Do Muslims Drink Alcohol?

Alcohol is a type of legal drug of the depressant type (i.e. it slows down brain activity) in a liquid state, found in fermented or distilled beverages, and is considered by many societies not only as a legal substance used for recreational purposes but as a primordial element for several cultures, forming part of the […]

Is Chess Haram?

Chess is more than a board game and that can be confirmed by anyone who has had the opportunity to move some pawns on the board. Chess is currently a sport with millions of followers around the world, and this fascinating game represents an intellectual challenge for its players, and for that reason, it is […]

Are Dreadlocks Haram In Islam?

Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that weaves the hair into a solid mass that is a far cry from loose, straight hair. Dreadlocks are automatically associated with the Rastafarian culture, and no wonder, because they are the main emissaries of this style to use the hair.  The Islamic religion is well known for being quite a […]

Is Abortion Haram in Islam?

About 80% of women living in predominantly Muslim countries, such as those in the Middle East and North Africa, are subject to rigid laws that prohibit abortion, with minimal exceptions such as risk to the mother’s life, and this raises debate about ideas of women’s reproductive rights in Islam. While this data may support prejudices […]

Is Gelatin Halal or Haram in Islam?

Gelatin is only halal when it is made from animals that are not considered to be haram in Islam. Note that those have to be slaughtered based on Islamic ruling and teachings. Gelatin is haram if it is made from pork or animals that are slaughtered in a bad way. However, Muslims can take products […]

Menstruation in Islam, Do’s & Don’ts During Periods

General Menstruation Rules in Islam can be confusing especially if a lady is joining Islam as an adult. This article will help you understand what you can do and what you should not do when you have your monthly periods as a Muslim woman.   Muslim women should not feel restricted during menstruation when they […]

Do Muslims Eat Pork?

Muslims can eat pork in situations that are considered to be beyond human control ror example if there is hunger with nothing left to eat, will you not eat pork if that is the only source of food that you can find? Yes, you will eat, and in Islam, that is not considered to be […]

Is Dancing Haram in Islam? [Dancing in Islam]

Dancing in Islam is not said to be haram in general. However, it depends on the environment and the circumstances. If it will provoke others in a negative way and make them sin, then it is haram. If you are doing it for your partner, then that is okay. Dancing in Islam is considered haram […]

Killing Pests in Islam Explained [Haram or Halal]

Every Muslim wants to remain pure before Allah by protecting his creation. One of you asked me if killing pests like cockroaches or rats is haram or halal in Islam. Killing harmful pests or insects is halal in Islam because it is okay to protect yourself against any potential danger posed to you and your […]

Islamic Toilet Rules and Istinja Guide

Muslims are required to use running water when cleaning their soiled private parts after visiting the toilet. In cases where there is no water, Muslims are then allowed to use toilet papers. This cleansing or washing after using the toilet in Islam is known as Istinja. It is important to learn how to do this […]

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