Doing and Plucking Eyebrows in Islam, Is It Haram?

Doing, Plucking Eyebrows in Islam Haram or Halal

Doing your eyebrows in Islam by plucking or cutting them completely is haram. However, there are situations where Muslims are allowed to trim the eyebrows as explained below.

In Islam, it is haram to pluck or cut your eyebrows because the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said that anyone who does that is cursed. However, it is halal for a woman to pluck any hair between the eyebrows to look good for her husband.

Some Muslims naturally have extra bushy and thick eyebrows that really need to be shaped. You find the eyebrows are naturally thick that they overlap to your eyes or they even grow and meet at the center.

You can only pluck your eyebrows in Islam or cut them if there is a medical condition or they are bringing you issues. In such a case, Muslims are allowed to trim them thus shaping the eyebrows is not haram.

However, if you are just trimming your eyebrows for fun or extra beauty, then plucking the eyebrows is haram in this case.

Doing, Plucking Eyebrows in Islam Haram or Halal
Doing, Plucking Eyebrows in Islam Haram or Halal

Why is Plucking Eyebrows Haram in Islam?

Doing the eyebrows by cutting, threading, and plucking them just because you feel you want to look extra cute is haram because Allah made you perfect.

This is like going for surgery just because you want to change the length of your nose for fun or you want to change your gander from male to female.  

Shaping the eyebrows for fun in Islam is not permissible because you are trying to implicate that Allah (SWT) is not perfect so you are trying to challenge this creation.

Muslims are told to keep that which has been given to them in the same state that they found it. We are supposed to guard and protect Allah’s creation since he has trusted us with it and we should not be correcting it unnecessarily.

So you should always leave the eyebrows as they are unless you have a condition that is making them overgrow or if they are affecting you negatively compared to the normal measure of it.

Before Islam became rooted in the middle east, the prostitutes who lived among the Arabs used to totally remove their eyebrows by plucking them.

Since this was a practice that the non-Muslims were doing and it was altering that which Allah had created perfectly, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) warned Muslim women against plucking their eyebrows.

Hadith About Plucking Eyebrows in Islam

A Muslim woman asked where is it written that plucking the eyebrows is prohibited is haram in Islam?

She was asking this because she thought that this is maybe not an authentic hadith.

So many things are not mentioned in the Quran in details and we know that times are also changing. During the Prophet’s time on earth, people never lived like we live today.

This statement is not to degrade or discredit the Quran but remember there are clear guidelines about changing how you look in Islam.  

The Quran is the final revelation of Allah (SWT) and to date, it remains the perfect book that has not been changed whatsoever.

The Holy Quran itself tells us to follow the Prophet (SAAWS) and that we should listen to his teachings since He was sent to elaborate on the Quran. This is the role of the ‘Sunna’.

It is narrated in the authentic Hadiths that the Prophet cursed those who pluck their eyebrows and those who do this for others.

The prophet also warned against tattoos in Islam as well as other acts like adorning the teeth for beauty.

The Quran also says that whenever the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) tells you to take, you must abide by that and take it.

This means that you should comply with His orders and if you refuse, you are going against His teaching. The Quran also says that whatever the Prophet denies you or forbid you from doing, you have to refrain from it.

This is crystal clear and when you pluck your eyebrows in Islam, you are going against His word and that is Haram.

How to Beautify Eyebrows in Halal Way

After reading all those, plucking the eyebrows or removing them is haram but shaping your eyebrows in order to look good as a woman should be okay.

If not, leave your comment below since we are all learning as Muslims.

Doing eyebrows in Islam has evolved with time and that is why some Islamic women are coming up with halal ways of making their eyebrows look great for their husbands.

So those women have come up with ways of doing their eyebrows without cutting them. They shape the eyebrows and make them look great since a woman has to remain attractive to her husband.

So the best way is to learn how to beautify eyebrows in halal way and this means that you will be doing them without removing any of them from the roots as prohibited.

Using Vaseline to shape and beautify the eyebrows in halal way

You may just want to shape them using something like Vaseline and making them curve and lay in a shape that you want them to be.

You may grab some cotton swabs or q tips then use the following steps;

  1. Take a shower or wash your face to make the eyebrows soft
  2. Use the q tip to apply the Vaseline on the eyebrow edges
  3. Shape them how you want them to be
  4. Then you can use a clean towel to wipe off the extra visible oil
  5. You may repeat this through the day if necessary
  6. You can also use other sticky gels for this. Just consult nay beauty shop near you.

This is always said to be one of the best ways to shape and make your eyebrows look glossy and cute as a woman.

Many prefer using this because you will not be cutting any hair and you will also be looking nice in the process.

Cleaning Eyebrows in Islam

It is not haram to clean the eyebrows in Islam and this is not something you should be afraid to do. Infect, it is Sunnah to do so because Muslims are commanded to stay clean.

You can just clean the eyebrows and let them be naturally neat just like you clean other hairs of the body.

When we our face even during ablution, we tend to automatically clean the eyebrows and this is good.

There has never been any place or teaching in Islam that is against cleaning the body with an aim of making it free from impurities.

Unless you are referring to other thing apart from the true meaning of the word clean which means to wash and free from impurities, then it is okay to clean the eyebrows in Islam.

Is Bleaching Eyebrows Haram?

Yes, bleaching the eyebrows is haram in Islam is haram if you are doing it with an aim of cutting the hair off. We all know that the teaching is clear about not plucking the hair.

However, some bleaching agents will only shape the eyebrows and remove the unwanted hair on the edges and that should be fine.

As long as you are not plucking the eyebrows in Islam, you should be fine.

Is It Haram To Remove Hair Around The Eyebrows?

Yes, it is haram to remove hair around the eye brows if you are plucking them. This will depend on your definition of the term plucking.

However, there is a standard definition of the work plucking and that is removing hair by pulling them off the skin.

This removes them completely and thus makes it haram in Islam. Cutting them completely is the same as plucking which is prohibited in Islam.

If you are cutting and trimming unnecessary hair them that should be fine because grooming is okay in Islam as long as you are also doing it for the right purpose.

This is just like trimming the beards in Islam or any other part of the body. It is only women in Islam that are allowed to trim any hair that may make them less beautiful for their husbands.

Is It Okay to Dye the Eyebrows in Islam?

Yes, Muslims can dye their hair as they wish provided it is not dyed in black. It is haram to use the black dye in Islam since this is like competing with nature.

According to one of the Islamic teachers, Assim al Hakeem, dyeing the hair is permissible providing a person does not dye his or hair or her hair in black.

We note that you can dye your hair in any suitable color that make you feel great and wish whether it’s gray, dark brown. However, we all know there are also other colors that look funny like yellow or pink.

It is also okay to dye your eyebrows in Islam as long as do not imitate the disbelievers. It is also good to know that it is only best for a Muslim to remain like Allah created him or her.

We are taught to preserve nature and this means that we should never rush to alter out body as created. We should rather struggle to keep it as it is unless otherwise advised accordingly.

Is Eyebrow Tinting Haram?

Eyebrow tinting is not haram in Islam depending on how you do it. This is because you will not be plucking your hair in any way and this should be fine.

Eyebrow tinting is the act of using a dye that is not permanent to shape and give the eyebrows a defined look that is enhanced.

Beauty is a serious concern for Muslim women and it is okay to try and look attractive for your husband especially in marriage.

It is also important to always note that the eyebrow area is very delicate and you should try to use dyes that are safe and will not react on your eyebrow area.

There are some Muslim women that are born with less eyebrows thus they would always love to enhance their eyebrows and make them look more defines.

This is not considered to be haram in any way because you will not be cutting off the eyebrows or plucking them but rather you are trying to make them look nice, normal, and okay.

Punishment for plucking Eyebrows in Islam

The Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said that any woman who plucks her eyebrows is cursed.

So the punishment for plucking the eyebrows in Islam is a curse and we all know that anyone who is cursed will not enter Jannah.

Those who are cursed will not even go near heaven in Islam but rather, they will be punished in Jahannam.

That means that hell is what awaits them in the afterlife because they did not follow what the prophet taught.

If you do it without knowing this teaching, then it is okay and you will not be punished.

If you are a new Muslim and you plucked or cut your eyebrows before you joined, then again you will not be punished since you never knew about this teaching.

The prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was sent by Allah (SWT) to bring us the message and we are told that we should never go against any teaching of the prophet.

Muslims are clearly commanded not to pluck the eyebrows and they should therefore keep off them unless they really have to do so.

You may also consult your elders at the mosque so that you know when to cut, trim or pluck the eyebrows in Islam.

Why Do Some Muslims Trim, Thread & Shape The Eyebrows?

Some Muslims however argue that it is okay to trim and shape the eyebrows if they are exes in order to enhance beauty.

They conclude that the prophet said that it is haram for Muslims to pluck their eyebrows but he never mentioned trimming or shaping.

So with this in mind, those Muslims always trim and shape their eyebrows since they argue that plucking them will deform that which Allah has created.

However, trimming and shaping will maintain and make His creation even better. Look at it this way, trimming is categorized in 2 ways.

There is trimming by not plucking or cutting but just removing the extras that are unwanted then there is trimming while cutting from the roots.

So most of them refer to the first one which involves the removal of excess hair thus claiming that they are not plucking the eyebrows.

Since Muslims are commanded to protect Allah’s creation, they say improving beauty by trimming and not cutting them off completely.

Trimming the eyebrows with an aim to shape them and make them look okay is simply taking care of their body in a positive way.

We all know that back in the days there was nothing like trimming or shaping the eyebrows but plucking was there.

The ladies who lived among the Arabs used to pluck all their eyebrows off since it was attractive to the men back in the days.

This is also one of the major reasons why it as haram to pluck the eyebrows in Islam because it was a practice aimed at promoting sinful acts in society.

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Doing and Plucking Eyebrows in Islam, Is It Haram?
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