How To Forget About Your Ex Faster


After break up in any relationship, every one wants to move on fast and forget about the pain from past relationship. Here are some simple steps that will help you forget about your ex quickly and move on with your life.

“I recently broke up with my girlfriend but I can’t seem to forget about her and move on. However, there is no way I can be with her again. Please help me stop thinking about her and move on with my life”

From Timothy

Here is a solution: breakups can be very painful and difficult to deal with especially if you really depended on your partner emotionally, financially or the bond was just out of this world.


8 Steps: How to forget about your ex quickly & move on

Forgetting about your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is a gradual process that should really start in the mind and not in what you do. Below are some simple steps that can help you leave your past life behind.

1. Make yourself mentally stable

Always understand that if your ex dumped you, there is definitely a reason why you are not with them. We all have different paths in life and this idea alone should help you move on from your ex-husband or wife. It doesn’t matter how many years you were together.

If it was never meant to be, it will not. Don’t even waste your energy fighting that battle. When it comes to love matters, always let it flow naturally.

Never force yourself into someone’s life. If they care, it will always come deep from their heart. If they don’t, don’t feel bad about that because you cannot force them to do what you want.

If you deeply understand those words, then you need to get it that you should live a life that you like and be yourself. Focus on making yourself better and you will attract the best people naturally.

One mistake that some people do is they try to replace their ex immediately thinking that they can move on. This is a very wrong idea.

“NEVER REPLACE YOUR EX IMMEDIATELY AFTER BREAKUP”. This is because you will be wasting the new person in your life. Try and get yourself up firmly from the above words, understand that you should work at making yourself better. Never look down upon yourself.

2. Replace those thoughts about your ex

You may also consider replacing your ex memories with something that you love doing. Everyone has something they love and enjoy doing. Get one of your hobbies and make yourself happy while at it.

The best way to approach this is to always find something new to do or to learn. While you are caught up in it, you will not even have time to think about your ex.

3. Avoid spending lots of time alone

One of the best ways to forget your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend very fast to avoid spending time alone during the first weeks of your break ups. Try and visit your favorite friends or relatives that are always fun to be with.

Trust me, those moments spent with them with them will do you more good than harm. The challenges of adapting to their environment and spending time with them will keep your mind from thinking about your ex. The main focus here is don’t spend so much time alone or away from activities.  

4. Make life changes

Not everyone is always in a position to do this. However, there are people who can manage. It is not just that you make expensive life changes but those little changes always count.

For example, delete your ex contacts and just have then somewhere in your diary in case you need to ask something that is very important. Try and put away their gifts or clothes that you have at your place.

Out of sight, out of mind rule will really help a lot in this case. Avoid contact with their best friends for some time. If possible, you can move houses. Moving houses is one of the most beneficial and proven ways that really help.

When you move from the house that you used to share together, you will be surprised at how the new neighbors and environment can help in forgetting the past.

Your new home will help you a lot in deleting memories about your ex who dumped you or left you. Remember its always about believing that you deserve better and nature has a way of taking what does not belong to you.

5. Don’t be afraid to talk about it with family and friends

Talking about your break up will really help you in moving on. It has been proved that when you talk about anything, you definitely let it out.

You will be surprised at how supportive people around you can be. There is nothing to be ashamed of about your boyfriend or girlfriend who dumps you.

People break up every other day. Talking about it with the right people is also therapeutic. You will definitely get great ideas on how to move on and forget about your boyfriend or girlfriend who cheated. Above all remind and convince yourself why it happened and why you have to move on.

6. Don’t hold the guilt

Even if you are the one who messed up, learn from that mistake and don’t ever repeat it. Always remember that if it was meant to be, you could still be together.  

Man is to error and nobody is perfect on planet earth. We all have our negatives sides. Never sit in a corner and whine about how you messed up.

Just remember that nobody wants to be hurt so forgive yourself and don’t repeat that mistake. Accept your mistake even if you are the one who cheated.

Say “I’m sorry”. That will not harm you but will heal you. If you are forgiven fine. If you are not, then trust that you really are sorry and you will never repeat that mistake again.

Accepting your mistake is a great step in the healing process. You view and the motive is really important in this case. In a case where you find that the same habit is repeating itself, find help.

Seek help from a professional who can help you work on your habit and make you a better person. Do not be afraid to open up about the truth.

Let me give you an example. I have a friend who was dumped by her boyfriend because she used to wet the bed at night. It was so painful to her at first but with time, she accepted that her boyfriend was not the type that could handle such serious circumstances.

The thing is she had this problem but never used to share it with anyone. After the break-up, she faced the situation. She opened up and she was taken from treatment through church donations, with the help of her church leaders and generous friends.

She got well eventually and after that, she worked on her personality and mental stability. With time, she moved and now she is married with beautiful kids and a loving husband.

The best part is, she told her current husband her past issue and the guy accepted her and was supportive until she got well.

Always remember that those who love you will always stick by you and make you a better person. Those that don’t love you will always exit your life at the first sight of any weakness that you have. True love is persistent, patient and very tolerant or any situation.

7. Can Religion Help Me Forget About My Ex-girlfriend or Boyfriend?

One of the beautiful things about religion is that it can help you forget about your former relationships very easily. It will definitely keep you busy and make you stop feeling worthless, rejected and alone. i.e. you may consider going to church or mosque.

You may also read the Holy Bible or the Holy Quran when you feel your mind is free. This will really help you forget about those memories and before you know it, you shall have moved on.

If you are a Muslim, read the Quran and set targets on mastering new Surah or something like that. Do your meditations and pray about the situation? It will definitely help.

If you are a Christian, you may consider reading your Bible and do prayer meditations. Yes, it is true that praying about forgetting your ex can help you move on. This is due to the fact that when you have faith, it will always keep your heart at peace.

8. Meditation

Meditation is a key factor in mental stability after any break-up. Learn to cleanse your aura and get rid of bad negative thoughts. Don’t be the person that easily loses it after a breakup.

Find meditation programs that best focus on psychological stress, mental, emotional and emotional stability. There are several PDF guides online that can help you out with this. One of my favorites is this PDF guide from

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How To Forget About Your Ex Faster
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