How do curses work? -Effects & Curse Breaking

How do curses work? -Effects & Curse Breaking

Yes, curses exist and they work. While Christians and traditionalists might believe in some curses and their effectiveness, atheists couldn’t care much.

Your background beliefs or cultural practices will dictate what you believe in. However, when it comes to curses, that doesn’t exist because curses can work against anyone.  

Curses in Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism are considered to be a punishment from God. When you refuse to listen to the word of God, blaspheme and go against your elders, you will be punished by God and this is the definition of a curse in Christianity.  

Depending on whom you ask if curses work, the answer might not always be the same and may vary based on how they are thought to believe from their background. It is, therefore, best to look for facts like those stated in this article.

There is no scientific documented evidence that I have found that supports the working of any curses and that is why atheists don’t believe in curses but rather Luck. Most Atheists (not all) strongly argue that there is nothing like a curse and you are just either lucky or not lucky.

How Do Curses Work?

Yes, curses work in different ways depending on what culture or religion you come from. What is a curse in one religion that may not be a curse in another religion of culture? There are two major types of curses that seem to occur throughout the globe.

These are the verbal and spell induced curses. The verbal curses are simply utterances that don’t involve more than that. Verbal curses are practiced mostly by Muslims and Christians in that they do not use materialistic things to curse someone.

Most religions believe so much in the power of speech to either cause good or harm toward a particular group of people or just a single person.

This is normally done by elders and you should always seek their forgiveness so that they can intervene and pray for you in relation to the curses cast on you.

This kind of curse just then involves only two steps that is making the curse utterance to the target or targets directly or indirectly.

Traditional Curses

Spell induced curses involve more steps and were popular in the traditional ancient ages before civilization took effect on us. This begins with a person or group that intends to harm another person or group.

In most instances, the assailants visit a spiritual medium mostly a “witch” or a “witch-doctor” or a “voodoo doctor”, whichever the case depending on the culture or religion of the people.

The visit is usually followed with a brief description of what the assailants would want to happen to their victims.

The spiritual medium then asks for provisions from the assailants which are usually bizarre and might include personal paraphernalia of the intended victims which Christians do not believe in.

Upon delivery of the provisions required to the spiritual medium, the incantations begin and a series of activities are performed by either the spiritual medium or both the assailant and the spiritual medium.

In some instances, the curse ends here and the assailants are to expect or hope that harm befalls their victims, but in some instances, the assailants are tasked with a very specific set of instructions to which they are expected to perform in order for the spell to work.

Whichever the spell, there has not been any scientific evidence that curses actually work and with the eradication of most of religious and culturally beliefs, more and more people stop believing in the working of curses.

Christian and Muslims are really against such curses that involve the use of materialistic things that are made by man. They believe that it is God that should Judge and only God can deliver you from a curse which is a punishment from him.

Who Can Curse You?

According to many cultures and religions, the people who can curse vary from culture to culture and the type of curse too. In most instances, verbal curses are generally rendered by elderly members of the community mostly toward the younger members for whichever reasons.

Such curses are said to affect the cursed even without their knowledge. In some religions, including the all known Christianity, such curses can affect the cursed and their future generations.

These, therefore, means or implies that one can be experiencing a curse that has been passed down through his or her family members.

On the other hand, spell induced curses can be induced by anyone who is willing enough to go through all the trouble to ensure that evil or harm befalls their victims. As explained before, these processes can be quite involving and sometimes even costly.

This therefore follows that anyone motivated to impose a curse on another person, and has the means to see it through can curse whoever they want when they want to.

In most religions, gods or deities can curse their subjects for various reasons, which could be the behavior of their subjects or un-satisfactory offerings made to them.

The earliest cases could probably be that in the bible where God cursed Cain Genesis 4-12:

“When you till the ground, it will no longer yield its produce to you. You will be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth.”

Genesis 4-12

This is the same for most religions that believe in a supreme being, the subjects of the supreme beings are well aware that they could be cursed for not fulfilling certain obligations or even engaging in certain unwanted practices according to the guidelines that have been put by the religion.

Curses Effects, Signs and Results

Those are the proofs that curse work and they can harm you if you keep thinking they don’t work. The emotional effects of a curse usually involve instilling fear and emotional instability of the victim.

This may cause the person who has been cursed to make unwise decisions and go ahead to engage in self-destructive things.

During this period the person undergoes frustrations which end up in confusion and depression.

This type of curse usually ends up rendering the cursed in a state of mental illness or madness and their victims lose all sense of reality to the normal world.

The physical effects of a curse can vary from person to person. These can be classified into two. Mainly the is the curse to causes the inflicted to be unable to perform certain normal duties like reproduction, senses, walking, talking and many more.

These effects render some form of disability to their victims. Secondly, the physical effects can cause some sought of wound or sickness to their victims.

Some of these illnesses might be hereditary and thus some people may come to the conclusion the sick people are suffering from some sought of generational curse.

For serious curses, the physical effects might lead to death. Whether or not that is true is subject to one’s belief and cultural background. Some behavior can be attributed to curses all around the world.

Some people who have even been confronted about such peculiar or bad behavior can’t even explain why they engage in such behavior and admit that there could be a possibility that they were cursed.

For these types of curses, the cursed folk might have no clue who might have cursed them while some believe that what they do is a result of generational curses.

Such behavior might include Stealing, alcoholism and substance abuse, sex addictions, bizarre cravings and many more. People who suffer from these kinds of curses might desperately want to stop those behaviors but are not able to.

Can Curses Come Back to You?

Yes, curses can come back to you and here is why. Whether or not curses can come back to someone heavily depends on the type of curse and the target of the curses.

In most religions, it is believed that if people are not in a position to curse their supreme beings and they attempt to do so will have the curses come back to them.

This might cause serious repercussions to those who do so or even attempt to so. In this respect, therefore, curses can come back to one and sometimes even with worse consequences than initially intended for subjects.

In some cultures, certain people are believed to be protected against curses either by religion or spiritual protection practices.

It is important to be careful with your words and not to throw random curses because you may be cursing the wrong person and the curse will work against you.

Religious leaders and spiritual mediums in most cases are believed to be protected against curses invoked to them by the general population that consults them.

In some instances, attempting to curse such people can either revert the intentions of the curse or simply fail to work.

Most cultures around the world believe that only the elderly in the community can invoke curses to the young and not vice versa. In this respect, then they believe that curses they invoke upon the young cannot come back to them.

Do Verbal Curses Work?

Verbal curses may be intentional or unintentional. Most verbal curses are unintentional and seldom work. Such a curse could include a child cursing their parent for punishing them or a person wishing bad luck for their ex-partners for breaking their hearts.

In man traditions however, the words of the elderly and significant people are heavily revered and believed to carry a lot of weight in them.

These people are therefore believed to have the power to curse people whether knowingly or unknowingly and are therefore accorded the utmost respect in their communities.

Spiritual mediums and members who are heavily involved in occult practices are also believed to curse people verbally especially when offended. For this reason, therefore, other people in the community tend to tread carefully around such kind of people for fear of being cursed.

Ultimately, the answerer to whether verbal curses work is really dependent on the belief of a certain person but there is no scientific proof the working of the verbal curses.

If You Curse Someone Will It Happen

Yes, your curse can work against someone and come to pass as intended but this depends on several factors. Some people are also natural strong in the spiritual realm.

That means that they are born with a spirit that easily connects with the spiritual world. Such people can actually wish you bad luck and it will surely come to pass.

The ultimate intention of cursing a person is usually to cause or bring harm or evil to that person. depending on how the curse is orchestrated might determine the outcome of the curse.

In most cultures around the world, most people tend to believe that curses especially spell induced curses can only work within a certain geographical region.

It is also well to note that they only work to a group practicing a certain religion or cult.

Some curses are invoked out of anger and might not necessarily work. Depending on the background of people, curses work if a good deal of effort is put towards cursing someone.

In some instances, however, coincidences happen and people are left blaming themselves for certain occurrences believing that they were involved in their happening because of some utterances they might have made.

How Long Does Curses Take to Work?

There is no definitive answer as to how long a curse takes to work. However, some people claim that their curses worked instantly, others weeks, months and years. A good case to consider would be two hypothetical cases of a curse.

In one curse a person is cursed to never be able to bear children while in the other a person is cursed to run blind.

While in the second case the person might run blind immediately it might take a considerable amount of time for the first case to materialize seeing as it’s not an everyday activity that a person bears children.

The amount of time it, therefore, takes for a curse to work thus depends on the nature of curse itself. It could be a long-term curse or an immediate curse.

How Can I Know Someone Cursed Me?

Most people would want to know whether or not they have been cursed. The following is sought of a check list that one could follow to know whether you have been cursed:

  1. Constant continuous bad luck
  2. Continuous financial difficulties that occur from nowhere
  3. Terrifying nightmares
  4. People distancing you for no good reasons
  5. Family deaths that occur unexpectedly
  6. Demonic hallucinations

All these that have been mentioned above are classic signs that one has been cursed. The other most common way that people use is to consult religious leaders or spiritual mediums.

Religious leaders and spiritual mediums are believed to have the ability to delve into one’s spiritual aura and determine whether or not that person has been cursed or not.

In the case of spiritual mediums, they are also believed to pin point exactly who it is that cursed the person in order to find a way of revoking and reversing the curse.

Both Christians and Muslims can be delivered from curses through prayers. Other Religions also have their own ways of clearing curses.

Can Curses Bring Me Bad Luck?

Bad luck is actually an event or occurrence that happens to someone in a manner that they did not intend to happen only this time to their disadvantage. Bad luck tends to happen to most people at one time or another.

Curses are meant to bring harm to people and amongst the main type of harm caused by curses as reported by many people is bad luck, in most cases a series of bad luck.

This can always be reversed and it will also depend if you believe if luck does exist or not because some people do not believe in luck.

As discussed above, one of the ways one can know whether they have been cursed is by experiencing constant continued bad luck.

Curses can cause bad luck if the person that cursed intended that the curse brings bad luck to the cursed or that the bad luck becomes a tool of manifestation of the real intentions of the curse.

How to Break a Curse

There are many ways that have been suggested on how one can deliver themselves from a curse.

For one to deliver themselves from a curse, they must have established that indeed they have been cursed and are suffering from the curse. The following are some of the ways one use to deliver themselves from curses:

1. One can use salt to cleanse themselves. It is believed that taking a bath in salty water tends to remove negative aura in person. Christians can also look for the power of salt in the bible and read more about it.

2. It is also believed that finding a four-leaf clover expels all type of bad luck from a person.

3. Some believe that taking a bath in water that has non-white flower petals sprinkled in it will expel all negative energy

4. Burning incense has been used for the longest time to expel unwanted negative energy and one could try it

5. For the religious people prayer might be the ultimate way to deliver them from curses

6. Some believe that keeping a gold fish is a way breaking any form of curses directed them, they believe that one must have 8 gold fish and black one.

7. Some people also use good luck charms to keep off negative energy. These could be bracelets, hair pin or even a ring.

8. Lastly one could consult a spiritual medium or religious leader who would then use their spiritual powers to deliver one from various curses.

Can a Christian be Cursed?

Yes, a Christian can be under a curse and it is a good thing that prayers and dedications can help in delivering a Christian from the misfortunes of a curse.

The word curse is an inherited word from the olden English language “curs” that implied an invocation or prayer for evil or harmful occurrences to befall one. In biblical context according to Genesis 3:17-19;

“Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life”.

Genesis 3:17-19

In the literal sense, the Bible is clearly stating that a curse is such an utterance has intent on invoking a supernatural force to cause unintentional harm or damnation upon a certain person or group.

(“GENESIS 3:17 KJV 2020) Perhaps a good example of the most common superstition or myth of a curse known to many around the globe is Friday the thirteenth.

This is a day that is believed to have been cursed and feared by many people believing that it brings misfortunes along with it.

It is, however, unclear why Friday the thirteenth is so feared, some say that it comes from the day before the last supper where thirteen people attended the gathering and the following day the crucifixion followed.

According to Mr. Frederic, the major types of curses include the following spells;

  1. A spell whose main aim is to destroy someone
  2. A spell that intends to make a person move away
  3. A spell that has the ability to make a person sick and die
  4. A spell that can lead one to fall in love with another oblivious of his or her feelings

Christians believe in verbal curses and they do not cast spells because they believe there are no teachings about traditional spells in the bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Verbal curses are those that work just buy mentioning the words.

Are Curses Real According to The Bible

Yes, curses are real according to the bible and there are several cases where people were cursed in the bible.

Before examining whether curses have power or not, it would be wise to look back at the earliest documentation of curses that actually worked in Christianity.

This would be during the Pharaohs era of the early Egypt during a period through which they experienced the ten plagues.

During this time Moses had demanded that if his people would not be set free, the following curses will be set on their oppressors:

  1. Water would turn into blood
  2. Frogs would take over the place
  3. Livestock would be diseased
  4. There would be a locust invasion
  5. There would be full of darkness
  6. There would be the death of all firstborn sons

All the above utterances came to pass and can thus be described as some of the earliest elaborate and clear curses in Christianity that came to pass.

In present-day society, the power of curses deeply relies on one’s belief. This is also proof that a Christian can curse someone if they are wronged according to the old testament.

The background and beliefs of many people dictate whether or not they believe in certain curses and their ability to make an impact on society. A good example would be a comparison of Christians, Atheists, and Traditionalists.

Conclusion as to whether curses work or not is relative and heavily relies on people’s cultural beliefs and religion. This is to imply that what might seem like a curse that works for certain people doesn’t necessarily apply to all other people.

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How do curses work? -Effects & Curse Breaking
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