Does God Listen To Our Prayers? [Answered Prayers Signs]

Does God Listen To Our Prayers?

Any Christian who prays will care to know if God listens to prayers or not. It is always everyone’s determination that God answers their prayers.

However, it is not a guarantee that God answers every prayer that reaches him instantly. He can not fail to answer totally but the answer may take some time. God’s time is the best and He knows why he is delaying your answer. God knows what is best for you if you have faith in Him.

There are some questions that always linger in our minds like the ones listed below. Such questions may include:

Does God Listen To Prayers In My Head?

Can you talk to God in your mind? yes, you can. God listens to prayers in your mind. The prayers in the head have no difference with the prayers which are communicated verbally.

Due to a little misconception, many people believe that a conversation with God has to be verbal and loud.

What they fail to realize is that God recognizes prayers in both forms.

That which is in the mind and is communicated to him through meditation and also that which is communicated to him verbally and loudly.

It is therefore clear that God answers prayers in your mind and it is okay to talk to God silently.

It is also indicated in the bible that human beings were created in the image of God. This means that He is always aware of our thoughts which are hidden in the mind.

How Do I Know God Is Listening To Me?

The best way to know that God is listening to you is through the Holy Spirit. We should connect to the Holy Spirit as Christians so that we become close to God.

When praying, it’s not easy to know if God is listening or not but based on our beliefs as Christians we should have faith that he does.

Faith requires us to believe that God is always there whenever we need him and that He is always listening to us.

All of this depends on the level of faith you have towards God but still, the answer remains the same, yes God listens when you pray.

The only difference is the time He takes to answer the prayer. You may also want to learn how to pray to God the right way so that you are always sure about your prayers.

Bible verses About God Listening To Our Prayers

To deeply clarify and create an assurance that God indeed listens to us when we pray, here is a list of 5 bible verses and citations which clarifies this;

1. Hebrew 4:13

It clearly states that we can be confident that God will listen to our prayers and that God knows what we think about including what we plan to do.

The verse together with others guarantees everyone that God indeed listens and knows much about us.

2. 1stJohn 5:15

It highlights that God hears us in our prayers and that makes us aware that we have what we have asked Him even before we receive them.

That alone is a great show of faith towards God thus making us believe that He truly hears us.

3. John9:31

It is written that we Christians are aware that God does not listen to sinners.

However, if anyone is a believer and does what He wants, then God will listen to that particular individual. It is also clear that our deeds towards God are very key.       

4. Mathew 21:22

This bible verse is about God listening to our prayers and indicates that whatever one asks for in prayers, will be answered.

This also depends on the level ones of faith towards God. One must fully believe in God and acknowledge His greatness as well for his or her prayers to be answered.

5. John 14:14

God through John clearly states that he who asks for anything in his name (God) shall have it done.

Only through His name that is above the rest. This means that every prayer that acknowledges God’s name will be answered regardless of the time and the kind of person.

What Can I Do For God To Answer My Prayers Fast?

What you can do for God to answer your prayer is as simple as having faith that if you pray and believe, you will receive whatever you want.

Depending on the kind of prayer submitted to God and the answer expected, one may at times wonder what to do so as to make God answer their prayers as a fast as possible.

Here are some simple steps you can note and take for your prayers to be answered;

1. Be humble and have a high level of humility

God does not like those who seem to be so proud during prayers. Therefore, to drive God towards answering the prayers, it is worth being as humble as possible.

2. Have faith

It is also recommendable to pray with a lot of positivity that God is listening.

Faith will make God know that you indeed trust and confide in him as the solution to your problems.

5. Be grateful

Remembering to thank God for answering a previous prayer is also a great thing to do.

It will make God know that surely his work is acknowledged. That alone will make Him happy and thus prompting fast answers to your current prayer.

6. Be a cheerful giver

Giving God offerings is also a great thing to consider as a Christian. How do you always want to be given yet you do not give?

Learn to be kind to the less fortunate and the poor by giving what you can. Their blessing alone will make your prayers answered even before you pray.

7. Pray for others

Praying for others too is another way to make God answer prayers fast. When you pray for them and they are happy, God will also make sure that you are happy.

If you are selfish in prayers, how then do you want God to bless you? Always pray for others and wish them well.

A lot of things can be done to make God answer prayers, above are just a few things that can be done. Never feel rejected when praying.

What Are The Signs That God Has Answered My Prayers?

You will definitely see a change in any situation dedicated in prayers as a sign of answered prayers.

There are various signs that may show you God has answered the prayers.

Some of those signs may include getting passionate about something you did not want to even look at previously.

Also feeling the need to help others is a great sign since you will definitely feel driven towards helping others without knowing.

The interest in Church also starts to increase suddenly thus increasing your time with God.

In addition, one may know that God has answered his prayers if the things that were in his prayers come to pass.

What Does It Mean When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers?

When God does not answer prayer, you should trust that He knows what is best for you, and at the right time, your prayers will be answered.

Everyone before and after prayers is always looking forward to God’s answer.

Unknown to them, God may fail to answer the prayer at the time required by you as a man.

When God fails to answer prayers, it may probably mean that He is preparing something good for you more than what you requested depending on the situation.

He may also decide to ignore the prayer if you are not obedient and patient. God needs those who humble themselves towards Him and not those who take pride in their prayers.

In addition, if God realizes that you are praying with low faith, chances are that he will not answer.

This means that God’s answer to our prayers is dependent on what we do in our daily lives and actions during supplications.

How Long Does It Take For My Prayers To Be Answered?

Your prayers will be answered at God’s time and pace and a true Christian should know this.

Patience is key and we are all encouraged to always stay calm even if we are in storms because we believe in a might God.

When we ask God for solutions and believe that indeed they will come, we will surely have the answers.

However, the answer may not be instant but God can always tell us to be patient and have faith.

The answer to our prayers is also dependent on how we carry out ourselves after saying them. Patience and faith is the key to answered prayers.

The answers to your prayer items may also take some time because every solution requires preparation.

In the same case, God has to prepare the solutions for you and also prepare you for the solutions since we will always receive in plenty when we trust in Him.

Does God Hear All Prayers or Does He Choose?

God hears every prayer that we present to him and understands everyone’s need.

Sometimes God may decide to answer the prayer in a different way that we do not expect. This can make some Christians think that He chose not to listen.

In most cases, God will always answer by asking us to wait. It is therefore wise to always remain patient, obedient, and faithful to God.

What Should We Do if God Answers Our Prayers?

When God answers our prayers, we should be grateful. Thake time to thank God in a good way.

You can do this by giving charity, helping the poor and even doing something for your Church.

Some Christians always forget to recognize the fact that God took His time to provide a solution to us and therefore we proceed to our daily activities.

It is as a result of this that God may fail to answer the next prayers presented to him.

Will God Answer The Prayers of A Sinner?

God is always available for everyone and He listens to all of our needs. He is merciful and forgiving since we are all his children.

There are cases that God will show a sinners His mercy and grace so that they can change and turn to him.

The most important thing is to do everything according to God’s will and also ask for forgiveness of sins in our daily prayers.

Without any doubt in mind, it is clear that God hears our prayers and we should continue presenting our needs and problems to him for solutions.

In line with that, we should strive towards enhancing our relationship with God through faith and action.

We should at all times have it in mind that God will answer our prayer if we have faith in him.

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Does God Listen To Our Prayers? [Answered Prayers Signs]
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