Is Self-pleasure A Sin in The Bible? [Masturbation in Christianity]


Religion is against self-pleasure because it can have dangerous side effects on your health over time. God planned for man to go and fill the earth with babies. This means that a man’s seed should be planted in women. It is believed that masturbation is a waste of those seeds.

Masturbation in the bible is associated with the story of Onan. Genesis 38:9-10. Christians interpret this verse that spilling seeds directly means Self-pleasure is a sin before God. Masturbation is a sin in Christianity because a man spills his seeds out and this is not what God wants.

So this is the major verse that many refer to thus conclude that Self-pleasure is sin in Christianity. However, it does not directly declare it to be. Please leave your comment bellow this article about what you think.

In my view, that is not what this passage is really talking about. In this case, God was condemning Onan for being rebellious and not for spilling hiss seeds out. Onan refused to abide by his role of providing an heir on behalf of his deceased brother.

So this passage is not about what the bible says about Self-pleasure but rather fulfilling family obligation and abiding by what is required of you.

What Does The Bible Say About Masturbation?

The Other passage in the bible that people refer to conclude that Self-pleasure is sin is Matthew 5:27-30. Here is what the bible says in this verse.

Now, in this verse we can see clearly that there is a connection between Self-pleasure and sinful thoughts. In this case, it is the sinful thoughts that will make you want to involve in self-stimulation for satisfaction.

So that is the physical result of what you think. The truth here is that you should learn to deal with the lustful thoughts to avoid the act.

Keep away from anything that may lead you to those thoughts. I love the Bible in this case because it addresses the main root cause of the problem. If you avoid anything that will lead you to lustful thoughts, then you will definitely have no reason to Self-pleasure.

So Self-pleasure is not really the sin in this case but the lustful thoughts and putting yourself in places where you will find yourself getting those “funny” ideas.

In this case, we will say that going to a strip club intentionally, looking at explicit adult content, sitting with the wrong company that will make you want to do have bad thoughts is what you really need to work on. If that is done, then the subject of discussion here will not be an issue.

Majority of Christians fight the wrong battle of repenting for Self-pleasure which is the end result. They should be asking God to help them overcome the root course of the problem.

There is no way on earth you want to watch explicit stuff then at the end of the day you don’t want to confess that which has led you to the act.

Self-Pleasure Sin in Christianity
Self-Pleasure Sin in Christianity

Is Self-Pleasure Sin in Christianity?

The first question will be what does the bible say about Self-pleasure? The answer is there is no specific place where the bible talks directly about self-satisfaction.

In general, the bible does not directly classify Self-pleasure under sin or good. However, there are very clear guidelines as stated below that you may want to look at.

Here is why Self-Pleasure is Sin in Christianity & The Truth

Having said that, there are however some biblical passages that can be used to determine if Self-pleasure is sin or not. Let’s look at these bible verse here.

The book of 1 Corinthians 10:31 states that whatever you do, do it to glorify the name of God. Now before you indulge in the act of Self-pleasure, ask yourself.

Is this act glorifying the name of the Lord your God as a Christian? You may want to be honest with your answer in this case so that you chose what is right or wrong as a Christian.

The book of Romans 14:23 states that “Everything that does not come from faith is sin”. This means that If we are not fully convinced that inactivity is honoring and respectful to God then it is sin.

As yourself this simple question, will you be proud to tell your parents, guardians or anyone you really respect that you are Self-pleasure? If not, then it means that even God will not like it. So as a Christian You should conclude that Self-pleasure is Sin in this case.

The book of 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 declares that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit that you have received from God the Father. You are not your own and you should, therefore, honor God with your body.

The fact that you cannot be proud about self-stimulation before the people you respect here on earth means that it is not an honorable act. Therefore before God, it will not be okay to do this.

In general, Self-pleasure is a sin in Christianity since it is a questionable act before men and God. There are also dangers of Self-pleasure that we will be looking at in this article.

All this does not honor our body and since the bible states that our bodies are the temple of God; we should not destroy our bodies knowingly since that will be a sin.

Dangers of Self-pleasure & Side Effects

Yes, before you think about the pleasures of self-satisfaction, some hard fact that you may want to learn about this habit are listed below that you may want to look at.

Above all, this act is addictive and stopping it can be your worst nightmare. After you are addicted, here are some health risks that will definitely come with it.

1. Loss of Calcium and protein

Self-pleasure will make you lose lots of calcium and protein at a very alarming rate. The seminal fluids that you lose almost every day contain proteins that are vital in cell formation and other important metabolic activities in the body. You will look lean and tired all the time.

2. Erectile problems

Self-pleasure is one of the major cause of erectile dysfunctions due to the fact that you strain a lot while performing this act. The muscles that are responsible for proper erection will become strained due to the excessive friction and force thus they will wear out more quickly.

As you age, you will not be able to fulfill your marital issues like a man and this is the last thing you want to experience when you have a wife.  

3. Addiction and Low Sperm Count

Once you are addicted to self-satisfaction, you will never be in need of a real partner. This is against what nature requires of us.

You will have low sperm count due to excessive ejaculations and your rate of reproducing will be low and poor. Your sperms will be weak and unhealthy since your body will be struggling to replace them every day.

4. Drowsiness, memory loss and Concentration Issues

This is because Self-pleasure will definitely involve your mind visualizing and your physical body in action. Therefore, you will not be active after this act.

You will end up losing a lot of energy from your physical body and mental state. You will also lose lots of acetylcholine which is vital in your memory and concentration abilities. 

5. Premature Ejaculation

Self-pleasure will cause premature and speedy ejaculations compared to those that are not addicted to it. It will make you be very poor at satisfying your partner.

This will definitely cause problems in your relationship and block you from having a proper stable relationship.

6. Self-pleasure can Cause Rapid Hair Loss

DHT is a term used to refer to one of the hormone levels that are responsible for hair loss. The DHT level is highly increased by over Self-pleasure leading to rapid hair loss.

You will also have dry skin with time due to excessive inner heat levels in your body during Self-pleasure. If you have a poor eating habit, you may end up looking older than your age.

7. Eye Floaters

Over Self-pleasure will increase the stress adrenalin in your body. This will contribute to the development of eye floaters, memory loss and poor concentration.

You will also be inviting poor eyesight and unstable emotional issues due to uncontrolled anxiety condition that you subject yourself into during the act of self-satisfaction.

How to Stop Self-pleasure

By now, it is clear why you really need to stop this act not just because you are a Christian or religious but because you are also destroying your health in many ways.

God gave you a body that was created in his own image and you should be responsible and keep it in good shape. Here are some tips that can help you quit Self-pleasure.

1. Pray About It

Yes, pray about it and ask God to deliver you from this. Remember, anything that you ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, believe and you shall receive it. Repent of this sin and try to follow the next step below.

2. Avoid Adult Explicit Materials

Keep away from pornographic materials and avoid places that will make you engage in those sinful acts. During your rehabilitation period, avoid anything that used to make you have the desire to involve in self-satisfaction.

Trash those magazines and avoid those sites that you have bookmarked for that purpose. The law of out of sight, out of mind will definitely work here perfectly.

3. Replace the Moments

Try and find something interesting to do at those moments you always get involved in this act. It is as simple as read your Bible, grab a movie to watch, go and play a video game or take care of your pet if you have one.

Make a phone call and talk to someone such that by the time you are done, you are not in the mood anymore.

4. Avoid Being Idle

Our research indicates that eight out of ten Self-pleasure addicts are people who are lonely or loners. They like to sit alone and don’t like being with others. It’s okay if you are that type but just try and see what you can do best when you are alone.

Don’t be idle. They say an empty mind is the devils’ workshop. So just find something to do when you are home alone. You could even do some cleaning or cook a meal.

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Is Self-pleasure A Sin in The Bible? [Masturbation in Christianity]
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