Hindu Holidays: That you Need To Know

Hindu Holidays: That you Need To Know

Festivities are events that commemorate events or celebrate a holiday, usually of a religious nature. Festivities are also social events that bring together large numbers of people, families, and friends in an atmosphere of peace, happiness, and celebration.

Each country has its traditions and these are a reflection of the culture, experiences, traditions and even faith devotion are reflected in festivities. India is a vast country with a vast culture and ancestral tradition that is reflected annually in the realization of numerous festive events.

Festivities in India are characterized by their color, meaning, mysticism, and duration, for Indians it is normal to celebrate for several days the different festivities, thus calling large numbers of people, the same happens in the cities as these celebration events, for the most part, including the general population without distinguishing caste or social status. So that you can learn more about the culture of India and its festivities we present you a guide to the most important celebrations of this Asian country:

10 Hindu Festivals You Should Know About

  1. Republic Day: This political holiday is celebrated nationally, and commemorates the approval and entry into force of the Indian constitution, this happened on January 26, 1950. To celebrate this day, the Indian people usually perform different parades, but the parade organized by the Indian armed forces, which is traditionally broadcast on national television and is held in the city of New Delhi, stands out without a doubt.
  2. Jaipur Elephant Festival: Although this festival is originally from the Jaipur region, it has gradually spread to other parts of India. This festival honors the Elephants, one of the most beloved and popular animals in the Asian country. Elephants symbolize royalty, health, and wisdom, that is why they are honored by parades and delicately decorating these majestic animals with spectacular colors.
  3. Holi: This festival is possibly India’s best-known festival worldwide. It is also known as “The Indu festival of colors” and it celebrates the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil, for this reason, it is celebrated with big parties during two days with massive congregations of people who decorate the place with colors, but the main protagonist is the colored powders that are thrown by the attendees to this great party.
  4. Bikaner Camel Festival: Elephants are not the only animals honored in India, so are Camels. This animal is recognized for being very hardworking and useful for the rural populations of India. It is for this reason that once a year a tribute is paid to these animals. This festival is characterized by being colorful, in it, activities are carried out where camels are used as races, as well as fairs, dances, and lots of music.
  5. Independence Day: It is undoubtedly the most important festival of political origin in India. It commemorates the independence from the British Empire, an achievement made on August 15, 1947 thanks to the political action of the nonviolent resistance movement and civil disobedience led by social leader Mahatma Gandhi. The entire population of India joins in the celebration of this date, regardless of religion or caste, this holiday represents and celebrates the freedom that India has today.
  6. Makar Sankranti Festival: The reason for this celebration is the beginning of the harvest season, this occurs when the winter solstice begins, which happens approximately January 14. On this festive day, thanks are given to the earth and to the families that are dedicated to planting, by thanking the gods: Sura, god of the sun, and Saraswati, who is mother earth. It is also common to pray to the deceased relatives, as well as to make fairs, festivals full of music, also old objects are discarded and new ones are acquired, the chiefs of the farmers give gifts to their workers.
  7. Maha Shivaratri: Also known as the great night of Shiva, the Maha Shivaratri is celebrated during the darkest night of the year and is considered one of the most important holidays since this god is one of the three most important gods of the Hindu religion since he is responsible for the destruction and renewal of the universe. This date is celebrated especially for the believers of Shivaism, a current of the Hindu region that believes that Shiva is the supreme god of the religion. On this festive date, processions, prayers, fasting, and multiple offerings are made to the religious deity.
  8. Summer Festival: This is the most distinctive festival in the Rajasthan region and is held for three days in June. This festival consists of various activities, including boat races on the Nakki Lake, horse races, skate races, dance and music festivals, as well as the launching of fireworks at nightfall.
  9. Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti: This festival is held annually in appreciation of the work done by Mahatma Gandhi, who was the most important political leader and pacifist of India, responsible for the independence of India from British control, for such achievement is considered the father of the nation. This festivity takes place every October 2nd, and in it, certain activities are carried out, mainly related to politics and peace, that is why offerings are made by the current political leaders to the place where the leader of the nation rests eternally, as well as prayers are made in different temples and the message of peace is promoted among all Indians.
  10. Onam: It is the harvest festival that is held annually in the state of Kerala, this festival lasts ten days, in which the good harvest and the blessings of the earth are thanked, also the visit of King Mahabali is appreciated. This festival is held between August and September, there are acts such as decorating houses, making carpets with flowers, the inhabitants wear their best clothes and try to show the maximum possible prosperity. In addition to this, this festival is known for its famous dances among which highlights the Thiravathira kali in which a group of women dances in a circle according to the rhythm of the music.

What Is The Most Important Hindu Holiday?

The most important festival in this Asian country is Diwali, but worldwide it is better known as the festival of lights. This festival is considered by some as the true beginning of the new year in India since for the Hindu-believing population (which is the vast majority in this nation) the year begins in October, but what is striking is how it is celebrated.

This five-day holiday is celebrated by more than a billion people around the world, but of course, it is celebrated mainly within the borders of India despite the millions of Indians who have migrated to all latitudes. Throughout this number of days, multiple activities take place, 

This celebrates the victory of light over darkness, wisdom over ignorance, and good over evil, to commemorate this victory are performed various activities among which include lighting lights when dusk begins, launch numerous fireworks, lighting balloons with torches and let them soar in the skies and build paper boats with small candles in them to illuminate their way. The main deity venerated in this festivity is Lakshmi who is the goddess of beauty and prosperity, however, the god Ganesha and in some areas the goddess Kali is also considered in the festivities.

Hindu New Year

The Indian New Year is Diwali, however, Diwali is a holiday that consists of several celebrations, of which the most important is the New Year, however, this holiday is celebrated only by the Hindu population of India, that is to say, that the Hindu New Year is not celebrated by the religions, but other activities are celebrated within the Diwali, this happens for example with the Sikhs and the Jains, the first remembering the ancient spiritual gurus and the second commemorating the death of its founder.

When Is Hindu New Year 2021?

The Hindu calendar is different from the calendar used in the West (known as Gregorian calendar) for the believers of the Hindu religion the new year begins on October 19, this data belongs to the Diwali festival and it is the traditional festival of lights, this is the main attraction of Hindu new year, in the traditional lighting of the lamps, as well as fireworks are launched celebrating the victory of light over darkness.

What Religion Wears a Small Black Cap? 

The religion that is characterized by the constant use of black caps, in the case of men, is the Judaism religion, this accessory is known as a kippah. However, they are not the only ones who use this accessory on their heads. It is very common in Christian leaders the use small red or white caps, Muslims also use caps that are a little different known as Taqiyah which can be used in different colors, these are especially used at times of prayer. In the Hindu religion, the Sikh caste is known for the use of the traditional turban, which is worn by men who have been baptized.

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Hindu Holidays: That you Need To Know
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