How To Spot A Fake Pastor [Fake Preachers]


Today, many false pastors, teachers, and prophets twist the word of God so that it can work in line with what they want. The aim is to manipulate their followers into giving so that they become rich.

Fake pastors only preach about wealth and prosperity. This is because all they want is your money and offerings. They do not care about your spiritual well-being and mental health. They can never tell you the truth as long as you are rich because they need your offerings.

How to Identify False Prophets, Preachers, and Pastors in the church and our society today will be very easy after reading this article. If you are a true believer, try and know the real teachings of Jesus Christ as clearly stated in the Bible.

New generation pastors are becoming even worse by the day as they continue misguiding the youth. As a parent beware of where you take your children for spiritual guidance.

Some of those preachers have mastered the art of taking money out of you and all they do is to milk dry. God will surely punish them for misguiding innocent people.

Most of these false teachers in the church today will always dwell on the topic of prosperity, wealth and sexual teachings that the flock wants to hear.

They will take their sweet time to study you so they will know how to tailor their message and tune your eyes to sweet words that don’t deny you your pleasures.

Their main aim I to feed you with what you want to hear so that you may stick to them. They will keep the real word of God that is bitter and let you get comfortable while they aim at milking your dry in the name of tithes.

What Does The Bible Say About Fake Pastors?

True believers should find time to read the word of God in their own time and learn to interpret it so that they can have the good spirit of identifying and choosing between true or false pastors.

False Pastors will always be afraid to speak about the truth that they see in your life. As long as you are a rich follower, they will find a way of getting you to believe that only they can pray for your needs and you cannot do it by yourself.

They will keep you away from the aspect of learning spiritual independence. The aim is to make it feel like you really need them to bridge the gap between you and God.

When they succeed, those false pastors and preachers will always tune you to call them all the time even when it comes to your bedroom affairs.

You find that a husband or wife will keep running to the pastor to report his, her partner even in issues that they can solve by themselves. True pastors will always channel your mind and make you believe in yourself.

They will teach you to build your faith and learn that you can set yourself free. They will strengthen you and teach you to walk on your own. You can also kneel down and call on God in your situations.

Another good example of false teaching in the church today is a situation where you will see a prophet or a pastor avoiding topics about the judgment day. They will keep convincing you that there is no need to be careful because Jesus died on the cross for you therefore you can always be forgiven.

The thing is, there is no way you will intentionally commit sin and keep asking for forgiveness. The book of James Chapter 2 verse 19 clearly states that “it is good for you that you believe in God for even the demons believe and they tremble in terror”.

What I’m trying to state here is that your faith should match your actions and reflect your deeds so that you may stay away from what God doesn’t like. Learn to repent your sins and always stay on the right path of salvation as a Christian.

Christianity has now been divided into several sectors. We have the Catholics, Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, Non-Trinitarians among others. Most of those have different paths and beliefs that they all conflict and fight about.

A true Christian will understand that above all there is one God. Jesus Christ has spoken that He is the only way the truth and the life. So believe in Jesus Christ as a Christian, serve God and forget about petty politics of the church.

Remember in the judgment day just like the Muslims also believe, you will stand before the Almighty God and deal with your actions on your own as a believer.

You will never be in the company of your false pastor neither will you hide behind a false teacher and say that he or she is the one who misguided you. It is interesting that both Muslims and Christians have a common belief about judgment day.

Messages That Fake Pastors Use

There have been debates about contradictions in the bible. False prophets always use these loopholes to twist their followers. A good example is those biblical quotes below from the bible about wine:

Most of those false teachers in the church today will only refer to these verses that favor taking of wine without looking at the rest. They will then twist it that wine contains alcohol and so drinking of beer and other liquor is not bad.

Any addict will definitely find this false pastor to be very wise. They will do anything to support his word while they drink and justify their actions.

Sometimes one should be able to apply logistics and know that your bad actions will only come back to you either now or later. It doesn’t matter how you justify them.

Tell that pastor to go get a life and stop those illusions. Seek the right Pastors and Teachers, let them guide you on what is right and evil. Above all, you should also learn how to pray the right way to God so that he may guide and show you the truth.

Drink only because you know why you are doing that and knowing that on judgment day you will not hide behind your false pastor but you will face God and be responsible for your own actions.


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How To Spot A Fake Pastor [Fake Preachers]
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