Do Hindus Eat Pork?

Do Hindus Eat Pork?

Yes, some Indians eat pork while others don’t do that depending on their religious backgrounds and geographical locations. Indians are not really strict about this as compared to our Muslim brothers.

However, Indians teach that if you eat any animal with emotions, then that may influence and manipulate your destiny. Any animal with emotions should not be eaten.

Hindus may be divided into several categories but to answer this question, we will look at the non-vegan and vegan Hindus.

Non-vegan Indians eat pork without any issues – this would answer the question can Sikhs eat pork? In fact, if you visit the traditional Indians in parts like Sikkim, you will notice that they keep pigs as domestic animals. They enjoy eating pork and it is one of their special meals.

Another factor that may make Hindus avoid eating pork is when they are living with Indian Muslims.

This is always a courtesy extended to help them unite with their Muslim brothers as a community. Muslims as so strict about eating pork and there is always no questions about when can Indian Muslims eat pork.

Such a question becomes of great concern especially to people who are visiting some parts of India for the first time.

In the Hindu religion, pork is not prohibited. Some feed on it once in a while because it’s not that easily available in most places that they live.

The type of pork that is present is believed not to be that good for human consumption. In addition, those that consume it more often are the low caste ones.

In continuation, places that Hindus stay are always occupied with Muslims and since their brothers do not consume, they would always keep off from pork eating habits to not offend them. Likewise, Muslims eat beef privately to avoid offending Hindus. This is because Hindus do not consume beef completely.

When you look at their scriptures they do not at all cost prohibit the consumption of anything apart from beef, they would always come up with strong suggestions with specific reasons for such.

In Hindu scriptures, most animals are known to be divine. When you kill a snake in some remote Indian areas that still uphold the old ways, a certain ritual must be performed to cleanse that act.

They have their old myths about killing snakes. The ritual that is carried out is known as a fire ritual. This ritual is known as yajnas in the Hindu language.

Apart from snakes other animals that are considered divine include lions and elephants. When such a huge animal gets killed cleansing act is always performed. Do not forget that there are certain months in which fishermen are not allowed to fish at all.

This script explains to us that Hindus do not recommend taking the life of an animal for consumption.

This makes pure Hindus become vegetarians. I.e. they would harvest from the forest as a way of not killing any animal. Some of them can end up begging for food just to avoid committing sin.

On the other hand, meat in general inclusive of pork is considered not to be healthy when consumed by humans. Therefore, it’s proper for them to be avoided to prevent body complications.

In addition, pork meat contains different types of pathogens that are found in its body. Even when it’s cooked, those parasites and worms won’t die completely for consumption.

Do not forget that there are certain side effects that one can be exposed to. Research shows that when you consume worms that are present in pork, you can contract trichinosis. This is a disease that cannot be healed immediately. It’s also said that those who eat pork and breastfeed expose their sibling to those diseases.

Those that are affected most are adults. Back then, pork was prepared using certain measures that would get all the worms present in it killed before consumption. But as time passes by, most people would prepare it quickly to fill their stomachs.

Basically, there are certain areas in India where people consume pork i.e. such area this food is known to be very special and prepared with a lot of expertise.

Another reason as to why Indians do not consume pork is that their kids are brought up not consuming it. This makes its culture and is passed on from one generation to another. This makes it hard for them to consume it when they grow up.

Do Hindus eat pork? In my honest opinion, not all Hindus are Hindu and this is more of common sense. Some Indians are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and Hindu. So Indians don’t eat beef and Muslims don’t eat pork. I think it is as simple as that.

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Do Hindus Eat Pork?
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