How to Recognize a Bad Pastor? Signs you need to know

The Holy Spirit will always help you in learning how to recognize a bad pastor. As a Christian, you have to know the signs of a bad pastor before you make conclusions. When Jesus was departing from earth to be with our Father in heaven, He promised to leave among us the Holy Spirit for […]

Silent prayer – is it biblical?

Does God listen to silent prayers? Yes, silent prayers are biblical and God listens to them just like He does to loud prayers. Praying in silence is equally effective because God is omnipresent and he knows the desires of your heart. If you like praying silently, then go ahead because it’s okay. This article will […]

Can a Christian Fast During Menstruation?

Menstruation in the Bible in regards to spirituality is termed to be unclean. The Bible in Leviticus chapter 15 talks about unclean bodily discharge. One of the things this chapter talks about is menstrual blood in women among Christians. Some Christians argue that God looks at your soul and thus it is okay to go […]

What God Says About Infertility Among Christians

Infertility is among one of the biggest issues among couples since time immemorial. Culturally, people have associated having children with blessings. Those who are barren or cannot get children due to medical conditions view themselves as not blessed. Let us discuss what God says about infertility in this article and why you should wait for […]

Significance Of Praying With Candles In The Bible

Candles are always used in prayers because the flame helps in mediation. This keeps you from destructions and helps a Christian to stay focused on the prayer needs and intentions. Lighting a Candle when praying is powerful because the flame is a symbol of how the word of God burns all the evil in our […]

Understanding Power of Salt in The Bible: Spiritual Use of Salt

The Word salt in the Bible is used metaphorically to signify permanence, loyalty, durability, fidelity, usefulness, value and purification. There are 40 Bible verses that talk about salt most of which are in the Old Testament. Meaning of Salt in The Bible The role of salt is relevant to the Hebrew society in both testaments […]

What Does The Bible Say About Eating Pork?

There are different religious restrictions for eating different meat types. One of the most distinctive food practices in both Judaism and Islam is the avoidance of pork products. There are certain situations when Muslims can eat pork. Do you wander if Hindus can eat pork? Have you always wondered why some Christians eat pork while it is forbidden in […]

Can Christians Get Tattoos?

Having a tattoo is a fashion trend in our society today and we all know most Christians are against tattoos. Let’s look at facts on these issues. We will also look at tattoo Bible verses to clarify this question. Are tattoos a sin among Catholics and Christians in general? One of the most popular questions […]

Our Lords Prayer Change by Pope

Several heated debates after Pope Francis approved a change that was made in the Christian’s prayer also known as our Lord’s Prayer. So Why exactly did the Pope change The Lords Prayer? Mathew 6:13 where the prayer says “LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION” has been reviewed and changed into “DO NOT LET US FALL INTO […]

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