Is Music Haram in Islam? [Muslims & Music]

Is Music Haram in Islam?

Listening to music in Islam is a wide topic that is never settled among the youths today. This article will look at both reasons as to why some Muslims listen to music while others think it is haram.

Prophet Mohamed said that a Muslim that listens to music will be humiliated in public by Allah. The only thing they are allowed to listen to is religious chants that are in line with the Quran. Any music that is not in line with the Islamic teachings and promotes fornication is Haram in Islam.

Generally, Islam is a religion that is known to be decent with righteous people. This perception helps them to attain true peace of mind while worshiping. Most of them are guided by the Holy Quran and they adhere and follow the rules to the later.

We all know acts that are considered to be haram are not allowed completely in Muslim religion and this brings us the question Is listening to music haram or halal in Islam?

In addition to the above concept, music that is played during this day uses words that are not appealing to the ears. Mufti Menk said that certain scholars claim that music has not been condemned in the holy Quran which is not correct.

He clarified the phrase by saying that music is satanic because when it’s played, it carries your thoughts thus making a person move in a sexual way an act that is forbidden in the Muslim religion.

When is Music Considered Haram in Islam?

When you listen to music and it ends up increasing your lust and desire in a sexual way this is considered haram. This feeling will make you forget and push you from your faith.

Muslims are encouraged to avoid areas with music that will make their faith dwindle. Music that is full of messages praising material things should not also be listed and are considered to be haram in Islam.

When a Muslim attends a place that plays music with such messages, you become addicted to it therefore it’s always proper to avoid them completely.

We should also note that Satan uses a lot of ways to trap those who are religious therefore when listening to music, your mind gets diverted thus making you forget about the holy Quran.

A true Muslim should always protect his faith, believe and stay alert to avoid being misled easily. Allah gave as a sense of hearing and it makes him happy especially when it’s being used in a proper way.

Allah (SWT) expects us to preserve it. This is to say that each and everyone will be held responsible for misusing anything that has been given to him/her by the mercy of Allah.

Muslim stringed instruments and music should be avoided, perhaps you should consider filling your ears with Quran reading and Sunnah studying cycles.  This helps you in reaping fruits that last forever thus healing your heart and soul.

When Can a Muslim Listen to Music?

During marriage ceremonies, the tambourine is allowed with those songs that do not describe a woman at all costs. The beating of the tambourine helps to distinguish between marriages that are lawful and unlawful.

You will find out that most ceremonies will have to go overboard by hiring vocalists together with those that play the music.

Couples end up spending a lot on such instruments, not forgetting that the noise that is being made distracts the neighbors too.

In conclusion, there are tunes that can be chanted but when music is played, the married couples may end up wasting a lot of their precious time that they could have used to pray and read the Quran.

As a Muslim, you should repent when you find yourselves in such situations and adhere to manners that suite your religion for better success.

In accordance with the above descriptions, there are two types of voices which are the Macrooh and Mustahab. Macrooh is those types of voices that excite the desires the feeling of lust in people is referred to be haram.

On the other hand, Mustahab refers to the voice that excites Allah i.e. reciting the Quran. This is used in the masjids to read the Quran, pray and praise Allah.

When it comes to certain topics, there are always those who would definitely support the content and those that are against them. According to this statement, it clearly states that you should observe what is good for you.

How Muslims Should Have Music

If listening to music makes you lose focus on your salah and makes you stray away from your faith, you should consider working on it. Islam religion is known to teach people on how to work and balance their life in a perfect way.

It is also said that when hazat Mohammed walked to medina, he was welcomed by drum beats accompanied by songs at the same time. Duff was the type of music that was mostly played by the Arabs.

We cannot clearly rule if it was music or not. As a person, you should always have patience when it comes to improving your own perspective.

Therefore, when you are doing something, you should have your own reasons and a strong stand on why you are doing it.

Some say that music itself can help in bringing people closer to Allah and an example to this is recitations with a melody. Do not forget that instrumental music has been mentioned a lot of times and is not clearly prohibited and this means that it comes with intentions that are good.

Generally speaking, the Quran recitation with a tune can be described as Music. But in this case, that music is based on good intentions. It is not worldly and is aimed ad praising Allah.

Islam is based on the intention of a Muslim. Is it bad or good? Is it about praising Allah or does it interfere with your faith? You can also read about tattoos in Islam.

With time and changes in our society, music is considered to be a major part of today’s society making it kind of hard for youths to avoid it since the sounds are always everywhere.

We all know that music was created long ago before our existence, which means that Allah is the one that made them. Since it was created by Allah, it should be considered to be perfect and that it has a purpose in it.

In addition, music is considered to be haram or halal depending on how it’s being used. We should put in mind that something will only be harmful to us if we don’t put a limit on it.

Let me give you an example of this, food is considered to be very important in a human being’s system. However, when a person consumes it more than excess, it is considered to be harmful.

On the contrary, we should not pass judgment to others, it’s only our creator that knows more than we do.

If you are addicted to music, the only solution should be within you by approaching it in a wise not forget that change is a gradual process that needs time and perseverance.

Be wise when choosing the kind of music that you wish to listen to since all of them cannot be treated in the same way. In addition to this, music should not at all cost carry all your thought to an extent of forgetting to perform your daily prayers. It should not block your faith as a Muslim.

In the content above each and every person has his own views when it comes to music listening. As a Muslim, it’s your own choice to decide on what is good and what is bad for your Iman.

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Is Music Haram in Islam? [Muslims & Music]
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