Hindu Holidays: That you Need To Know

Festivities are events that commemorate events or celebrate a holiday, usually of a religious nature. Festivities are also social events that bring together large numbers of people, families, and friends in an atmosphere of peace, happiness, and celebration. Each country has its traditions and these are a reflection of the culture, experiences, traditions and even […]

Do Hindus Drink Alcohol?

Alcohol consumption can be traced back to times immemorial. There are examples of alcoholic drinks in every known human culture, and they are part of any kind of activity, from parties to religious procedures. Very few things seem to be as much of a second nature to humans as enjoying themselves and drinking alcohol. Nowadays, […]

Do Hindus Eat Pork?

Yes, some Indians eat pork while others don’t do that depending on their religious backgrounds and geographical locations. Indians are not really strict about this as compared to our Muslim brothers. However, Indians teach that if you eat any animal with emotions, then that may influence and manipulate your destiny. Any animal with emotions should […]

Menstruation in Indian Culture, Myths & Taboos

Menstruation in Hinduism and cultural Indian beliefs had several restrictions in the past because a woman was considered to be more susceptible or vulnerable physically, emotionally, and psychologically. It was recommended for Indian women to rest during menstruation. According to history, menstruation in Indian culture and tradition had it that a woman during her menstrual […]

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