Obedience to Parents Benefits & Importance

The main benefit of obedience to parents is attached to the fact that it will attract God’s blessing to any child who follows what their parents say. When adults around you wish you good luck and pray for you because of your loyalty to them, your life can never go wrong. Obedience to parents means […]

How to Deal with A Bully at School

Bullying is a form of unwanted, aggressive or violent behavior that teenagers or any child attempts against another person so that they (victims) are denied freedoms and rights. It also involves fighting another person physically, verbally to make them overpowered by the bullies. Difference between physical and verbal bullying Here are the best two ways […]

Will Smokers Go To Heaven? [Is Smoking a Sin?]

Before we dig into what the bible says about smoking in Christianity, the Quran in Islam, or teachings in Hinduism let us look at some facts and general knowledge. Smokers will go to heaven and there are no direct religious quotes in Islam or Christianity that forbid smoking. However, religion dictates that we should take […]

How to Stop Feeling Worthless, Useless & Alone

Let us look at some steps that can help you stop feeling useless, and alone. If you feel that you are worthless, there is definitely a reason or situation behind this. Comparing yourself to a better friend or other people that look better than you will always make you feel worthless and useless. This will […]

Is Smoking Shisha Sin? Dangers of Hookah

Smoking shisha or hookah is considered a sin in some religions because it destroys your body which is a gift from God. What is shisha made of? Shisha is a substance made of tobacco that is burnt using charcoal hence producing smoke that is inhaled and exhaled. The tobacco that is burned contains molasses and […]

How To Forget About Your Ex Faster

After break up in any relationship, every one wants to move on fast and forget about the pain from past relationship. Here are some simple steps that will help you forget about your ex quickly and move on with your life. “I recently broke up with my girlfriend but I can’t seem to forget about […]

How to Stop Talking Too Much

These 4 little secrets below will help you stop talking too much at work, meetings, when seated with friends, or when you are on a date. Just try these simple steps and see how it will go a long way in changing your habit. Talking too much can be annoying especially if you have this […]

Is Gambling a Sin in Any Religion?

Probably you are wondering if gambling is wrong or right in religion. The question here is the view of gambling in Islam, Christianity, Hindu or any other religion. After reading this you may want to leave your thoughts below. Different religions have different advice about gambling. Let’s first start by describing what gambling is before […]

Spiritual Bath for Cleansing Negative Energy

Since ancient times, spiritual bath has been important in cleansing negative energies both physically and spiritually. Everyone has to learn how to remove negative energies. learning how to purify your spirits is important when you need good luck and success in whatever you do. A spiritual bath will get rid of negative energy by cleansing […]

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