Do Muslims Believe in Jesus Christ?

Do Muslims Believe in Jesus Christ?

What do Muslims think about Jesus? Do they also take it that Jesus is the son of God like the Christians do? Well, this article is going to shed light on what Muslims think about Jesus and how they look at Jesus as compared to Christians. 

There are several areas where Islam differs from Christianity other major religions but when it comes to the belief in Jesus, they share some things in common with Christians while differ in a few.

The one major debate has always been about what Islam has to say about Jesus because this is one of the misinformed areas of the Islamic religion. We have been asked on so many occasions when in meetings between Christians and Muslims.

Non Muslims are always asking why don’t Muslims believe in Jesus? I wonder where they get this information. Did you know that it is within Islamic beliefs that if you do not believe in Jesus, you cannot be a Muslim?

If you say I do not believe in Jesus, you are not a Muslim and Muslims have to believe in Jesus as part of their faith.

This article will be to solidify that fact and also give some details on;

  • What is it specifically that Muslims are required to believe about Jesus?
  • What is it that Muslims hold in high esteem about Jesus?
  • What does the Quran say about Jesus?

Most Muslims will refer to Jesus with the name of ISA because ISA is the Arabic version of Jesus.

Islam honors all the prophets who were sent to mankind. Muslims respect all prophets in general but we do respect Jesus in particular because He is one of the five patriarchal prophets.

Meaning, one of the five prophets that brought about newness in the way of life that God had for mankind. Moses is also one of those patriarchal prophets.

What do Muslims believe about Jesus?

Muslims believe that Jesus is one of those patriarchal prophets just like Muhammad peace be upon him is one of those patriarchal prophets.

Muslims hold Jesus in special high regard of esteem and Jesus’s mother, Mary is actually held in the highest regard. When it comes to women, we refer to Mary the mother of Jesus as the greatest one.

She is one of the greatest women who ever walk the face of the earth. In fact, an entire chapter of the Quran is dedicated to her. That is chapter 19 and it is called the chapter of Mary.

We hold Jesus in high regard particular because he was one of the prophets who foretold the coming of Muhammad.

Muslims too await the second coming of Jesus and this is something that is not well known about the Islamic religion. Most Christians don believes that Muslims also await the second coming of Jesus just like them.

Muslims believe there will be a change of things after the second coming of Jesus.

Muslims consider Jesus to be one of the greatest prophets of Allah. That means that Christians and Muslims worship the same God and the difference is only that they say Allah while Christians say, God.

The word Allah is only an Arabic word that means God. When we say Allah, we are referring to the one true creator of heavens and earth. Muslims don’t like to use the word God so much because it has different connotations.

We all know that the word God could mean many things to different people because the meaning of the word God, in general, refers to just something which you worship.

When Muslims say Allah, they are referring to the one true creator of heaven and earth, to whom we direct our worship and this is why we use the word, Allah.

A Muslim does not refer to Jesus as simply Jesus, but we follow that up by saying Jesus peace be upon him because this is the honor that Islam gives to Jesus and all the other prophets.

The Position of Jesus in Islam

When we say Jesus or Issa, we will say “Alayhi Salam” or peace be upon him and that is the honor that Islam is taught to give to all prophets. The position of Jesus in Islam is that no other religion in the world gives Jesus respect and dignity as Islam does.

The Quran confirms his virgin birth and this is without a doubt. In the Islamic religion, you cannot doubt the virgin birth of Jesus Christ because it is affirmed in our book and Mary is considered to be one of the purest women in all of creation.

The Quran describes Jesus as Holy because the angel ‘Gibriel’ was sent directly to deliver the message to Mary.

The birth of Jesus is mentioned a number of times within the Quran. “Behold the angel said, God, has chosen you” and this is angel Gabriel talking to Mary.

The angel Gabriel is great because He is the ark angel or the angel that brings the messages to the messengers. He said, “Behold God has chosen, purified, and chosen you above all the women of the nations.

Mary, God gives you the good news of a word from him, whose name would be Messiah”. Muslims do affirm Jesus as the Messiah and mercy. The one who is anointed or the pointed one.

The Quran says the angel told Mary “God gives you the news of a word from Him, whose name shall be Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, honored in this world and in the next world. He is one of those who will be brought near to God. He shall speak to people from his cradle and in maturity, He should be one of the righteous”.

Holly Quran

Above is the story of the conversation in the Quran that took place with Mary. Angel Gabriel came and announced to her the birth of a son who would be the Messiah for his people and she asked how she can have a son when no man has ever touched her.

Gabriel told her, it is going to be that way because God creates whatever He wills. He only says be and that creates things.

Then Mary said “my lord how shall I have a son when no man has ever touched me” Then the angel said, “even so God creates whatever he wills, he only needs to say be and it is”.

Muslims also believe that Jesus was born immaculately through the same power which had brought Eve and Adam into being without a father and mother.

We believe the same power that God had to create Adam, the forefather of humanity with no father or no mother and fashioned them with his two hands. He then breathed into them the spirit.

That same power that God was capable to bring with a human being into creation, with no help whatsoever and with no father or mother, is the same power could bring Jesus into life without a father.

This is in the Quran again in chapter 3, truly the likeness of Jesus with God is like the likeness of Adam. He said to him, be and he was.

Do Muslims Believe in Miracles of Jesus?

The very simple teaching in Islam is that Jesus in the eyes of God is just like Adam. He created Adam and said to him be and he was. That in its self is a miracle from God.

This is God’s power of creation and in Islam, God’s Word of “be” creates things. Things coming into being is within Allah’s power and it’s very easy for him to create the heavens, earth, and the universe among any living things.

The great expanse and vastness of space were very easy for God to create. Therefore if that was easy for him we believe that creating Adam was very easy.

Jesus was even much easier for God also during his prophetic miracles. Muslims affirm that Jesus performed miracles. Muslims believe in the miracles of Jesus.

Here is one miracle that is recorded in the Quran. Muslims believe in miracles as in chapter 3, “I have come to you with a sign from your Lord, I make for you out of clay as it were the figure of a bird and breathe into it, and it comes a bird by gods leave, I healed the blind, lepers and I raised the dead by God’s permission.”

Chapter 3
Do Muslims Believe in Miracles, Teachings of Jesus
Do Muslims Believe in Miracles, Teachings of Jesus

Muslims believe that Jesus performed miracles and one of the miracles was that He created a bird out of clay, fashioned it, breathed into it, and it became alive. Not by any miraculous divinity of Jesus, but through God’s permission because it is God that gives life.

Jesus, we believe healed the blind with God’s permission. He healed the sick, lepers and Muslims also believe Jesus raised people from the dead by God’s permission.

When it comes to the mission, Islam is very specific on what was the mission of Jesus Christ when he came to this earth and when lived amongst the children of Israel, that is over two thousand years ago.

Muhammad (PBUH), Jesus, as well as all the other prophets, were sent to confirm the belief in one true God. This is referred to in the Quran where Jesus is reported to have said, “I came to attest the law that was before me”.

The Quran says that Jesus came and told his people I have come to confirm that law which was before me. Meaning, the law of Moses and to make lawful to you a part of what was forbidden to you.

Do Muslims Believe in The Teachings of Jesus?

He said, “I have come to you with a sign from your Lord so fear God and obey me”. Muslims believe that Jesus was sent to the children of Israel at a time and a place when they needed it.

Israel had gone a long way, away from God at that particular time and Jesus came as their Messiah and he was the one they had waited on for a very long time.

Jesus came to attest that which was before him that he has not come to destroy the law but he’s come to fulfill it into affirming and we do believe that Jesus came to rectify or modify things that were in the law.

He came to make some things permissible that was made forbidden before and the reason they were made forbidden was because of children of Israel’s negligence before God.

Because of their disobedience, God had restricted things for them. Jesus came and said, “Belief in me and things will be made easier for you” modified things will be broadened, this is why we believe Jesus to be one of the patriarch prophets.

Muslims also believe that Jesus came with the new legislation. We believe that Jesus came with a new book called the gospel. We refer to it in Arabic as the “Injeel” which means good news.

Do Muslims Believe Jesus is the Son of God?

Muslims believe that Jesus was not the son of God but was a prophet just like Moses. Jesus also said, “I have been sent as a sign from your Lord so fear God and obey me”. We believe that every prophet of God was sent for one reason alone and that was to make the Creator known.

The agenda was to make the Creator known amongst mankind. Muslims believe every prophet and messenger called people to worship that one true creator alone with no partner.

We all know that we are instructed like this; “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength. You should love your neighbor as you love yourself”.

Muslims believe that every prophet and messenger had this simple message, worship God obey Him, treat people as you would like to be treated, and you will have success in this life.

Do this and you will have success on earth and life after. This is the humble message of the prophets and it has not changed since it began and we as Muslims still follow that same simple teaching.

Worship God, acknowledge him, obey God, treat people as you would like to be treated and you will have success in this life and in the next.

We believe all the messengers carry this message and the laws may have been a little bit different because they had to be. Mankind was in a different place 6,000 years ago then Jesus was here two thousand years ago.

Things had to be modified and this is all part of logic. The Quran also affirms Jesus that he was righteous. Islam affirm the righteousness of Jesus.

Jesus in the Islamic Faith

One thing that I will make as an apology is the fact that as Muslims, most of us tend to defend the character of the Prophet Muhammad and we do that out of reverence and love for him.

However, one thing I believe most Muslims have fallen short on is not equally defending the character of the other prophets and messengers as well.

A true Muslim should know that you should defend Jesus just like you defend Mohamed, Moses and the other prophets. When someone insults Jesus, I take that as an offense.

When I see a cartoon insulting Jesus, I’m offended as a Muslim. I’m offended and wish I could do something to defend the character of Jesus.

This is because we affirm his character and we take offense to any slightness attempt of disparaging that character. The Quran says that Jesus was a prophet and messenger just like all the other prophets.

Muslims believed Jesus to be one of the greatest prophets and messengers but that’s where it ends. We believe his greatness above humanity was his Connection with God and prophethood.

Now Islam draws the line at divinity. Muslims believe that divinity is for God alone and he does not share that with anyone. God alone holds that power of the divine.

This Christ the Son of Mary was no more than a messenger and many messengers have passed away before him. His mother was a woman of truth.

They had both to eat their daily food and the reason why the Quran emphasizes the fact that they both had to eat their daily food was to distinguish the divinity of God between the divinity of Jesus.

This is because someone who eats and drinks is in need and in Islam we affirm that God is the one who does not have need.

God is the one that is free of need and He says He is the one that is free of need. You are the one who is in need and we know as human beings, we live in a fragile existence and we are always hanging on the brink of death.

We never know when it’s going to catch us, so we’re always in need of things. Humanity is upon that fragility and here is why we are not compared to God;

  • If we don’t drink, we die
  • If we don’t need we die,
  • If we don’t breathe we die,
  • If our body functions begin to get out of warp we die,
  • If our heart stops we die,
  • If our liver fails we die among others (etc.)

So many things can go wrong with this fragility of the human, a composition that shows we’re really truly in need. God is the one who we affirm is needed free and does not have need.

He doesn’t need to eat, He doesn’t need to drink, eat or sleep. He needs nothing. God himself is self-existing and self-sufficient. Allah is free of all need.

The prophets used to have their daily food and with that, you should see how God makes his signs clear to you. Don’t be deluded away from the truth.

This is an intention for God to make clear to people that Jesus, even though he’s held in such high esteem in Islam, we draw the line of divinity.

Generally, this is how Muslims look at Jesus and those are the clear directions that they hold in the truth about how Jesus should be looked at. If you are a Muslim and you speak against Jesus, then you have gone against the Holy Quran.

A true Islam should be clear about the teachings of Jesus in Islam. May Allah (SWT) Protect, guide and grant us the best of knowledge in this life and the after, Amen.

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Do Muslims Believe in Jesus Christ?
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