How to Deal with A Bully at School

How to deal with a bully at school

Bullying is a form of unwanted, aggressive or violent behavior that teenagers or any child attempts against another person so that they (victims) are denied freedoms and rights.

It also involves fighting another person physically, verbally to make them overpowered by the bullies.

How to deal with a bully at school
How to deal with a bully at school

Difference between physical and verbal bullying

Here are the best two ways that you can classify bullies;

1. Physical bullying

Physical bullying is a form of bullying which basically involves using the body to fight someone especially by kicking, punching and pushing with the intention to harm them or steal from them.

 2. Verbal bullying

Verbal bullying is another form of bullying where a bully uses negative language to say something bad about what the other person does or what they do which makes them depressed, frustrated, and annoyed.

For example, children at school may talk negatively about their friend’s weight, gender, and disability.

How do you face bullies at school?

At school, bullying makes children feel hurt, embarrassed and sad. It also makes them feel afraid of attending classes or walking to them. Some of the tips to deal with bullies include:

1. Telling your parents or someone you trust about bullying.

Parents can help their children whenever they get bullied. They can also get in touch with staff or individuals at school.

This means whenever a child gets bullied at school, teachers can get reports from them and call the child’s parents to let them know about the incident so they can deal away with the bully to end the situation.

2. Report bullying incidents to the school.

Students can report by informing the teachers, principals and other individuals. Teachers can help and provide protection so that the pupil can stay safe in the classroom.

It also vital to let the school getting to know about situations of bullying so that there are fewer victims.

3. Talking openly about bullying.

Being open-minded and talking to your parents about your experiences In getting bullied may help you feel rescued. The victims who get bullied can talk to guidance counselors, siblings and any friend you can best trust.

They may offer solutions but should not be approached in lieu of telling your parents.

4. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

Reporting the matter of bullying shouldn’t be a problem. We should realize that bullying is not a small thing to consider. It is wrong and if someone has the courage to tell their parents or teachers it really helps out.

No one can be able to tackle bullying by themselves. Therefore, to reduce the issue of bullying, one can walk with friends to avoid being scared or lonely.

The best way to report a bully at school.

Students may report incidences of bullying to teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, and school administrators whenever necessary.

There are four ways in which students can report a bully at school.

  1. Students can report directly to a teacher, principal, and counselor. This can help them get notified and informed and talk to parents of the victim to guide them on how to sort the problem.
  2. The school will probably help solve the problem because they have the authority to rectify what is wrong and shouldn’t happen.
  3. Students can also approach someone who they can completely trust such as their school headmaster or their favorite teacher.
  4. They can start explaining to the teachers what they have been experiencing in such situations and tell them how it has impacted them.
  5. Students may also report the case of bullying to the police if they have to. It may sound uncomfortable but it is very important that you should report immediately.
  6. Students do not have to report directly but tell their parents to call the police of the situation. This will help the bullied person feel protected and prevent someone else from being harmed.
  7. Students can also report to their parents because they are there to protect them. Parents can then contact their child’s teacher and get notified.

What do I do if a bully makes me feel bad?

Bullying students can make them feel scared, lonely, frustrated and sad. If a student gets bullied or if they see someone else get bullied, they can survive by:

  1. Trying and staying calm during the situation of bullying. This helps them reduce fear or stress.
  2.  Spending more time with people who make you feel good about yourself. This means they can avoid being watched or followed by the bullies. It also helps them feel secure and protected whenever or wherever they go to a particular place.
  3. Ignoring the bully if possible by walking away. If you need to, run away to avoid danger especially when it is a serious fight. By ignoring the bully, you will have no problem with him.
  4. Also if you feel very sad or bad, you can always get help immediately from someone you can trust or share your experiences with like your parent or sibling. They can also inform school administrators and school staff e.g school nurse.
  5. Not letting hurtful words intimidate or make you feel worse. If you let them overpower you, they will continue to hurt you and feel happier at the end. It is therefore important that you stand up in a good posture and let them realize that you are not to be messed with.
  6. Asking the adult to listen and telling them that it is important. By doing this, your parent will help you and provide protection to remain safe.
  7. Telling someone you trust such as your friend, parent, teacher and mentor. These have the potential to help you out in any situation and guide you on how to tackle it as well as protecting yourself.
  8. Avoid areas which are unsafe around the school or neighborhood. Such areas may be dangerous for those who are trying to traverse through. You can also use different routes to pass so that you don’t meet them.
  9. If you want to stay safe from bullies, you can keep yourself surrounded with friends to help keep company.
  10. Even whenever you are approached by a bully, your friends are there to help you and probably tell the bullies to stop hurting you if you find yourself in trouble.   

How do I share with my parents about bullying?

Most teenagers don’t want to tell their parents if they are being bullied, probably because they put in mind that they will get embarrassed so the think the best way is to keep it to themselves.

However, if they stay with their bullying situation for longer, they will adapt to poor treatment. Difficulties at school will continue to increase as well as loneliness.

The best advice for children is to tell their parents about what is happening to them and say everything in details. A student can always spend any time approaching someone who they can trust to share their experiences so they can help you at any cost.

They can also find the time when they have their parent’s full attention and talk to them even if you are sad or upset. If you find it hard to explain the whole story, you can tell them that you need to tell them something disturbing and that it is really important.

Your parents will understand the pain and humiliation you are going through and will certainly help you at any time when you get bullied.

You can always tell them even when you are spending out with your family such as when driving in your car, going out for a walk and sitting in the house.

Students can also report their problem to their teachers or school staff. This may sound scary but teachers could actually help out and provide you protection.

They can also get in touch with your parent and tell them that their child is being bullied. After getting notified, the bullies will get scared because they think they will get punished.

After all, you reported the issue to your teachers and even after they contacted your parents, you should be happier because they will work together to stop the bully and the bully will give up. 

What is the right thing to do when someone is bullying me?

Here are a few tips on what to do when a bully comes to you in school and is trying to make you feel bad. The right thing to do when somebody is bullying you are listed below:

1. Ignore the bully

You can try as possible to ignore the bully by walking away from them or acting as if you do not notice them or do not care about them.

This behavior might help you feel confident about yourself and make the bully have no interest in harming you.

2. Stand up for yourself

A student who is able to stand in a good posture is more likely to be confident. Building up confidence might help stop a bully’s behavior if you say “NO” to them and telling them to stop their habit.

If a bully tells you to do something and you do it, they will continue bullying you. If however you become confident and tell them that you don’t want to do what the bully wants by shouting “NO” at them, they won’t win.

3. Don’t bully back

Bullying back should not be the right thing to do if you are found in such in a situation. If such a person bullies back, the bully will even attack you more because it gives them the courage to win back.

Also, it may be more dangerous to fight back because you will find yourself in trouble especially after kicking, hitting and pushing back.

4. Tell an adult

Many people find it difficult to share their experiences with an adult because they think that the adult may shout back at them and make the child feel embarrassed and frustrated.

The best way, however, is to tell them without any fear and clearly explaining the whole issue. This will, however, help the parent find out more about your problem and advise them on how to tackle it.


Bullies make people feel bad so they become stronger. However, if you are more courageous and better self-esteemed, you may be able to survive for another day.

Even if you are acting as if you are confident when you are really not showing your internal feelings, it may benefit you a lot.

You just don’t have to show that you are afraid whenever you act confidently. Just be real and brave and you will be able to face the bullies easily.  

What to do if you can’t fight a bully in school?

Bullies like hurting students who look afraid and cannot do anything to protect themselves. They want to take away their freedoms and deny them the chance to be happy.

However, they may also harm you by fighting physically and that may be dangerous to the bullied person such that they can’t be able to fight back because they may be stronger than you. Here are some ways you can protect yourself if you cannot fight back.

1. Use confident body language when addressing the bully

If you find yourself in trouble, you may try to stand with good posture so that the bully may avoid you. It may be helpful but only if you feel strong and sure enough to do so.

When you meet a bully and act confidently you have to be careful not to show your true feelings because it doesn’t reveal what you are really trying to show the bully.

Acting bravely may help but not permanently. The bully may even notice that you are trying to hide something and that you aren’t that confident.

The safest way to avoid being bullied is to tell them to stop by standing with a good posture and looking at them directly in the eyes or look at them suspiciously as if they are the ones hiding something that you didn’t want to know about and this perhaps may increase your confidence.

2. Reporting bullying to an adult or administrator

Telling an adult or a close teacher that you trust is a great advantage when you find yourself in a situation of bullying. However, they can never admit that they got bullied because their friends may laugh at them so they get sad and lonely.

Adults are always there to help you anytime as well as teachers so there is no need to be scared. They can even report instances of bullying whenever children are out of school so that they feel better to explain all the happenings.

3. Work together to prevent bullying

Sometimes students may find themselves in permanent danger because they do not have the means to survive quickly. Students who cannot fight a bully may, therefore, work together with their friends to end the bullying situation.

They can do this by forming a committee to address the issue of bullying on a continuous basis. Teachers and adults can also help a student form a group which should connect both the adult and the child.

The committee can include an informal group or official school club which would also take necessary actions to stop bullying as quickly as possible.

Such an example would be like locating areas where bullies spend most of the school time then patrol around to check any incidences of bullying and report them to the teachers so they design strict rules for addressing bullying.

4. Avoid unsafe areas

Where a lot of bullies hang around should be avoided by those bullied especially near the neighborhood or at school.

If you are not able to handle bullying, you can ask your friends to walk with you anytime so you feel safe and comfortable.

Whenever you find yourself alone you can probably use other routes or areas to walk to that you know are peaceful and quiet. This may be a good solution to your problem even if you don’t feel brave enough to fight back.

Those are the best ways to deal with bullies in school. Remember, never let a bully make you feel bad. They are the ones with a problem, not you. So don’t be afraid to report them to your parents or teachers.

A bully is not tough, they are just students like you. They live with their parents like you and they are in the same school as you because they are just like you. They are not great in any way so don’t be afraid to report them.

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How to Deal with A Bully at School
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