Does God Love Christians or Muslims?

God loves both Christians and Muslims in equal measures even if they have different ways of praying with different books that they regard to be from God. They are all children of God and none is special than the other. Contents How Does the Quran Describe God’s Love?Allah’s love is not selectiveHow does the Bible […]

Will Christians & Muslims Meet in Heaven?

The answer is No. Christians and Muslims will not meet in heaven because they describe heaven in different ways. They also practice religion with different beliefs. I.e Women who don’t cover their heads are a sinner in Islam while In Christianity they are not. There are several reasons why heaven is not the same for […]

Do Christians & Muslims Worship the Same God?

The concept of religion has been a cause of many disputes and it has also led to the rise and fall of many empires including countries for centuries. Yes, Christians and Muslims worship the same God since there can only be one God. However, Muslims and Christians cannot pray together because they read form different […]

Does Luck Exist? How Does It Work?

Yes, Luck exists. If you describe a gambler as being lucky, it means that the winnings they are getting are not from their own doing. However, if the player wins in every play, then you must dismiss luck. That takes exceptional skill. Lottery winners are lucky because most of them have tried it time and […]

How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home?

Negative energy at home can be characterized by overreacting to petty mistakes and fighting over small things around the house. There is no desire to stay in the house with a feel of negative relationships among everyone in your house. Without cleansing and removal, negative energy can invade your home or those around you. The […]

How to Forgive & Forget: Importance & Benefits

In our daily lives, we all have been wronged in one way or another. We can’t deny it since it’s a part and parcel of everyone’s life. Let’s be honest, forgiveness does not erase all your past but in some way, it makes your future easier and pure.   It is important to learn how […]

Understanding Empaths, Traits & What to Do

Have you ever wondered if you’re an empath? You might have some crazy things happening to your life and maybe you are not in a position to tell if you are an empath or not. It is important to know if you are a true or damaged empath. Well, read patiently as I teach you […]

Staying Positive in Life

Being positive in life refers to the act of allowing yourself to think optimistically about something and looking forward to achieving a great goal in life. Although positivity is a way to make your life better, it is not easy just as many people take it. Positivity requires your mind to be in a state […]

Do Witches Fly On Broomsticks? Wiccan Flying Ointment

How do witches fly? Well, that question is probably why you are reading this article. You have probably seen images of witches flying on broomsticks and wonder why that is the popular way they are portrayed. There is also the aspect of the flying ointment which is used by the witches to help them in […]

8 Signs Of Negative Energy In You & Around You

It is very important to learn how to identify signs that show you are surrounded by negative energies in your life. Negative energy could be anywhere and in any form. We will eventually face it whether we notice it or not. One certain thing though, if it is too much it could be wreaking havoc […]

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