Is Gelatin Halal or Haram in Islam?

Is gelatin halal or haram

Gelatin is only halal when it is made from animals that are not considered to be haram in Islam. Note that those have to be slaughtered based on Islamic ruling and teachings.

Gelatin is haram if it is made from pork or animals that are slaughtered in a bad way. However, Muslims can take products with gelatin if it is extracted from halal animals.

If gelatin is extracted from animals that have been electrocuted or suffocated, it still remains haram even if the animal is not a pig. In Islam, there is a way to laughter animals and one should be aware of such rules.

Some Muslims however argue that since the pork is no longer the same, and has been chemically changed, then gelatin in medicine may be halal even if it is made from pork.

Other Muslims still maintain that since the original product is pork, then Muslims should avoid them because the original product was from the pork which is haram to eat in Islam.

Gelatin is always found in multivitamin medications and it is made from either one animal or sometimes a mixture of different animals after slaughtering them.

Is gelatin halal or haram
Is gelatin halal or haram?

Is Gelatin in Medicine haram?

Gelatin may be halal or haram in Islam because it all depends on how it has been manufactured. Many Muslims are always confused if gelatin in medicinal tablets is permissible in Islam.

Firstly, what is gelatin? gelatin is a type of protein derived from animal tissue. It is a form of collagen and it has properties that makes it useful for various foods and medicines. It can be very easily made to become relatively tasteless and odorless.

It has a protective layer, so it can be made to basically put medicine inside and you have the gelatin capsule outside of it.

It helps in preserving the stuff inside of it or you can add sweet and make the gelatin itself into a sweet and this is why some Muslims ask if gelatin in sweets is halal.

The gelatin in sweets is not haram as long as it is free from pork or the production process is halal and does not go against anything that is prohibited in Islam.

Gelatin can be very useful in many different types of food and medicine. That is why we find it in so many different food products.

When Can Muslims Take Gelatin?

There are four primary sources of gelatin and that include;

  1. Animals
  2. Fish
  3. Plants
  4. Synthetically produced gelatin

If gelatin comes from fish, plants or halal animals then it is alright for Muslims to take it in medicine or any food. Synthetically produced gelatin is also okay as long as it does not contain anything that is haram in Islam. 

Is beef gelatin halal? Yes, beef gelatin is halal because beef is not haram in Islam as long as the bow is slaughtered in a decent way that does not go against the rules of Islam.

However, it has been observed that almost eighty-seven percent of gelatin comes from the first category which is animals. You do not find gelatin from plants except with very great difficulty.

Strict vegans do not take gelatin from animals just like Muslims also don’t take gelatin from pork because vegans do not eat meat at all.

They then seek gelatin that has been made from plants only and this is always expensive because it takes a lot of time, research and energy to extract and make gelatin from plants. Gelatin made from plants is halal in Islam and some Muslims prefer those. 

Gelatin extracted from fish is also halal in Islam but they are very expensive because the process of getting it from fish involves more time and concentration. The same applies to synthetically made gelatin.

This explains why the gelatin that many Muslims can afford is from animals because making it from animals is easy since we slaughter animals every other day.

Gelatin made from animals is derived typically from the meat, joints and sometimes even the animal skin.

Islamic Ruling on Gelatin

Some Muslims question if gelatin in medicine is halal or haram because in most cases, it is made from a pig. This is because pigs are readily available and they are cheap. This is why some Muslims also avoid medication with gelatin when fasting.

Pigs are haram in Islam and therefore this is why many people think that all the gelatin comes from the swine. In fact, some Muslims prefer to ignore any products with gelatin because they are not sure of the original materials used in making them.

Pigs also contain lots of gelatin and that is why most famers produce them so that they can use them in the mass production of gelatin. The amount of gelatin they extract pigs is more than that from other animals.

So in most cases, the default animal that comes in mind when many people see gelatin products is the pig and that is why many Muslims are always asking if gelatin in medicine is haram or halal.

However, gelatin from Islamic country in most cases is always halal because they avoid using pig products in any way whatsoever because they do not want to go against the Islamic teachings about eating pork.

Conclusion is that the Muslims should only use gelatin if it is extracted from halal sources that are slaughtered according to the teachings of Islam.

It not okay for Muslims to use gelatin that comes from haram sources like pig and the bones and the skin of pigs.

One simple way of how to know if gelatin is halal or haram in Islam is to always read the ingredients on the label and if you are not sure, consult on how a product is made before taking them.


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Is Gelatin Halal or Haram in Islam?
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