Is Smoking Shisha Sin? Dangers of Hookah


Smoking shisha or hookah is considered a sin in some religions because it destroys your body which is a gift from God. What is shisha made of? Shisha is a substance made of tobacco that is burnt using charcoal hence producing smoke that is inhaled and exhaled.

The tobacco that is burned contains molasses and flavorings that come in different varieties. I.e. mint strawberries, melon apple, and many more. The flavors used are known to enhance tobacco fragrance.

A hookah is an instrument that is said to be used to help in smoking of shisha. When the charcoal is being burnt, the vapor is always released.

This passes to the water pipe via the water or liquid that is placed in a glass bottle at the bottom. The vapor or smoke is then inhaled and released through the mouth and nose.


What are the side effects of smoking shisha?

Most people who smoke shisha always consider themselves as light smokers. However, research shows that when you smoke it for an hour, that actually means you have taken around a hundred pieces of cigarette.

Here are certain side effects that you can develop when you become addicted to smoking shisha:

  1. One is at a higher risk of suffering from heart conditions including heart attack
  2. It becomes easy to get cancer i.e that of the throat or mouth
  3. Bronchitis can be easy to get due to the failure of lungs to function in a proper way
  4. The skin becomes older since oxygen won’t be produced as usual to reach the skin surface
  5. When the pipe is shared mouth to mouth in a group of people, you at a high risk of being exposed to respiratory infections, herpes, flu, and infectious coughs.
  6. Do not forget that you can get affected by several deadly other infectious diseases
  7. Decreased infertility has been observed among heavy addicts.

It’s always good to consult about any substance that you want to use. This helps you to keep off from certain illness that you might encounter.

Is shisha a drug?

Shisha is made from tobacco which a drug. This positions it among products that may harm your health if used in excess. You risk gum diseases and cancer from shisha smoking.

When his substance is burned, it’s said to release carbon monoxide, a gas that is hazardous when inhaled in your addition, it may also contain nicotine.

So we can say shisha is a drug since its contents are even much dangerous than smoking cigarettes yet we all know that cigarette is harmful to one’s health.

This makes shisha smoking a sin since anything that does not bring good in life is always a sin. One can also be addicted to shisha just like any other drug.

Why do people smoke shisha?

In most cases, people want to try something different from the usual. You will find that some of them do it as a way of trying something new in a while or out of curiosity.

Someone would always want to experience how it feels like inhaling smoke in excess then blowing it to the air since it looks like fun. That pride of beating up cigarette smoke feels awesome.

It’s also said that hookah is always used as a local social activity. Just like social drinkers, they don’t smoke on a regular basis so they never mind the fact that nicotine makes them have a buzzing feeling.

If you look deeply into this, you will find that those who smoke a lot are young people.

Basically, they are being pushed to smoking due to peer pressure. Since shisha comes in different flavors like apple, strawberries, mint and many more, one gets blown away because of their scent.

Their aroma is on another level will make you want to experience the feeling. This makes it quite different from cigarette since they only deal with specific brands with no attractive smell. This makes most people go for shisha.

Is there healthy shisha

The answer to this question is no. shisha always contains tobacco in them and therefore when they are burned they produce gases like carbon monoxide which is not good for your health if inhaled in excess.

Do not forget that charcoal that is used to burn it and produces a lot of toxic substances. You risk an overall health break down, damaged lungs, gums and several types of cancer.

Is there tobacco free shisha

This means that you will be smoking an empty vessel of hookah. In addition to that, you will end up inhaling the vapor that is being produced by the burning charcoal.

Don’t forget that when you are inhaling with the presence of water in the vessel, high chances of you inhaling most air that is mixed with toxic components is inevitable.

Smoking is harmful to your health be it tobacco free or not. All of them produce certain vapors that are not good when inhaled into our system.

On the contrary, herbal flavors are more likely to cause kidney problems, therefore, do not be convinced with any type or brand.

Is smoking shisha worse than cigarettes?

Considering the fact that it produces a lot of smoke, this means that it’s worse than smoking a piece of cigarette. It’s said that when you use a hookah for just an hour, that may be equivalent to you taking around a hundred cigarettes or more.

Most people who use it claim that they are less smokers without having knowledge that the tobacco that they smoke has to be burned using charcoal. Therefore, the smoke that is produced during the process is very toxic as compared to cigarettes.

In addition, hookah is made in a different way and therefore smokers are at a higher risk of inhaling toxic substances, as compared to cigarette users.

It is estimated that one puff of shisha is equivalent to 500 mm of smoke. That basically translates also to a fact that your lungs and throat are in danger when n you have several puffs.

Similar diseases are common between shisha smokers and cigarette smokers. The only difference is that a shisha smoker may have deadly symptoms in a shorter period.

It has been proven that hookah smoke is more likely to stay in your system for quite a long time as a result flavors that are mixed with tobacco when it’s being prepared.

On the other hand, the nicotine present in shisha is known to contain a higher volume of about 2.5 times more that of cigarettes. Always remember that nicotine is a compound that is very addictive.

Last but not least, toxin substances that are found in hooker always stay in your system for quite a long period as compared to those of cigarettes.

Is it dangerous to smoke shisha?

Smoking shisha is dangerous considering the fact that it can lead to sudden death. This is whereby you might be using for a long period without having an idea of it causing internal problems in your body that can go unnoticed for a long period of time.

Always do your research before using any of this items. some of them might lead to bad side effects that cannot be treated. You might end up spending a lot without any form of solution being detected. Staying away is always the best option ever.

With the kind of side, effect shisha can cause into our body system, you should try to abstain and avoid being an addict. Furthermore, the pain that it causes is unbearable thus making it not suitable for human intake.

In conclusion, when you become an addict to consuming additives you might end up destroying your life for a very long period of time.

How long is shisha good for you?

Since shisha contains tobacco, it’s obvious that burning it produces nicotine during the smoking process. Take an example of going for a nicotine test to see the levels in your system even three days after consuming it.

They will be positive and still high meaning that the additive will still be in your system.

Shisha is capable of staying in your body for a longer period of time regardless of how often you smoke it. In some cases, nicotine becomes metabolized in our bodies when it is smoked for hours. Results are always positive up to ten days after smoking.

Is it possible to get rid of nicotine from your body?

It’s being said that nicotine present in tobacco is cable of lasting in your system for a period of ten days. Therefore, if you want your results to be negative, avoid shisha intake earlier before the test is carried out.

There is no specific way of getting rid of it from your system instantly. However, keep away from smoking. Below are certain activities that you can perform which will help in getting rid of a certain percentage of it i.e.

  1. For proper repair of your body, take plenty of antioxidants which can be prescribed by a nutritionist.
  2. Always exercise on a daily basis to get rid of those toxic materials through the sweat
  3. Increase your water intake. This helps in clearing up your kidney system that might have been affected
  4. Always ensure that you walk or work out on a daily basis. This helps in boosting your blood circulation and metabolism.

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Is Smoking Shisha Sin? Dangers of Hookah
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