Being Pregnant in Dream Meaning

Being Pregnant in Dream Meaning

Dreaming that you are pregnant yet you are not expectant in real life means that you are about to achieve, receive, or experience a great positive change in your life.

It is also important to note that the size of your belly in that dream matters a lot.

Being heavily pregnant in a dream means that whatever it is that is about to happen in your life is just around the corner and you should be ready for it.

However, it has been noted that many ladies who dream that they are pregnant have had signs of pregnancy in their real life and it lingers through their mind during the day.

This then reflects in their dreams at night because eighty-five percent of what we dream of at night is normally what we go through during the day.

You may be suspecting that you are pregnant so you keep playing it in your subconscious when you sleep.

This is one of the most causes of having those pregnancy dreams. It may also happen that you have waited for long to have a baby but still, you are not pregnant.

Being Pregnant in Dream Meaning
Being Pregnant in Dream Meaning

So the urge to be pregnant will make you keep dreaming that you are pregnant all the time even at night when you are sleeping.

You should never be upset in such situations because most of your dreams will always reflect what you are going through during the day.

This is very normal especially if it is something you keep thinking about.

However, there are situations where you dream that you are pregnant yet you have never even thought of having a baby in your life.

This is when you should seek to know the reason behind that dream.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of Being Pregnant in A Dream?

The spiritual meaning of seeing yourself pregnant in a dream is that you are about to advance spiritually because you are about to be used to deliver great plans in your life or the people around you.

When you have been praying for God to give you a baby and you receive this dream, it may also be a spiritual sign that God is soon answering your prayers if you continue putting your trust in him.

However, if you are panicking or suspecting that you are pregnant, it is obvious that you will keep seeing yourself pregnant in dreams.

This is definitely a reflection of your thoughts during the day and you should not expect much from that dream.

This interpretation of pregnant dreams applies to those who are not having a pregnancy scare and even planning to have a baby in any way.

If you are not pregnant then you suddenly dream that you are expecting a baby, then you should not ignore the dream.

In this case, you have to ask yourself why you are expectant in your dream and you should, therefore, seek to know the meaning of that dream.

The spiritual meaning of being pregnant in your dream definitely means that God is expecting you to deliver his plans or he is about to deliver his plans using you.

You should, therefore, be ready and open your spiritual ears so that you can get the message that God wants you to have.

If possible, commit that prayer to God and ask him to use the Holy Spirit to guide you in your actions so that you may not have difficulties in achieving the desired original purpose of the dream.

If you are a prayerful person, there is always a reason as to why sometimes you will have strange dreams.

This is because God will always give you revelations and you need to be keen enough for you not to miss anything in the process.

Spiritual people are always advised never to ignore signs in their dreams.

This is because there is always a reason behind them especially if it is a dream that is very new and not related to anything that you always keep thinking about.

Seeing A Pregnant Woman in Dream Meaning

Seeing a pregnant woman in dream may mean that someone is about to deliver some great news to you.

This means that you have to be patient as you prepare for something that you have been waiting for.

This is normally a sign that you really need to be patient and you have to wait for what you have really been seeking for some time.

The spiritual meaning of seeing someone pregnant in a dream means that God is going to use that person to bring good news to you.

This can also mean that that is the person that carries the solution to a problem that you have been having or facing for some time and you need to talk to them about your problem.

Spiritual meaning of dream about best friend being pregnant means that God is simply showing you the right person to deal with in your dream and you can always be sure to trust that person.

Pregnancy in dreams is always attached to good news, wealth, or prosperity because in real life, a baby is a blessing from God and you should always be happy if you have a baby.

Pregnancy is always a fruit of marriage from God and that is why we are always told to wait until after marriage so that we can enjoy the benefits and have babies that will live to keep our generation going.

Someone Telling You That You Are Pregnant in A Dream Meaning

There are cases that you may see a friend or a doctor telling that you are pregnant yet you are not expecting any child.

If you neither have plans of getting a child by then, then you should seek the meaning of that pregnancy dream as explained here.

If you dream that you are pregnant when you are actually supposed to go for a pregnancy test or you are scared about being pregnant then relax.

You should not take it seriously because those are just reflections of what you are going through during the day.

However, being told you’re pregnant in a dream out of nowhere means that you are expected to be the one who will be the bearer of a burden or responsibility that is supposed to benefit other people around you.

This means that you should be prepared to face the challenges that come with the responsibilities that you are about to be given.

Someone telling you that you are pregnant in your dream may also mean that you are about to be promoted at work.

It can also mean that you are about to become a leader with great responsibilities that need you to be sober.

This is because in real life, pregnancy comes with a lot of commitments and dedications.

During this time, a woman cannot behave recklessly and should always be careful so that the unborn baby is protected.

This is the same principle that is used to reveal the signs and meaning of being pregnant in a dream yet you are not expectant in real life.

When your best friend had a dream that you are pregnant, it means that you are the one who is supposed to help her in a situation.

It may also be that you are about to become someone great in the society around you or at work.

You should however commit those dreams in prayers so that the will of God is manifested all over them.

This is because, without guidance from God, we cannot always achieve the best that we are supposed to get.

We should never rely in our own wisdom but rather depend on God to guide and protect us in all that we do.

It is therefore always advised that you commit those dreams to God for proper guidance.

Biblical Meaning of Pregnancy Dreams

The bible describes pregnancy as a beautiful fruit of marriage that God gives to a man and a woman when they are joined together.

This makes the biblical meaning of dreams to be positive in that when you dream of expecting a baby, that means that blessings are coming your way and you should be prepared.

In most cases, biblical interpretation of pregnancy dreams is that you are about to get married or God is about to use you as a vessel to deliver blessings into other people’s lives.

You should always see this as a great sign and put it in prayers so that God can continue manifesting the positive dream in your life.

We all know that in the past, a barren woman was considered to be cursed because the fruit of the womb was related to blessing in Biblical times.

Biblical meaning of being pregnant in a dream can be interpreted using the birth of Jesus Christ who came to this planet to save us from our sins.

We note that God chose the virgin Mary to bear this beautiful fruit and while the baby was being expected, everyone was happy and the excitement was great.

We see that Sarah waited for several years and she only became pregnant at a very old age of ninety years.

She doubted this but God wanted to prove her wrong so she waited for so long and God still fulfilled his word.

This tells us that biblically, pregnancy is a great fruit from God and it is God who chooses when it comes especially if we follow through His teachings as we are taught in Christianity.  

This is why we always link pregnancy dreams to great things and good signs in our life.

This is because being pregnant is a good news unless you are doing things against the teachings of the Lord.

the average person has more than four dreams per night most of them are forgotten but what remains can be very profound and sometimes confusing.

Do All Pregnancy Dreams Have Meaning?

While most pregnancy dreams have meanings, not all of them have a meaning because some are just the reflections of what you picked during the day and your mind is playing them in your sleep.

However, most of the dreams have some type of meaning and you can always learn from them because God speaks to our spirits through dreams.

Dreams are imprinted on our spirit so we should always be alert because in most cases, interpreting those dreams will benefit us more than we can imagine.

Pregnant dreams usually indicate that God has implanted something new in you that has not been birthed yet.

The pregnancy in your dream means that it is going to require a lot of attention just like babies do and you’re going to have to give it a lot of nurturing in order to bring it to fruition.

So, it is important to always know that random pregnancy dreams that come from nowhere when you have nothing to do with being pregnant in your life should never be ignored.

They have meanings and you should always seek to find the meanings through prayers.

You should also be keen on your environment at that time so that you may identify how the dream is relevant to your life.  

Can Dreaming That You Are Pregnant Be a Sign?

No, dreaming that you are pregnant cannot be classified as a definite pregnancy sign because dreams are influenced by a lot of things that we go through during the day.

You are bound to dream about pregnancy when you are having symptoms of the same and you keep thinking about it during the day.

This will be reflected in your dreams at night and in some cases, you will even dream that you are having a baby.

You will go to the extent of seeing yourself delivering and having a baby in your dreams with friends and family around you.

However, there are situations were by seeing yourself pregnant in a dream may be a spiritual sign to mean that you will soon have a baby in real life.

This can also be a spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream because mother nature sometimes has a way of revealing our future for us.

So, as much as it is not a definite sign because it is based on factors surrounding it, we can also not rule out the fact that the dream could be a sign that you are actually going to be pregnant.

As the author, I can say that I have seen cases of friends who are pregnant yet they never knew about it until they kept seeing themselves pregnant in a dream repeatedly.

This is because some ladies do not have early signs of pregnancy like they are supposed to. Some of them will only know that they are expectant after a while.

They will even be shocked about it and Signs in dream that you are pregnant can also help you know that you are expectant in this case.

Does Dreaming About Being Pregnant Mean Death?

No, dreaming about being pregnant does not mean death and this is just a misplaced myth.

This is because pregnancy is always attached to blessings and babies are good news to every marriage that has been blessed by God.

This is why any dream that involves babies coming to this world in any form including pregnancy is always a carrier of good signs and blessings.

There are several other dreams out there that may mean death but not the one that is related to pregnancy.

Always note that seeing yourself pregnant in a dream should be attached to the expectation of good thigs in your life.

It is a blessing and that is why we even note that all religions of this world always celebrate the news of pregnancy in a couple because this is always attached to good news and everyone is always excited about it.

It is for this reason that we should never be scared when we see ourselves or someone else pregnant in a dream.

We should instead check the events at that particular time and ask God to help us reveal the true meaning of that dream.

Meaning of Miscarriage When Pregnant in dream

When you dream that you are pregnant and then you lose the pregnancy in a dream, this means that you are having a blessing but you are about to lose it if you do not change your actions.

In most cases, this is always a spiritual warning for good people that are not supposed to lose the good things that they have in life.

You should commit your life to prayers at this point and always ask God to help you so that you avoid those things or people that will make you lose your blessings.

When you have such a dream, you should also consider changing your negative ways and company until you find what it is that is going to hurt you.

If possible, seek the guidance of a religious leader and let him or her help you in prayers so that you avoid the bad omen that has been revealed to you.

Always understand that God does not allow Good people to be hurt in any way and that is probably why you have been given the revelation in your life.

Spiritual meaning of having a miscarriage dream and you are not pregnant in real life can mean that you are about to lose your job, or a good position in the society which you are already holding.

This is never a good ream in your life and it should never be ignored.

It can even mean that someone in your life that you love is about to pass away, fall sick or have a deadly accident.

You should therefore carefully look around you and be very observant so that you can identify how this dream applies in your life.

Sometimes we ignore those obvious warning sin our dreams and live to suffer the consequences.

Whys should you do that yet you can always act early enough by taking the necessary actions because it is better to prevent a disaster than to deal with the aftermath.

Dream of Being Pregnant and Bleeding

Dream of being pregnant and bleeding in the miscarriage process can mean that someone is about to hurt you yet you are very healthy and successful in life.

This is a sign that you should watch your back because there is someone or something that is going to hurt you’re in a painful way that you will not like.

This can also mean that you already doing well in your business and there is something or someone that is hurting your success in bits.

If you do not act early enough, you are going to lose your hard work.

In most cases, these are always people who are close to you. You should therefore not victimize the people around you but rather, be careful and watch out with an aim of getting the culprit.  

This does not mean that you start rejecting and being cruel to the loved ones around you because you may only loose a good person around you if you do that.

Try and have a reasonable approach while subjecting your situation to God for guidance on how you should move and act.

If you are patient enough, God is going to reveal and stop anything from hurting your success.

However, it has also been noted that women who have had miscarriages before will always have a high chance of dreaming that they have had a miscarriage.

This happens because of the fear-based on what has occurred in their past lives or what they have gone through.

If this is your case, try and relax. Be positive and know that it is probably the fear of the past that is haunting you.

This is normal because the brain is likely to play your past when you are anxious.

Also, note that Satan will always play a trick in your life to scare you. You should, therefore, be smart enough to pray and block those bad thoughts in your life.

This is because God want’s the best for his children and you should never live in the fear of your past experience.

Just believe that God is with you and put your faith in prayers then you will be fine.

Spiritual Meaning of Giving Birth in A Dream

Being pregnant and giving birth in a dream is a spiritual sign that God has answered your prayers. It means that it is just a matter of time before you receive whatever you have been praying for in real life.

This means that whatever your life is going to change and you are going to enjoy the fruits of your good deeds.

It is a sign that you have been good and you deserve the best that is about to happen in your life.

The delivery in your dream shows that you have taken care of the duty that you have always been given in life therefore you deserve the best.

However, it is also good to note that pregnant women in real life will always dream that they have given birth.

This is due to the anxiety they have during the day and therefore those dreams have no hidden meaning in their life.

This is because they are just seeing what they are always waiting for in real life.

The mind will repeat this even when they are asleep and they should never worry about those dreams.

At the same time, giving birth successfully in a dream may also be a spiritual sign for a pregnant mother that all is going to be well during delivery.

The real life signs always apply to those who are not pregnant yet they have dreams of being pregnant and giving birth in their dreams.

Spiritual meaning of giving birth in a dream can also indicate that God is going to shower you with blessings in your life very soon.

This in most cases is always a reward for those who have remained loyal to their faith and have been doing good things in their lives.

Giving birth in your dream means that you are the bearer of a life-changing situation and you will live to see the good expectation.

The bible has all the beautiful things to say about pregnancies and that is why we even have biblical baby names because they are blessings from God.

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Falling into A Hole in Dream Meaning & Interpretation

Falling Into A Hole Dream Meaning

When you fall into a deep dark hole in your dream, it means that something is about to go wrong in your life and you need to intervene before the disaster strikes.

You may need to pray more or be careful about your next move because nature always has a way of warning us but we never listen.

Indeed, many have always reported that they get such dreams when they are making important or serious life-changing decisions.

Falling in a hole dream may simply signify that you are making the wrong decisions but you are lucky enough for nature to warn you.

It may also mean that you are about to be terribly sick or whatever you are about to do will affect your life negatively.

Never ignore such dreams because we are all different and some of us have ways of surviving disasters especially when nature still needs them here on earth.

The problem is, we ignore those warnings and end up messing up. We need to be sensitive in order to survive both spiritually and physically.

Falling Into A Hole in Dream Meaning
Falling Into A Hole in Dream Meaning

However, falling into a dark deep pit hole in your dream can represent a lack of control in your relationship, work, school, or even just frustration about your future.

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed and feel powerless in a certain situation and this is a great significance of the total failure that you are about to face.

It may also mean that you are about to take a task that is doomed to fail miserably.

You may be taking on tasks that you don’t feel you are up to and the consequences or chances of not completing it are severe.

Falling in your dream can represent a number of different mind states and may have both physical and spiritual significance in our lives.

What Happens If You Hit the Ground in A Falling Dream?

There are also several myths about falling in your dream but there is one that we need to rule out.

There are myths that if you fall in the dream and you hit the ground you will die. We need to know that this is a lie and not true.

Someone asked, what happens if you hit the ground in a falling dream? The answer is that you will definitely wake up probably panting and scared.

You will be fine after some time because you just need to relax and recollect yourself in order to interpret the significance of that dram in your life.

That is, hitting the ground in dram after falling in most cases will always be followed by the fact that you will wake up suddenly there are very slim chances that you will die.  

Secondly, it is a fact that nobody who died while asleep could tell us what they were dreaming about because they are already dead.

Some say that people who have high blood pressure can be scared to death after waking up while panting due to heart failure.

This makes sense and may be this is where the theory of dying after hitting the ground while falling in your dream came from.

Spiritual Meaning of Falling into A Deep Hole in Your Dream

Spiritually, falling and being trapped in a hole in your dream may mean that you are backsliding and losing track of your faith in a very bad way.

It may mean that God is not happy with you and something terrible is about to happen if you do not change from your wicked ways and deeds.

God loves us so much and this may be a warning that your own actions are about to turn against you if your refuse to repent.

You may also be doing some sins in knowingly and falling into a hole in a dream is also a good sign for you to check and reflect on your actions.

You see, sometimes we sin unknowingly and we find that in our own thoughts, we think that we are right.

This is why we are always taught that man is always never perfect and is full of errors.

Never think that you are too holly and righteous weather you are a Christian, Muslim or Hindu.

Even if you are a spiritual leader, you are never perfect and you will always need God’s guidance in your life.

If you are always a spiritual individual and you fall into a dark deep pit hole in your dream, you need to know that it can symbolize fear, forgetfulness, or an overall changing character from innocence to being reckless.

You may also dream of falling in a pit if you are worried about a poor decision you have made and how it may reflect on you towards others or a higher power.

Physical Causes of Falling in Your Dream

Physiologically, falling asleep can in itself lead to a falling dream and this is due to the changes our bodies go through when we enter a restful state.

Statistically, falling is one of the most common dreams that usually occurs in the first stage of sleep and it is often accompanied with muscle contractions in the arms, legs and torso.

These movements are called myoclonic jerks and are often strong enough to wake you up from your sleep.

The first natural physiological interpretation that your brain will always give you is that you must have fallen while a sleep.

You may have also had a bad day in your farm in that may be you were about to fall into a pit hole in your farm during the day and now the fear is reflecting in your dream.

You may also have a deep hole in your farm or compound and you are always afraid of falling inside. This may cause you to repeatedly dream about falling in that hole all the time.

This can also make you see a child, pet or a friend who visits you fall in to a hole in your dream because you keep having that phobia during the day.

This is based on the fact that we tend to dream more about what we see during the day because it reflects in your minds when we are unconscious.  

Dream of A Child Falling into A Hole

Seeing a child fall into a hole in your dream may mean that the child is about to be in a situation that may hurt his future spiritually, physically or mentally.

This may be a sign that you need to monitor that child or your children in general closely because you already have a sign of danger in their lives.

If you are always busy at work and you have no time for them, try and create that time for them since that money that you are working for is worthless as compared to losing your child.

Be close to them and find a way to talk to them so that the disaster that was about to happen is avoided in good time.

Never be too busy to ignore those simple signs in your life be it in your dream or during the day.

A child falling into a hole in your dream may also mean that the child is about to get sick and you need to act before that happens.

You need to pray and take precautions that are within your power so that you keep them safe.

This can also mean that when you are always away at work, your child is not in safe hands and you need to either install some cameras in your house so that you clear any doubts.

If not, you should try and give the kid more attention. Children are like little angels and any harm that is coming towards them is always detected in different ways.

Dream about someone falling into a hole means that something is about to go wrong in their lives and it doesn’t matter if it is a child or an adult.

You should never ignore any dream that concerns them and that is why we should also commit them to prayers so that God can protect them for us.

Dream of Being Trapped in A Hole

If you dream that you are trapped in a hole, it means that you are about to get in a difficult situation that will take you time to break free from.

You may be working on a project in school or at work and it is about to get complex.

It Can also mean that you are about to fail spiritually and you are going to be trapped in your sins if you fail to repent so that you are forgiven.

Being trapped in a hole dream can also mean that you are about to get into a relationship that is not healthy yet you still don’t know it.

This can also be a sign of a serious financial failure that will affect your life negatively.

If you are smart enough, try checking the characters of your lover before you regret it.

You do not want to end up getting into a toxic relationship that will destroy your life.

The sad thing is that some people are always lucky enough to get those warnings yet they ignore them only for them to cry when it is too late.

Learn to listen to warnings and always take action because your happiness will always come first.

Spiritually, dreaming that you are trapped in a hole and you are trying to scream yet nobody is coming to your rescue may mean that something is holding back your prayers from being answered,

This may be a block or a barrier that may be physical or spiritual. You need to work around this and check those who surround you your or your actions.

Always remember that you are your greatest enemy and you always need to fight to change the situation within your based on your approach or how you think.

Never rush to accuse those that are around you because if you do so, you will only end up being alone and nobody will always want to be near you since you are even worse than the problem you are fighting.

Learn to be the best and you will always attract the best. There is no way you will attract bad people if you are a good person because the light in you will always outshine the darkness in them.  

Dreaming About Falling into A Hole Interpretation

When we see dreams. it is definitely a wake-up call from the universe letting us know that you need to pay attention to something.

It is our subconscious that is speaking to us at that very moment while sleeping in the form of a dream.

As much as you may ignore some drams, always now that some are important and you should never ignore them.

Do not let dreams pass by easily. Allow yourself to be present with them and intuitively observe what your dream is trying to tell you and what is happening in your current life.

Dreams are a great way for us to discover and tap into things that we probably haven’t tapped into. The universe will send us these dream symbols to help us stay safe.

When you see dreams of maybe yourself, other people or objects, remember that it has everything to do with you.

Note that even if you see a dream about someone else, that may also be basically a reflection of you.

Dreams are also about what is going on in your mind that is your subconscious when you are sleeping. 

When you are dreaming of yourself falling, it generally means that there is a lack of control in your life.

This is always like a wakeup call that you need to take charge and control what is about to go wrong in your life in general.

We all should always guard and protect our happiness with everything that we have.

When we see ourselves falling in a dream, it means that there is a lot of fear, anxiety and worry that is holding us back from something that is supposed to give us a good life that we want.

This means that we are being pushed out of our comfort zone and growing to achieve the happiness that we want is going to be a challenge if we do not take charge.

Running and Falling into A Deep Dark Hole in Your Dream Meaning

When you are running and then you fall into a deep hole in your dream, it means that you are simply scared of something and it will soon finish you. You need to take care of that fear.

Whatever it is, you need to fight for your happiness and stop being scared. This will also depend with whatever is chasing you in the dream.

If it is a person that you know, it may be simply that you are afraid of that person in real life so you keep playing his or her fear in your mind even when sleeping.

While this is normal, you need to work on getting away from such people because it means that they are affecting your life negatively.

This means that they have dominated your life and you cannot progress because you are trapped under their fear.

You need to understand that fear is a serious setback of progress and you should never let it trap you.

If you are being chased by someone that you do not know and the dream is just a random one, then you need to find out who may be coming after your progress.

You need to stand firm in prayers and ask God to guide and protect you from the unknown enemy because this may also be a spiritual attack.

You are probably reading this article because you have fallen into a hole in your dream and you want to know why.

The reasons above are all possibilities that you should never ignore. We are all humans and it is a fact that sometimes we all have doubts in our lives.

However, you need to have a strong spiritual life so that you can be able to start solving your issues spiritually.

Committing your problems to God is always the best solution because you can never fight you battles alone.

The spiritual world exists whether you like it or not and our fate is always determined by that.

There is a situation were by it is a snake, a dog or someone that you know who is chasing you in your dream. You may read more here about;

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9 Ways to Stop Wet Dreams at Night Naturally

9 Ways to Stop Wet Dreams at Night

Here is how to stop wet dreams and prevent nocturnal emissions because they can really embarrass you especially if you are a guest.

We will also look at what habits to stop and facts about wet dreams. Wet dreams are common among adolescents but some adults may also experience them every night.

In Islam, wet dreams can be a big barrier because you will have to cleanse your body by taking a shower so that you can become pure before prayers.

Even though Christians are not that strict, it is still important for them to also clean their body and go before God when they are physically pure.

That is why Christians are told to be clean when going to church because cleanliness is considered as a Godly act.

9 Ways to Stop Wet Dreams at Night
9 Ways to Stop Wet Dreams at Night

Can Religion Help You Stop Wet Dreams at Night?

Yes, religion and faith can help you prevent wet dreams at night. You can try reading your Bible or the Quran.

This is because both of those will keep you away from practicing evil things. They will guide your life in the right direction if you are dedicated to them.

Prayers can also help you stop wet dreams at night because there is nothing that is difficult before God.

God will take control of your thoughts and you will never be the same again if you trust in Him.

Remember, you only dream about what you think and do during the day.

This has been proven to be ninety percent right and so you need to control your actions during the day so that you can stop wet dreams at night.

9 Tips for Controlling & Preventing Wet Dreams at Night

There are so many approaches that you can explore to curb wet dreams at night so that you can have a natural solution to nocturnal emissions.

  1. The best way to do this is to, first of all, avoid any stimuli or environment that is likely to trigger your thinking to be aligned towards arousal.
  2. Avoid reading or discussing or reading erotic content. This is because the information goes to the subconscious mind comes back as dreams when you sleep.
  3. Other techniques like masturbation could help you greatly to deal with the condition but only if you do not overdo it because it has several negative effects.
  4. The other important one is to avoid arguments and anything that makes you emotionally disturbed.
  5. This is because emotional disturbance makes you seek pleasure in sleep. In that regard, just ensure that you relax adequately.
  6. Also, try to sleep after feeling clear and relaxed. Some gentle meditation before sleep can be useful for you.
  7. Similarly, avoid sleeping on your stomach.
  8. Also, ensure that you sleep in loosely fitting clothing. Tight clothes are likely to bring you discomfort.
  9. There are also practical tactics like trying to breathe in deep some moments before you get to bed. Take deep inhalations with subsequent exhalations before retiring to bed. These will make your body to completely relax.

How to Stop Wet Dreams Every Night

Can I stop myself from having wet dreams? Yes, you can stop and prevent nocturnal emissions by changing most of what you watch during the day combined with the company you keep and taming your thoughts.

1. Perception

The first thing you have to do is to change your perception and know that wet dreams are not your fault. Your body is simply performing its normal functions.

Almost everyone has wet dreams at some point in their lives and you should never feel terrible about them unless they become a problem and you have them all the time.

So when you get them, don’t be so tough on your personality. On waking up, clean yourself up by washing your genitals with soap and water.

2. Food and stimulants

Apart from that, you should avoid spicy foods and stimulants. Eating foods that heat you up like green chilies and eggplant is even forbidden in some communities.

There are drinks that can make your body hyper like coffee and other substances that contain caffeine, especially late at night.

3. Hydration and exercise

In the event that you are struggling with wet dreams, try to eat smaller meals throughout the day. Apart from that, try staying hydrated to keep your digestion functioning properly.

Try visiting the bathroom more often and increase the rate at which you do your exercise to relieve tension.

Exercises will also make you sleep tight because your body is tired both physically and psychologically.

This will help your body in relaxing and switching your mind off when you sleep. Some of those simple tricks will go a long way in helping you stop nocturnal emissions.

4. Self-control and discipline

Most importantly, avoid watching films that keep your mind stimulated. You can also avoid spending time with friends who are always discussing content that will make your mind “exited”.

 Avoid situations that produce a sexual response in you. It is normally much easier to control your sexual urges if you avoid looking at material that makes you think about sex.

Keep off sexual programming on television, and other media. Try and replace your idle moments with development oriented activities and avoid dwelling on thoughts that will not improve your life.

As much as nocturnal emission happens when you are a sleep, you can still control them and change your dreams at night when you are disciplined during the day.

5.  Sleeping position and time

The other very simple way of stopping et dreams could involve changing your sleeping position and patterns.

Also, you should consider wearing loose fitting clothes or sleeping naked as this may reduce the risk of accidental stimulation while you are asleep.

Tight clothing keeps your body sensitive even when you are sleeping so you may want to avoid tight pajamas or inner garments when you are sleeping.

It has been observed that some monastics who abstain from sexual behavior change their sleep patterns by sleeping only a few hours at a time and waking up frequently throughout the night to meditate or pray briefly before returning to sleep thus reducing the possibility of et dreams at night.

Also try and develop a healthy relationship and be open about your issues because it is only this way that you can find help.

If you’re sexually active, communicate with your partner to maintain a healthy and open sexual relationship that keeps you both fulfilled, and talk to them about your wet dreams if you feel comfortable.

6. Sage tea

Sometimes, sage tea is used as a night-time drink that aids sleep and relaxation. This is often used among monastics and other lay persons to avoid sexual thoughts and wet dreams.

Sage ill also help you in having a healthy brain that can be controlled easily. This is because it has been observed to improve the health of the brain and the skin as well.

7. Fenugreek and honey

Apart from that above, fenugreek and honey which act as a coolant are also very crucial.

This is because one of the best ways to stop et dreams fast is to have a good healthy sleep at night so that your thoughts are also relaxed.

8. Licorice root tea

On the other hand, you could also drink licorice root tea. Apart from stabilizing your breathing and improving the health of your throat, licorice root also supports the root chakra among Indians.  

It tastes good and promotes general wellness and respiratory health.

Good health combined with exercise will contribute into a healthy sleep thus preventing wild thought that cause nocturnal emissions.

9. Essential oils

Another very important factor to consider when looking for how to stop wet dreams at night is try a warm bath with essential oils.

There is miss communication that is common whereby they say that a cold shower will decrease a man’s drive.

This is wrong because when the testicles are subjected to cold temperatures, this may actually increase sperm production.

You may consider also taking a warm shower before bed so that your body can relax.

Adult Nocturnal Emissions

According to Petra at the University college of London, it is not an awkward for a man to experience emissions at night. It is nothing to do with the amount of sex that you have.

The nocturnal emissions are very variable and everyone will have their own experience. Some have reported that it is due to being very sexually in active for a period of two or more weeks.

Some men have reported emissions at some age but some also experience have the emissions throughout their lives.

The frequency of nocturnal emissions has not been linked to the number of masturbations that one has.

One factor in men that determines how many emissions a man has is whether they take testosterone based drugs or not.

Studies have shown that the increase in the doses of testosterone based drugs have an effect on increasing the number of emissions.

On the other hand, in women, the frequency of nocturnal is also variable.

In 1953, sex researcher Alfred Kinsey found that nearly 40% of the women interviewed have had one or more nocturnal orgasms or wet dreams.

The female nocturnal orgasm can, therefore, be defined as the sexual arousal during sleep that awakens one to perceive the experience of orgasm.

Research that was published by Barbara L Wells in the 1986 Journal of sex indicates that as many as 85% of women have experienced nocturnal orgasm by the age of 21 years.

Wet dreams in females may be a challenge to identify because women produce fluids from their private parts for several reasons.

Nocturnal orgasm has not been studied much in women as it has been in men.

However, the invention of female condoms and cervix cups could trigger more reasons to conduct studies in the near future.

There are however some cultural and religious views that are linked to nocturnal emissions.

It is very natural and human that nocturnal emissions can take place at any age to either gender.

It is less likely that you will remember your dreams or have much control as you did when you were young or in your puberty life.

Unmarried men and women are likely to have very incidences of nocturnal emissions because of the intense activity that goes on in their subconscious minds.

Also, the deep urges to certain things are highly likely to come out in dreams when consciousness is unable to prevent them from happening.

It is also good to know that nocturnal emissions in adults takes place as a spontaneous orgasm to satisfy the highly charged needs of the body.

They should however only occur about two to three times in a period of thirty days.

Having them more than this is likely to reduce one’s ability for intimate relationships.

On the contrary, too much of the nocturnal emission can affect the reproductive ability of males.

Furthermore, some negative effects caused by the emission may include:

  1. Erectile dysfunction that can to a great extent affect intimate relationship
  2. Can greatly affect the performance level of males which can lead to many personalities related disorders like the ego problem, guilt and low confidence
  3. It can affect physical ability in males especially when they lead to knee pain, dizziness and sleepiness
  4. It can also raise problems that are related to memory, for instance forgetfulness which can affect professional life.

The above effects which are similar to the dangers of masturbation are also a major reason why you should learn how to stop wet dreams at night.

Facts About Wet Dreams

When looking at How to stop wet dreams, the first and amazing fact is that women have wet dreams as well.

This is contrary to the common belief as study shows that at least 40% of women had wet dreams once in their lifetime.

It may not just be obvious as there aren’t signs of orgasm, unlike it is in men.

It is also factual to be aware that wet dreams are normal and much more common in pubescent boys.

They occur when the body is not getting a release from all the hormonal build up. When you grow up, your wet dreams also tend to be intermittent.

It is worth noting that masturbation can be a great relief for masturbation.

It is believed that masturbation could cause wet dreams but the truth of the matter is that they help to alleviate the condition to a certain extent.

The truth also is that wet dreams can be censored. It is not obvious that you will remember the last time you had wet dreams but the brain has the ability to censor the happening.

For instance, women are more likely to dream about phallic-shaped objects, while men can dream of tunnels and subways.

Wet dreams could be a great way of combatting stress that you go through day in day out.

It can a great way in which your subconscious part of the brain handles stress.

Orgasms can be super-relaxing and it is therefore little wonder that the body resorts to a sexual release when you are sleeping.

Another fact is that wet dreams do not signal a sexual abnormality or mean any sexual deviance.

On the other hand, if you don’t have wet dreams, it doesn’t mean that you are having any sexual abnormality in your body.

Wet dreams about a taboo subjects like incest, animals rape, sex with a superior or elder, public sex, group sex and even homosexuality are very common.

They however do not have anything to do with your sexual preferences that you get when you are awake. It does not imply that you want to do these things.

You should not be worried about wet dreams. In case you are young and your parents are very concerned about them, you may have to dispel the myths they still believe in.

Encourage them to discuss the issue with a pediatrician or a primary care provider. There is therefore no need to feel guilty as the sub conscious cannot be controlled or manipulated.

On the other hand, not having wet dreams should not have you scared about anything. This does not imply that you are abnormal by any chance.

Always remain composed as the dreams occur at different times for different people.

Also help yourself by not watching, discussing or reading erotic content. This only makes the situation uncontrollable and to go out of hand.

Always talk to a specialist any time you feel uncomfortable or the situation becomes unbearable for you to handle.

Doctors are always in a good position to give advice from a professional point of view.

Nocturnal emissions are a technical term to simply mean a wet dream. Wet dreams may also be experienced during the day when you are sleeping.

They are very common during puberty although that does not mean they do not take place in the elderly and advanced age.

The amount of emission that comes with nocturnal emission is very little and this has gone to a great extent to limit the number of studies done around this affair.

The experiences are variable though, where some people may experience intense activity while others have a very slight activity.

Preventing Female Wet Dreams

Women are likely to have even intense orgasms at night, which may or may not be triggered by sexual dreams.

Just like men’s wet dreams, they are normal and there is nothing much to get so worried over.

Take it easy and consider it normal. The wet dreams in women are however rarely researched or talked about in studies.

The scientific explanation to wet dreams in women is that they experience higher blood flow to the genitals during sound sleep. The sleeping is likely to stimulate you a little bit.

The amount of arousal varies from one woman to another. This is because everyone is unique in their own sense.

Nocturnal Emissions in Adolescent Stage

The adolescent stage in both men and women comes with a lot of changes that could be a shock in that the physical being of a person suddenly changes to look different.

It is during this time that one comes to discover themselves and their bodies become more sensitive towards the person of the opposite sex.

Hormonal secretion becomes much during this time as well. Nocturnal emissions are considered normal and part of the development process in the male reproduction.

In fact, they are considered to be normal human beings. There are seemingly very many causes which can bring these quite often and to some extent bring harm to the overall health.

Between the age of 10 to 12 years’ males begin to undergo the process of puberty. During this stage, they begin to produce sperm and then gain the ability to ejaculate.

It is during this time that males start to have nocturnal emissions, sometimes before they even learn of masturbation.

Semen production of 2 to 3% of the total amount produced in the body is done by the testicles.

The rest of about 97 to 98% is produced from the prostate gland and seminal vesicles.

Prostate glands and seminal vesicles produce seminal fluid when the male is getting aroused as the organs do not have enough room to store them.

The first nocturnal emission which occurs at puberty may bring some aspect of confusion and anxiety especially at the onset adolescence.

When trying to figure out How to stop wet dreams at this age one may find it a bit challenging.

This is because it is the first time your body is encountering this and it might not be a familiar thing.

It is normally during the random eye movement stage of sleep, also called the REM that young men are likely to experience an erection.

During this time, if the dream brings about any arousal then an emission is more likely to take place.

During the REM sleep, the brain requires more oxygen and the result is that blood flow all over the body increases.

This leads to erection and at times orgasm and the end of it all. This is normal male young males.

When a young adult has an erotic dream, or gets excited during the sleeping time, ejaculation is bound to occur.

The ejaculation is quite common in young adults because of hormonal secretions and can also take place in the later age in the absence of ejaculation.

Frequent nocturnal emission can occur due to weak nerves of the genital region, congested prostate gland, and poor emotional health.

The nerves can also be weakened through watching movies and having conversations that bring arousal with no ejaculation.

The prostate gland could end up being congested in the long run. There are other incidences where the emissions can be brought about by some medications that include sedatives and tranquilizers.

These medications showcase side effects which relax the nerves. High blood pressure medicines can also raise weak nerves to work as causes of nocturnal emission in men.

Young men consuming too much alcohol, smoking excessively or use tobacco highly will eventually have hindered blood flow.

In return, this will lead to weak nerves and also bring about disturbing hormonal secretions.

Recreational products have also been linked to the nocturnal emissions as they are likely to precipitate sexual disorders.

There is a very big difference between nocturnal emissions and nocturnal orgasm.

Males experience nocturnal orgasm, also called sexual climax without ejaculation i.e. seminal emission.

The females on the other hand have nocturnal orgasm but the only difference is that there is no emission.

On the other hand, women may experience lubrication when the woman is aroused so much.

A study that was published in the Journal of Sex reports that 37 % of the women experienced nocturnal organisms once in their lifetime.

Nocturnal emissions every night can also lead to a low sperm count if left uncontrolled.

The study also showed that nocturnal orgasm was at no point associated with enjoying sexual activity.

Basically men experience more nocturnal emissions at night as compared to women and this is natural.

Can I Keep a Tortoise as A Pet?

Can I Keep A Tortoise As A Pet?

Yes, both Christians and Muslims can keep a tortoise as a pet and there is nothing wrong about having them at home. In fact, this article will explain how to take care of a pet tortoise.

However, there are some people who keep tortoise because they believe it is a sign of good luck and they look at them as some sort of a small god.

This is the reason why some Muslims think that it is haram to keep any tortoise as a pet. Having a tortoise as a pet in Islam is halal unless you want to keep it for some other weird reasons.

Both Christians and Muslims are commanded to take care of nature because God brought us here on earth to protect his creation.  

It is also not a sin to have a pet tortoise in Christianity because Christians are supposed to take care of animals and nature in general.

Can I Keep A Tortoise As A Pet?
Can I Keep A Tortoise As A Pet?

Myths About Keeping Tortoise as a pet

There are myths about tortoise all around the world. Different cultures have different perceptions about this unique creature. Some are good some are bad.

Indians associate tortoise or turtles with the spirit of the dead. They believe that the dead reincarnate into tortoise.

While In Vietnam a tortoise is associated with derailment. However, in china and Parts of southern Africa, tortoise is perceived as a symbol of good luck.

They are used as protection against enemies. They believe that the shell covers you (hypothetically speaking) as it covers the tortoise.

Some communities also believe that having a tortoise as pet will increase the life span of your family and their generations.

Tortoise live for many years hence the hypothesis that if you do a great job in tortoise pet care then your family will live longer like them.

This is the main reason why some people get a tortoise as a pet and pass them on to their children and grandchildren

People think that a tortoise as a pet is an easier option. This is wrong because tortoise pet care can be very costly and time consuming.

A tortoise is a delicate animal that requires a lot of patience and care.

They only feed from fresh food and can get sick just like any other pet. They even get ear infection.

We have discussed in detail on this article details of effective tortoise pet care and when to see a vet in case of illness.

Your pet may die if you do not commit yourself to maximum care for it. Since turtles thrive in aquatic environment, they can easily transmit the salmonella bacteria.

You should wash your hands with an antibacterial soap or sterilize them after handling your pet.

Once again I repeat that your tortoise pet needs veterinary care equally like any other pet you may have.

There are professionals vets who specialise in tortoise care and are very knowledgeable about them.

It is advisable to buy your tortoise form a reputable reptile breeder who will be able to teach you more on how to take care of the pet. They are likely to give you referrals to the best vets in town.

A tortoise does not hiss like snakes. The hissing sound they produce when getting into the shell is the sound of air being expelled out of the shell as it is being replaced by its limbs and head.

Can We Keep Tortoise at Home?

Yes! You can keep a pet as a tortoise just like you can keep cats or dogs but you have to fully commit to taking good care of them.

They live for a long time hence if you do a good job you will have your pet for a lifetime.

You must ensure that you rear your pet in an environment that matches its natural habitat.

You will need to build a special facility for the accommodation of the tortoise. It may be very tricky to raise a wild tortoise. It is advisable to buy a bred tortoise for a pet.

A tortoise can be termed as an expensive pet but if you can handle all that you will be a happy pet owner.

A tortoise for a pet sounds more exciting right? Not so many people have a pet tortoise yet they do actually make very peaceful and manageable pets.

Let’s discuss key questions like what do they eat, types of tortoise pets and how to keep and care for them.

They tend to need a great deal of attention and care as compared to other pets.

If you are a patient animal lover, then you will do great with a tortoise as a pet.

The tortoise has a very long life span and you may even outlive them and give them as an inheritance to your grandkids.

This is one reason why Hindus, Christians, and Muslims keep tortoises as pets.

Tortoise pet care is also high maintenance because it will need to feed on fresh fruits.

Tortoise or Turtle Pet Facts

Having tortoise/turtle a pet is all fun and games until you realise you are doing it wrong and your pet dies.

It is important to have facts about this reptile at your fingertips. These acts will help you be a better pet owner and influence your decision in keeping more of them in the future.

Tortoise can be very cute when young but this should not be your only reason when going for one.

You should be able to have a great passion and compassion towards this animal for a successful parenting /petting.

Below are insights on the most crucial things you need to know about tortoise or turtles.

  1. A baby tortoise is about two inches long but they can grow up to 10 inches long in adulthood
  2. Tortoise is a reptile hence its body temperature will vary with the environment (cold blooded).It will thrive in warm humid climate as compared to very cold climates.
  3. They are vegetarians hence need to be feed on fresh fruits and vegetables
  4. The female tortoise lays eggs as a mode of reproduction. Their new-borns    are able to feed on solid food as early as 3 days old.
  5. A tortoise is a turtle but turtles are not tortoises. Tortoises lives on land while turtles live in water even though they come from the same family in the animal kingdom. Tortoise has a thicker shell as compared to turtles.
  6. They enjoy light rays hence are more active during the day as compared to night. You can light up their habitat in the dark
  7. They can grow to a maximum height of 2 meters
  8. A male tortoise has a longer protruding neck as compared to a female tortoise.
  9. They live for a long time over 150 years
  10. They are delicate hence they need great tortoise pet care and full time commitment into keeping one. You should have a permanent habitat for tortoise where they are comfortable.
  11. A tortoise will relate better with another tortoise of the same gender. A male tortoise will coexist better with another male tortoise as compared to a female tortoise and the reverse is also true.
  12. They neither have ears or teeth. They have a beak and holes for sound transmission.

Types and Species of Tortoise Pets

There is a wide variety of tortoise to choose from. Tortoises have been existing for ages. The most common tortoise pet includes;

  1. The Leopard
  2. Red foot
  3. Yellow foot
  4. Sulcata /African Spurred tortoise
  5. Greek
  6. Hermanns
  7. Russian
  8. Indian Star

If you have time on your hands you may do a wide research by reading about each of these tortoise species.

However, a professional tortoise pet vendor will be able to explain to you in detail the pros and cons of each of these tortoises hence aid you toward making the best choice.

Which is the Best Tortoise to Have as A Pet?

Since there are so many types of tortoise we cannot generalise on which is the best as pet and which is not.

When it comes to the selection of a tortoise pet I will say “One man’s meat is another man’s poison”.

It is important to carefully select the best tortoise to have as a pet by analysing some important factors.

A reputable pet seller will be able to advise you on the best type of tortoise to pick after evaluation of the following factors;

1. Environment or Climate

 There are tortoises that thrive better in warm environments as compared to cold environments.

You need to make that your number one priority while selecting suitable tortoise specie as a pet.

If you live in a cold climate and pick a tropical tortoise, then you have to ensure its habitat has got artificial regulated temperatures that match those of its ideal natural environment.

You should be able to maintain this environment for a long period of time. It is advisable to keep a tortoise in your permanent home.

This is because if you were to move out, the new environment may not be suitable for your pet tortoise

It might take a long time for it to adjust to the new environmental changes. This will have a negative impact on your pet.

2. Physical Features

Some pet tortoise tend to grow longer than others. You have to put into consideration the amount of space you are willing to provide as a habitat to your pet.

Some are prettier than other so if you go for looks then you have to adhere to other pros and cons that come with the tortoise

3. Cost

The prices of tortoise vary. Some tortoises are more expensive as compare to others.

I would advise you to visit various pet stores or museums in order to window shop first and then settle on a price range that you can afford.

Remember building a tortoise habitat as well as general tortoise pet care is also going to cost you.

Note that the best place to buy a tortoise is from a reptile breeder rather than a pet store.

Breeders are more passionate about the tortoise and will give you what is worth your money.

After the analysis of the above, the general conclusion from previous experience is that the best tortoise to keep as a pet is the sulcata tortoise.

It is also known as the African spurred tortoise. This specie of tortoise is capable of adjusting to different climates and is not very high maintenance as compared to others.

It is also pocket friendly and pretty. They grow fast within the first 10 year then their growth rate reduce safety the 10th birthday.

The best environment to keep this tortoise is outdoor environment. If you have a permanent home with a yard then you can comfortably keep a tortoise pet.

Can Tortoise Feel When You Pet Their Shells?

Yes! Tortoise can feel when you pet their shells and they love the feelings.

The shell has nerve endings on them hence the pulses will be transmitted to the body. You can rub the shell of your tortoise in order to calm it down and make it feel loved.

Indoor Tortoise

In door tortoise are feed off bowls and plates. Their food should never be served off the floor because they will end up eating foreign particles.

Sulcatas can serve as both indoors and an outdoor tortoise because they easily adjust to the environment.

It is important to expose indoor tortoise to the sun so that they develop healthy bones.

Tortoises that don’t get exposed to the sun develop weak bones. They need vitamin D from the sun just like humans.

Outdoor Tortoise

Outdoor tortoise will live in your garden or a special habitat made for them.

This habitat should be kept humid in order for the tortoise to keep hydrated and have a smooth healthy shell.

Outdoor tortoise may drink form puddles of rain water and eat fresh leafy plants and flowers in their habitat. They are easier to maintain as compared to indoor tortoise.

Pet Tortoise Food

Tortoises are herbivores or vegetarians. They feed on plant products only. These include;

  1. Fresh grass
  2. Fresh fruits like apples
  3. Fresh hibiscus flowers and leaves
  4. Fresh leaves like clover n
  5. Mulberry leaves
  6. Kales and collards
  7. Cactus pad with the thorns removed

Pet Tortoise Drink

Tortoise need to be hydrated. They enjoy drinking fresh water as compared to salty water.

A well hydrated tortoise will have a smooth shell and look more beautiful.

Since tortoise flush out water as soon as they drink it, you should deep their entire body in water as they drink it so that they stay hydrated both inside and outside.

This process should take at least 30 minutes once or twice a week. Their habitat should also be humid in order to keep them hydrated and healthy.

They can be done by spreading a damp mulch of grass on the floor of their habitat.

How to Care For a Baby Tortoise

A baby tortoise needs much more care as compared to an adult tortoise.You need to provide a good humid habitat for the tortoise.

You can mix soil with water and grass and lay it out a as foundation in an open plastic container where you keep the tortoise.

Baby tortoise is able to feed on solid food as early as 3 days old. Ensure that you provide it with fresh vegetables and fruits like apples.

Hydration is very key. Soak the tortoise in water once a week for proper hydration.

Ensure that you expose the tortoise out in the sun so that it gets sufficient vitamin D. They need Vitamin D to grow healthy bones and strong limbs.

Great affection towards the baby tortoise is required for general tortoise pet care.

My Pet Tortoise is Not Eating What Can I Do?

When your pet is not eating then you need to get it checked by a vet. It maybe ill.

The tortoise may also refuse to eat when they are sad and don’t like the environment they are in. You can improve the condition of their habitat.

Take them out to the sun more often and pet their shells to make them feel love.

When winter is approaching you relay need to ensure that the tortoise is feeding so that when it hibernates it will have enough to feed on.

What Is The Life Span of a Tortoise? How Long Can They Live

Tortoise is among the oldest creatures on earth. They are believed to have been in existence since the era of dinosaurs.

They can live as long as 150 or 200 years. There is a misconception that tortoise lives for only 10 years.

This is not true .If you are practise good tortoise pet care then you will have your pet as long as you live and even pass it down to generations to come.

Facts About A Pet Tortoise

  1. They are among g the oldest creatures on earth .They came into existence over 200 million years ago.
  2. The shell of a tortoise is made of keratin
  3. The number of concentric rings on the shell determine the age of the tortoise
  4. They can live longer than 150 years
  5. They can completely cover their head and limbs into the shell when they sense danger. This is their defence mechanism.
  6. They are very docile and shy creatures
  7. They are more active during the day as compared to nightlife
  8. The female tortoise will dig a hole and lay a bunch of eggs in it. These eggs will hatch after a maximum of 17 weeks.
  9. Tortoise lives on land while their cousins the turtles live in water.
  10. They can hear low sounds better than high sounds. Turtles have a better hearing ability as compared to tortoise.

Tortoise Pet Care at Home  

The best way to take care of your tortoise at home is to first get the environment right.

Once you provide the best environment habitat for the tortoise, there are routines that you need to observe in order to successfully breed a healthy tortoise.

Below are guidelines to great tortoise pet care at home;

  1. Feed it regularly with fresh food and vegetables.
  2. Ensure that it gets hydrated at least once a week
  3. Expose the tortoise to the sun for healthy bones
  4. Keep the environment humid enough. Although desert tortoise prefers a dry habitat
  5. Rub its shell once in a while talking to it in order to make it feel at home.
  6. Take it for health check-up whenever you notice any symptoms of sickness as discussed below.
  7. Provide proper lighting for indoor tortoise pets. They prefer light to the darkness
  8. Dig holes for the tortoise to hide in once in a while
  9. Feed them properly so that they have enough food to keep them going during hibernation.

Can Tortoise Hear When I Talk?

Yes, it can. Your pet’s ears are not designed like yours. The ear of a tortoise is a hole on the side of the head that looks like a black spot.

Tortoise perceives low volumes of sound better than high volume.

So if you want to communicate to your pet then you need to really lower your voice and be very soft-spoken while at it.

Vibrations access the ears of the tortoise via the body. They are picked from the ground, into the body, and then travel through the shell into the eardrums.

How Do I know My Pet Tortoise is Sick?

Yes! Like any other pet, tortoise may also fall ill. A good habit for tortoise pet care is to observe their behaviour in order to notice any changes.

When your tortoise gets sick, you need to book an appointment with a professional vet and get it examined.

If you are familiar with the normal activities and behaviour of your tortoise, then the following changes are a cause for alarm.

They will guide you in foretelling that your tortoise is not healthy.

  1. The pet does not finish its usual food portion
  2. Loss of weight
  3. The joints of limbs look swollen
  4. Abnormal discharge from the eye, mouth or nose
  5. Minimal movement
  6. The tortoise stays in the shell more often for a long period of time
  7. Loose stool
  8. Discoloration of both the skin and the shell

The vet will be able to diagnose and treat the disease that is ailing your beloved pet.

Do not ignore any of the above-mentioned signs and symptoms. These animals are created to live for long but poor tortoise care may lead to the early death of your pet. Better safe than sorry.

Benefits of Having Tortoise as A Pet 

There is a wide range of pets to choose from. But why would you settle for a tortoise?

  1. Unlike dogs, you don’t have to take a tortoise out for a walk every evening
  2. They are comparatively a cheaper option for a pet
  3. They are unique creatures that are fascinating to look at
  4. They do not require a partner hence can exist happily alone
  5. You do not have to organize for playdates
  6. They are harmless
  7. They are friendly to human beings
  8. They are good listeners. You can talk to you about your turtle when you feel stress out and don’t want to share it with other people. Talking is considered good therapy. Clear your head by talking to your turtle, they won’t judge you and your secrets are safe with them.
  9. They make you a responsible and caring person. Since they need a lot of care, the more you practice tortoise pet care the more they mold your personality.

Keeping a tortoise pet is fun and the main challenge that some people may have is how to feed them.

Their diet can be confusing because they have different species and you really have to understand them well.

You also have to note that each species of tortoise will require different types of habitation.

This will also determine how long they will live. You can also learn how to pray for pets when they are sick.

Prayer for Pets: Can I Pray for My Pet?

Prayer for Sick, Lost, Dead Pets

Can I pray for my pet? Yes, you can pray for your pet. Dogs, cats or pets, are all created by the same God who created you. A prayer for pets is okay and this article will give details about this issue.

I have to admit that after uttering a prayer for my dog “Mickey”, a number of petitions began to cross my mind. “Shouldn’t I be praying for my family or my sick friend instead?” “Is God’s grace big enough to cover me and this little paw am holding in my hands?”

It’s not wrong to say a prayer for pets and it comes to my concern that prayers are not only meant for human beings, but also for all living creatures as they have a huge role they play. Trust me you, without these little beings roaming around us, we’ll definitely have something missing!

Would it seem right if God exercised his authority on animals selfishly as if we did not exist? There’s no debate that human beings will feel belittled and of course more questions would be raised to God.

Prayer for Sick, Lost, Dead Pets
Prayer for Sick, Lost, Dead Pets

Prayer for A Dead Pet

The loss of a pet comes with intense sadness, so whether verbally or by gesticulation, one has to express his/her agony. Here is a short prayer you can say for your pet:

“Our Father in heaven, You are the giver of life and the one who takes it. You created everything in heaven and on earth including my pet. I thank you for giving me this pet and now that it has departed from this earth, please make my pet’s soul comfortable in the afterlife, Amen”

Prayer for pets by

Specifically, children from ages 2 to 5 need extra support when facing such predicaments. At this age, children aren’t mature enough to understand what death really means. Funny enough they have this magical way of thinking that death is reversible and transient.

It’s with no doubt that if you are a parent you have a lot of tasks throughout this course. However, you are advised to be honest and encourage your tot to share their thoughts and feelings freely with you.

Euphemisms such as “went away” or “put to sleep” are highly discouraged as they can scare or confuse your little one.

As a pet owner, keeping yourself busy for the sake of keeping busy doesn’t emit the grief and if you don’t deal with it at that particular time, it simply awaits you. As hard as it is facing what has to be faced and move forward!

In the atmosphere of a demised pet, you may find yourself a little bit sentimental and explain that: “The veterinarians have done everything they could, but…” or “It’s now better in that the pet won’t experience the pain anymore.”

Can I Pray for My Dead Dog?

Yes, it is fine to pray fray your dead dog. It’s very kind and thoughtful of a person to pray for his/her dead dog. It signifies care and affection. Prayer is usually rendered for things and people who are crucial to us.

Dogs are one kind of animal that has sparkling hearts. These are faithful beings with adorable traits that converged naturally in them.

Just as a child is trained to have certain morals and act in a certain manner, dogs are no different. They have a ‘systematic intuition’ and tenacity, making them adhere to instructions and imitate some actions that we do in their sight.

According to the scriptures, God commanded Noah to take a pair of each type of animal into the built ark so as to keep them safe and sound from the floods that were about to destroy the earth.

Are you still wondering whether to pray for your deceased dog? Continue reading bellow why prayer for pets is okay and why you should keep doing it every other day if you love your pets.

What the Bible says about God’s care for animals

What Does the Bible Say About Prayer for Pets?

Yes, the bible talks about caring for any animal and that includes your pets. Never be cruel to them since a true believer should know that the same God who created you is the same that created any living creature around you.

“The righteous care for the needs of their animals but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.”

Proverbs 12:10

This bible scripture gives us a crystal clear picture of how important animals including pets are to us and God. If not, could God provide nourishment for something that’s not beneficial and immensely useless to him?

“Look at the birds in the air. They don’t plant or gather crops. They don’t put away crops in storerooms yet your father who is in heaven feeds them. Aren’t you worth much more than they are?”

(Matthew 6:26)

Just when I think I’ve heard it all, I often come across people who seriously believe that God is a big, magnificent God and He can handle taking care of all his creatures.

It’s of no use to erase such thoughts because that’s the absolute truth. But it could be better viewing God’s power in the right perspective.

If by any chance, a friend asks you to pray for their sick pet, most probably you will take it by surprise but at the end adhere to the request.

Here’s a little prayer for healing your sick pet;

“Lord I thank you for your awesomeness and for providing every need for my pet and I. So I come asking for healing for my sick pet. May your perfection be fully filled in my pet’s life. Amen”

Why We Should Always Pray for Pets

When our first family dog succumbed to a mysterious disease, my father suffered terribly.

He usually was a cheerful being but abruptly he changed. He would sometimes come from work and just sit alone under the shade of a guava tree and gaze into the empty skies.

Believe it or not he sometimes woke up crying in the night. But why did it have to affect him to such an extend?

The main reason why prayer for pets is important is that even when they fall sick or die, we know how to commit them to prayers and have hope that they are fine with their creator. When you don’t pray for your pet, you will never know how to start when you lose them.

A Prayer for pets will also help you overcome the pain of losing them or even give you comfort that they will be fine when they fall sick.  This helps emotionally and physiologically since you will always know that all is well after prayers.

For many people, the death of a pet is comparable to losing a beloved such as a relative.

When a human dies, eulogies, obituaries come in hand to act as a consolation. Oh! How I would love it when my employer decides to offer me a bereavement pay for the loss of my pet!

These beings portray entertainers and offer perfect companionship. Keeping in mind that dogs have about 10 vocals whereas cats have over one hundred. What makes you think you could surpass them in a music competition?

Can I Train My Dog How to Pray?

Have you ever watched your dog sleeping then suddenly waking up as if his/her prayers have been answered? As much as I pray for my dog, I would expect it to do the same. But how?

That’s where the controversy comes in. It’s with no doubt that some may clash about this, but dogs can be trained to pray and it is important to do so since they have feelings and they will also connect and feel God’s presence just like you do.

This is how to teach your dog how to pray;

  1. Locate a spot. It should be comfortable for him/her to lay without discomfort. A couch would be perfect.
  2. Lure your dog to the couch (or bed), let him face it but right up close against it.
  3. Move his paws up. He might feel awkward sitting in that spot so it might take a few tries for him to adjust.
  4. Make him place his chin down. Slowly and gently move him/her back until the chin rests on the couch. In most cases, you’ll have to lure it with a treat in hand. Definitely that’s cute as you just want to make your dog comfortable.
  5. You may now do the same and begin a prayer. Make the prayer quite short especially during the first trials. This trick is no joke as it can take you about 10-15 minutes but it’s worth it.

How Do You Honor a Deceased Pet?

The demise of a pet means a loss of a source of unconditional love, a comforter, a devoted companion. Life can also suddenly change the meaning, no more daily strolls, or warm greetings after a long day at the office.

Honoring a deceased pet, How to Pray for Pets
Honoring a deceased pet, Prayer for Pets

Here are 5 Ways to pay tribute to your deceased pet:

  • Holding a Pet Farewell Ritual

Service may be held for a dog or cat that has passed on, in memory of the positive impacts they have brought in your life.

  • A memorial stone

Stone can honor your pet’s memory and offer a constant reminder of them to you by crafting their name on it.

  • Photo Album

It is a very good idea to take pictures with your pet when still alive for reference in memory of the pet.

  • Planting a tree

Growing a tree can be one of the best ideas in memory of your pet. As you took care of your pet you may do the same to the tree.

  • A Portrait

Looking for an artist to paint a special portrait of your pet to display at your home can act as a reminder of their life.

Prayer for Euthanized Pet

At times, due to an ailment, a pet may undergo so much pain forcing the owner to get it assassinated to shrink its suffering. This process doesn’t have to cause pain to the animal. There can be a peaceful procedure with little distress as possible, making it gently slip away.

But how do you know it’s time to put your pet down? Might you take away its life too soon and miss valuable moments? These are some questions to ponder on before making that permanent decision:

  • What is the behavior of my pet? Are they at least eating, drinking and excreting? Are they enjoying being around me anymore?
  • Is there a chance for it to recover after treatment? Can I access the treatment as soon as possible?
  • If by any chance my pet recovers, will it resume the normal lifestyle as before?

If your answer is no to more than one of these questions, its time to proceed with euthanasia with the help of a veterinarian.

A word of prayer for your pet in such a case can do you well. It executes your pure feelings for the animal and gives so much relief to your conscience. This may entail handing over your responsibility to the creator of your pet.

 In most cases, prayer is often made before getting rid of it. In an instance of losing a cat, you may say;

“Dear Lord it hurts me more to see my cat “Java” going through this trauma as I can do nothing. Please keep it safe in paradise. Amen”

Will I See Pets in Heaven?

There’s no compromise that animals will be in heaven. Animals are very beautiful in a unique way.

Since paradise is said to be in heaven and possesses all the adorable things that we have ever imagined, how could pets miss out on this list? That could be way out of order!

Muslim prayer for pets should be based on the fact that the Holy Quran does not deal with the question of animal’s places in heaven.

According to verse no 5 in Surat Al-Takwir in Quran chapter 81, animals are questioned at the Day of Judgment but there’s no evidence that they will enter heaven.

Christians, on the other hand, have it that the Holy Bible to be precise, the book of Revelation, provides a particular stirring image of the Lord coming back riding on a horse. This means that you will also see your pets in heaven or the afterlife.

This is significant and pulls us into believing that pets are in heaven and in case we make it; we are likely to see them.

Loss of Pet Sympathy

Offering condolences for your pet can be extended in a sympathy card. You can choose to write messages that will bring you comfort.

In most cases, sympathy cards are written by friends to comfort another friend for the loss of a pet, as this may help ease the pain.

A sympathy card may also entail poems, messages that bring consolation and ease during such hard times.

Here is an example of a poem sympathy for deceased pet:

                Crossing Paws

When golden eyes no longer glow,

No soft padded paws to run,

No voice far greater than mine,

And we both know it’s time to go.

Although my eyes are filled with tears,

I didn’t want to go first,

I fought with all my strength,

But something seems to draw me now.

So hold me now just one more time,

For I must go some other round,

As you’ll feel my presence in summer,

And when you miss me, ill be there!

Buddhists Prayer for Dead Pets

In Buddhism, especially the Tibetan, it is important to “get over yourself” and focus on the well being of the dead pet and give it as much comfort as possible. Wailing is highly discouraged to avoid upsetting the pet.

“Mantras”, which are sacred statements that are considered to possess mystical or spiritual effects are murmured in the ears of a demised pet. One may say, “OM MANI PEME HUNG” or even better, “OM AMI DEWA HRI”.

Thus the syllables mean that through the practice of a path, that is a union of love and compassion, you can transform your impure body and mind into a pure exalted body. The merits of reciting this have no limits and cannot even be described by the Buddha.

Catholics Prayer for Deceased Pets

St Francis, the patron saint of animals is credited to have an attachment to animals and allegedly preached to the birds.

Therefore, a prayer is said to ask for courage and strength to help him/her cope with the loss of a pet. In a moment of distress in memory of a pet, Catholics find a calm environment and say this prayer;

“Gentle St. Francis I bring you thanks for (name of pet) who lived among us and gave us freely of his/her love. Please watch over my pet and keep him/her safe. Amen”

Wiccan Prayer for a Passing Pet

This faith is associated with paganism. It is believed that the forces of nature help Wiccans overcome the painful death of a beloved pet believing that they will be guided after the death of their pet.

There are also magical tools that can be used including salt, a pink candle, water, incense such as mint, two stones to represent your pet and yourself, 4 matching crystals and a small tray, plate or dish.

The pieces are arranged, a moment is taken to meditate quietly as they focus on the two stones touching each other. The pet owner takes both stones and holds them tightly as he/she recalls the memories that were made by the pet.

After the rituals, the mourners leave to move on with their lives putting their whole trust in spiritual forces of nature.

How Do I Burry A Dead Pet Religiously?

Considering your denomination, you may find a suitable way to burry your dead pet. In some instances, cremation is preferred to burying. Despite that, many pet lovers opt to bury their pets in the backyard, to keep their remaining around them.

You can bury your dog religiously by following those steps:

  1. The first step is preparing the cremation or burial area
  2. Have all those who were leaving with the pet near the cremation or burial area
  3. Say a prayer like this one; “And if I go while you are still here, know that I still live, vibrating in another cloud behind a thick veil you cannot see through. You will never see me again but when you need me, whisper my name and ill shine in your heart and bring you comfort”
  4. Proceed to cremate the body or bury it
  5. Thank God for its life and wish the pet a happy afterlife

Though at times, burying is discouraged when a pet dies because of a contagious disease, the reason being sooner than later another pet might dig up, eat the carcasses making the situation reoccurring.

So it’s prudent to cremate any deceased animal since it is a safe manner that will not affect you or another pet negatively henceforth. This will always favor the act of cremation.

After a loss, life tends to move on though not in the same manner. Your grief comes in waves but clear with time.

Face the grief, cry, scream, but it is equally important to understand that there was no more you could have done to keep them alive.

You are not being disloyal to your pet by forgetting about it, but eventually, you’ll have to adjust to life without your companion. Get a new pet and it’s your choice to name it after your dead pet.

As much as you need prayer, your pet needs it more. Life is a journey, not a destination and it must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations.

Prayer for pets is a good sign of love for your pet. You should care for your pet as if it meant nothing less but the whole world to you.

Treat pets just like you would treat your fellow humans since it also has life from the same God as you. So what if it were human and grant you similar conduct. Would you like it? Food for thought!

Do Curses Work? -Effects & Curse Breaking

Do Curses Work

Yes, curses exist and they work. While Christians and traditionalists might believe in some curses and their effectiveness, atheists couldn’t care much.

Your background beliefs or cultural practices will dictate what you believe in. However, when it comes to curses, that doesn’t exist because curses can work against anyone.  

Curses in Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism are considered to be a punishment from God. When you refuse to listen to the word of God, blaspheme and go against your elders, you will be punished by God and this is the definition of a curse in Christianity.  

Depending on whom you ask if curses work, the answer might not always be the same and may vary based on how they are thought to believe from their background. It is, therefore, best to look for facts like those stated in this article.

There is no scientific documented evidence that I have found that supports the working of any curses and that is why atheists don’t believe in curses but rather Luck. Most Atheists (not all) strongly argue that there is nothing like a curse and you are just either lucky or not lucky.

Do Curses Work
Do Curses Work

How Do Curses Work?

Yes, curses work in different ways depending on what culture or religion you come from. What is a curse in one religion that may not be a curse in another religion of culture? There are two major types of curses that seem to occur throughout the globe.

These are the verbal and spell induced curses. The verbal curses are simply utterances that don’t involve more than that. Verbal curses are practiced mostly by Muslims and Christians in that they do not use materialistic things to curse someone.

Most religions believe so much in the power of speech to either cause good or harm toward a particular group of people or just a single person.

This is normally done by elders and you should always seek their forgiveness so that they can intervene and pray for you in relation to the curses cast on you.

This kind of curse just then involves only two steps that is making the curse utterance to the target or targets directly or indirectly.

Traditional Curses

Spell induced curses involve more steps and were popular in the traditional ancient ages before civilization took effect on us. This begins with a person or group that intends to harm another person or group.

In most instances, the assailants visit a spiritual medium mostly a “witch” or a “witch-doctor” or a “voodoo doctor”, whichever the case depending on the culture or religion of the people.

The visit is usually followed with a brief description of what the assailants would want to happen to their victims.

The spiritual medium then asks for provisions from the assailants which are usually bizarre and might include personal paraphernalia of the intended victims which Christians do not believe in.

Upon delivery of the provisions required to the spiritual medium, the incantations begin and a series of activities are performed by either the spiritual medium or both the assailant and the spiritual medium.

In some instances, the curse ends here and the assailants are to expect or hope that harm befalls their victims, but in some instances, the assailants are tasked with a very specific set of instructions to which they are expected to perform in order for the spell to work.

Whichever the spell, there has not been any scientific evidence that curses actually work and with the eradication of most of religious and culturally beliefs, more and more people stop believing in the working of curses.

Christian and Muslims are really against such curses that involve the use of materialistic things that are made by man. They believe that it is God that should Judge and only God can deliver you from a curse which is a punishment from him.

Who Can Curse You?

According to many cultures and religions, the people who can curse vary from culture to culture and the type of curse too. In most instances, verbal curses are generally rendered by elderly members of the community mostly toward the younger members for whichever reasons.

Such curses are said to affect the cursed even without their knowledge. In some religions, including the all known Christianity, such curses can affect the cursed and their future generations.

These, therefore, means or implies that one can be experiencing a curse that has been passed down through his or her family members.

On the other hand, spell induced curses can be induced by anyone who is willing enough to go through all the trouble to ensure that evil or harm befalls their victims. As explained before, these processes can be quite involving and sometimes even costly.

This therefore follows that anyone motivated to impose a curse on another person, and has the means to see it through can curse whoever they want when they want to.

In most religions, gods or deities can curse their subjects for various reasons, which could be the behavior of their subjects or un-satisfactory offerings made to them.

The earliest cases could probably be that in the bible where God cursed Cain Genesis 4-12:

“When you till the ground, it will no longer yield its produce to you. You will be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.”

Genesis 4-12

This is the same for most religions that believe in a supreme being, the subjects of the supreme beings are well aware that they could be cursed for not fulfilling certain obligations or even engaging in certain unwanted practices according to the guidelines that have been put by the religion.

Curses Effects, Signs and Results

Those are the proofs that curse work and they can harm you if you keep thinking they don’t work. The emotional effects of a curse usually involve instilling fear and emotional instability of the victim.

This may cause the person who has been cursed to make unwise decisions and go ahead to engage in self-destructive things.

During this period the person undergoes frustrations which end up in confusion and depression.

This type of curse usually ends up rendering the cursed in a state of mental illness or madness and their victims lose all sense of reality to the normal world.

The physical effects of a curse can vary from person to person. These can be classified into two. Mainly the is the curse to causes the inflicted to be unable to perform certain normal duties like reproduction, senses, walking, talking and many more.

These effects render some form of disability to their victims. Secondly, the physical effects can cause some sought of wound or sickness to their victims.

Some of these illnesses might be hereditary and thus some people may come to the conclusion the sick people are suffering from some sought of generational curse.

For serious curses, the physical effects might lead to death. Whether or not that is true is subject to one’s belief and cultural background. Some behavior can be attributed to curses all around the world.

Some people who have even been confronted about such peculiar or bad behavior can’t even explain why they engage in such behavior and admit that there could be a possibility that they were cursed.

For these types of curses, the cursed folk might have no clue who might have cursed them while some believe that what they do is a result of generational curses.

Such behavior might include Stealing, alcoholism and substance abuse, sex addictions, bizarre cravings and many more. People who suffer from these kinds of curses might desperately want to stop those behaviors but are not able to.

Can Curses Come Back to You?

Yes, curses can come back to you and here is why. Whether or not curses can come back to someone heavily depends on the type of curse and the target of the curses.

In most religions, it is believed that if people are not in a position to curse their supreme beings and they attempt to do so will have the curses come back to them.

This might cause serious repercussions to those who do so or even attempt to so. In this respect, therefore, curses can come back to one and sometimes even with worse consequences than initially intended for subjects.

In some cultures, certain people are believed to be protected against curses either by religion or spiritual protection practices.

It is important to be careful with your words and not to throw random curses because you may be cursing the wrong person and the curse will work against you.

Religious leaders and spiritual mediums in most cases are believed to be protected against curses invoked to them by the general population that consults them.

In some instances, attempting to curse such people can either revert the intentions of the curse or simply fail to work.

Most cultures around the world believe that only the elderly in the community can invoke curses to the young and not vice versa. In this respect, then they believe that curses they invoke upon the young cannot come back to them.

Do Verbal Curses Work?

Verbal curses may be intentional or unintentional. Most verbal curses are unintentional and seldom work. Such a curse could include a child cursing their parent for punishing them or a person wishing bad luck for their ex-partners for breaking their hearts.

In man traditions however, the words of the elderly and significant people are heavily revered and believed to carry a lot of weight in them.

These people are therefore believed to have the power to curse people whether knowingly or unknowingly and are therefore accorded the utmost respect in their communities.

Spiritual mediums and members who are heavily involved in occult practices are also believed to curse people verbally especially when offended. For this reason, therefore, other people in the community tend to tread carefully around such kind of people for fear of being cursed.

Ultimately, the answerer to whether verbal curses work is really dependent on the belief of a certain person but there is no scientific proof the working of the verbal curses.

If You Curse Someone Will It Happen

Yes, your curse can work against someone and come to pass as intended but this depends on several factors. Some people are also natural strong in the spiritual realm.

That means that they are born with a spirit that easily connects with the spiritual world. Such people can actually wish you bad luck and it will surely come to pass.

The ultimate intention of cursing a person is usually to cause or bring harm or evil to that person. depending on how the curse is orchestrated might determine the outcome of the curse.

In most cultures around the world, most people tend to believe that curses especially spell induced curses can only work within a certain geographical region.

It is also well to note that they only work to a group practicing a certain religion or cult.

Some curses are invoked out of anger and might not necessarily work. Depending on the background of people, curses work if a good deal of effort is put towards cursing someone.

In some instances, however, coincidences happen and people are left blaming themselves for certain occurrences believing that they were involved in their happening because of some utterances they might have made.

How Long Does Curses Take to Work
How Long Does Curses Take to Work?

How Long Does Curses Take to Work?

There is no definitive answer as to how long a curse takes to work. However, some people claim that their curses worked instantly, others weeks, months and years. A good case to consider would be two hypothetical cases of a curse.

In one curse a person is cursed to never be able to bear children while in the other a person is cursed to run blind.

While in the second case the person might run blind immediately it might take a considerable amount of time for the first case to materialize seeing as it’s not an everyday activity that a person bears children.

The amount of time it, therefore, takes for a curse to work thus depends on the nature of curse itself. It could be a long-term curse or an immediate curse.

How Can I Know Someone Cursed Me?

Most people would want to know whether or not they have been cursed. The following is sought of a check list that one could follow to know whether you have been cursed:

  1. Constant continuous bad luck
  2. Continuous financial difficulties that occur from nowhere
  3. Terrifying nightmares
  4. People distancing you for no good reasons
  5. Family deaths that occur unexpectedly
  6. Demonic hallucinations

All these that have been mentioned above are classic signs that one has been cursed. The other most common way that people use is to consult religious leaders or spiritual mediums.

Religious leaders and spiritual mediums are believed to have the ability to delve into one’s spiritual aura and determine whether or not that person has been cursed or not.

In the case of spiritual mediums, they are also believed to pin point exactly who it is that cursed the person in order to find a way of revoking and reversing the curse.

Both Christians and Muslims can be delivered from curses through prayers. Other Religions also have their own ways of clearing curses.

Can Curses Bring Me Bad Luck?

Bad luck is actually an event or occurrence that happens to someone in a manner that they did not intend to happen only this time to their disadvantage. Bad luck tends to happen to most people at one time or another.

Curses are meant to bring harm to people and amongst the main type of harm caused by curses as reported by many people is bad luck, in most cases a series of bad luck.

This can always be reversed and it will also depend if you believe if luck does exist or not because some people do not believe in luck.

As discussed above, one of the ways one can know whether they have been cursed is by experiencing constant continued bad luck.

Curses can cause bad luck if the person that cursed intended that the curse brings bad luck to the cursed or that the bad luck becomes a tool of manifestation of the real intentions of the curse.

How to Break a Curse

There are many ways that have been suggested on how one can deliver themselves from a curse.

For one to deliver themselves from a curse, they must have established that indeed they have been cursed and are suffering from the curse. The following are some of the ways one use to deliver themselves from curses:

1. One can use salt to cleanse themselves. It is believed that taking a bath in salty water tends to remove negative aura in person. Christians can also look for the power of salt in the bible and read more about it.

2. It is also believed that finding a four-leaf clover expels all type of bad luck from a person.

3. Some believe that taking a bath in water that has non-white flower petals sprinkled in it will expel all negative energy

4. Burning incense has been used for the longest time to expel unwanted negative energy and one could try it

5. For the religious people prayer might be the ultimate way to deliver them from curses

6. Some believe that keeping a gold fish is a way breaking any form of curses directed them, they believe that one must have 8 gold fish and black one.

7. Some people also use good luck charms to keep off negative energy. These could be bracelets, hair pin or even a ring.

8. Lastly one could consult a spiritual medium or religious leader who would then use their spiritual powers to deliver one from various curses.

Can a Christian be Cursed?

Yes, a Christian can be under a curse and it is a good thing that prayers and dedications can help in delivering a Christian from the misfortunes of a curse.

The word curse is an inherited word from the olden English language “curs” that implied an invocation or prayer for evil or harmful occurrences to befall one. In biblical context according to Genesis 3:17-19;

“Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life”.

Genesis 3:17-19

In the literal sense, the Bible is clearly stating that a curse is such an utterance has intent on invoking a supernatural force to cause unintentional harm or damnation upon a certain person or group.

(“GENESIS 3:17 KJV 2020) Perhaps a good example of the most common superstition or myth of a curse known to many around the globe is Friday the thirteenth.

This is a day that is believed to have been cursed and feared by many people believing that it brings misfortunes along with it.

It is, however, unclear why Friday the thirteenth is so feared, some say that it comes from the day before the last supper where thirteen people attended the gathering and the following day the crucifixion followed.

According to Mr. Frederic, the major types of curses include the following spells;

  1. A spell whose main aim is to destroy someone
  2. A spell that intends to make a person move away
  3. A spell that has the ability to make a person sick and die
  4. A spell that can lead one to fall in love with another oblivious of his or her feelings

Christians believe in verbal curses and they do not cast spells because they believe there are no teachings about traditional spells in the bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Verbal curses are those that work just buy mentioning the words.

Are Curses Real According to The Bible

Yes, curses are real according to the bible and there are several cases where people were cursed in the bible.

Before examining whether curses have power or not, it would be wise to look back at the earliest documentation of curses that actually worked in Christianity.

This would be during the Pharaohs era of the early Egypt during a period through which they experienced the ten plagues.

During this time Moses had demanded that if his people would not be set free, the following curses will be set on their oppressors:

  1. Water would turn into blood
  2. Frogs would take over the place
  3. Livestock would be diseased
  4. There would be a locust invasion
  5. There would be full of darkness
  6. There would be the death of all firstborn sons

All the above utterances came to pass and can thus be described as some of the earliest elaborate and clear curses in Christianity that came to pass.

In present-day society, the power of curses deeply relies on one’s belief. This is also proof that a Christian can curse someone if they are wronged according to the old testament.

The background and beliefs of many people dictate whether or not they believe in certain curses and their ability to make an impact on society. A good example would be a comparison of Christians, Atheists, and Traditionalists.

Conclusion as to whether curses work or not is relative and heavily relies on people’s cultural beliefs and religion. This is to imply that what might seem like a curse that works for certain people doesn’t necessarily apply to all other people.

Spiritual Use of Marijuana: Cannabis & Spirituality

Spiritual Use of Marijuana, Cannabis & Spirituality

The spiritual use of marijuana is a topic that many don’t discuss since we only talk about the negative effects of cannabis in our daily lives.

Yes, cannabis can be used in spiritual meditations and higher elevations. Cannabis and spirituality have great ties since ancient times and this article will discuss this in detail.

Marijuana also has medicinal value because it is used to manage neuropathic pain and spasticity occurring due to sclerosis. Marijuana and spirituality is a very complex topic that not many people can easily get right.

Spiritual Use of Marijuana, Cannabis & Spirituality
Spiritual Use of Marijuana, Cannabis & Spirituality

It is also used in brewing tea and mixed with edible foods like cookies for consumption. Its laxity effect can also ease bowel movement and make one relax tension in the nerves.

Many people in the modern world only started to learn about the positive use of cannabis when it was recently introduced in the medical fields. Marijuana’s application in the medical field has promoted its legality in some modern nations while others still see it as illegal.

Spiritual Use of Marijuana

The main spiritual uses of marijuana are no doubt related to its psychoactive compound. When this chemical is consumed, it causes a number of psychological effects including relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Marijuana is known to have been used as a sacred herb in ancient China. This evidence was not revealed until around 20 years ago when farmers discovered the remains of a man in the area known as Xinjiang, In western China.

In addition to the same, the man had been buried with many possessions. Among his many possessions was a large amount of marijuana -789grams to be exact!

These intriguing findings have led researchers to believe that in this case, the herbs were used for its psychoactive properties as mentioned above.

In modern-day China, cannabis remains an integral part of the Uighur culture. Marijuana is also used in other different religions like the Hindu and the Rastafarians.

Marijuana’s use for spiritual purposes is believed to release this feeling of meditation and relaxation so as to cooperate in rituals related to spiritual matters, as common in ancient China.

Cannabis and Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness and an initiation into an expanded sense of awareness and connective with cosmic intelligence. From a spiritual perspective, and from perspective of raising one’s vibration, can cannabis benefit on spiritual paths?

As mentioned cannabis alters your state of consciousness and shifts the perception. Consumption of marijuana either through smoking or ingestion does not support spiritual awakening but rather increases your sense of meditation elevation.

Taking cannabis alters one normal functioning of the body and therefore one becomes really low and inactive in spiritual matters other than the desired feeling of awakening.

Spiritual awakening is brought about by concentrating deep into spiritual levels and mostly it needs one to be sober enough, in which by taking cannabis that can’t happen unless cannabis doesn’t make you lose your conscience.

Understand that cannabis has different effects on different people so never assume that if it works for someone, it will also be fine with you.

In my opinion, taking cannabis in either way cannot and will not support spiritual awakening on a constant level for everyone since the effects are different for everyone. However, some religions which can be termed as exceptions do use cannabis for spiritual awakening as explained above.

Is Cannabis Used Spiritually in Any Religion?

Marijuana has a long-standing history in the world of religions. Marijuana was used in a variety of diverse communities habituated mainly in Asian communities.

Some of the main communities that practiced the use of marijuana are Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, ancient Greek, Ancient china, Scythians, and Rastafarianism.

The ancient and traditional Hindu mostly believed in the use of the weed in that it helped in spiritual awakening and made them strong in focusing during chakra awakening. In conclusion, the Hindu used cannabis Sativa for spiritual awakening.

Spiritual Effects of Smoking Cannabis

The spiritual effects are smoking cannabis are often overshadowed by the powerful level of highness it can induce.

When cannabis is used meditatively with intention and focus, its ability to clarify and amplify can both reflect on the illusions we carry.

This can also invite anyone who is an expert at it into higher meditation levels and make them exposed to a deeper, more relaxed, open-hearted presence that feels right and real. Some of the positive effects that it gives to those who use it during spiritual connections are;

  • It eliminates any selfish desire
  • It enables someone to achieve a state of naturalness
  • It assists in divination
  • It is used to delight senses
  • It eliminates fear

Is Smoking Marijuana a Sin?

If you are using marijuana solely for the purpose of medicine then it is not a sin, however, the topic is debatable when it comes to recreational use. The purpose of smoking marijuana for leisure is considerably called a sin.

Is smoking marijuana a sin, cannabis and spirituality.
Is smoking marijuana a sin, cannabis and spirituality

According to, smoking marijuana is a sin when you are using it for pleasure and actually an offense that can have you jailed in some countries. Cannabis should never be abused or used randomly since it can have serious damages in your life.

It can be put into more useful ways like drug enhancement and manufacturer and brought into use for medical purposes. This should also be done with permission from the relevant authorities in your county.

This is a common question that most of us find challenging and difficult to come out with the correct answer.

As Christians, we believe that taking cannabis is not advisable. However, this is contradicted by other ‘Christians’ who think that having this herb is quite okay.

For instance, a survey conducted by the Public Religion Research(PRR) discovered that young Christians thought that marijuana use was morally acceptable.

The survey showed that half of the young adults (18-29) to be more specific, think that marijuana should be legalized.

This is brought about by the difference in ideas and perceptions in the mind of cannabis. People have different beliefs as far as cannabis is concerned.

Spiritual Uses of Marijuana for Meditation

Marijuana tends to boost your meditation practice with simple stress relief. It deepens a meditator’s spiritual life creating a bigger room for mental focus. Yogic meditators aim to collaborate with the divine to achieve liberation with the use of marijuana. 

Spiritual uses of cannabis in traditional and ancient days were done by elders who were special in predicting the future. They Smoked it to help them enter into a deep and higher level of focusing that would help them see into the fur=true and predict it correctly.

That is why it way cannabis and spirituality were connected in ancient days and one was not allowed to use it without the supervision of the elders. Misusing it could also risk one’s life of connecting to unwanted spirits that could harm the entire village.

Marijuana is used to create a positive vibrational shift by shifting your perception and state of mind. It is lightly intoxicated and inhaled during meditation purposes and can, therefore, be used for spiritual elevation and meditation purposes.

It is used in meditation with the intention to focus and expand on a particular goal. It has an ability to clear and strengthen our illusions and opens us to a deep, relaxed and comfortable presence that feels right and connected to a higher spiritual realm.

How Did The Wiccans Use Cannabis spiritually?

The Wiccans practiced the use of marijuana for a quite long time but those were in traditional days. Some of the classic uses are dedicated to love, money, healing, and visions. One of the main infamous usages of marijuana is used for magical works.

Marijuana has not only been used in religious ceremonies but also has long standing traditions in numerous world faiths.

However, the spiritual use of cannabis to become closer to God can also be linked to the ancient Chinese who were among the first to elaborate on the use of the sacred plant.

Is It A Sin to Use Cannabis for Medical Purposes?

Cannabis, only when used for medical purposes is very beneficial. It helps in one’s recovery since it is used as medicine.

Cannabis should be put more into practice on the side of medication other than doing it more on smoking and self-pleasures. It is therefore not a sin to use cannabis for meditative purposes.

It is not a sin to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, however, there is not enough research and supporting evidence to reinforce its advantages. Some countries have legalized the use of cannabis for medical use.

It is used to treat several illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, appetite loss in people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, Crohn’s disease, anorexia, epilepsy, glaucoma, mental health conditions, multiple sclerosis, cachexia, nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy and pain.

The reason why marijuana’s eligibility is in question is that it has some of the chemicals found in tobacco which could harm the lungs, however, the effects don’t have enough evidence either.

Long term use has its side effects like memory and cognition problems, the risk of addiction and schizophrenia in young people.

Is Marijuana Good for Medication?

Marijuana can be both good and also not acceptable for medication. In addition, several marijuana-based medications have been approved or are undergoing clinical tests.

Nabiximols(sativex®), a mouth spray that currently available in the United Kingdom, Canada and several European countries for treating the spasticity pain.

Researchers generally consider medication like these, which use purified chemicals derived from based on those in the marijuana plant to be more promising than the use of the whole marijuana plant.

An additional concern with “medical marijuana” is that little is known about the long-term impact of its use by people with health and/age-related issues such as old adults or people with cancer, AIDS or other neurodegenerative diseases.

Further research will be needed to determine whether people whose health has been compromised by diseases or its treatment, for example, chemotherapy, are at greater risks for adverse health outcomes from awakening

Signs of Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control

How to Reverse Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control

Brainwash is the act of making someone believe in some practices that are not sane or humane and preventing them from finding the true history about those beliefs. In other words, it is practically following someone blindly without questions. 

Religious brainwash is making someone believe in certain practices from their religion by often reducing their ability to think critically and independently and making them believe in the strange doctrines.

Be very careful with some of these modern false pastors or the churches since they can just be using you for your money in the name of God.

How to Reverse Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control
How to Reverse Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control

How to Identify Religious Brainwashing

There are a lot of signs of brainwash and most of them are very obvious to any sober person. Before they win you, they will take the following steps;

1. Religious brainwashers will out you in isolation

This person will always make sure you are not around your loved ones. They will constantly check on you and who you are with.

They do not like someone with different opinions to come close to their targets because they believe their belief will be questioned.

It is not a physical isolation but rather mental isolation. They know how to play this game and they are good at it. They will even make you not rust your partner in marriage. They make you feel everyone is wrong and it is only them that is right.

2. They will attack your yourself-esteem

After religious brainwashers have known a lot of details about their target, they major on the target’s self-esteem. They have an upper hand on someone who has low self-confidence and a vulnerable state person.

A brainwasher will control everything about the victim’s life from food to everything. You became their prey when you are always feeling useless rejected and alone with a desperate urge to find someone to lean on.

3. Religious brainwasher will start comparing ‘Us vs. Them’

The brainwasher will bring down the victim and will shape on his or her way the by making the victim mingle with the brainwashed people. They will encourage you only to flock with their members and that others are sinners.

This is a way of blind folding you. Remember, Jesus used to go and look for sinners talk to them and make them turn to God. Prophet Mohamad, may peace be upon him encouraged Muslims to look for those who are lost and show them the right way.

 If you don’t mingle with sinners and make them turn to God, how then is your religion a true one? You have to be free and liberal. Religion should teach you perseverance with faith and hope in God.

Any religion that locks you up to only sit with your kind is a false religion and you are being religiously brainwashed in a way that you cannot see the world in an independent way. Remember, some people may not be in your religion but they are the best people out there.  

4. Blind obedience

Brainwasher will always want to make the targeted to follow his commands without questioning and will reward the victim when they do what pleases. They will punish the victim when they do not do what pleases them.

They will make you feel like God does not answer your prayers unless you go through them.

They make you feel inferior and that you don’t know anything about God. This is just a weapon for them to brainwash you and keep you locked on their chains.

5. Constant Follow-up

Brainwashers will continually want to see what impact they have made on the victim. They will also want to see how they can manage the victim by controlling. This brainwashing is real and it is within the society in many forms.

Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control
Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control

How to Reverse Religious Brainwashing & Trauma

Religious trauma is a syndrome of withdrawal from certain religious beliefs that is basic and humane in nature.

One tends to now follow new doctrines that are strange and weird in nature. Withdrawal and isolation with aggression are major symptoms of religious trauma.

You can reverse religious brainwash by making the victim know that he or she is being misled by brainwashing.

  1. You can also relieve someone from religious brainwash and trauma by exposing the victim’s knowledge that is different from their brainwashing.
  2. You have to leave the victim to make his or her decision depending on the knowledge you gave him. Let them practice the benefits of being independent and free like a bird that is not caged.
  3. You know you are in a cult and not a church when the practices you are doing affect your ability to think critically in making decisions. One cannot think of what he or she is doing if it is good or bad. Set the victim free by clarifying this to them.
  4. Religious cults make victims stay away from any other people apart from its members. When they stay with outsiders who are not members of their cult, they are punished. Make the victim more comfortable when you are with them so that they see the difference.
  5. You can help reverse this kind of religious brainwash by first keeping the victim away from the cult and talking to them in the best way they can understand.
  6. Religious cults emphasize other evil things that are not in scriptures. They create their ways of doing things to help then in brainwashing their followers. The best way to reverse and stop this religious brainwash is to read the Bible, Quran or Follow the True teachings of your religion that are not new to the world.
  7. Brainwashers also seek members of their church to become more loyal to their leaders. The best and easy way to control and reverse this is by breaking the loyalty bond.

Some religions that brainwash people can make you turn against your family members and real friends who care about you just because they are not in that religion.  

This can be broken and stopped by trying to fill in the gap that the religion is trying to use in one’s life thus making them vulnerable.

Sit the victim down and try to understand what they are looking for in that cult so that you can reverse their religious brainwash from the points they give you.

Religion Free From Brainwashing

Several religions go by what their books are saying and you will have to identify that certain religion is good based on the fact that they let you continue with your daily life as long as you remember the Lord your God.

True religion will never bind you in a way that you cannot even interact with others. They will let you explore your life as you wish as long as you are putting God first in everything you do.

A true religion that is free from brainwashing will help you in keeping an open mind. You will be let free to carry on with your daily life, job and life without judgment or discrimination because no man is perfect before God.

True religion will make you see a difference in your life both physically, mentally and psychologically. It will give you peace and you will also learn to appreciate others that are around you even if they are not from your religion.

Why Some Religions Brainwash Their Followers

Brainwashing was first used by Edward Hunter in the year 1950. He used this term to describe how the Chinese government made its people to work with them.

The person who is trying to brainwash you will want to know every detail about you so that they use it as a weapon to manipulate your beliefs.

The aim of religious brainwash is to make you committed to that religion without any questions so that they use you as they wish.

Some people believe that all religion is brainwashing while others think otherwise.

In my opinion, true religion will help make you a better person and you will see improvements in your life birth physically and spiritually. Any religion that makes anyone behave like a robot is brainwashing them.

There are a lot of religions and human beings fall under different religions. Faithful from these religions have accepted their culture without questioning.

Every faithful believer believes that his or her religion is correct and powerful because of what was created in their minds.

Avoiding Religion Brainwash

Soul-searching yourself why you want to follow a religion and why you want to follow a religion is very important. Try to discover their doctrines and look at the pros and cons from all angles before you join any religion.

This will help you in keeping away from religious cults especially those false prophets and pastors in the church today that are only after making money. They are not interested in your life or wellbeing but rather they pretend to care.

You should never make a quick decision with no life experience. It needs critical thinking to make a lifetime decision on which religion to go.

Take your time and make an independent but the right decision after asking questions and getting proper answers.

You have to stop thinking that which religion is better than the other religion. Just do your research on all of them and find the right one only after wide consultation. If you are smart, you will find the truth with God’s guidance.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of people who believe to be of certain religions and you have to decide for yourself which religion to go to. Think about what you want and your course in life. Don’t just let anyone manipulate you.

Remember, even those religious leaders are not perfect before God. Man is to error and we all have sinned before God.

So, as much as you are seeking guidance, open your mind and listen deeply with God’s guidance so that you can detect those religious brainwashers out there.

A Snake in My Dream: Meaning and Reasons

A Snake in My Dream Meaning and Reasons

A snake in your dream in most cases is a warning that someone close to you is about to turn against you. It can also point out that something bad is about to happen in your life. Constant snake dreams should never be ignored.

A snake generally is a slippery animal and it tends to hide from humans. Snakes detect any danger in their environment and thus are very sensitive.

That is why a snake in your dream is generally pinned to a warning that your life may be in danger. A real-life snake often sends chills down the spines of many people.

Since most individuals associate snakes with their venomous nature, an encounter with the slithering reptiles may result in two possible outcomes. The human will either take to heels or grab the nearest object and pound the reptile to death.

A Snake in My Dream Meaning and Reasons
A Snake in My Dream Meaning and Reasons

Is it good to dream about snakes?

While snakes inspire fear in people, they also symbolize transformation. If a snake shows up in your dream, you may be a victim of some deep-seated fear hidden away in your subconscious.

You may not realize these fears unless they surface in your dreams in the form of a snake.

Also, it could be a forewarning of the impending changes. The same way a snake sheds off its old skin to start life anew, a dream featuring a snake may be an indication that your life is about to change.

Spiritual meaning of snakes in dreams

Snakes have different interpretations in major religions, notably Islam and Christianity. Islam views snakes as vicious creatures signaling impending disasters or unknown dangers.

If a snake appears in your dream, something horrible requiring urgent attention is in the offing. But if you overpower the serpent, it could be an indication that you have what it takes to overcome difficult situations in your life.

In Christianity, a snake tricked the first human beings into eating the forbidden fruit. It represents the devil. Dreaming snakes could represent deception and evil. It could also symbolize your hidden sexual desires.

Meaning of a snake bite dream

If a snake bites you in the dream, it may signify that a noxious person or situation in your life may harm you. Your subconscious is trying to warn you to take action about something in the present or past.

On a positive note, a snake bite on your foot might mean something in your life is about to change. Your feet are your balance and a bite on them signals the changes to come.

I killed a snake in my dream meaning

Sometimes your conflict with a snake ends in victory on your part. Like in real-life, you overcome and vanquish the hissing creature in the dream.

It means that you have the mettle to defeat dangerous people or situations in your life. When you wake up, find the toxic person or situation and deal with them firmly.

Dream of a snake in my bed meaning

The worst thing that can ever happen to you is waking up to find a snake in your bed.

Since you are most vulnerable in this situation, the snake may take advantage of the situation to sink its venomous fangs into your skin. However, it is far less tragic in a dream.

A dream about snakes in your bed may have several interpretations. You may be coping with a deceitful person in the family. Your spouse may be cheating on you, or you could be having bad feelings towards your workmates.

A snake in your bed may also point to financial problems in your life. It may also be signaling your dissatisfaction with the house you live in, or that you are planning to move in the near future.

Flying snake in my dream meaning

Flying serpents in real life could a mortal threat but in dreams, they mean something else. They could be chasing you, and you desperately try to find places to hide from the flying creatures.

It could symbolize the various concerted efforts you have been taking to evade life’s problems.

You try taking up several jobs to tackle your financial problems or spend sleepless nights thinking of a business that would supplement your insufficient income.

What does it mean to dream about snakes in your house?

A snake in your dream can present various challenges. You would need to locate and deal with it before it can cause harm to you or any other member of the family.

You would never be comfortable in that house if you fail to find the snake, and are not sure it slithered out on its own.

It could be worse if a certain member of the family or a person you share your house with is less than honorable.

A dream about a snake in your house could a warning that such a person lives in your midst. When you wake up, find out who that person is and show them where they belong.

What does it mean to dream about snakes attacking you?

If snakes are attacking you in the dream, you need to wake and smell the coffee. There could be several problems in your life that needs you to address.

You may have no idea that such problems exist but your subconscious will give them away in dreams. A snake attack in your dreams could be a good indicator of impending problems so you may need to be on the lookout.

Killing snake in dream

You may be a hero if you are able to kill snakes in real life. In a dream, killing a snake may not necessarily turn you into a hero. It means that you have concurred a situation and that everyone is about to be fine.

You may have been struggling with problems in your life and if you manage to kill snakes in your dreams, it means you have the capacity to overcome those problems.

Biblical meaning of dreams about snakes

Snakes in the Bible represent the devil or evil characters. A snake deceived Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit, and in the New Testament, Jesus refers to evil people using the snake symbolism.

A snake bit Paul, and people expected him to fall dead. Dreams about snakes point to the presence of evil people in your life.

When you keep seeing a snake in your dream, try and pray. That is why Christians should take time to learn how to pray the right way and be delivered from evil.

Hindu dreams on snakes meaning

Snakes represent Kundalini in Hinduism. Kundalini is your vital force, occupying the base of your spine. When awakened, it shoots up your spine causing the petalled lotuses at the crown to open.

If you have the know-how, you can utilize this force esoterically. A snake bite in your dream would mean that Kundalini was trying to send you a critical reminder to attend to something in your life.

Dreaming of snakes Muslims beliefs

Muslims share the same symbolism of snakes with Christians. A deceitful person planning evil in your life would be presented as a snake.

Snakes are considered dangerous creatures by Muslims, and if they chase or attack you in your dream, something terrible in your life requires immediate attention.

Snakes in your dreams could have different interpretations but what is obvious is that they may signal impending danger hidden away in your subconscious. Contact us today if you need more information.

Readers may also also read about meaning of a dog in dreams.

Dreams About Dogs: Seeing A Dog in Dream

Meaning of Seeing A Dog in your Dream

What does it mean when you dream about a dog? Depending on how a dog appears in your dreams, it may symbolize either good and bad luck.

Some circumstances like dogs attacking you in a dream can be interpreted as a sign of bad luck ahead. There are at times when it could just be a manifestation of your inner conflict as a person.

Dogs are seen to be guardians, loyal, friendly, selfless and loving companions. They are identified as human’s most loyal friends.

Meaning of Seeing A Dog in your Dream
Meaning of Seeing A Dog in your Dream

So having dogs in your dreams might be a good sign or sometimes a bad one depending on what happened in the dream.

This article will help explain what different dreams about dogs symbolize. Different people and cultures interpret dreams differently because dream interpretation is rather subjected to occurrences.

To begin with, seeing a dog in your dreams is always attached to all the good characteristics dogs possess; loyalty, protection, discernment, generosity, and allegiance.

This indicates what you present and portray to the world as a person, the goods deeds and intentions that will ascertain your success.

Your own dog attacking you in a dream may be a warning that someone is about to harm you. This is because loyal dogs always want the best for you in terms of safety.

Besides, it can also be your consciousness reminding you of some skills you have forgotten about that you need to embrace.

The dog can either represent your character or the character of people in your life. Further, it can help you get to the intrinsic nature of some issues in life and feelings.

Dream about dog dying

If you dream about a dog dying, it could mean that you are losing something important in your life.

The thing can be a skill that you possess but you have neglected it and you are not putting it into use or utilizing it as you are supposed to, while it can also mean that you are losing your intuition.

The phrase a dog is a “man’s best friend” comes in and handy to help you interpret this dream. That means you are losing a meaningful friendship with someone pretty close to you.

It comes as a warning so that you can put more effort and dedicate more of your time in nurturing this friendship before it is too late as this might cause some certain emptiness and hurt.

Besides, it might also imply that the actions of people around you are not pleasant and they may not be appreciating you. Their loyalty to you may be fading away and you may need to improve on how you relate to your loved ones.

Chased by a dog in a dream meaning

Being chased by a dog in a dream represents your characters as a person or the behavior of people around you. First, it could be a warning of a danger you might be facing in the future.

  • It can also mean that you have an internal struggle or psychological conflicts and pressure or thoughts that are bothering you and bringing you too much tension and a feeling of insecurity.
  • It may also indicate that you want to escape these troubles that pressurize and because you fear or anxiety since you are afraid of being affected by some bad things that relate to them.
  • The dream might also represent the people around you, perhaps your friends or colleagues who are unfriendly and have caused you some problems or troubles.
  • Dreaming about a dying dog can also symbolize that you are trying to avoid conflicts with people around you by controlling your emotions to live in peace with them yet you are losing the battle.

To add, this dream may also mean that you might have some contradicting opinions with some of your friends or colleagues which might lead to betrayal if not handled in a good and peaceful manner.

Spiritual meaning of being chased by a dog in a dream

In the spiritual world, a dog can symbolize both good and bad omen depending on the dream detailed context. Some myths refer to dogs as very dangerous and unclean animals that symbolize the evil that wants to attack your faith, business, job or home.

Chased by a dog in a dream could simply mean that your life is surrounded by evil forces that are trying to harm you. It can also mean that you have fear of taking risks, making certain decisions and taking some actions.

Being Chased by a dog in your dream generally is seen as a situation where you have something that is going to really pull you down in life. This is either your own being or a close loyal friend that you trust is going to betray you.

A dog in your dream is used to reveal to you this because dogs are loyal. Your close friends are always considered loyal to you just like a dog. You are also considered to be loyal to yourself. So in this case, a dog is used to portray that a close friend is about to harm you.

Friendly black dog in a dream

If you dream about a friendly black dog, it symbolizes that you are on the right path of balancing your inner characters like principles, instincts, and having perfect peace with your inner self that has not been settled for some time.

It can also mean that you are rediscovering yourself, identifying your flaws and weakness and working into improving yourself and becoming a transformed person.

The dreams about friendly black dogs is deemed as a good dream as it helps you to learn more about yourself, accept and embrace the negative attributes of your life and the world around you and work towards making yourself a better person.

Further, this dream is taken to mean you have reached a stage in your life where you get to realize that you have certain weaknesses and this allows you to accept to live in harmony with them and make peace with that kind of situation.

Black dog attack in dream meaning
Black dog attack in dream meaning

Dream of a black dog attacking me meaning

Most of the time, a black dog in a dream symbolizes a bad omen or something bad like betrayal or disloyalty.

Specifically, black symbolizes negative energies in our lives, may be fear, anxiety, darkness, depression or death.

Being attacked by a black dog therefore indicates that you will be betrayed by someone close to you as it brings a sense of disloyalty.

It would also mean you will have a conflict with someone maybe a close friend or colleague and this will bring you great disappointment and this gives you an insight on focusing on your life more.

Reasons for always dreaming of being chased

Being chased in a dream implies that there are certain aspects of your life that you are running away from and avoiding and your subconscious is trying to remind you to face them and resolve them.

More, it can be a problem or a person that you are afraid of facing so you try to ignore it by pushing it at the back of your mind so that you don’t have to deal with it. Essentially, it can be your own behaviors that are holding you back.

The dream also signifies that there are certain characters that you need to let go and change so that you can be a better person.

Being always chased means the dreams are recurring as they are constant reminders that you need to do something about your behaviors, habits, emotions or way of thinking.

Christians believe that you should always learn the right way to pray in any situation that you are facing n life. Learn to submit evil prayers to God so that any negative outcome can be blocked since nobody wants anything bad out of life.

We should learn to stay positive and always look at the brighter side of life even if we have those negative dreams that may be scary and we don’t know how to solve them.

What do Muslims think about being chased by a dog in a dream?

In both the Sunni and Shi’a Muslims, dogs are taken to be ritually unclean animals although the beliefs remain unanimous in some aspects. Based on the narrations from Hadith, coming close to a dog means one is unclean and needs purification.

Based on the teachings from Hadith, therefore, a dog can symbolize an enemy that pretends to be a friend but has wrong intentions.

That may be beggar, guardian, and an aggressive person, as seen by different Islamic scholars. It could mean that certain people in your life that are loyal and your trust will turn against you and betray you.

Seeing a black dog in a dream Hindu

In Hindu, a dog symbolizes honesty, faith and good servanthood while at the same time it could mean Lord Yamaraj, the lord of death. According to Hindu beliefs, seeing a black dog in a dream symbolizes death and change.

This can also mean that you have a friend who is disloyaland youare saddened by this betrayal.

The Hindu perception stems from the belief that the dogs are associates of the underworld and black color symbolizes grief and death. The black dog stands as a bad omen that brings bad luck.

Traditional myths about being chased by a dog in your dream

Dogs represent different things to different people and cultures. The interpretation of dog dreams depends on how you view dogs personally. Others term dogs as friends while others take them as enemies.

The differences in the interpretation are based on the fact that traditions are indigenous to a particular group of people. The different types of people would have different ways in which they see and interpret occurrences in their lives.

There are cultures that view dogs as dependent animals since they depend on the owner for pretty much everything. Having dogs chase you in a dream can symbolize people who depend on you and their dependency has weighed down on you.

On the other hand, dreams can also mean some sort of betrayal in your life. It can represent some people you trusted that have now turned against you.

Notably, the different cultures are still influenced by differences in religious affiliations and cultures among other beliefs. 

It might also mean that you are going through a lot of inner psychological conflicts and that you have a lot of emotional baggage that is burdening you.

In Ancient Greek mythology, for instance, black dogs are specifically associated with dark forces. In British folktales, they are linked to evil, malevolence and harmful situations.