Islamic View on Condoms, is it Allowed?

The use of condoms in Islam or any other contraception is only allowed in marriage and there has to be a very good reason for it. However, It is haram to use condoms as a Muslim if you are just having fun outside marriage.

The use of condoms as a contraceptive measure in Islam is something that most young Muslim couples always debate about heatedly. There are several theories about this topic and this article will help to shed some light.

The use of any form of contraception in Islam is a subject that many got twisted thoughts about.

Is it allowed in Islam to Use Condoms?

I was listening to an answer from Sheikh Assim Alhakeem (May Allah ‘SWT’ always bless Him for his free videos) about the use of condoms and in this case, we were looking for answers about the Islamic views on condom use.

He was saying that if the couple has issues and they would like to delay conceiving until they solve these issues and get to know one another is it permissible for them to use contraceptives and pacifically he mentioned condoms.

Anything a Muslim does depends on his intentions. The question is, why do you really want to use this. Does your wife agree to it? Do you have serious reasons between you and your wife why you want to use them?

The answer is if it’s something that is like a couple of few months, it’s permissible though not recommended because one has to trust in Allah SWT for guidance.

You married her, she’s your wife how much do you have to be committed to get it over with and begin to form a family. If you want to delay it for a legitimate reason a few months here and there no problem.

However, using condoms as a Muslim is not permissible without the prior permission of your wife.

Your wife has rights and using a condom may make her compromise her rights and not enjoy the procedure. Therefore, you have to take her approval and permission for that matter.

Islamic View on Contraception

The first issue here is the Islamic view on contraception. Contraception generally is allowed in Islam.

This goes back to reports that the Prophet (PBUH) saw that there were people in other communities who were practicing what was known at the time as withdrawal. This was done so that the sperms do not meet the fertilization of the eggs.

He saw that there was no harm in this and it was acceptable in Islam. At the same time, he emphasized the belief that if God decided for you to have a child, you will have a child. It is known that Muslims began to practice this form of contraception.

Later on in Islamic history, as Bassam was salaam has shown in his book which is known as sex and society in Islam, the Muslims invented various other ways of practicing contraception as well and they did this for a long time.

I don’t know if they were at the forefront because haven’t studied it from that perspective.

I would say that it is permissible and okay in the Islamic faith to use contraceptives in order to control the rate at which you are giving birth.

The Islamic tradition shows that Muslims do have some choice in this regard and at the same time, we should add that the Prophet (PBUH) is reported to have said that he hopes his followers will be numerous.

This is given as one of the reasons for having many children within the Muslim community.

That’s a good reason at the same time, some people may have good reasons for delaying having children for example if mothers are busy with their studies, that could be a good reason.

There could be other reasons, for example, having children one after another in a span of a year after year could be a tremendous burden for young women to deal with.

Sometimes this could lead to psychological difficulties. So these are all good reasons for delaying having children.

There are also cases where a doctor can advise that the mother is not fit to have a child during treatment and should wait until she is done with the treatment.

General teaching about family planning in Islam

It is always taught that any permanent measures of family planning in Islam are prohibited.

You may use it for a short term as described above but permanent solutions are not encouraged since it is obvious that you are going against Allah’s intention of having you reproduce and fill the earth.

Any termination of pregnancy in Islam is also prohibited because you are killing a child unless the pregnancy is a danger to the Mothers life.

There is a saying that you may pour the water from a pot to save it but don’t break the pot since it can fetch water again.

Some scholars also say that once a man came to the Prophet PBUH and asked if the withdrawal act was okay. It is said that the prophet was quiet and never gave an answer.

Some then concluded that he was okay with it while other scholars concluded that he did not answer because he did not want anything to do with it.

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Islamic View on Condoms, is it Allowed?
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