Dream Meaning Of Teeth Falling Out

Dream Meaning Of Teeth Falling Out

Dreams transmit what our subconscious wants to communicate to us, that is why while we sleep we relive moments that we have lived daily, as well as we can also make a strange combination of characters and situations that cohabit in our mind at bedtime. Although indeed dreams tend to be abstract, they are also considered signals of what we may be feeling emotionally at that moment, such as sadness, happiness, or anguish, which in one way or another we could be reproaching. 

Dreams can be disturbing, exciting, funny, and even reflective, which makes them a fairly common topic of conversation, so it is not surprising that we tell our dreams to people close to us to see what kind of interpretation they can give. 

One of the most recurrent dreams is the one where we lose one or more teeth, this particular dream has multiple interpretations, either given by different cultures, as well as by different types of beliefs, today we will explain more in-depth what it means the dream meaning of teeth falling out.

Teeth & Symbolism

For western culture, healthy teeth are white, they should also have a symmetrical position, this is culturally known as the perfect smile, however in other latitudes such as certain Asian countries, messy teeth can also represent beauty and style, this is currently happening in Japan. If something I feel is that the color of the teeth is a reliable indicator of the health of a person, the teeth can not only reflect eating habits but also vices and excesses. 

Teeth also have a strong symbolism because they are the first organ that comes into action at the time of feeding, and food is what keeps us alive, it is for this reason that traditionally multiple cultures over time assume the teeth as an element that symbolizes not only physical but spiritual health, and that is why dreaming about them has great relevance.

“There is no community that has not considered the dream as a message worthy of being deciphered” (Ibim Silym)

What Happens When We Dream About Teeth Falling Out? 

Depending on what happens in the dream, losing one or more teeth in dreams has different meanings for the Islamic culture, most of these interpretations are not good omen, this is similar to dreaming of falling into a hole, or dreaming of someone dead. For this reason we show you a list of some of its meanings:

  • Not Feeling Sufficient Empathy For Others

Islamic culture is highly cooperative and social, which is why it is taught from an early age the importance of working collectively for the welfare of society as part of the praise of Allah. For this reason, dreaming of having a tooth fall out could mean that the feeling of empathy that you are experiencing is not great enough to act with good towards others.

  • Loss Of a Loved One Or Estrangement

The worst calamities are related to death, in the Islamic faith it is exactly the same, the loss of teeth can mean the loss of a loved one, as well as the permanent farewell of someone we cherish. The context of how the teeth fall in the dream is important, that is why it is popularly believed that losing more teeth could mean a worse calamity than losing just a few.

  • Maybe you are not praying enough

If something is important for Muslims is prayer, that is why they are accustomed to praying five times a day in the direction of Mecca. Dreaming of losing teeth can mean that either you are not praying enough or that you are not praying with much faith. If you dream of losing a tooth it means that you have been praying badly and that you should fast to honor Allah.

  • Having acted immorally

Other interpretations of this dream can mean that lately you have been acting immorally, therefore, dreaming of falling teeth is considered as a form of warning, to rethink how you have been acting in the present.

What Does It Mean When You Dream Your Teeth Are Falling Out Spiritually?

From the perspective of spirituality, the loss of teeth is not only synonymous with bad luck or unfortunate events, on the contrary, it is interpreted as a process of transition, of important changes in the life of the person, but in turn, is related to the effort and predisposition of the individual to overcome arduous scenarios. 

In this sense, it is very important those experiences that are linked to your environment, since this type of dreams isa  emotional representations of conflicts that can be suffered internally, this can be caused by those experiences that you are experiencing at work, at home, the place where you study or even in your romantic relationships.

What Do Teeth Represent Spiritually?

Teeth represent an indispensable part of the relationship between mind, body, and spirit, according to spiritual beliefs, these three elements must coexist in a perfect balance to ensure the fullness of the human being, if there is any disorder in any of these three elements can disrupt the spiritual and mental rhythm.
Spirituality also presents teeth as a reflection of personality not only because teeth differentiate us physically from others, but also because some people interpret the size and location of the teeth as personality characteristics, attributing qualities to specific characteristics, such as large incisors could represent cheerful people, small teeth to kind and intelligent people to cite a couple of examples.

What Does It Mean To Lose Teeth In Islamic Culture?

Like any ancient culture, there is also in Islam a particular interest in the interpretation of dreams, this is represented in the Kytab al-ru’ya which means in English, the book of dreams, in this text the dreams and the interpretation that the prophet Muhammad made on those experiences, are narrated.

Dreams are important for the Islamic culture, of that there is no doubt, since dreams have a religious connotation, so much so that by popular tradition Muslims have the ancient belief that if they have a nightmare they should spit three times to their left side, to get rid of the misfortune. For Islamic culture, pleasant dreams are messages from Allah and are known as Ru’ya, while nightmares are signs from Shaytan and are known as Hulm. 

One of the main compilers of the sayings and deeds (known in the Arabic language as “ahadith”) was a Muslim who dedicated his life to document the words of the Prophet Muhammad in a book of his authorship known as the Sahih, there he shows us some dreams of the prophet related to teeth, such as:

“I saw in a dream that I was cleaning my teeth with a miswak and two men were disputing to get it from me. One of them was older than the other. I gave the miswak to the younger of them. But it was said to me: ‘to the older one’. So I gave it to the older one.” 

In this case, the dream is quite simple, however, the prophet did not relate any interpretation, however, we can intuit that it translates into an act of kindness, for there was no interest on the part of the young man in benefiting from obtaining the miswak but he decided to share it with the elder who was the neediest.

Dream Interpretation & Science

The interpretation of dreams is not only limited to the spiritual, religious, or metaphysical field, there are also scientific methodologies that help us to interpret them, the first author that should come to mind in the field of dream interpretation is the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud

According to his research, dreams represent indirect thoughts found in our unconscious, therefore interpreting them can be an option to understand the psychological behavior of an individual suffering from certain pathologies. The result of his work interpreting dreams was his well-known text “The Interpretation of Dreams” which was published in 1899.

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Dream Meaning Of Teeth Falling Out
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