How to Become a Muslim: Converting to Islam

How to Become a Muslim, Converting to Islam

Converting to Islam is as simple as believing that Islam is the one and true religion. Then you have to do the following so that you become a Muslim;

  1. Recite the Shahada which is the first and important pillar of Islam
  2. Learn more about the five pillars of Islam
  3. You will then study how to pray and what to say when praying five times a day.
  4. You will also need to learn how to perform the Wudu which is a physical way of purifying your body before any prayers or reading the Quran
  5. You will then be taught how to read and study the Quran as you continue growing in your new faith by knowing what is haram or halal
  6. If possible, it is important to go to a mosque or find a Muslim to guide you through these steps so that you get them right.

Note that converting to Islam is as simple as that. Islam is a beautiful religion and those who do not know much about it are the ones who will think it is complicated.

It keeps you on the right path and shapes you morally. Those who do evil things that involve hating Christians or hurting people from other religions are not true Muslims.

This is because Islam is Peace and true Muslims live in peace and harmony.

What to Say When Someone Converts to Islam

The first thing you will say when converting to Islam is the shahada. This means that you will acknowledge that there is no other god except Allah (SWT) and Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) is His last messenger on earth.

The converting act might look and seem very simple and easy but keep in mind that the real meaning behind those words should be very deep and should not just be used when you are not that ready.

To convert to Islam, this is the sentence that one is supposed to say it goes like this;

“La Ilaha Illa Allah, Mohammad Rasool Allah,” this is a testimony of faith which is known as the shahada which is the first pillar of Islam.

Allah is the only god that you as a Muslim should believe in and despite having different kinds of messengers the final one on earth was Prophet Mohammad(PBUH).

Being a Muslim is that easy and as a new member, you are taken into a new world whereby, you become closer to Allah (SWT).

This helps to strengthen your relationship with Him. In fact, this helps you a lot because you end up living a better life that has been approved to be halal.

When you want to say your shahada, you can also decide on where you want to say it or the person who you want to help you in the process.

Let the person conducting it to be aware of what you prefer during the process so that they guide you through what is right and wrong.

What Happens After Converting to Islam?

Let us have it in mind that when you are a new Muslim convert, this comes with new responsibilities.

Meaning that you have to be cautious about what you do since you are supposed to live according to Allah’s will as taught through the Prophet (PBUH).

In addition to that, when you are making decisions, make sure that they please Allah because there is a way of doing things in Islam and you can always ask to be assisted by any Muslim around you.

So after accepting that you only believe in Allah and follow in His teachings as guided by His Prophet, here is what you need to do.

It is your own duty to ensure that your relationship with him is build up on a daily basis by reading the Quran and praying daily.

We all know that Muslims have different five prayers in a day and if possible, its always good to perform all of them.  

You can pray anywhere using a Muslim prayer mat as long as you are facing mecca which is the most important thing.

Below are some of the things you should know when you become a Muslim;

  1. You should believe that the Holy Quran is the exact word by God that was said by him
  2. All the other prophets including Jesus are equal and Mohamad is the last Prophet sent by Allah
  3. You should also believe that the day of judgment is real and shall come to pass as promised in the Holy Quran
  4. As an individual, you should also accept Islam as your religion
  5. You should not worship any other God apart from Allah (SWT)
  6. Try and dress like a Muslim and find more about the Islamic way of life

What Is It Called When You Convert to Islam?

Converting to Islam is called reverting to Islam. When one decides to convert to and become a Muslim, we say that he or she has riveted to Islam since Muslims believe that Islam is the only one true religion.

So the word reverting is used because it is believed that you have just found the original path and the right path that you are supposed to stay and focus on.

It means that he or she has decided on taking a new identity religion wise.

Therefore, as an individual, you have to learn gradually to learn the Islamic way of life and practices so as to avoid going against the law.

How do Muslims Practice Their Religion?

Muslims practice their religion by holding firm onto the five pillars of Islam. Just like other religions have rules that guide them, Islam also has the five important pillars that you need to learn more about after becoming a Muslim.

Muslims worldwide are known to practice the five pillars in their daily lives.

They do fulfill the life that was lived by the Prophet (PBUH) while He was still alive.

The kind of life that the prophet lived was a sensible life and one wise as well.

This is based on the fact that He was sent by Allah to Guide us just like the other prophets were also sent.

The Life of Prophet Muhamad(PBUH) serves as an example to Muslims on how they should practice their religion because we are encouraged to live like Him.

5 Pillars of Islam

Those pillars are presented in the Holy book of Quran as assign of faith and commitment to Islamic religion.

Below are different are the five different types of pillar in Islam;

1. Shahada

Shahada this is the declaration of one’s faith. This means that that as a Muslim, you only believe in one God that is Allah and that the Prophet Muhamad is His last messenger.

in most cases, this phrase is always said in Arabic like this, “la ilha illah illahu muhammadun rasulu ilha” In this declaration, there are two parts.

The first one being that there is no other god but Allah, and on the second phrase shows that Mohammed is the last true messenger of God sent to us so that we may know what God expects of us.

The first section of the shahad is also used in the Tawhid prayer which is a major component of the Islamic faith.

Well, Mohammad (PBUH) is known as the last prophet in Islam and most of the Muslims tend to follow His guidance so as to live a righteous life.

Most of those who convert into Islamic religion recites this verse as a way of joining the Islamic religion community which is the known as the ‘Ummah’.

The shahada is very important and we realize that it is mentioned in almost All the prayers in Islam. This is because it keeps cementing and sealing your faith in God.

Do not forget that when a new born is born and brought to this world, those words are always used on his/her first day on earth.

The same is told to a person that is dead and on his/her last day on the earth.

This shows that this pillar is a very important one in the Islamic community since it is part of a Muslim’s daily to day life. 

2. Prayers or Salat

Daily prayer or the salat is the second pillar of the Islamic religion. The prayers are supposed to be carried out five times within a day in the Arabic language.

However, when you are a new Muslim, you will be taught what to say until you have mastered the prayers and how to perform them.

This is why it is important to become a Muslim under the guidance of someone who is already practicing it.

Put in mind that all those prayers have a strict time that they are supposed to be carried out and all Muslims are supposed to pray while facing the holy city of Mecca.

During this time of prayers, Muslims tend to focus on God who is referred to as Allah in this case whereby, they strengthen their relationship by communicating to Him.

Looking at the five prayers names, most of them are named in accordance to the prayer time for example;

  1. Fajir is performed before sunrise
  2. Dhuhur in the midday after which the sun has passed its highest point
  3. Asr is the afternoon prayer
  4. Maghrib is the evening prayer
  5. Last but not the list is the Asr which is done at the night

You should also note that this prayer is not just carried out before cleansing yourself.

A Muslim has to be physically clean and pure and this is done by the act of washing which is also known as taking the Wudu.

Prayers are supposed to be compulsory but may be subjected to situations.

There are certain circumstances that may force you to skip your prayers. Islam is understanding and you are never punished for that.

Most of the prayers are carried out in the Arabic language since the verses that are used come from the Holy Quran.

This is why before you learn this, you will be taught what to say and you should never worry about it.

Muslims are allowed to perform there Salah or Prayers anywhere as long as the ground is clean.

However, it is always a good thing to use your prayer mats or go to the nearest mosque.

It is also good for Muslims to fellowship together because the unity pleases Allah Most.

For those who are unable to reach the mosque, you are allowed to perform the prayer in your house.

In most cases, Friday is the day that most Muslims come together as a congregation just like the Christians gather on Saturdays or Sundays.

3. Zakat or Alms

This is also referred to as the thanksgiving. This is fulfilled by giving part of your income to Allah so that it is used in His work.

The work includes building the mosques, helping the poor, and needy people in the society among other issues that glorify Allah.

You can do this annually or every Friday and during the fasting, you will also be guided on how you can give food to the poor so that Allah may also multiply your blessings.

When you are giving out as a Muslim, it does not mean that you are doing it by force but it is as a way of giving out what Allah has offered unto you so that others can also benefit in the society.

The offerings are helpful to the Islamic community at large this practice is not mentioned in the Quran but rather in the hadiths.

When you want to offer your zakat, you are supposed to declare your intentions of giving it.

Keep in mind that the day on which you had promised to offer it, is the exact day you should try and deliver it.

It is okay to Just give what you had planned for and you should never stress yourself when you do not have it because Allah is very kind for He knows your pure intentions. 

Not everyone is capable of giving zakat and nobody will ever judge you for that in Islam.

For those who are capable, it is important to give for Allah is the one that gives and takes away too.

It is also important to note that zakat is always distributed within the community that contributed it because that is the way it’s supposed to be carried out.

The tax that is collected is mostly used to maintain the holy places. It is also given to those families that cannot feed themselves.

When you give your zakat as a Muslim, it shows a sign of growth. This is to say that one is cable of doubling whatever he or she had to something that is way bigger because of the blessings that come with it.

4. Fasting or Sawm

This is where all Muslims are to restrain from any form of drink or food for a month.

It is also known as the holy month of Ramadan and this fasting is done once in each and every year.

When Muslims all over the world fast, it means that they are sympathizing with those who are in power and cannot afford their daily meals.

This is the fourth pillar in Islamic religion which helps each and every individual to have a deep worship with God.

It also helps you in seeking and make your ways pure so that you can be accepted in Jannah after your life on earth.

During the fasting period in Islam, there are certain things that all Muslims are to restrain from during the day or fasting hours until the fast is closed in the evening. This include;

  1. Eating
  2. Drinking
  3. Intercourse
  4. Women who have their periods cannot fast until they are done
  5. Keep away from all haram things like music among others

Ramadan month is a month filled with joy in the sense that most families meet together to share their special meal during the sunset after the day’s fast. In addition to this, they perform prayers joint prayers.

The month of Ramadan is spiritual and holy thus it is always important to avoid impure thoughts.

During this month, Muslims are reminded to avoid things like being rude to one another or even lying.

After Ramadan Muslims celebrate ‘Eid Al-fitr in a feast that is carried out as a way of breaking the fast.

At this time, people receive gifts from friends and neighbors as a way of celebrating together.

5. Hajj or Pilgrimage

This is the fifth pillar which is a religious obligation for those who are financially stable and physically fit health-wise.

It is a significant way that shows how Muslims around the world have faith and unite with each other for worship.

The hajj takes place annually and as a Muslim, it’s important to make it to the religious city of Mecca for a spiritual gathering.

This is always attended by millions of people all over the world to be exact.

While you are there, you are referred to as a pilgrim. Therefore, during this period, you should avoid things that can destroy your sacredness i.e. fighting, killing of plants or animals and even arguing.

When you are in mecca, all your flashy lifestyle is not supposed to be shown. Instead, put on garments that are simple to avoid show offs.

During this period, we are all equal in the sight of our creator who is Allah who is the most merciful and precious.

At this point as a pilgrim, it is important to reflect on your life and ask for forgiveness if you had done something that is not right in the eyes of Allah.

While in hajj, you are filled spiritually and this can be helpful for you when you have left the place.

When you are in hajj, there are things that have to be carried out in guidance with the Islamic history and code of conduct.

As a pilgrim, attending the hajj shows that you are following the order of ritual that was carried out by prophet Mohammed during his last visit to Mecca.

Learning Benefits of Islam for New Converts

Worldwide, Islam religion is always known to be peaceful. In fact, when you become a Muslim it means that you become at peace.

What you did before or what revolves around you no nolnger matters. Here are some benefits of converting to Islam;

  • The great benefit of converting to Islam is that you are now on the right path and all your past are forgiven.
  • It does not matter whatever you did in the past as long as you are honestly committed to your new faith.
  • Islam enables you to form a personal relationship with Allah who is your creator.
  • In addition to this, you are capable of telling Him all that troubles you whenever you need to do so.
  • Interestingly when you are a Muslim you do not have to pass your message to Allah through mediators but, it is a one on one relationship between you and God.
  • You become close to God and this is good because whatever you ask for is always granted.
  • When you are converted, you are capable of testing the true love of God.
  • This is to say that most of the people that converts never regret for the love that Allah has on us conquers everything.
  • Islamic religion teaches the deep understand of who Allah our creator.
  • This means that most of who convert are fully aware that we only worship one God who cannot be compared to anyone.

It’s always advisable to put all your efforts in pleasing the creator, by doing this, you have to follow his guidance for your inner peace, do not forget that you will always be happy.

Clearly, most of this benefits start to be clear in your life when you as a new member of the family and you continue to stay on the right path of Islam.

How Long Does It Take to Convert to Islam?

It does not take long because you become a Muslim immediately after taking your shahada and affirming it while believing that Islam is the true path.

You have become a Muslim immediately after that and Overtime, new Muslim reverts are capable of acknowledging the greatness of Allah.

This will also enable them to combine His holy name in each and everything they do in their daily basis because they have now become Muslims.

Before becoming a Muslim, most people will just live without guidance because they have been given free space to live in.

In Islam, it becomes quite different because one is taught to understand the purpose of life.

As a new Muslim, you get to learn that each and everything happening in your life has a meaning. It is Important to handle them with patience as we wait for the end results.

In each and every beginning of a situation, there is always a difficulty but you should know that everything that happens is as a result of Allah’s own will.

Allah is full of wisdom and has a solution to each and every problem.

Therefore, my brothers and sisters in Islam, let us always be patience and always observe things that happens to us in the rightful way.

Let’s look at a new born baby that has just been delivered into this world, he or she is pure.

What does this imply? This implies that when you become a Muslim, all your past sins have been forgiven. It’s as if you are starting a new chapter of your life for the first time.

We all know that there is always a life after that which we have here on earth. Islam assures you of the best afterlife and you should never be worried of what will happen to you after you die.

Other than knowing what is important in your life, you get to be saved from the torments of hell that awaits the sinners.

We are reminded that we live a temporary life here on earth but our souls will have an everlasting one after we die.

What you do here on planet earth when you are alive will determine what your after life will look like.

You have to be committed to your new religion so that the afterlife will be great for you as a Muslim.

Can I Convert to Islam If I Have Tattoos?

Yes, you can convert to Islam if you have tattoos because after becoming a Muslim, all the sins that you had done in your past life are forgiven. Allah who is merciful replaces them with good deeds only.

We all know that when you convert to Islam, it means that all the sins of your past have been forgiven hence a new chapter of your life.

Tattoos in Islamic is haram and its considers as a sin that is major in that you are destroying the creation of God.

However, if you repent and convert to Islam with tattoos on your body, you are forgiven.

For those individuals who are willing to convert to Islam, do not be scared just because you have a tattoo which is haram.

Instead, do it for your sins will be erased. During prayer times, perform your wudu and pray. Do not forget to carry own with your religious ways of worship too.

Allah does not want us to overspend over nothing on material things yet there are poor people suffering out there.

This means that some of those tattoos are permeant and getting rid of them is very expensive. Do not worry if you are not capable of removing them.

In addition to this, if you have to go to hajj, do not neglect it in the name of having tattoos on your body.

This is to say that you can still go to Mecca if you have a tattoo from your past life because Allah has forgiven your past. 

As a new Muslim revert, you should consider learning the ways of your new faith in a gradual way.

This will help to strengthen your personal relationship with Allah for your faith in him is very important.

Tattoos in Islam should never be permanent and there are guidelines on how women can also have semi-permanent tattoos so that they can look good for their husbands.

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How to Become a Muslim: Converting to Islam
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