Is Death The End Of Everything?

Life after death has a lot to it than meets the eye. There is a difference between physical death and spiritual death. Your physical body will die and that is the end. Your spirit which is your soul cannot die and still lives on. Is there life after death? Yes, there is life after death […]

How Many Different Religions Are There In The World?

There are more than 4,300 religions in the word. This number is constantly growing every decade. According to Adherents, this is an independent and non-religiously affiliated organisation that monitors the numbers and sizes of the world’s religions. It has over, 43,870 adherent statistics and religious geography citations. In this article we will cover 7 most […]

9 Ways to Stop Wet Dreams at Night Naturally

Here is how to stop wet dreams and prevent nocturnal emissions because they can really embarrass you especially if you are a guest. We will also look at what habits to stop and facts about wet dreams. Wet dreams are common among adolescents but some adults may also experience them every night. In Islam, wet […]

Do Tortoises Make Good Pets?

Yes, both Christians and Muslims can keep a tortoise as a pet and there is nothing wrong about having them at home. In fact, this article will explain how to take care of a pet tortoise. However, there are some people who keep tortoise because they believe it is a sign of good luck and […]

5 Tips How To Stay Calm & Focused Under Pressure

The first tip on how to stay calm under pressure and stress is to control negative thoughts. Replace them with positive ones and remain in charge of how you think. Never let your thoughts rule if you really want to stay calm in any stressful situation. You need to tame that inner voice to achieve […]

Dangers of Masturbation In Your Life Side Effects & Risks

Prolonged and daily masturbation can have harmful side effects on both men and women. Dangers of masturbation include serious addiction and poor sexual relationships among married couples. Masturbating in Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or any other religion is against marriage which is a gift from God. This is why almost all religions don’t encourage this act […]

Can I Pray for My Pet?

Can I pray for my pet? Yes, you can pray for your pet. Dogs, cats or pets, are all created by the same God who created you. A prayer for pets is okay and this article will give details about this issue. I have to admit that after uttering a prayer for my dog “Mickey”, […]

How do curses work? -Effects & Curse Breaking

Yes, curses exist and they work. While Christians and traditionalists might believe in some curses and their effectiveness, atheists couldn’t care much. Your background beliefs or cultural practices will dictate what you believe in. However, when it comes to curses, that doesn’t exist because curses can work against anyone.   Curses in Christianity, Islam, and […]

Cannabis & Spirituality. Spiritual Use of Cannabis

The spiritual use of cannabis is a topic that many don’t discuss since we only talk about the negative effects of cannabis in our daily lives. Cannabis can be used in spiritual meditations and higher elevations. Taking cannabis takes one into a trance and this is used to boost concentration when meditating on a specific […]

Signs of Religious Brainwashing & Mind Control

Brainwash is the act of making someone believe in some practices that are not sane or humane and preventing them from finding the true history about those beliefs. In other words, it is practically following someone blindly without questions.  Religious brainwash is making someone believe in certain practices from their religion by often reducing their […]

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