How To Prepare To Be A Godly Wife?

Becoming a wife sounds pretty interesting and good. However, being a godly wife to an ungodly husband can be very challenging. At the end of the day, your prayer and faith combined with patience can help your husband to appreciate the Lord.

Being a godly wife means that you have accepted Christ and the Holy Spirit guides you in all that you do. A God-fearing wife should also teach her children how to pray and raise them in the light of Christianity.

There are certain things that a lady should consider putting in place before meeting and accepting a man into her life. Being a godly wife does not just involve the art of making your husband happy.

Preparing To Be A Godly Wife

You can be a Godly wife by simply humbling yourself and praying to God for guidance because marriage is never a comfort zone for everyone.

Here are some simple factors that you should look at when preparing to be a godly wife:

  1. A godly wife should be God fearing
  2. She should make a prayer timetable for the family so that the kids grow in the right direction
  3. Preach unity in the house and serve as an example on her husband and wife relationship
  4. Love and protect her husband and children with whatever she can
  5. Teach the family to always eat and pray together
  6. Unite her fighting family members and teach them the meaning of forgiveness
  7. Put her husband and children first before herself
  8. Learn to be humble before her husband both in private and public
  9. Serve as an example by leading the family to church on every Sunday or Sabbath day
  10. Always set time to pray for the family and commit them to God
  11. Learn how to dress like a married woman How can you become a godly wife yet you still dress in a way that exposes your private parts?

You should learn the principles of a Christian woman’s dress code so that you are not a disgrace to society as a wife.

A Godly wife is expected to be different from and stand out of the crowd at a glance. This is because the grace of God in your life will always shine in you.

How to become a Godly wife will also be easy if you join the married women groups in church that got there before you.

This will help you in situations where by you have a challenge and you really do not know what to do.

This is why you should also avoid spending a lot of time with those friends of yours that are single.

This is because they may influence you to think or behave like you are single.

Before you decide to be committed as a wife, you are supposed to enjoy those things that need to be done when you are still single.

This is very helpful since you will no longer have the urge to enjoy them once you are married.

This is why the bible tells us to enjoy our youthful lives and a lady should do this as well so that she doesn’t get her marriage lie mixed with her youthful life.

A godly wife should also understand that cleanliness is next to godliness and therefore how clean your house is will define your character.

A true God fearing wife is expected to be always be clean because physical personal and household cleanliness reflects how your mind is clear and organized in Christ.

Setting clean standards in the house will also help your children master those and they will never be attracted to dirty people as they grow old.

A wife that is being guided by the Lord should also learn to spend on her household and not to be extravagant.

What Is the Role of a Godly Wife?

We are all created by God in His own image and likeness thus we all are equal in his presence. However, both men and women were given different roles in the community.

The main role of a Godly wife is to take care of her husband and bring up children that are disciplined God-fearing in society.

Guide and teach your children the importance of obedience to parents so that they too become great people in the future.

The role of a wife in Christianity and the society in general is not for the weak, but for the focused ladies.

You also need to commit it to prayers because man can never be perfect but with the help of God, we can achieve a lot in a family.

Always respect him it does not matter how stubborn he might be since he is the head of the family you have to respect that position for God ordered it that way.

Have you ever heard that behind every man that has made it in life, there is a strong woman who stood by him in all his ups and downs?

Life will never be free from challenges and you should never run away when your man is in trouble.

The role of a Godly wife is to also ensure that her husband is well taken care of both physically and psychologically.

Let him run to you in his low moments so that you may share the problem and advice each other.

As a Godly wife, let your husband see you like his best friend apart from a wife.

This is because when your husband becomes your best friend, he will always share whatever he plans to do and anything that is bothering him will be disclosed to you.

You cannot force him to be make you his best friend but rather, your actions will win your heart.

If you play your role as a good wife, you will therefore automatically achieve this with time and patience.

This is why the bible tells us to learn how to wait like an eagle who is planning to take on his pray.

Those who learn to wait in the Lord while working on their goals will never fail in anything that they do in life.

We all know that most women tend to worry a lot especially when there is a problem. Remember that those who are always worried are not steady in the Lord.

In addition to that, an unsteady woman is like a weak pillar of a house because if she crumbles, the entire household will go down with her.

This is why a woman has a serious role to play in a family and if possible, she should always seek help in Christ so that she can learn how to be a Godly wife who is committed to her family.

Marks of A Godly Wife

How Do I prepare to be a Godly wife? You prepare by learning how to behave and act like a god fearing wife.

Here are some factors that you should consider looking at so that you become and remain Godly wife.

Successful family that includes a groomed husband and disciplined children are some of the most important aspects that are expected from a Godly wife’s household.

Sometimes this can be very difficult to achieve especially if you did not start of in the right foot.

But you should never be worried because that is why you need to pray for the Lord to guide you in what to do so that you achieve the desired results.

1. Decent and well behaved

A Godly wife is expected to be decent and there are some behaviors that should never be tolerated in her.

She is the pride of her husband and therefore she should check on how she relates to people at work, home, and in society in general.

When things are difficult, she is expected to always seek help from God while she works on them.

This is to say that a god-fearing wife should put God first so that her ways are guided by the Holy Spirit.

This is because there are people out there who can help you but this will come at the expense of losing your family and dignity. Remember, the devil is always fighting to bring you down.

You should not just go to anyone when things are not working perfectly.

Seek advice for your elders and church leaders with the help of your parents or in-laws. You may also consult those friends that you know cannot betray you.

It’s also important to pray more often even when all is fine when you are a woman of God. This is because when you pray, your family will always be under the Lords protection and cover.

When you are a godly woman your mode of dress should be modest.

This means that you put on clothes that are decent and those that are good before men and God above all.

Before you dress, ask yourself if your dress is overexposing your privacy.

Do not put on clothes so as to look good for other men for it is a sin because you shall be the cause of their last yet you are supposed to be God-fearing. Moreover, such characters do not please the Lord.

2. Trustworthy and Hardworking

A Godly woman is expected to be trust worthy. This means that you spouse is capable of telling you all his secrets and all the problems that might be affecting him.

Trust is gained when you are discreet because you need to build a relationship with your man.

This means that you should not even discuss your sensitive bedroom affairs with your best friends or even your pastor unless it is very necessary.

You are not married to your pastor or your friend but rather, to your husband.

In fact, your husband should be able to send you to run an errand for him maybe because he is busy or held up somewhere and as a trustworthy wife, you have to follow obey and do it.

A God-fearing woman should clearly be hardworking because this will also make his man proud of her.

No man will want a wife who will sit around watching Netflix the whole day while eating popcorns.

This does not mean that a Godly woman should work round the clock like a donkey but rather, she has to take responsibilities and deliver on them as a wife.

Ensure the kids are well dressed to school, her husband is well-groomed and the house is generally in order.

How to Be a Godly Wife to an Ungodly Husband

It is obvious that living with a husband that is ungodly can be a challenge especially if you are a Godly Wife. Here are some few tips on how to live with an ungodly husband;

  1. Commit him to the Lord and be patient with him because results are not instant in such cases
  2. Understand that people do not change overnight
  3. Let your good deeds shape his character. Be consistent in your good deeds
  4. Be patient with him and learn to avoid those things that irritate him as you pray over them
  5. Talk to someone you trust spiritually about your challenges so that you do not break down
  6. It may take time but your good deeds and kindness will finally win the battle
  7. Do not compare your husband to your friends because people are different and everyone has a story
  8. Do not be desperate him to change but rather, be patient and learn to wait in the Lord
  9. Do not physically or verbally force or over push your ungodly husband to become save like you
  10. If the marriage is abusive, talk about it and never be silent especially if it is physical

Most women are always overwhelmed when it comes to dealing with ungodly husbands.

This is because a Godly wife will be kind and tolerant while the husband will keep insulting her or mistreating her because he does not care about her belief.

 Sometimes it’s tough and very hard to cope with their daily behaviors but well, if you are a woman that serves the Lord, He surely will teach you how to live with them.

This is why it is important to learn how to persevere in Christ so that you can overcome all.  

How to Live with an Ungodly Husband

Some the characters can become really unbearable. However, do not pack your things to get away from him.

Even if it gets to a point when you have to leave physically, do not leave spiritually.

Never force your husband to be saved like you if you are a wife in Christ.

To be a Godly wife to an ungodly husband, you need to be patient and very tolerant as long as he is not beating you up physically.

DO not overplay gospel music to rub on his face neither should you wake him up with your loud morning prayers.

This will put off your ungodly husband been more and you will be creating a worse hatred towards being saved in him.

Learn to give him space and do not treat him like an enemy just because he is not saved.

Let him have his own space and let your good deeds and great character be a good example that will attract him to God.

Things like sticking bible verses all over the house and even waking up and preaching to him won’t help instead find the best solution to the problem.

The best way of living with an ungodly husband is to give him his own space and time while you pray for him to change.

Do your roles as a wife and do not be a bother to him in any way just because he is not saved and you are.

Preparing to Be a Godly Wife

Preparing to be a Godly wife means that you should learn to be tolerant and very patient towards your husband even when you are offended.

Never result to insults but rather, solve your issues in a wise peaceful manner while committing your problems to God.

We are all human beings and as long as we live on this earth we tend to make a lot of mistakes.

If you have been wronged in one way or the other as a Godly wife, learn to forgive your ungodly husband.

Who are you that you cannot forgive him yet our heavily father forgives all those who have gone against him. Even you as a wife should understand that you can never be perfect.

Forgiving does not mean that you are doing a favor for your spouse. When you let go of the past, you will be set free.

Even if it does not amend those things from the past but be sure of having a future that is peaceful.

The art of forgiveness in a marriage is the greatest key that will unlock many years of living together in peace and harmony.

This is why forgiveness is hard to practice because the devil know that it is the solution to almost every family problem.

You need to understand that marriage is like a house that need to be cleaned. Forgiveness will always clean your marriage and keep it from the bugs of grudges, pain and sorrow.

When a Godly wife is wronged by her husband, it is good to sit down and talk to him about those issues.

Do not keep it in your heart because it will become toxic and you will not like the end results.

Some of this things happens accidentally and he may have had no intensions of hurting you.

Taking to him helps him to understand your point of view on the situation at hand. If possible, always give your issues time before you find a nice environment to talk about them.

It’s always a tough decision to wait but it is good to do it from the bottom of your heart so that you clear the air.

What I mean is that, when you are still mad, it won’t be easy and it is easy to find trouble in anger.

Remember, God created eve to be Adam’s companion and this should always guide the thoughts and intentions of a Godly wife in any marriage even if you have an ungodly husband.

Women sometimes get it twisted in the sense that when you are married, you are automatically a wife.

Does being married make you a wife? No, a wife is defined by her good Character. Beauty will define a girl at the dating stage but once you move in with him, the character is what defines you.

The title of being labeled a wife does not make you to be a good one. For example, it’s always perfect to get to learn more about your inner being and not just the outside appearance.

Always understand that once you are married, what people say does not mater but how you live with your husband will matter a lot.

Remember that you are arrived at your husband and not to what people say.

It is never too late to change and become a good godly wife for the lord accepts anyone who truly repents and is honestly ready to change for his or her past evil behaviors.

You should fight and make it as your own duty to model and bring out the Godly wife that is expected of you so as to avoid behaviors that are not worthy in marriage.

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How To Prepare To Be A Godly Wife?
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