Spiritual Bath for Cleansing Negative Energy

Spiritual Bath for Cleansing Negative Energy

Since ancient times, spiritual bath has been important in cleansing negative energies both physically and spiritually. Everyone has to learn how to remove negative energies. learning how to purify your spirits is important when you need good luck and success in whatever you do.

A spiritual bath will get rid of negative energy by cleansing your aura. This will attract good luck and positive people in your life. Spiritual baths help in purifying your physical and spiritual life. Here is how to make and use a spiritual bath to remove negative energies.

Spiritual Cleansing Bath For Negative Energy

Now you may have seen people talk of different forms of spiritual cleansing baths like the use of baking soda, apple cider, salt, herbs among others. There is a mind-blowing secret behind all this.

Please note that it doesn’t matter what you are going to use to have your bath. The intention and affirmations should be the key focus here.

If we start insisting that you must have a hot bath or use any ingredients, the question is what if you cannot have all these yet you need to purify or cleanse your energies? – Learn to get and understand the key factors in this. I’m writing this as an adept in this situation.

You will simply need water plus your focus. Get the right affirmative words. I will give examples below. In case you can get your hands on some salt and warm water, good for you.

Warm water will simply help in relaxing your muscles as compared to cold water. Ensure you focus on your back area since that is where all your chakras are aligned in sequence. 

All these things are always combined with common sense. So there is no way someone is going to trick you to pay so much to learn all these. A good warm shower is best for everyone and that’s common sense. However, when you add salt to that warm water and you do the affirmations you are on the right path.

Focus on your back as you take your spiritual cleansing bath. Let the water run all over your body as you speak and affirm the best words that you feel are good for you.

For example, I like affirming these words, and I quote “I’m washing away bad energies from my physical body, soul, and spirit. Success is my path. Good luck is my portion, I’m having the best in my life from the universe”.

As you are doing all those, try to imagine, focus and believe that you are washing away and fading all that negative energy from your physical body soul and spirit. If you are in a bathtub, immerse all your body into the water and at some point, allow your head to be covered for a few seconds.

How To Take A Spiritual Bath At Home

Now, let’s look at some simple steps you can apply at home that will help you clean your aura and spirit. One of the most important is to learn how to take a spiritual cleansing bath. However, in my own opinion, this is what I always do since the process is special. I will always push and try to make it work best for me.

  1. Get a basin full of warm water. Ensure it is not too hot for your skin.
  2. Breathe in, out for a few minutes. The aim is to relax completely and sober up enough.
  3. Add some pure salt. Stir anticlockwise while affirming the words “this water is washing away bad energies, bad luck from my physical body, soul, and spirit”
  4. Repeat the affirmation as your stir like 3-6 times until you feel you the energies are right and balanced.
  5. I will then remain calm and splash some water all over my body while meditating on the warm water against my skin.
  6. Apply some soap on your body if you wish while meditating on the words mentioned above. Do not let anything distract you at this point.
  7. Then as you rinse the soap from your body, affirm your words as you may best deem fit but ensure they are aligned to the cleansing process and goal. i.e. I’m washing away every bad energy, bad luck, and negative spirits from my body. Repeat this as many times as you can till you are done with the rinse.
  8. Repeat your words as many times as you can until you are completely done with the bath.
  9. Ensure you rinse form the top of your head to the soul of your feet
  10. Have your own time in the bathroom or bedroom as your pat yourself dry using a clean towel.
  11. Affirm good words in your life at this point i.e. Success is my path and good luck is my portion or I’m living a happy healthy life and may anything that I touch succeed.

I like using natural salt since salt is a good way of making sure you detoxify your body and if possible, I will always travel down to any part of the Indian ocean and deep myself in the water with the same intention.

This is always very powerful. Rich families travel down to the coastal areas of the Indian ocean which is salty just to do this. Let nobody fool you that they go there just for fun and holidays.

After along salt bath, you may feel itchy. This is because long salt baths may drain your body of its natural moisture. So always ensure that you don’t overdo it. After a long salt bath, you may apply some oil that is rich in Aloe Vera. This will help in keeping the skin moisture leveled.

Skincare is very important especially if you decide to swim and immerse yourself in salty water for the first time. The skin may become dehydrated and very itchy. If you are not careful, you may have tiny rashes all over you’re your body that may be very sore and painful to scratch.

Ensure to have some skin body lotion or moisturizing oil that will keep your skin rehydrated after swimming for long hours. The same should apply if you overstay in the shower or bathtub.

This is just a heads up so that you may keep in mind that this whole process is just a short course and you should not overdo it. We are looking for the best result in a spiritual cleansing bath and not any harm. Take care of your skin and do not use anything that you are allergic to.

When To Use A Spiritual Bath For Negative Energy

Let me start by guiding you on this with baby steps so that you may understand the whole process deeply. This is the best explanation you will ever find about cleansing negative energy from the aura.

Step one which the most important is to understand that you have to know and align your emotions in a way that you will sense love or hatred around you. Understand your physical body, soul, and spirit very well.

However busy you are, always find time to stand before a mirror and learn to communicate with your inner soul. It is as simple as standing before a mirror and asking who I’m I?.

Learn to listen to your conscience. Try clicking with your inner soul and with the time you will be able to detect wrong and bad people in your life.

You know you have negative energies when:

  1. You get easily irritated by things that normally don’t make you mad.
  2. You want to be alone. You don’t want to talk to anybody.
  3. You just feel awkward or that something is off.
  4. All you want to do is start a fight out of nothing.
  5. You feel anxious over nothing and you may become very impatient even in light situations

You may also detect people around you with bad energies. Personally, my best way of detecting a negative person is, when I try talking to them then there is an awkward feeling of emotional rejection. When my energies are clean, they will automatically reject a negative one.

How Do You Know If The Spiritual Bath Has Worked?

Here is a full guide on how to know the spiritual bath is effective and you are clean.

  1. You will be at peace and just breathing in and out without unsettled feeling
  2. You will notice the good things around me. Naturally, appreciate art and nature around me
  3. It becomes difficult to make you mad even if you are physically irritated
  4. You tend to be lucky where luck is involved meaning my stars are good
  5. You glow and smile even at the roughest and negative people
  6. When in church or any religious gathering, You will be able to identify false teachers & prophets since my energies will be pure

Video – How to Remove Negative Energy

It is important to cleanse your energy especially after a long day at work or school. We meet people when we are outdoors. Everyone has different energies.

Some people have good vibes while some have very negative energies that can leave a bad impact on your life and manifestations. If you are too busy, you should always try and fix at least one day of the week to purify your energies.

Video about Spiritual Cleansing & How to take a spiritual bath
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Spiritual Bath for Cleansing Negative Energy
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