How to Stop Talking Too Much


These 4 little secrets below will help you stop talking too much at work, meetings, when seated with friends, or when you are on a date. Just try these simple steps and see how it will go a long way in changing your habit.

Talking too much can be annoying especially if you have this habit and you are around calm people.

There are many disadvantages that come along with it and that’s why you need to stop it. You may end up spilling secrets and giving out hints that sometimes are not supposed to get out.

1. Meditation with the art of breathing  

There are several forms of meditation. However, there is a specific one that you should apply in this case.

That is the art of breathing. Yes, it is as simple as that. Did you know that 90% of people who talk too much never stop to feel their own breath?

What I mean here is that breathing in its self is something we do the whole day but we ignore and bever concentrate on it yet it is important.

This art of meditation can change your life instantly and help you stop talking too much. Here is how to start this special meditation gift.

  1. It doesn’t matter where you are. Stop thinking about anything and simply breathe in and out
  2. Try focusing on feeling the air that you breathe in as it moves in your nose then do the same as you breathe out.
  3. Do not alter the way you breathe. Just let it flow as naturally as it is. The only difference is that you will be focusing on feeling the air movement.
  4. Do this for about 10 minutes every 1 hour for beginners. The longer you can do this the better for you.

This means that during your concentration, you will appear calm and only relevant thoughts that are important will tend to come in your mind.

Try repeating the breathing meditation secret for 5 minutes before you sleep and when you wake up.

2. Learn to listen more and talk less

Always remember the disadvantages of talking too much and try listening more. People around you will definitely be trying to pass a message.

Just talk when it is very necessary. However, plan it before. Get to the point but don’t over-describe it.

In the energy world, talking less will definitely help you absorb the energy of people around you.

People who talk too much drain a lot and end up tired both mentally and physically since they deplete what they have very fast. After this, they try justifying that they are still relevant.

Listening will help you learn more. People who have the habit are always more intelligent. Talking too much will also have you develop a bad habit of acting like you know it all.

3. Think it through before you say it

Simply master these simple words and if possible, say them silently when you are about to speak.

This will help you deliver points in your words without cluttering them with useless words that may end up putting people off about what you say.

This also translates to learning when to stop talking. When you think before you talk, you will definitely know when you are done.

This will help you so much in delivering your point and becoming relevant in all that you say.

4. Build your confidence

In general, the secret here is remaining relevant. Don’t over explain yourself. Work on your confidence.

Sometimes even when you are walking on the road, learn to mind your own business.

Start with baby steps. Try looking at things down the streets and learn to push them off your thoughts. Don’t indulge in things that are clearly none of your business.

Do not magnify simple things. This will also help you in your relationship. A partner who talks too much is definitely boring to be around. Let your words be filled with wisdom and sense.

Just don’t speak. When you feel you have nothing to say, get a book to read, watch a movie or listen to some music while you focus on your breath.

With time, you will blossom like a new flower and people will notice the change around you. Remember being silent doesn’t mean you frown and look serious, no. It doesn’t also mean you are stupid.

Sometimes just smile and avoid petty drama. Cleanse your energy, keep it pure, and above all, always remember that over talking does not mean you will be convincing anyone around you. It will make you irrelevant.

What does the bible say about talking too much?

Interestingly, the bible has very interesting verses that specifically address the issue of over talking. I think any Christian should always apply those verses in their day to day life.

My favorite one is Proverbs 17:28 which states that even a fool may be considered wise if he is silent among wise. Only when he speaks it’s when you will realize that a fool is seated among the wise”

Disadvantages of talking too much

This is a major reason why people who talk too much at work never get the best positions that require sound judgment and intelligence.

Talking much also translates to the fact that you cannot keep secrets for long. It is just a matter of time before you spill it. Therefore people around you cannot trust you with delicate issues.

  1. It is easy to study and learn how you think within a few minutes
  2. It means you are not confident
  3. It is not easy for someone to trust you that fast. They have to make sure you will not mess up
  4. It drains you of your energy
  5. It means you are anxious and you are trying to relieve yourself from it
  6. Not all but most people who talk too much always lie a lot to keep it going
  7. Talking too much will only put you out of control in any situation

In some cases, talking too much can also be considered to be a disorder that may need therapy with mental stability measures put in place for the patient to be confident.

Now you are probably reading this because you want to stop over talking. Here is a simple measure that will help you.

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How to Stop Talking Too Much
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