Will Christians & Muslims Meet in Heaven?

Will Christians and Muslims meet in heaven

The answer is No. Christians and Muslims will not meet in heaven because they describe heaven in different ways. They also practice religion with different beliefs. I.e Women who don’t cover their heads are a sinner in Islam while In Christianity they are not.

There are several reasons why heaven is not the same for Christians and Muslims as discussed in this article. The controversy is in the fact that some verses in the Quran stand against the drinking alcohol totally yet in paradise, there is a river of wine according to Christians.

These are some strong reasons why Muslims and Christians will not meet in heaven. In Christianity, Sadducees asked Jesus (Mathew 22:25) who will inherit the woman from the seven brothers.

Jesus said there is no marriage in heaven but in Muslim according to Surah at toor 52:17, the people who go to paradise will enjoy 70- 100 women and they will find beds that are ranked for them to enjoy in delight.

Will Christians and Muslims meet in heaven
Will Christians and Muslims meet in heaven

Fourthly, the issue of Christians and Muslims meetings in heaven is also not true.

It’s because Muslims paradise as seen in Quran, Surat 47:15 “there are rivers of milk, water, wine, honey that are delicious and never change in taste. There are fruits of all types to eat and forgiveness from the Lord.

The scripture also goes against marrying a lot of wives. They say one is enough among Muslims, one can marry a maximum of four but paradise promises a lot of wives.

The concept of paradise is mainly that of pleasure for both Christians and Muslims but with different concepts.

Christian scriptures according to revelation 21 shows a belief in a new heaven and eternal life whereby paradise will look like that garden where Adam and Eve were originally placed.

Heaven among Muslims is rooted in pleasure. It is therefore rendered impossible for the two to meet after death in the same heaven since they practice them believe in very different angles.       

Why Muslims and Christians Cannot Meet in Heaven

Heaven is not the same for Muslims and Christians because their method of prayer differs in all aspects based on different doctrines and they are done to invoke different responses.

Each prayer serves and has a specific reason or purpose. The Islamic religion consists of prayers like the confession of faith (shahada) “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”

They pray five times a day facing mecca by bowing, keeling, paying alms, fasting in the month of Ramadhan and through hajj- pilgrimage to mecca.

The five salats are the daily prayers like Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Magharib, Ishaa. Other prayers are followed during major events and the jumu’ah prayers, sunnat, salaat al-layl, eid, salah, dua, dhikr.

Christians prayers nevertheless differ based on the type of denomination one belongs to. There is the Catholics, the Methodists, Anglicans, protestants and eastern orthodoxy.

Example of prayers are;

  • The lord’s prayer
  • Hail Mary
  • Rosary
  • Liturgy of hour
  • Angelus
  • Act on contortion
  • Glory be to the father
  • Morning and evening prayers
  • The grace
  • Magnificent
  • Nicene creed
  • Serenity prayer
  • Epiclesis
  • apostles creed among other prayers

The prayers are done at different times and places in the Christian religion. The prayers show that none is more significant than the other.

Although the two religions are seen to pray in a different way, still there is proper evidence of the true and false religion no type of prayers or worship is grander than the other. They all seem to disagree with how their partners on the other side conduct their prayers.

Do Muslims Believe in the Holly Spirit?  

Muslims also believe in the holy spirit which was sent by Allah to his servant to send his divine will and commands to the people (Ghafir 15), “that the holy spirit was sent upon the prophet as the medium “.

In An- Nahl: 102 it clearly states that” the holy spirit brought it down from the Lord with the truth to strengthen those who believe and as a guidance and good tiding to Muslims.”

Others view that the holy spirit was sent to aid Jesus in his work (Al Baqarah 25:3), “we gave Jesus son of Mary, clear signs and strengthened him with the holy spirit.”

It is clear that the holy spirit is the angel jibrael sent by Allah to assist His chosen servants in their divinely ordained missions.

Difference between prophet Mohamed and Jesus Christ

The last point focuses on how the two different religions view each other’s prophets. Christians view on Muhammad is a bit vague as many Christians are not enlightened about him.

Those who know about him like various scholars and the early church view him as truly inspired by God to proclaim a strict monotheistic faith.

They therefore place him on the same level as the prophets of Israel and the early apostles of the early Christian church.

Christians see prophet Mohamed as the true prophet but fall short of the Muslim perception of him being chosen uniquely to utter the word of God.

Other Christians negatively view Muhammad as false and his revelation as deluded and opposed to the Christian beliefs.

Christians loyalty to Jesus teachings and laws differ from how Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught people to pray. This why they can’t accept Muhammad wholly in their religion which is Christianity.

Muslims named Jesus as Isa and as per the Quran, Jesus came with the Injil. Aong Muslims, Jesus is just like any other prophet, a miracle worker and a healer.

Muslims do not don’t see Jesus as the son of God. He is seen as one of the messengers of God. They also accept his return on earth, in eschatological times and they call it “the descents of Jesus”.

Jesus will descend from the sky and battle against ad-Dajjl or the antichrist. This strengthens our spirituality and those of believers.  He is the only prophet who got the title al-Masih or messiah which is found in the Hadith and not the Quran.

However, Muslims oppose the concept of Jesus utilitarianism that is his divinity and humanity by considering himself as the son of God.

They say in the Quran that Jesus always speaks the truth and when He says that He is the son of God, the concept is misunderstood by Christians scholars. They therefore reject Christ’s divinity.

In conclusion, Christian and Islamic religion are seen to have the same beliefs on the doctrine of God as well as and other vital concepts based on faith in God. They differ when it comes to how to serve God and each religion has a separate and contrary view.

In support of this, it does not mean that people of these religions must battle each other based on religion but they must unite to enrich each other’s religion by accepting corrections and correcting others view. We must live together as one universe in brotherhood.

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Will Christians & Muslims Meet in Heaven?
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