of testing the true love of God.
  • This is to say that most of the people that converts never regret for the love that Allah has on us conquers everything.
  • Islamic religion teaches the deep understand of who Allah our creator.
  • This means that most of who convert are fully aware that we only worship one God who cannot be compared to anyone.

It’s always advisable to put all your efforts in pleasing the creator, by doing this, you have to follow his guidance for your inner peace, do not forget that you will always be happy.

Clearly, most of this benefits start to be clear in your life when you as a new member of the family and you continue to stay on the right path of Islam.

How Long Does It Take to Convert to Islam?

It does not take long because you become a Muslim immediately after taking your shahada and affirming it while believing that Islam is the true path.

You have become a Muslim immediately after that and Overtime, new Muslim reverts are capable of acknowledging the greatness of Allah.

This will also enable them to combine His holy name in each and everything they do in their daily basis because they have now become Muslims.

Before becoming a Muslim, most people will just live without guidance because they have been given free space to live in.

In Islam, it becomes quite different because one is taught to understand the purpose of life.

As a new Muslim, you get to learn that each and everything happening in your life has a meaning. It is Important to handle them with patience as we wait for the end results.

In each and every beginning of a situation, there is always a difficulty but you should know that everything that happens is as a result of Allah’s own will.

Allah is full of wisdom and has a solution to each and every problem.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters in Islam, let us always be patience and always observe things that happens to us in the rightful way.

Let’s look at a new born baby that has just been delivered into this world, he or she is pure.

What does this imply? This implies that when you become a Muslim, all your past sins have been forgiven. It’s as if you are starting a new chapter of your life for the first time.

We all know that there is always a life after that which we have here on earth. Islam assures you of the best afterlife and you should never be worried of what will happen to you after you die.

Other than knowing what is important in your life, you get to be saved from the torments of hell that awaits the sinners.

We are reminded that we live a temporary life here on earth but our souls will have an everlasting one after we die.

What you do here on planet earth when you are alive will determine what your after life will look like.

You have to be committed to your new religion so that the afterlife will be great for you as a Muslim.

Can I Convert to Islam If I Have Tattoos?

Yes, you can convert to Islam if you have tattoos because after becoming a Muslim, all the sins that you had done in your past life are forgiven. Allah who is merciful replaces them with good deeds only.

We all know that when you convert to Islam, it means that all the sins of your past have been forgiven hence a new chapter of your life.

Tattoos in Islamic is haram and its considers as a sin that is major in that you are destroying the creation of God.

However, if you repent and convert to Islam with tattoos on your body, you are forgiven.

For those individuals who are willing to convert to Islam, do not be scared just because you have a tattoo which is haram.

Instead, do it for your sins will be erased. During prayer times, perform your wudu and pray. Do not forget to carry own with your religious ways of worship too.

Allah does not want us to overspend over nothing on material things yet there are poor people suffering out there.

This means that some of those tattoos are permeant and getting rid of them is very expensive. Do not worry if you are not capable of removing them.

In addition to this, if you have to go to hajj, do not neglect it in the name of having tattoos on your body.

This is to say that you can still go to Mecca if you have a tattoo from your past life because Allah has forgiven your past. 

As a new Muslim revert, you should consider learning the ways of your new faith in a gradual way.

This will help to strengthen your personal relationship with Allah for your faith in him is very important.

Tattoos in Islam should never be permanent and there are guidelines on how women can also have semi-permanent tattoos so that they can look good for their husbands.

Medication in Islam When Fasting, Is Gelatin Halal?

Medication in Islam When Fasting, Is Gelatin Halal

Medication in Muslim religion is allowed as long as it is good for your health and not used in a wrong way. However, it is haram to take medications that contain pork or that is made from haram like too much alcohol.

When you are a Muslim it is always important to be aware of the things that are haram or halal.

This should be based on following the guidance from the Quran or through the teachings of prophet Mohamad may peace be upon him.

As a Muslim, if you are about to take medications that you doubt in terms of being halal, always seek help from religious leaders for guidance.

This is to say that when you are taking medications, you should be keen of the products that are used in its making so as not to break the laws.

Well, the product is also supposed to be clean and pure and the producers that are used during its processing are standard.

Tayyid is the name given to a product that has been processed in the right way and that can be taken by a Muslim.

When offering treatment to a Muslim, it is always important to consult the patient to get their views on his or her beliefs before you start your treatment procedure.

This is to say that some of the medicine might contain those things that are not allowed to be consumed in the Islamic religion.

If you are a prescriber who is treating a Muslim patient, it is always important to give them on what is right and according to their law.

Medication in Islam When Fasting, Is Gelatin Halal
Medication in Islam When Fasting, Is Gelatin Halal

Can You Take Medication While Fasting in Islam?

No, Muslims are not allowed to take medicine when fasting by swallowing through the mouth using water.

After closing the fast, it is then okay to take medicine in Islam and that is halal.

This is because Muslims are not allowed to take anything during the fast u till in the evening when they are supposed to break their fast.

You can ask your doctor to change your dose to two times a day do that you can have it in the morning and in the evening if possible.

That means that during fasting, it is okay to take medication that is prescribed to be used two times in a day.

This is because you can easily space this and take your medicine in the morning and in the evening after the fast in Islam.

However, when you are taking medication that cannot be decided and has to be there times in a day during fasting, then it is recommended that you stop the fast.

You should finish your medication and then you can continue with the fast after you are done with the medication.

Islam is flexible and you should not punish yourself because of what good will you be if you are sick?

If you doctor tells you that you have to take your medication three time in a day during fasting in Islam, then you simply need to follow those instructions.

Stop the fast, finish medication then compensate for the days lost at a later date.

The same applies if you have medication that you are only taking once a day.

You may consider taking them at night or early in the morning so that during the day, you don’t break your fast while taking medication in Islam.

Can Muslims Be Injected While Fasting?

However, it is halal to take medication through injection when fasting in Islam.

This is because injection does not go to your stomach directly the way food or drinks do through the mouth.

So when you are taking prescriptions during the Ramadan or your fasting period, you may request your doctor to give you injections if possible.

In a case where injections will not be available and you have to use tablets, then you have to stop your fasting and get well fast.

After that, you will find time to compensate for those days that you lost while under medication as a Muslim.

Eye, ear and nose drops should also be taken after the fast if possible in Islam. If the doctor insists that you cannot miss your dose, then you should have them.

Can you Use Inhalers During Fasting?

Yes, you can use Inhalers during fasting and that is not haram in any way. This is because inhalers are not like liquids or solids that will end up in your stomach thus invalidating your fast.

Inhalers do not break your fast and they are not haram during your fast in Islam. Feel free to use them anytime that you need them or as instructed by your doctor.

Taking anything in liquid form is the problem and that is why even swimming while fasting is haram because you end up taking water through your mouth, ears and nose.

So if you are asthmatic or you need to use any sort of inhaler that has been prescribed by a doctor while fasting, that is okay.

Islam cares about your safety and you should never argue with your doctor especially when they tell you cannot change your medication.

Does Taking Medication Interfere with Allah’s Plan

Taking medication in Islam does not interfere with Allah’s plan because it is Him who created everything on earth plus the medicinal plants.

Each and every one will have his or her own point of view in defense to this. However, in a case where you put all your trust in medication most definitely Allah won’t be pleased.

It is Allah who provides the wisdom for doctors and they use natural plants to make medication that are then used to save lives.

This is why you can never say it is haram for Muslims to take medication because even the internet you use today while reading this information is man-made.

When you are using the internet to do the right thing, then it is okay and safe. When you are using it for the wrong things that can harm others, then you are doing the wrong thing.

Should Muslims Take Sleeping Pills?

Yes, it is okay for Muslims to use sleeping pills especially when they have been prescribed.

This does not mean that you have a weak faith because we are all humans and sometimes we need physical help.

Most of the sleeping pills are sedatives and when they are used for a longer period of time they might cause a lot of trouble to our own health.

In Islam, drugs that might cause harm to our bodies either in a physical or mental way are not allowed and this only happens if you take them without a professional’s advice.

When you are facing any kind of problem, the best way to deal with it is by asking protection from Allah but that does not mean it is haram to take medication.

What I mean here is that you should put you trust in Allah (SWT) because through him, everything will work out fine for you including the medication.

How Should a Muslim Deal with Sleeping Problems?

When you are not feeling well, this is the time you need to be patient because trials come in different ways. Allah might be testing your patient for your reward after the hard time.

A true Muslim should always try and place your mind at peace try and occupy his or her mind with the love of Allah even when under medication.

You should never let the worldly things take over your belief Allah such that you even lack sleep.

Read and understand the Quran so that you may have the peace that comes with the Islamic religion.

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, let us not get lost in the valley of darkness when trying to find our own peace of mind by using things like alcohol.

Let us not do things that does not please Allah but rather let us find the best advice for the Quran and our religious leaders.

It’s always best if you read the holy book of the Quran as much as possible for you to get attached to it.

However, there are certain cases where a person needs to see a doctor for guidance. this can be as a result of physical or behavioral changes or very stressful situations.

Understand that a doctor is a vessel being used by Allah to deliver good health to you.

Do not look at a doctor like he is some sort of a witch. They are not your enemies but rather your caregivers.

Allah is our only refuge and to him nothing is impossible and through him, we have the doctors.

Therefore, it is not haram to go to the hospital and get medication and anyone who says otherwise is wrong about that.

Knowing Allah and following the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) is one of the best ways that you can find your peace of mind and sleep well at night knowing that Allah is in control.

If its urgent that a person has to take sleeping pills well then you should not just do it on your own instead talk to a Muslim doctor for guidance throughout the process.

Should Muslims Take Antidepressants?

Yes, it is okay for Muslims to use when they have been prescribed by a doctor. Again, taking any form of medication in Islam does not mean that you are not a strong believer in Islam.

Perhaps the drugs that are given when you are stressed or having a rough time will only help to make you calm after which you can ray to Allah and let Him guide you through your situation.

As a Muslim, you should also deal with depression by finding out the cause then seeking help from religious elders.

You have to understand that you are only human and depression comes as a result of being overwhelmed by things that are no longer under your control.

 Seek consultation from Allah the almighty for maybe the root course of your depression can be a spiritual one.

When your spiritual being is strongly attached to Allah, you won’t be attacked with depression.

Be your brother’s keeper in a way that you check on each other more often to see what is happening on their side.

This is heartwarming and it helps us a lot to overcome depression naturally. A Muslim should be a brother’s keeper and helping others has a good reward from Allah.

We live in a word where each and every one only cares for himself. To add on that, most of the time we do things without asking for Allah’s help.

In this case let’s not just find the easy way of carrying out different situations instead, try and seek help from Allah.

We should not use the lazy way of solving situations since it will become tough and tougher each and every day. Always know that Without Allah’s help, even the medications will not work.

Therefore, seek help and comfort from Allah for He is the only long lasting solution to our own situation.

When He brings trouble onto you, well know that it’s through Him that you will be able to survive.

Solve your problems permanently by putting your trust in Allah such that even if you take the antidepressant as a Muslim, you know your hope is in Him.

Does Allah Heal Through Medication in Islam?

Yes, Allah heals through medication because he is the one who created it even before the scientist came into existence.

We had traditional doctors in Islam that treated our grandfathers and that is why we are all here today.

Never be deceived that taking medication is haram especially if you are following all the guidance as taught in Islam by keeping away from haram things like pork.

“In Islam, medication that contain pork or alcohol in large amounts are haram except when it is a matter of life and death and they are the only ones that can help your situation at that moment”

While prophet Mohammed did his teaching in different cities, there is a time he said that people should use medicine for God does not send an illness without its cure.

I know very well that most Muslims extremists do not like the act of following medical procedures for treatment.

However, it’s always a good motive to do something practical as you ask for Allah for assistance.

We are all just but human beings and this is to say that we have two sides of our body. The one that is spiritual and the material physical side of it.

When you become sick, the material side is treated using medicine while on the other hand, your spiritual health can also be weak and this is where Allah comes in.

Allah created you and once your trust is in Him, even your physical body will be fine because you take medication while knowing that Allah is the one who will make you well.

Let’s not be too hard on ourselves as Muslims. Use the medicines that you have been given but also consider reading the Quran and praying for those who are sick for quick recovery.

On the contrary, it’s said that the prophet himself practice ruqya because it is said that it had an important role to play for treatment process.

When you had emotional stress, ruqya was considered to be the best. However, when you are using that as a way of treatment in Islam, you should not neglect the use of medicine.

When you sick as a Muslim, it’s important to go and seek help from the doctor while you also seek Allah help in your situation.

We can seek the healing power from the holy book of Quran. This entails reading it and seek help from Allah.

He knows best and will guide you on the right path if you trust in Him.

Is Gelatin Halal in Medicines?

Yes, gelatin is only halal when it is made from animals that are not considered to be haram in Islam.

It is only halal also when those animals were slaughtered in an Islamic way that is not harsh to those animals.

Gelatin is haram if it is made from pork or animals that are slaughtered in a bad way.

We all know that it is haram to electrocute animals or suffocate them because if you do so, that is considered dead meat which is haram in Islam.

Some Muslims however argue that since the pork is no longer the same, and has been chemically changed, then gelatin in medicine may be halal even if it is made from pork.

However, other Muslims still maintain that since the original product is pork, then Muslims should avoid them because the original product was from the pig meat which is haram to eat in Islam.

Gelatin is always found in multivitamin medications and it is made from either one animal or sometimes a mixture of different animals after slaughtering them.

Is Gelatin Haram or Halal in Islam?

Gelatin may be halal or haram in Islam because it all depends on how it has been manufactured. Many Muslims are always confused if gelatin in medicinal tablets is permissible in Islam.

Firstly, what is gelatin? gelatin is a type of protein derived from animal tissue.

It is a form of collagen and it has properties that make it useful for various foods and medicines. It can be very easily made to become relatively tasteless and odorless.

It has a protective layer, so it can be made to basically put medicine inside and you have the gelatin capsule outside of it.

It helps in preserving the stuff inside of it or you can add sweet and make the gelatin itself into a sweet and this is why some Muslims ask if gelatin in sweets is halal.

Gelatin in sweets is not haram as long as it is free form pork or the production process is halal and does not go against anything that is prohibited in Islam.

Gelatin can be very useful in many different types of food and medicine. That is why we find it in so many different food products.

Where does gelatin come from?

There are four primary sources of gelatin and that include;

  1. Animals
  2. Fish
  3. Plants
  4. Synthetically produced gelatin

If gelatin comes from fish, plants or halal animals then it is alright for Muslims to take it in medicine or any food. Synthetically produced gelatin is also okay as long as it does not contain anything that is haram in Islam. 

Is beef gelatin halal? Yes, beef gelatin is halal because beef is not haram in Islam as long as the bow is slaughtered in a decent way that does not go against the rules of Islam.

However, it has been observed that almost eighty-seven percent of gelatin comes from the first category which is animals. You do not find gelatin from plants except with very great difficulty.

Strict vegans do not take gelatin from animals just like Muslims also don’t take gelatin from pork because vegans do not eat meat at all.

They then seek gelatin that has been made from plants only and this is always expensive because it takes a lot of time, research and energy to extract and make gelatin from plants.

Gelatin made from plants is halal in Islam and some Muslims prefer those. 

Gelatin extracted from fish is also halal in Islam but they are very expensive because the process of getting it from fish involves more time and concentration. The same applies to synthetically made gelatin.

This explains why the gelatin that many Muslims can afford is from animals because making it from animals is easy since we slaughter animals every other day.

Gelatin made from animals is derived typically from the meat, joints and sometimes even the animal skin.

Why Do Most Muslims Ask If Gelatin in Medicine Is Halal or Haram?

The majority of Muslims ask if gelatin in medicine is halal or haram because in most cases, gelatin is made from the pig. This is because pigs are readily available and they are cheap.

Pigs are haram in Islam and therefore this is why many people think that all the gelatin comes from the swine’s.

In fact, some Muslims prefer to ignore any products with gelatin because they are not sure of the original materials used in making them.

Pigs also contain lots of gelatin and that is why most famers produce them so that they can use them in the mass production of gelatin.

The amount of gelatin they extract pigs is more than that from other animals.

So in most cases, the default animal that comes in mind when many people see gelatin products is the pig and that is why many Muslims are always asking if gelatin in medicine is haram or halal.

However, gelatin from Islamic country in most cases is always halal because they avoid using pig products in any way whatsoever because they do not want to go against the Islamic teachings about pigs.

Conclusion is that the Muslims should only use gelatin if it is extracted from halal sources that are slaughtered according to the teachings of Islam.

It not okay for Muslims to use gelatin that comes from haram sources like pig and the bones and the skin of pigs.

One simple way of how to know if gelatin is halal or haram in Islam is to always read the ingredients on the label and if you are not sure, consult on how a product is made before taking them.

Can Muslims Use Medicine Made from Weed or Marijuana?

Smoking marijuana is haram in Islam because this is intoxication and it is not pure and good for your health.

However, it is okay for Muslims to use medication that is made from marijuana as long as they are lawfully permitted and they are required to make you well.

What we need to know is that while there are medicinal properties that have been confirmed within the extract of the cannabis plant or leaf known as CBD or THC for medicinal purposes, you should never abuse or miss use them.

The body is yours to look after and it belongs to Allah ultimately and we shouldn’t be doing anything that would cause damage to it knowingly.

This is why smoking weed is haram in Islam because it does more damage than good.

Does Allah Use Doctors to Heal Muslims?

Yes, Allah (SWT) gives the doctors the ability to treat you and thus He uses them to heal you as a Muslim. Never be against them or look at them as if they use other powers that is not form Allah.

As a Muslim, when you are sick and you want to go and seek help from the doctor, you should know that they also pray and they only use the knowledge by the grace of Allah and that is why they are a blessing in our lives.

We are all Allah’s creation and the only person who can put us on different kinds of trials and still put us out from them is the one who created us.

For example, all kinds of diseases are in his own hands and do not forget that he has all the kinds of remedies to heal them when he deems it fit. Therefore, we should not panic for everything is under his command.

According to the Quran surah Al-Anam 6:7, Allah is capable of anything.

He can heal or take away anyone He feels like taking. His will rules over the earth and Muslims should always be humble before Allah the almighty.

According to the hadith, while the Prophet (PBUH) was doing his teaching, He told them that they should use medicine and not to be scared but it because they will only be cured by the help of Allah.

Fellow Muslims, when you are seeking help from your doctor, keep in mind that that illness recovers when Allah wills.

In Islam, bare in your thoughts that all the kinds of diseases that people are suffering from have cure for He cannot send any form of diseases to his own creation without any form of help.

It is okay to seek help from your doctor but rely on Allah and trust in Him because even if the doctors don’t have a cure, then there must be a reason for Allah to have sent that sickness on you.

We should not give up when seeking help for any kind or form of diseases for the cure is always there and Allah knows what we go through weather we trust in Him or not.

Some of the cure might be hidden but Allah (SWT) will always help us find a solution.

The Prophet Mohmand (PBUH) encouraged us not to lose trust in Allah for He knows what is best for each and every one of us.

If its Allah’s will for you to heal, definitely it will happen. let’s not complicate our own lives by overdosing ourselves in the name of an instant healing process.

Allah is our healer He is capable of doing anything in our lives. He gave us life and he can take it anytime that He wills no matter how hard we try to keep it.

Is Red Bull Halal or Haram in Islam?

Is Red Bull Halal or Haram in Islam?

Can Muslims drink red bull? Yes, Red Bull is halal and Muslims can drink it because it does not contain any alcohol.

Islam is against alcoholic drinks and you should always check the contents of any energy drink before you take it.

Some people think that Islam is just against things for no reason. There is always a reason why some things including energy drinks are declared haram or halal.

We all know that Islam is against alcohol because of the negative effects that surpass the positive effects.

Is Red Bull Halal or Haram in Islam?
Is Red Bull Halal or Haram in Islam?

Allah (SWT) expects us to guard and protect that which He has given to us and we should never destroy nature as it was made in Islam.

Is Red Bull Harmful?

No, Red Bull is not harmful in any way and it is okay to take it moderately just as you will do with anything else.

In the past, many energy drinks popped up in relation to risks that they may pause in your health.

However, the authorities that deal with food safety in Europe have also stated that Red Bull has no harmful effects in your body.

Therefore, Muslims or any other person can consume it without any doubt since it is just an energy drink.

The levels of caffeine that are in a standard Red Bull can cannot harm you in any way.

We all know that overconsumption of anything is not okay and same applies to this.

Just take it moderately and you will be fine. In fact, many Muslims who are long-distance drivers have confessed that they always cover more distance and stay alert after taking Red Bull.

However, it is also advised that you should not it in large quantities. Taking too much Red Bull can be harmful to your health just like when you take any other energy drink in large quantities at once.

Taurine that is a common ingredient of energy drinks with Red Bull also on the list is not harmful because it is used in very low levels.

This cannot harm you in any way as concluded by the authorities of food safety based in Europe.

In general, Red Bull is not harmful to your health as a Muslim or Non-Muslim unless you over consume it.  

Does Red Bull Contain Alcohol?

No, Red Bull does not contain alcohol and you can always check the can. At the back of any Red Bull can, there are ingredients well illustrated.

Infant, there are other types of Red Bull that are good for diabetic people since they are sugar-free and will still give them the energy they need.

Generally, red bull is Halal because it is classified under a non-alcoholic beverage energy drink that only contains caffeine and other compounds that are designed to boost your energy.

The levels of those ingredients vary in each and every state or country depending on the laws of consumption that is controlled by the government.

The only reason why Muslims question, if Red Bull is halal, is based on the fact that it makes you super active and the adverts are always attached to having more fun when you have taken it.

This should not be the case because all Muslims know that whatever is Haram or halal is always subjected to logic and reason.

If the reasons for being haram is zero in terms of affecting the religion negatively, then it remains halal.

Why do Muslims Think Red Bull is Haram?

The reason as to why many Muslims think Red Bull is haram because the package is designed in a way that makes it look like it is some form of alcohol.

It is also used by many people who consume alcohol and sold in clubs as well.

If you have traveled to many parts of the world, Red Bull is always stocked under the alcohol section thus some Muslims think it is an alcoholic drink.

Another reason why some Muslims think red bull not halal is the fact that after taking it, you become more attentive and more alert. This is only because it contains caffeine like any other energy drink.

You should note that coffee is not haram in Islam and it can also make you active just like alcohol can also make you active.

So never confuse those facts and think that Red Bull is haram in Islam.

Here is why Red Bull is Not Haram in Islam

So, what’s really inside a can of Red Bull? It primarily consists of sugar, sucrose, and glucose which are the backbone of any soft drink so that’s pretty sweet.

There is also the slogan that says red bull gives you wings. This has also created the question of whether Red Bull is haram or haram in Islam.

This is based on the fact that many will tie such slogans to drugs or alcohol automatically.

However, sugar doesn’t give you wings as the Red Bull slogan says but caffeine does.

It stimulates your central nervous system and metabolism which sharpens your concentration and reaction time.

This automatically makes you feel on top of the world and you can perform better since your body acts like it has been supper charged of boosted.

The next component is taurine which is an organic acid found in animal tissue.

In 1827, German scientists discovered that the same stuff existed in ox bile. They then decided to name it for the Latin of Taurus or bull.

The synthetic taurine found in a single Red Bull can have wide-ranging effects which is also different in everyone.

The way I react to something is not the same way you will react to it because we are all different.

 Some studies show that it can be a mood stabilizer or even double up as an antioxidant and that is why some people like drinking it after taking alcohol or when they have hangovers in the morning.

 It also contains glucuronolactone with authorities stating that this content is not proven to do any serious harm because it is in low quantities.

However, it is not proven to do any good either as some users claim it fights fatigue and increases well-being.

This is also another reason why many Muslim drivers who travel for long always say Red Bull is halal because it keeps them active and has no negative effects compared to alcohol.  

Another content is niacin which can raise your food cholesterol. We also have sodium citrate which can boost athletic performance.

However, Red Bull doesn’t have too much if not enough of all those in a way that you may say taking one can have much effect on you based on the ingredients.

All those are regulated by food experts to ensure consumer safety is checked.

We also have Inositol which is a carbohydrate found in muscle. This meat sugar as it’s sometimes called, reduces depression, panic attacks, agoraphobia, and OCD.

To get those effects instantly from Red Bull, you may need to take several cans and so, just taking one or two should be fine.

Don’t expect to get so much out of it because it is just an energy drink like any other drinks that you always use out there.

In Conclusion, Red Bull is Halal and it is okay for Muslims to take it when they feel like.

Is Red Bull Halal or Haram in Islam?

Doing and Plucking Eyebrows in Islam, Is It Haram?

Doing, Plucking Eyebrows in Islam Haram or Halal

Doing your eyebrows in Islam by plucking or cutting them completely is haram. However, there are situations where Muslims are allowed to trim the eyebrows as explained below.

You can only pluck your eyebrows in Islam or cut them if there is a medical condition or they are bringing you issues.

Some Muslims naturally have extra bushy and thick eyebrows that really need to be shaped.

You find the eyebrows are naturally thick that they overlap to your eyes or they even grow and meet at the center.

In such a case, Muslims are allowed to trim them thus shaping the eyebrows is not haram.

However, if you are just trimming them for fun or just because you want to add extra beauty, then plucking the eyebrows is haram in this case.

Doing, Plucking Eyebrows in Islam Haram or Halal
Plucking Eyebrows in Islam

Why is Plucking Eyebrows Haram in Islam?

Doing the eyebrows by cutting, threading and plucking them just because you feel you want to look extra cute is haram because Allah made you perfect.

This is like going for surgery just because you want to change the length of your nose for fun or you want to change your gander from male to female.  

Shaping the eyebrows for fun in Islam is not permissible because you are trying to implicate that Allah (SWT) is not perfect so you are trying to challenge this creation.

Muslims are told to keep that which has been given to them in the same state that they found it.

We are supposed to guard and protect Allah’s creation since he has trusted us with it and we should not be correcting it unnecessarily.

So you should always leave the eyebrows as they are unless you have a condition that is making them overgrow or if they are affecting you negatively compared to the normal measure of it.

Before Islam became rooted in the middle east, the prostitutes who lived among the Arabs used to totally remove their eyebrows by plucking them.

Since this was a practice that the non-Muslims were doing and it was altering that which Allah had created perfectly, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warned Muslim women against plucking their eyebrows.

Hadith About Plucking Eyebrows in Islam

A Muslim woman asked where is it written that plucking the eyebrows is prohibited is haram in Islam?

She was asking this because she thought that this is maybe not an authentic hadith.

So many things are not mentioned in the Quran in details and we know that times are also changing. During the Prophet’s time on earth, people never lived like we live today.

This statement is not to degrade or discredit the Quran but remember there are clear guidelines about changing how you look in Islam.  

The Quran is the final revelation of Allah (SWT) and to date, it remains the perfect book that has not been changed whatsoever.

The Holy Quran itself tells us to follow the Prophet (SAAWS) and that we should listen to his teachings since He was sent to elaborate on the Quran. This is the role of the ‘Sunna’.

It is narrated in the authentic Hadiths that the Prophet cursed those who pluck their eyebrows and those who do this for others.

The prophet also warned against tattoos in Islam as well as other acts like adorning the teeth for beauty.

The Quran also says that whenever the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) tells you to take, you must abide by that and take it.

This means that you should comply with His orders and if you refuse, you are going against His teaching.

The Quran also says that whatever the Prophet denies you or forbid you from doing, you have to refrain from it.

This is crystal clear and when you pluck your eyebrows in Islam, you are going against His word and that is Haram.

How to Beautify Eyebrows in Halal Way

After reading all those, plucking the eyebrows or removing them is haram but shaping your eyebrows in order to look good as a woman should be okay.

If not, leave your comment below since we are all learning as Muslims.

Doing eyebrows in Islam has evolved with time and that is why some Islamic women are coming up with halal ways of making their eyebrows look great for their husbands.

So those women have come up with ways of doing their eyebrows without cutting them.

They shape the eyebrows and make them look great since a woman has to remain attractive to her husband.

So the best way is to learn how to beautify eyebrows in halal way and this means that you will be doing them without removing any of them from the roots as prohibited.

Using Vaseline to shape and beautify the eyebrows in halal way

You may just want to shape them using something like Vaseline and making them curve and lay in a shape that you want them to be.

You may grab some cotton swabs or q tips then use the following steps;

  1. Take a shower or wash your face to make the eyebrows soft
  2. Use the q tip to apply the Vaseline on the eyebrow edges
  3. Shape them how you want them to be
  4. Then you can use a clean towel to wipe off the extra visible oil
  5. You may repeat this through the day if necessary
  6. You can also use other sticky gels for this. Just consult nay beauty shop near you.

This is always said to be one of the best ways to shape and make your eyebrows look glossy and cute as a woman.

Many prefer using this because you will not be cutting any hair and you will also be looking nice in the process.

Cleaning Eyebrows in Islam

It is not haram to clean the eyebrows in Islam and this is not something you should be afraid to do. Infect, it is Sunnah to do so because Muslims are commanded to stay clean.

You can just clean the eyebrows and let them be naturally neat just like you clean other hairs of the body.

When we our face even during ablution, we tend to automatically clean the eyebrows and this is good.

There has never been any place or teaching in Islam that is against cleaning the body with an aim of making it free from impurities.

Unless you are referring to other thing apart from the true meaning of the word clean which means to wash and free from impurities, then it is okay to clean the eyebrows in Islam.

Is Bleaching Eyebrows Haram?

Yes, bleaching the eyebrows is haram in Islam is haram if you are doing it with an aim of cutting the hair off. We all know that the teaching is clear about not plucking the hair.

However, some bleaching agents will only shape the eyebrows and remove the unwanted hair on the edges and that should be fine.

As long as you are not plucking the eyebrows in Islam, you should be fine.

Is It Haram To Remove Hair Around The Eyebrows?

Yes, it is haram to remove hair around the eye brows if you are plucking them. This will depend on your definition of the term plucking.

However, there is a standard definition of the work plucking and that is removing hair by pulling them off the skin.

This removes them completely and thus makes it haram in Islam. Cutting them completely is the same as plucking which is prohibited in Islam.

If you are cutting and trimming the unnecessary hair them that should be fine because grooming is okay in Islam as long as you are also doing it for the right purpose.

This is just like trimming the beards in Islam or any other part of the body.

Is It Okay to Dye the Eyebrows in Islam?

Yes, Muslims can dye their hair as they wish provided it is not dyed in black. It is haram to use the black dye in Islam since this is like competing with nature.

According to one of the Islamic teachers, Assim al Hakeem, dyeing the hair is permissible providing a person does not dye his or hair or her hair in black.

We note that you can dye your hair in any suitable color that make you feel great and wish whether it’s gray, dark brown. However, we all know there are also other colors that look funny like yellow or pink.

It is also okay to dye your eyebrows in Islam as long as do not imitate the disbelievers. It is also good to know that it is only best for a Muslim to remain like Allah created him or her.

We are taught to preserve nature and this means that we should never rush to alter out body as created. We should rather struggle to keep it as it is unless otherwise advised accordingly.

Is Eyebrow Tinting Haram?

Eyebrow tinting is not haram in Islam depending on how you do it. This is because you will not be plucking your hair in any way and this should be fine.

Eyebrow tinting is the act of using a dye that is not permanent to shape and give the eyebrows a defined look that is enhanced.

Beauty is a serious concern for Muslim women and it is okay to try and look attractive for your husband especially in marriage.

It is also important to always note that the eyebrow area is very delicate and you should try to use dyes that are safe and will not react on your eyebrow area.

There are some Muslim women that are born with less eyebrows thus they would always love to enhance their eyebrows and make them look more defines.

This is not considered to be haram in any way because you will not be cutting off the eyebrows or plucking them but rather you are trying to make them look nice, normal, and okay.

Punishment for plucking Eyebrows in Islam

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that any woman who plucks her eyebrows is cursed.

So the punishment for plucking the eyebrows in Islam is a curse and we all know that anyone who is cursed will not enter Jannah.

Those who are cursed will not even go near heaven in Islam but rather, they will be punished in Jahannam.

That means that hell is what awaits them in the afterlife because they did not follow what the prophet taught.

If you do it without knowing this teaching, then it is okay and you will not be punished.

If you are a new Muslim and you plucked or cut your eyebrows before you joined, then again you will not be punished since you never knew about this teaching.

The prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was sent by Allah (SWT) to bring us the message and we are told that we should never go against any teaching of the prophet.

Muslims are clearly commanded not to pluck the eyebrows and they should therefore keep off them unless they really have to do so.

You may also consult your elders at the mosque so that you know when to cut, trim or pluck the eyebrows in Islam.

Why Do Some Muslims Trim, Thread & Shape The Eyebrows?

Some Muslims however argue that it is okay to trim and shape the eyebrows if they are exes in order to enhance beauty.

They conclude that the prophet said that it is haram for Muslims to pluck their eyebrows but he never mentioned trimming or shaping.

So with this in mind, those Muslims always trim and shape their eyebrows since they argue that plucking them will deform that which Allah has created.

However, trimming and shaping will maintain and make His creation even better. Look at it this way, trimming is categorized in 2 ways.

There is trimming by not plucking or cutting but just removing the extras that are unwanted then there is trimming while cutting from the roots.

So most of them refer to the first one which involves the removal of excess hair thus claiming that they are not plucking the eyebrows.

Since Muslims are commanded to protect Allah’s creation, they say improving beauty by trimming and not cutting them off completely.

Trimming the eyebrows with an aim to shape them and make them look okay is simply taking care of their body in a positive way.

We all know that back in the days there was nothing like trimming or shaping the eyebrows but plucking was there.

The ladies who lived among the Arabs used to pluck all their eyebrows off since it was attractive to the men back in the days.

This is also one of the major reasons why it as haram to pluck the eyebrows in Islam because it was a practice aimed at promoting sinful acts in the society.

Is Hand Practice Haram in Islam?

Is Masturbation Haram in Islam?

Yes, hand practice is haram in Islam because Muslims are commanded to protect their private parts from everything except their wives.

You are not married to your hands in order for them to satisfy you and this alone makes self-pleasure a sin in Islam.

We also know that Allah (SWT) commands us as Muslims not to seek anything else like self-gratification and to protect our body from any harm.

Hand practice in Islam
Hand practice in Islam

Why is Hand Practice Haram in Islam?

It is haram to masturbate in Islam because it damages your body in many ways.

It brings you more harm than good and It is clear what is expected of us as Muslims. Some people always ask the following question;

a). Dose hand practice break wudu and fast in Islam?

Well, here are the detailed answers to the questions above.

Yes, hand practice breaks your wudu and fast because you shall have had lust and produced seeds that are only meant for reproduction in marriage.

Self-gratification is haram in Islam because it will also break your fast.

Remember, anything that breaks wudu or fasts is impure before Allah (SWT) and Muslims should avoid them at all costs.  

b). Can you do hand practice in Islam when your wife is away?

Your intentions when doing hand practice in Islam is also not in line with the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH).

You will be lusting and looking at pictures or videos that make you excited sexually thus making you sin as a Muslim.

You are commanded only to be attracted and have those acts with your wife in marriage alone.

Anything else that is done outside the marriage is haram and you will be punished for that.

There is no place that that hand practice is allowed as an alternative in marriage and Muslims should not use their hands to satisfy themselves because their wives are away.

This is wrong because this can also reduce the bond between you and your partner.

Hand Practice in Islam

Allah (SWT) tells Muslims not to even go near fornication or adultery which is referred to as ‘Zina’. There is the act itself and then there is a series of smaller acts that lead to it.

Zina or fornication in Islam has a perimeter around it and you can’t even go close to it.

A Muslim has to understand the language of the Quran and the sensitivity in which deals with the subject to appreciate the wisdom of Allah (SWT).

Allah is telling us that there are certain things that when you get involved in, you will be sucked into a gravitational field and get pulled in sin.

Slowly and surely little by little they will get you and destroy you before you know it.

Masturbation is not permissible in Islam because once you start it, it will lead you into lust, and a negative way of looking at women around you.

We know that we live in a society were non-Muslims dress as they wish. You will start looking at them on the streets and have those imaginations that you always do when you are alone in the hose.

This will keep your thoughts impure as a Muslim and eventually you will produce the seeds that will make you unclean for prayers during the day until you find a place to wash your whole body.

Satan is extremely patient and he will not get you at once. Satan will use masturbation to get you into constant lust of women bit by bit such that before you know it, you will be in a mess.

Hand practice is haram in Islam because it makes you against the teachings of His Prophet.

Muslims should remember that anything which destroys their connection to Allah is haram and they should avoid it at all costs.

Why Muslims Should Not Masturbate

Dangers of masturbation in Islam for both men and women is always looked at when self-pleasure becomes an addictive problem and negative effects on one’s health are being developed.

When one is starting to indulge, he or she only looks at the benefits and pleasures of only.

However, many people tend to ignore the dangers due to the pleasure and self-satisfaction that comes with it.

Here we will look at dangers and negative side effects of how hand practice can affect you as a Muslim.

Self-gratification is a private activity that most active adults and teenager engage in without thinking through the negative effects.

Research shows that there are several cases of self-pleasure in many Islamic nations.

Masturbation is haram in Islam because it will cause serious damage to the body both physically, mentally, and socially.

Here are some effects of self gratification in your life as a Muslim;

1. Masturbation cannot replace your spouse in Islam

It does not relieve you from pain, heart diseases, blood pressure issues, and any other benefit that having intercourse with your halal partner frees you from.

The body responds differently to sex as compared to hand practice and Muslims should there for now what is right or wrong.

Allah knows what is best and that is why He never said that Muslims can Masturbate when their wives are away.

2. Masturbation is not safe in Islam

When you become addicted to self-gratification you can irritate your skin. You can also fracture your manhood when you forcefully bend it and rapture the blood vessels.

Touching yourself in Islam is considered to be harmful because when you get used to seeing those pictures and using them to satisfy yourself, your marriage will be broken.

This is going against the teachings of Islam where one should respect and sustain his wife in all aspects as a Muslim.

3. Self-Pleasure in Islam can affect your social life

There are social dangers of masturbation that can affect how you relate to other Muslims around you.

You may end up giving up sex with your partner or becoming anti-social because you are always seeking ways to find privacy and masturbate.

You may even find yourself skipping work or school just to find privacy.

Is Masturbation Haram in Islam?
Is Masturbation Haram in Islam?

Why Muslim Men Should Not Masturbate

Do not let your fun turn into a funeral yet we all want Allah to grant us Jannah in Islam.

If you are addicted to hand practice as a Muslim, the following dangers that come with it can be your motivation to stop it.

1. Change of Body Chemistry

Excessive masturbation can over stimulate nervous functions which in return will stimulate over production of sex hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine, acetylcholine and serotonin.

This can affect you as a young Muslim who should get married in a way that Allah tells us to do. Until then, Muslims should avoid any thing that causes them to sin.

2. Can self-pleasure affect your appearance?  

A frequent hand practice habit can irritate your skin and have a negative effect on your appearance before and after marriage in Islam.

Your body juices contain high levels of glucose, so if you do not maintain good hygiene you may subject yourself to fungal infection.

Chemicals found in lubricants or soap that you use may also cause rashes on your genitals.

If you do not wash your hands properly before masturbating, you may introduce harmful bacteria to your pubic region and contract an infection.

Prevention is better than cure, so you better clean up really well or better yet just stop exposing yourself to such dangers of masturbation by quitting.

3. Reduced Sperm count

Ejaculating often is capable of reducing your sperm count and this will destroy the will of Allah that needs you to be a parent.

If you are seeking to be a father, you may not be able to sire a baby if you are addicted to touching yourself. This will be something that you will be blamed for before Allah.

Young Muslims need to avoid releasing seeds more often so that they can fulfill the will of Allah on earth.  

These dangers of self-gratification in Islam may deny you the joy of being a father in the future.

You should, therefore, look at how to increase your sperm count so that you don’t have any issue after learning how to stop hand practice in Islam.

4. Fracture on your man hood  

The man hood is not made of bones but flesh, tissues and blood. During masturbation men tend to bend their penis without being careful about the amount of pressure they are exerting on it.

The fracture occurs when you bend and erect man hood and the inner part known as corpus cavernosum snaps and ruptures.

People who have been unfortunate enough to experience it claim that it is the most painful feeling you can ever go through as a man.

Penile fracture is treated via surgery conducted by a professional doctor.

5. Bleeding Urethral Meatus

Some men have a weird fetish that contributes to the dangers of hand practice. They find pleasure in inserting objects up their urethra.

If you have a habit of inserting objects up your urethra you are at risk of rupturing your tissues and bleed.

You will not be able to urinate in peace. The pain is unbearable. You may need to seek medical surgery.

6. Premature Ejaculation

Men who masturbate often are at risk of having premature ejaculations every time they try to have sex with their partners.

They are used to jerking off after a short period of stimulation so they are not able to maintain their erection for a long time.

Nobody wants to put up with that. Such unfortunate occurrences may compel your partner to cheat on you by seeking sexual pleasure outside the relationship.

You may even end up losing your woman to another man and this is the last thing you want as a Muslim man in marriage.

7. Weight loss

Semen contains proteins that are essential for metabolic activities in your body as well as the formation of new cells. Proteins are bodybuilding blocks.

If you keep losing most of them via ejaculation of your semen you will interfere with the metabolism of muscle building. As a result of this, you will lose weight and become lean.

Allah created us as he deemed perfect and you should not do anything that will destroy His creation. Masturbation is haram because it destroys the intention of Allah’s creation.

8. Sperm leakage

Chronic masturbation can result in sperm leakage. This happens when the parasympathetic nerve that is responsible for shutting the ejaculation valve and holding erection is weakened.

Your semen may flow out even when you are not engaging in any sexual activity.

This can be very embarrassing especially when you wet your pants in a public place. It can ruin your self-esteem when with your peers.

9. Erectile Dysfunction

Hand practice addicts often develop soft and weak erections with time and are not able to satisfy their partners.

The muscles and nerves in the pelvic region and sex organs grow weaker by the day and are unable to last through a sexual intercourse.

They get tired quickly and this will make you lose the fruits of your married in Islam as desired by Allah who created you.

10. Gangrene

Gangrene is a condition where by body tissues die due to lack of blood flow through them or a bacterial infection.

Unhygienic behaviors may introduce this kind of bacteria to your penis during masturbation or blood may stop flowing to your penis.

Fournier’s gangrene involves the genital organs. Men are more often affected, but women can develop this type of gangrene as well.

Fournier’s gangrene usually arises due to an infection in the genital area or urinary tract and causes genital pain, tenderness, redness and swelling.”

Why Muslim Women Should Not Masturbate

Many people in the society think only men masturbate yet women do rottenly just like men.

Just like men, women are also subjected to several dangers of masturbation. The following are some examples;

1. Internal Bleeding

Dangers of self-pleasure in Islam among women can be linked to the use of blunt objects like cylindrical wood, carrots, or cucumbers that can damage your birth system as created by Allah.

Some women have very sharp nails that are long yet they still use their fingers to masturbate.

Blunt objects used by some women during hand practice can rapture their iliac arteries.

This is found in the deep lower side of the abdomen. When raptured, this can cause serious internal bleeding.

This is a very dangerous effect of masturbation in women that can even lead to loss of life due to the internal loss of blood that may clot on vital organs.

2. Destruction of the body

Another danger of masturbation in women is that they risk the loss of internal vaginal fluids that are responsible for keeping the vagina moisturized with a balanced PH.

Over masturbation effects in women can lead to the minimal or zero production of those crucial vaginal fluids.

The use of different unclean objects can also cause serious fungal and bacterial infections.

3. Altering your woman hood

Another dangerous effect of hand practice in women is that the clitoris may become numb and less sensitive due to constant rubbing.

They are not able to feel anything whenever their partner tries stimulating them and this can make your husband to doubt you in marriage as a Muslim.

This is why Masturbation is haram in Islam because you shall have destroyed your marriage life just because you did something’s that are not taught to you as a Muslim.

The clitoris gets used to super high stimulation that can only be achieved by their vibrators. The clitoris is too sensitive so it does not need a lot of pressure and it can easily get sore if over touched.

Why Should Muslims Avoid Hand Practice?

Muslims should avoid self gratification because anything that makes you sin is categorized under things that are not halal.

Masturbation is haram in Islam because it destroys your body and makes you sin when you lust at women and men whom you are not married to.

1. Loss of bladder control

People who are addicted to hand practice tend to lose their breaks. They are not able to control their urine or hold it until they get to the loo.

2. Sex Life

People who are addicted to self pleasure depend on it for orgasm even during sexual intercourse with their partners.

They can never be satisfied without masturbation. This affects their sex life and relationship in general. It makes their partners feel inferior since they are not able to satisfy them sexually.

Most people have confessed that they prefer masturbating than engaging in sexual intercourse with their partners.

3. Psychological health

Too much of anything is dangerous. Addiction to self satisfaction makes one withdrawn from the world around them and this affects their self-esteem.

One may even lose interest in their day life routines because all they want to do is be alone and masturbate.

Other psychological dangers of masturbation are high expectations and unrealistic ideas about sexual partners or sex in general.

4. Physical health

People who are addicted to hand practice are subjected to;

  1. Fatigue
  2. Thinning hair or hair loss
  3.  Blurred vision
  4. Depression
  5. Drowsiness
  6. Lower back pain
  7. Pain in the pelvic bones
  8. Cramps in the groin area
  9. Pain in the tail bone region.
  10. Sore arms

5. Guilt

If you are accustomed to religions that consider masturbation a sin, you may end up feeling guilty that you are a sinner and hate yourself.

It can also be embarrassing if someone who is not your partner bumps into you while masturbating.

6. Interest in homosexuality

Hand practice is able to arouse interest in homosexuality which is also haram in Islam.

Someone may want to experiment with what they do to themselves on a member of the same sex just to see if they can pleasure them equally.

This may lead to a change in sexuality. You should know that anything that makes you sin is haram and that is why masturbation is haram in Islam.

7. Addiction to Pornography

Some people cannot masturbate without watching pornography. The more you do it the more addicted you become to pornography.

This affects your mind and makes you fantasize about sex even when you are in an environment where you need to focus like in class or at the office.

It can lower your general performance and will always make you want to look at other people’s wives yet this is haram in Islam.

8. Pervasion

Addiction to masturbation can turn you into a pervert and make you have a noxious problem.

You will not be able to interact with any member of the opposite sex without thinking about having sex with them.

All those are the reasons why masturbation in Islam is haram since they will not do any good to your mind, body and soul as a pure Muslim.

How To Stop Hand Practice in Islam

Here are some tips on how you can stop self-pleasure and the dangers that come with it.

Dangers of masturbation in your life as a Muslim can be permanent and lead you astray if you don’t stop the habit as soon as you can.

1. Positive attitude

Have a positive attitude towards your desire to stop masturbating. Believe that you can do it and avoid it gradually till you stop without feeling guilty.

2. Avoid temptation

Avoid temptation by getting rid of any sex toy you own. Put firewalls on pornographic websites and destroy any pornographic movies or magazines that you own.

Avoid watching romantic movies while you are alone. Do not take long in the shower or loo especially when the shower is hot.

Ask a close friend to walk with you through this journey and always remind you to stop when you backslide.

3. Socialize

Go out more and meet new people so that you are no bored and lonely. An idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Join social media sites and chat with people.

You can always go to the Masjid and teach the young Muslims about Islam since they definitely need the guidance of older Muslims.

4. Keep Busy

 Watch documentaries or non-romantic movies in order to keep your mind busy. Join a club or volunteer for community service.

Engage in your hobby or find a new one. Get involved in skill acquiring activities that fully occupy your mind and energy like;

  1. Cooking
  2. Carpentry
  3. Archery
  4. Baking
  5. public speaking
  6.  Gardening
  7. Learning a foreign language
  8. Painting
  9. Drawing
  10. Playing a musical instrument

5. Adjust Your Diet

Include carbohydrates (which are energy giving foods and provide sugar in your body).

Add fruits and fresh vegetables in your diet with any other foods that boost your brainpower which provides the energy you need to resist the urge to masturbate as a Muslim.

Bananas, rice, beans, cabbages, carrots, kales, potatoes and corns are what you need in your system.

They are able to make you active throughout the day. Avoid eating the following foods that act as aphrodisiac foods

  1. Oysters
  2. Salmon
  3. Chili peppers
  4. Coffee
  5. Avocados 
  6. Banana
  7. Dark chocolate

6. Exercise

Exercises occupy your time and make you a happier person. Engage yourself in sporting activities, yoga or simple exercises like the following;

  1. Take walks or jog around your neighborhood every evening or morning.
  2. Avoid idling or staying at one point without doing something to distract you
  3. If you are the office, get off your desk and walk around the room a bit
  4. Invest in a skipping rope and do 300 skips a day for at least 5 times a week.
  5. Go swimming or ride a bike for a few miles.
  6. Download simple body and muscle fitness exercises from YouTube and do the routine exercises at least 3 days a week at intervals.
  7. Keeping doing this simple exercise and with the time you will be able to handle more rigorous exercises.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Try and get the required eight-hour sleep that is always recommended.

A well-rested body is more energetic. The energy you save is important in helping you fight the addictions that will keep you of the dangers of hand practice.

8. Pray about it

Dedicate and surrender this problem to Allah and before you know it, the Lord will see yours through it.

All things work together for good to those that trust in Allah (SWT). You will be surprised at what the power of Salah and believing in your prayer can do.

9. Hydration

Do not wait until you feel thirsty in order to drink water. Hydrate your body frequently by drinking enough water.

You will know you are having enough water when your urine is clear. This will improve your blood circulation and keep you energized.

10. Patience

Just like any other form of addiction, you cannot stop masturbating overnight. Be patient with yourself, practice to withdraw from it one day at a time till you make it. Fake it till you make it.

Those are the best ways to stop self-gratification as a Muslim and to focus on what you are taught to be here before the afterlife.

Just like vomiting accidentally or touching unclean things breaks your Wudu, anything that makes you unclean is haram in Islam.

Masturbation in Islam is haram and you should keep away from it so that your faith remains pure.

Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

Muslims should not celebrate birthdays because they are not based on Islamic teachings and the Quran. Birthdays are haram in Islam because they glorify the pagan way of life.

There is nothing like a birthday celebration in Islam and this is a non-Islamic tradition.

Even if it has become so widespread, there is no Hadith or teaching that tells Muslims to celebrate birthdays.

Should Muslims Celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday?  

If there is any birthday on earth that was worth celebration most, then it would be prophet Muhammad’s birthday.  

There is nothing that is much greater than the celebration of the birth of the Prophet’s but he also never did that.

He neither did that for himself nor his daughters and after He passed away, His daughters, wives nor his best companions never celebrated prophet Muhamad’s birthday.

Any one celebrating the birth of prophet Muhammad (PBUH) should never attach it to any Islamic teachings whatsoever.  

Those are non-Muslims that try to attract the house of the Egyptians by celebrating the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

 Why Is Birthday Haram in Islam?

Birthdays are haram in Islam because the candles on the birthday party are all about ungodly ways of life in ancient Europe.

The winters were so bad that people used to go into hibernation so that they could keep themselves warm.

When they came out after the hibernation period, they would count the dead in order to celebrate the fact that those who are alive have passed through the winter, survived and fought the evil state of nature.

This was based on the fact that nature came to kill them in the form of cold and because they fought through and stayed alive, they needed to defy it by blowing up candles.

By doing this, they would put candles based on their ages and blow them out to show that they can defy nature.

Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?
Can Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

This is something that we believe is rooted in medieval Europe and it comes with its own origins. Those are not based on Islamic teachings and what is required of us as Muslims.

Some Muslims today ask what is wrong with blowing candles but you don’t realize this is an act of worship pinned to the pagans.

Muslims are being fooled by believing that they need to celebrate it if they turn one year older.

This is by throwing a big party and everyone must come. What they forget is that they are now closer to their graves.

Our kids as Muslims put pressure on us to do birthdays for them because we live in a modern society where they see other people throw parties.

However, we have to speak to them and try to explain to them the reasons why Muslims should not celebrate birthdays so that they understand the origins of those parties.

You cannot wake up and say that Islam needs to be modified because if that is the case, tell yourself you’re a modified Muslim.

If someone asks if you are a Muslim, tell them that you are a modified Muslim.

Islamic Ruling on Birthdays

The Islamic ruling on celebrating birthday is that it is a foreign practice and Muslims are not allowed to throw birthday parties.

This is a really a cultural problem in the modern society especially in the West that is now creeping into the to the east as well.

Muslims are denied from following the cultures of non-Muslims so let’s look at the origin of celebrating birthdays and why they are celebrated as explained above.

If the companions of the Prophet Mohammad celebrated birthdays, then it should be okay for Muslims to celebrate and have birthday parties.

However, if they didn’t and unfortunately this is the case, then it’s forbidden for Muslims to imitate the non-Muslims in carrying these birthday celebrations.

Muslims have their identity and personality thus they cannot imitate other people’s culture just because they look interesting.

This is why you can pinpoint a Muslim anywhere in the world by the way he or she looks and dresses. Therefore, birthdays are not acceptable in Islam and this is the verdict of scholars of Islam

Why do some Muslims Celebrate Birthdays?

Some Muslims celebrate their birthdays because they argue that they are just doing it as a habit and not as a religious act.

They give examples like driving a vehicle. They say that you drive a vehicle because it is just a convenience but not to worship.

So those Muslims always claim that birthdays in Islam is not haram as long as there are no sinful acts involved in the celebration.

This means that it is okay to celebrate birthdays in Islam if you do not play music, blow candles, dance, dress in a wrong way or eat any food that is forbidden by Allah.

So these Muslims celebrate birthdays while looking at it as only a habit but not a way of praise since the Prophet or the Sahaba did not celebrate birthdays in Islamic traditions.

This make them to say that it is okay to celebrate birthdays in Islam if you only cut a cake and thank Allah for the day of your birth when you are together with your family.

However, true Islam teachings command that you should never copy the deeds of those who are not Muslims just because they look attractive.

If you really want to celebrate anything, you can do so by helping the poor, distributing food to those who do not have and making them smile and happy.

In other words, Muslims should do and practice what is taught in the Quran.

So a true Muslim should only try and do what the prophet taught them to do and should keep from celebrations that they are not sure of their origins.

Muslims should not celebrate birthdays because the origin of those celebrations is not Islamic in any way.

Wishing Birthdays in Islam

Some Muslims say that it is okay to wish someone a happy birthday because those are just words of appreciation. This is just like telling someone, you are smartly dressed.

However, you should not involve yourself in supporting the celebration in any way because it is against the Islamic ruling and cultural practices.

A Muslim should also have it in mind that the congratulation may also be looked at as a form of celebration.

When you wish happy moments to somebody who is celebrating any occasion halal or Haram, you should know the meaning of your words.

We all know that neither the Prophet nor in his companions never bothered to celebrate their birthdays because it did not even cross their minds that it is important.

Can Muslims Go to Birthday Parties?

No, it is not okay for Muslims to go to birthday parties because they are forbidden to celebrate them in the first place.

If the ruling is against birthdays in Islam, then how can you attend those birthdays parties yet your religion is against it?

A Muslim is defined by the intentions in his or her heart and therefore you should know the intentions of going to celebrate a birthday party as a Muslim.

Birthdays originate from non-Muslims that attached the blowing of candles and celebrating the fact that they are alive based on teachings that are not in order with the Islamic teachings.

Is Cutting Cake Haram in Islam?

Let us look at the ruling on preparing and cutting a birthday cake in Islam because some people still think that it is okay to make birthday cakes in Islam.

First of all, the issue of birthdays is something that Muslims do not have and if you look at the time or the history 100 or 150 years ago you will never find people celebrating their birthdays in Islam.

Birthday celebrations and cutting cakes is something that came to Muslims recently through the people who go to the west and adopting their customs. They then bring those customs back to the east.

The issue of cutting a birthday cake in Islam is haram and should never be practiced at all.

You see that the cake has candles which match the number of your age is foreign.

This is accompanied by singing happy birthday happy birthday to that person then it is concluded by blowing the candles in one breath.

After that, you then eat from that a cake. When you look at this keenly, you will notice that it follows a certain pattern that is like a ritual.

Those things have deep meanings to them that are not Godly and Muslims should not be part of them.

Those teachings are not from the Muslim tradition and hence this is imitating the non-believers.

Cutting a birthday cake is haram because it is not a religious celebration because they had reasons behind those celebrations and how to do them.

Muslims are taught not to imitate those who are non-believers and so you should only follow the celebrations that were taught by the Prophet.

A good example is the ruling of keeping beards in Islam. You see Muslims do that because they are taught to do so.

Is it Haram To Celebrate Birthdays in Islam?

Does Vomiting Break Your Fast in Islam?

Does Vomiting Break Your Fast in Islam?

Vomiting does not break your fast unless it is intentional. If the vomit is not intentional then you can continue with the fast in Islam.

If you throw up intentionally, then the vomit shall have broken your fast.

To determine if vomiting will break your fast in Islam, you have to know that vomit is classified into two categories among Muslims.

There is intentional vomit and unintentional vomit and this is what will determine if your fast has been broken or not in Islam.

Does Vomiting Break Your Fast in Islam?
Does Vomiting Break Your Fast in Islam?

There are vomits that can be done purposely. For example;

  1. If you insert your fingers in the mouth to induce vomit
  2. Pressing your tummy to induce vomiting
  3. Drinking something that will make you vomit knowingly

This is intentional and in this case, the vomit shall have broken your fast in Islam and therefore you need to make arrangements to compensate for that day.  

On the other hand, there are vomits that are not intentional and are out of your contril.

For example, you happen to see something nasty that makes you throw up, or maybe you are sick and suddenly you find yourself vomiting.

When you vomit accidentally, that does not break your fast.

Hadith about vomiting and fasting in Islam

There is one Hadith that will help you know if vomiting can break your fast.

This is where the Prophet PBUH said in the book of fasting Hadith number seven hundred and twenty (Sunan Al Tirmidhi, Hadith 720).

The prophet said that anyone who vomits unintentionally or accidentally should continue with their fasting.

And those that vomit intentionally have broken they are fast and should make up for the loss.

So as Muslims, we should always know that our intention defines our faith a lot.

Never do something that you know is wrong intentionally then you expect all to be well.

You should also know that when you vomit, you should never swallow anything that remains in the mouth.

If you do so yet you know it is wrong, then you shall have broken your fast in Islam.

We thank Allah that He is always merciful and always understands that we are always humans and sometimes we can throw up without us wanting to do so.

Is vomiting unclean in Islam

Yes, vomit is unclean in Islam and if you vomit of swallow anything that you have thrown up, your fasting will not be valid especially if you do it intentionally.

If you Swallow the vomit, does it break your fast in Islam? Yes, it will break your fast.

Always understand that even if the vomit was not intentional but you swallow it intentionally, then you shall have broken your fast as a Muslim.

When you throw up during fasting and you swallow the vomit, it will definitely cancel your fast and you have to see how you will compensate for the time.

Vomit in Islam is something that the body has rejected so it is considered unclean. Ingesting anything unclean is definitely not wanted when you are making your fast as a Muslim.

Does Spitting or Coughing up Mucus Break Fast in Islam?

No, coughing up mucus and spitting it through the mouth is not classified under fasting and does not break your fast as a Muslim.

This is the same case with saliva. Spitting saliva does not break your fast and you should never be afraid to do so when you are fasting.   

The same will also apply when you clear your throat and spit it out. This will not have considered behaving broken your fast because this is only a natural state that happens every other time.

Is it normal to vomit during fasting in Islam?

Yes, it is normal to vomit during fasting especially if you are not eating properly after the fast.

You have to understand that there are many detox symptoms that come along with throwing up during fasting.

When fasting and you have Gut bacterial imbalance, this could be the reasons as to why you may be throwing up when fasting.

When there is a gut bacteria imbalance in your system and you have high or low levels of bacteria that are not balanced, you could possibly experience the vomiting on your fast.

This is because when you start fasting, all the body is doing is that it is moving towards that state of homeostasis.

This is a harmony and a hibernation state since it is now using your body reserves to survive.

So if you have a whole bunch of extra bacteria in there that normally survive on the food you eat daily, they will start dying off and releasing different gases and different things in your body.

This is why some Muslims also claim that they fart a lot or pass out gasses during fasting and this keeps on breaking their wudu.

Those dying bacteria can actually upset your stomach and cause you to have a violent reaction and obviously you’re expelling all of that excess waste and toxicity.

This is also why some Muslims vomit a lot and feel nauseated during the fasting and the month of Ramadan.

Vomiting and fasting in Islam conclusion

If a Muslim is overwhelmed by nausea and they vomit during their fast, does vomiting break your fast in this case? No it does not break it.

As a Muslim, keep in mind that vomiting is not a bad thing all. Throwing up is your body’s violent reaction to expelling something from your system.

Whatever is in your system needs to get out very quickly and so the body just like up but getting it out.

That is why you almost instantly feel better because your body is expelling something that shouldn’t have been in there.

This is why they say that fasting is also good for you as a Muslim since your body gets rid of a lot of waste.

Always remember that if you continue vomiting when fasting in Islam, you may need to seek professional checkup.

Remember you are losing a lot of fluid and when you throw up continuously you should not be silent about it.

As discussed above, just don’t throw up intentionally and think it is okay to do so during fasting. You have to look for other days and do the fast.

So Throwing up and swallowing the vomit knowingly will also break your fast and we all know that Vomiting on your prayer mat or in the masjid is definitely not good.

Here is what you can do when you feel nauseated and you want to throw up all the time when fasting in Islam.

Beard in Islam Trimming, Benefits & Maintenance

Beard in Islam, Length, Trimming and Importance

Growing beards in Islam is important because the Prophet Muhammad commanded Muslims to keep beards and not to pluck them off.

In more than ten hadiths, the Sahaba kept their beards at the length of one fist or more as they pleased.

Based on this, we can clearly say that it is okay for Muslims to grow their beards up to a length of one fist.

However, it is not haram to keep a long beard in Islam since it is still Sunnah as directed by the prophet.

Is it compulsory to keep a beard in Islam?

No, it is not compulsory to keep a beard in Islam and Muslims can only keep them if they are in a position to have them.

Beard in Islam, Length, Trimming and Importance
Beard in Islam, Length, Trimming and Importance

According to Dr. Shabir Ally who is the president of the Islamic Information Centre, those who argue that it’s a religious obligation to keep beards argue on weaker grounds.

This is because as much as it is good to keep beards in Islam, it is not a haram not to do so and one should only do so if they are in a position to do so.

The Prophet peace be upon him advised his male followers to leave the beard alone and to clip the mustache.

That cannot be taken as an absolute command because some things are all given in the command form in terms of language.

The issue of beard was not meant to be a command in Islam. If the Prophet peace be upon him said do this or else, you will be punished, then that would be like a real command.

However, some things may look like they are given in the command form. For example, if somebody tells you to have a cup of tea, it’s in the command form but you are free to say no if you are fine.

The command of regarding the beard seems to be in command category but it does not have consequences since you can also choose not to do it depending on your situation.

It is a recommendation and of course as I said it gives a good feeling to the male follower to be doing this. However, one has to also bear in mind the circumstances in which one lives and operates.

Not everybody would have that full of flexibility as the religious figures would have. The good thing is that nowadays, it seems like everyone has a beer itself and it is coming back as a fashion.

Trimming beard in Islam

However, it is reported by at least three of the Sahaba and at least ten of the Tabiun used to trim their beards.

Some of these Muslims trimmed their beards after a fistful while others only cut their beards during Hajj and Umrah.

Over ten of the early Islam scholars used to trim their beards to some fashion.

This shows us that they understood from the command of the Prophet SAW that the prohibition was to completely cut off the beards.

However, it is okay for Muslims to trim their beards and look good in society. Moreover, beards are a fashion in our society today, and keeping them should not be a problem.

They understood that trimming beard in Islam does not contradict the hadith or the Prophet SAW to grow beards as a Muslim.

Growing the beard doesn’t mean you that you are not allowed to trim them at all.

What Is the Importance of Beard in Islam?

The importance of keeping beard in Islam is that it is in line with what the Prophet told Muslims to do and it is very good to always follow what the prophet say as a Muslim.

There’s many different opinions on the length of beards in Islam but that doesn’t matter because all of them are based on one factor.

Their evidence is quite clear that the Prophet SAW commanded Muslims to grow beards.

This has been reported in over five or six traditions most of which are in Bukhari and Islam ancient days. The Prophet SAW said “don’t pluck it”. This is why Muslim men keep long beards to date.

The significance of beards in Islam is largely connected with the practice of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

By growing a beard, Muslims feel like they are doing what the Prophet peace be upon him did.

We also know that in ancient cultural practices, it was a general trend that men wear beards especially in Semitic cultures.

If we look at depictions of Jesus or Moses as in the movies or elsewhere, they’re always persons with a beard.

By wearing a beard in Islam, we blend in the same tradition as these great prophets and we want to be like them.

Length of Beard in Islam

What about the required length of the beard in Islam? This is because there are many people with different lengths and it’s rather confusing when you are not sure of what you should I be doing.

Some Muslims wonder what did the Prophet Muhammad SAW do as far as the length of the beard is concerned in Islam.

The scholars are divided into different opinions. Some say that you can cut the beards while others say that let the beards be.

When we look at the first hadith of Sai Buhari were the Prophet told us to do the opposite of what the pagans do. This is that Muslims should Keep the beard and trim their mustaches.

Therefore, because the commandment is keep the beard, that means they say that it should be kept and that’s it.

The second hadith of Sai Buhari says that, cut your mustache short and grow the beard as a Muslim. So the first group of scholars tells Muslims to keep on growing and not to touch them.

Therefore, what they mean is that you should not at all cut the beard but rather let it grow as much as possible.

However, this is their view because if you read and do your research, there is not a single hadith which speaks about the length of the beard of the Prophet.

Length of a Muslim Beard, Trimming & Maintaining Beards In Islam
Length of a Muslim Beard, Trimming & Maintaining Beards In Islam

So as long as you keep the beard as a Muslim, that is fine. It does not matter whether it is the size of your fist, or if you trim them. The important thing is to keep the beards as directed by the Prophet.  

The Hadith on beards in Islam state that the beards of the prophet was very bushy. Some believe that it touched the chest while this is not stated anywhere.

The Hadith 5789, which is Sahih Muslim vol. 4 Book of Fadhaa’il, says that the Prophet had a thick beard. However, this does not say anything about the length of the beard.

This group of scholars they say that since the length of the beard is not mentioned, what we have to do is they look at how the Sahaba’s kept their beard in the old days.

Now it is important to know the prophet said that if at all He never laid a rule clearly, then Muslims should look at what the Sahaba’s around him used to do.

We are told that in more than ten hadiths, the Sahaba kept their beard at the length of one fist and whatever extra beard that grew past the one fist, they used to cut it off.

How Can Muslims Grow Beards Naturally at Home?

How to grow beards in Islam naturally faster at home is important since the Prophet Mohammad commanded Muslims to grow and not to pluck the beards.  

Beards give Muslim men a stylish appearance and it is also Sunnah to keep them

The popularity of keeping beards and facial hair in Islam and other religions is on the rise.

You do not need to conduct any study to see that growing beards is a trend in our modern society.

This causes a lot of young men to look for methods and guides on how to grow beards in Islam and facial hair naturally faster.

Even though the thickness and rate of growth produced are highly dependent on genetics and age, all men are similar in that they lack patience.

Below are fast natural ways of growing facial hair on cheeks, getting thicker full beard and moustaches that Muslims can use at home.

1. Ensure Your Face Remains Moist and Clean at All Times

Dirt, oil, and dead skin make a thick barricade for the hair follicles that want to break through to the surface.

You will discover that it is feasible to grow your facial hair much quicker when you maintain a clean and oil free face at all times. Muslims can Grow beards using these steps;

  1. Use warm water and a gentle face cleanser to rinse your face at least two times each day (when you wake up and before going to bed)
  2. It is recommended you use a gentle cleanser instead of the standard soaps. Standard soaps are known to be too abrasive to the skin and may cause a lot of irritation.
  3. You may also consider using a good dandruff shampoo at least three times a week to help deal with the irritation.
  4. Once you have rinsed your face, use a facial moisturizing lotion to ensure that the skin will remain hydrated at all times, while ensuring that the dead skin cells will not clog or gather around the hair follicles.

2. Stimulate Hair Follicles with a Massage To Grow Beard In Islam

Are you looking for information on how to grow a beard in Islam? Performing a light massage on your face will encourage the hair follicles to open up for facial hair growth.

  1. Apply gentle but even pressure on the different parts of the face where you want to stimulate the growth of facial hair
  2. Rub the areas using small and circular motions
  3. Once done, consistently massage your face for at least fifteen minutes each day

3. Chill Out

Experts have observed that being chilled out and relaxed can help your hormones work as required. Stress is a major cause of hair loss and even baldness in men.

Avoiding stress is a sure tip on how to grow beard in Islam facial hair and promote thicker full beards in Islam naturally.

  1. Mental and physical stress is capable of crippling your immune system. When the immune system is crippled, this limits its ability to help in the growth of facial hair
  2. Although it is nearly impossible to alleviate stress from your body completely, you can take small steps to limit the amount of stress that is present in your everyday life.
  3. Talk to the people in your life to find out how you can reduce stress, or begin exercising and meditating in order to reduce and release your anxiety levels.

4. Ensure You Get Enough Sleep

Any Muslim looking for methods and techniques on how to grow beards needs to ensure that he is getting enough sleep.

Proper rest is required to keep all the elements in your body functional, and this will include the growth of hair on your face.

  1. Sleep is one of the periods during which the body is able to regenerate all the cells that it has lost
  2. You, will, therefore, find that hair tends to rise when a person is sleeping
  3. In fact, if you are sleeping for less than six hours each night, you will find that it will be impractical for you to grow any hair
  4. For best facial hair growth results, you will need to sleep for a minimum of eight hours each night

5. Exercise on a Regular Basis

Exercising on a regular basis is one important element of maintaining your normal bodily functions, such as the growth of beards in islam.

When exercising, you will need to turn your focus to aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises are known to help improve blood circulation in your body

  1. Good blood circulation ensures that the body maintains a good metabolic rate
  2. The nutrients you consume, which may help enhance the growth of facial hair are able to reach the hair follicles much faster when there is proper circulation
  3. Alternatively, consider taking a brisk thirty-minute walk each day after work, or consider jogging

6. Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking will also be another way for you to enhance the growth of facial hair that you need in Islam.

When you smoke, you weaken the immune system in the body, and when the body has a weakened immune system, it is not able to assist in the growth of facial hair.

  1. When nicotine gets into your body, it decreases the body’s ability to absorb important nutrients. Therefore, you will find that all the nutrients your body needs to grow facial hair will not reach their intended location—the hair follicles
  2. Additionally, nicotine is also known to constrict the blood vessels, and this makes it impossible for the blood to go where it is needed.

7. Growing Beards in Islam Will Need Proteins and Saturated Fats

Protein and saturated fats are vital players when it comes to boosting fast and healthy hair growth. How can you grow facial hair using this method?

  1. Hair is partially made from protein, and the healthy hair in the body is often coated with oils and fats. As such, any fast growing healthy beard or mustache will need both proteins and fats. Additionally, proteins and fats can both increase your testosterone levels—testosterone is another important player in boosting growth of facial hair
  2. Beans and fish are two very powerful sources of protein, and consuming the two foods help in stimulating the growth of beards and mustaches.
  3. Eggs and animal fats can also be effective. However, you will need to limit your intake of fats as they may cause problems in your circulatory system when you consume them too much.

8. Do Away with the Sweets

According to some studies, sugar has the potential to make your hair weak.

When you consume too many foods that are rich in sugar, you will be making it harder for the beard and mustache to grow as a Muslim.

  1. As you probably already know, the sugars that are found in sweets and dairy products are not as harmful as those found in baked products, soda, and candy

9. Build up Your B-Complex Vitamins

When you want to grow facial hair, biotin or vitamin B7 is one of the vitamins that you will need to consume.

Other vitamins that are important include vitamins B5, B3, and B9.

  1. Biotin is naturally found in nuts and the egg yolk. If you are not capable of getting your biotin naturally, consider taking a supplement
  2. B3 and B5 vitamins are known to help in the circulation of blood and can be obtained from chicken, avocado, milk, beef, and fish
  3. Vitamin B9 also known as folic acid is known to directly impact the ability of your facial hair to grow and can be found in cereals, green leafy vegetables as well as in nuts.

10. Make Certain You Have a Good Balance of Vitamins A, C, & E

For those Muslims looking for ways on how to grow facial hair, they will be surprised to find that all these vitamins work hand in hand in promoting conditions that are ideal for the growth of facial hair.

  1. Vitamin A helps in keeping the sebum and the hair follicles and can be found in carrots and broccoli
  2. Vitamin E will assist in improving circulation and is found in beans, leafy vegetables, and nuts
  3. Vitamin C works to improve your immune system and is mainly found in potatoes, citrus fruits, green peppers, and tomatoes

11. Eucalyptus

Consistent use of eucalyptus has been known to help in enhancing the growth of facial hair and beards in Islam.

However, it is important to ensure that you do not apply eucalyptus oil directly to your skin surface.

Instead, you will need to use skin care products that contain eucalyptus as an ingredient, or take the oil and dilute it with some water before application.

Growing facial hair using eucalyptus:

  1. Use four parts of water to dilute a single part of eucalyptus
  2. Apply the diluted eucalyptus oil to the skin using a cotton ball, and then allow it to sit for a while
  3. If the skin surface becomes irritated, ensure you wash the eucalyptus oil from your face
  4. It is highly suggested that you use cleansers and moisturizers that contain eucalyptus instead of using the natural oil

12. Make a Blend Using Amla Oil and Mustard Leaves

Does alma oil work for hair growth? Yes, it works and those who have used it in growing facial hair faster have testified that it is good for hair growth.

Follow these directions to learn how to grow facial hair naturally using this particular blend;

  1. Combine a quarter cup of Amla oil with three teaspoons of mustard leaves. Blend the two ingredients until they form a smooth adhesive
  2. Take this adhesive and apply it to your face allowing it to sit for at least twenty minutes prior to rinsing it off
  3. You can save the remaining solution in your refrigerator for use in the next two or three days
  4. Additional oils that can be used to stimulate the growth of facial hair include jojoba oil and grape seed oil.

13. Combine Ground Cinnamon and Lime Juice

You will need to combine your two ingredients to form a very thin paste. This paste should be applied on your face at least two times each day if you are looking for ways on how to grow facial hair.

  1. Blend a single teaspoon of ground cinnamon with two teaspoons of lime juice
  2. Once combined, you will need to apply this mixture to the face and let it sit for twenty minutes before you can wash it off.
  3. If you experience some irritation, stop using it immediately

14. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another effective way for you to grow your facial hair and beards in Islam. To ensure you get maximum results, you will need to:

  1. Combine one part of rosemary oil with a single part of coconut oil
  2. Take a cotton ball and use it to apply the mixture to the face
  3. After fifteen minutes, use cool water to wash it off from your face
  4. It is recommended that you use this blend on your face at least three times each week

15. Rosemary Essential Oil and Coconut Oil

For you to use this in enhancing the growth of facial hair, you will need to use the steps bellow when you want to grow beards in Islam;

  1. Take ten parts of virgin coconut oil and a single part of rosemary oil
  2. Dip a clean pad, or a cotton ball into the blend and then use the cotton ball to apply the blend to your skin surface
  3. The mixture should be left on your face for at least twenty minutes before you can rinse it off using some fresh water
  4. There is no need to use a mild soap when rinsing your face
  5. It is recommended that the mixture is applied on your face at least two times each day

16. Cinnamon Powder and Lemon Juice

The following step-by-step guidelines will teach you on how to grow facial hair using cinnamon powder and lemon juice.

  1. Mix two teaspoons of lemon juice with a single teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a small bowl
  2. Thoroughly mix the solution with a spoon before you can apply it to your face
  3. Once applied, it should be allowed at least thirty minutes before you can wash your face using cold water
  4. Ensure you rinse off using a mild detergent to help remove the lemon juice
  5. Use a clean towel to gently tap your skin dry before applying a moisturizer to ensure that the skin remains hydrated, and to protect it from any form of dryness.
  6. Given that this solution does not cause any form of irritation, you should apply it two times each day

Islamic Beard Maintenance

We all know Muslims are encouraged to look good and smell nice.

Once you have used the above techniques to grow your beards as a Muslim, you can groom your facial hair using the following techniques.

1. Exercise Patience

An epic beard is often the result of self-restraint on the part of the man.

Once you have started growing it, you have to resist all urges to style or trim the mustache or beard, and leave it that way for the next four to six weeks.

This period will allow your facial hair to grow in an even manner while allowing you enough time to pick a style that will truly suit your face.

2. Match the Beard to the Shape of Your Face

Similar to wild animals, it is important for your beard to be in-tune with its environment. After a month of consistent growth, consult your barber to find a style that will perfectly match your face shape.

It will allow your beard to look perfect, and ensure that you look good in your new look.

3. Learn How & When You Should Trim your beards in Islam

Even if you are growing out the beard, pruning is important if you are to have a well-groomed beard.

You, will, therefore need to invest in a quality trimmer, and ensure that you find a grooming technique that will suit your preferred look.

There are several Islamic barber shops that will help you in trimming and cutting the hair as required in Islam.

Cutting the Beards is not haram in Islam as long as you know what is haram and what is halal.

4. Wash the Beard on a Regular Basis

It is important to ensure that you wash the beard on a regular basis during the early stages of growth. When growing, you will find that it can trap dead skin cells as well as food items.

The trapped items can exacerbate itchiness. You must, therefore, scrub the beard a few times each week using a specialized cleanser.

Once it is clean, you need to pat it dry as overzealous toweling may lead to the formation of split ends.

5. Find a Good Beard Oil

Once you have started grooming your beards as a Muslim, you will find that nothing tames beards like the use of beard oil.

When you start looking, you will find that there exist many varieties in the market, which you can choose from each having its own unique scent.

6. Know How to Train the Beard

Regular trimming will help maintain the shape that you have chosen.

However, this is not the only way that you can use to ensure that your beard remains in line with what you have planned.

Daily rubdowns using a beard brush or comb will help wrangle stubborn hairs, as you train them to grow facing downwards.

7. Do Not Forget Your Mustache

Growing an epic beard in Islam also means that you may like grow a mustache.

To ensure that your beard will look neat at all times, you will need to trim the area that is below your nose using grooming scissors.

If you are looking for how to grow facial hair, you should be able to use the methods discussed above to grow a neat beard or mustache.

Ensure that you trim it on a regular basis so that it does not get out of hand.

Why Is It That Some Muslim Men Cannot Grow Beards?

While Muslims find is good to keep beards as directed by the Prophet, some men are born in a way that they cannot naturally grow facial hair.

For many men, the presence of facial hair is seen as a symbol of wisdom and virility (not forgetting the fact that it is a wonderful enhancement to the male body).

However, this does not mean that Muslims who cannot grow beards are not equal to those that have beards. So why is it that some men are not able to grow beards or facial hair?

1. Genetics

Men who are not capable of growing facial hair have genetics to blame for this problem.

If your grandfather or father struggled with the growth of beards and facial hair, there is a possibility that you will also have to deal with the same problem.

For such men, you will find that there are very few solutions available to them to help overcome this problem.

Facial hair growth largely depends on a person’s genetics and environmental factors.

Some men start to develop beards (regulated by testosterone) when they are in their pubescent stages and will in many cases not mature until they reach their twenties.

When testosterone interacts with the hair that is already in place, it begins to grow darker and thicker.

It is normal to assume that men with thicker facial hair have higher testosterone levels, but this is not the case.

Generally, all men have the same testosterone levels, and this is where genetics are involved in the growth of facial hair. 

2. Diet

When looking for answers on how to grow facial hair, Diet could be another reason why you could be having trouble growing your facial hair. This may have something to do with the kind of diet that you take.

A good and well-balanced diet should include nutrients such as vitamin A, biotin, and vitamin C.

These minerals and vitamins will assist in the production of thicker and healthier hair on the chins.

3. Skin Condition

A skin condition can be a major cause of hair loss in some cases and can lead to lack of facial hair growth. There are skin conditions like alopecia that cause hair loss and balding.

  • If you notice symptoms of a skin condition that is affecting the hair on your head as well as the one on your face, you will need to schedule a consultation with your dermatologist as soon as possible.
  • There is no way you will solve how to grow facial hair yet you cannot even take good care of the skin, exfoliate to remove dead skin layers and keep it moisturized. 

Thin or slow growing hair on the face and cheeks and chin may also be caused by hypothyroidism.

It is, however, significant to note that this condition is more common in women than in men.

Just like Muslims can keep cats when they wish to, they can also keep facial hair only when they can and nobody will punish them if they do not keep them.  

Just note that as Dr. Shabir Ally said, it is not compulsory for Muslims to keep beards.

However, it is equally good to keep beards as a Muslim because the Prophet wished for us to do so.